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Hitman 4 rip Notes

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May 28th, 2019
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  1. Big thanks to creator of Hitman Audio Tools: .
  3. There're a few faulty files though: both *.WAV with (bug) prefix located in Music\ directory probably have wrong frequency / sample rate (significantly lower than needed), maybe amount of channels isn't correct too.
  4. Then 3 WAVs from Music\Licensed\ folder which have (unplayable) tag in their names are actually playable but only static noise can be heard during playback; I suspect those are ADPCM-encoded tracks with wrong headers.
  5. Finally 2 WAV files with (bug) prefix from Music\Licensed\ directory have some scratching in them, it pops up every 4 seconds or so (I almost forgot to mention that buggy tracks from Music\ folder also contain some scratches / clicks).
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