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Aug 21st, 2019
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  1. Headline (I have a layout in mind that will allow for this to be slightly longer):
  3. I'm a digital communications professional with the tools and expertise of a full digital firm.
  4. I've run social media accounts for major advocacy organizations and politicians. I've written emails for one of the most successful digital fundraising operations in history. I've run six-figure digital ad campaigns, designed merch for online stores and now, as a Thinkful student, I'm on my way to becoming a full-stack engineer.
  6. About Me
  8. I was born and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, a city once known for lighting the world through its whaling industry and which now boasts the largest fishing port in the country. I became a vegetarian at 13, but I always have seafood recommendations for friends when they visit the bay state.
  10. At various times, I've lived in New Mexico, Baltimore and Uganda. Today I make my home in Washington, DC with my wife and two dogs, Jack and Franklin.
  12. In my current roll as the digital director of a major advocacy organization in Washington, DC, I oversee social media, online advertising, web content, digital advocacy and our email program.
  14. I enrolled in the Thinkful coding program in order to gain skills that would enable me to help advocacy organizations improve their web tools, provide better online experiences to supporters, and ultimately crush their fundraising and policy goals.
  16. Project text:
  18. Quiz App
  19. This was a fun project that allowed me to improve my JQuery skills and showcase the subtle details I can bring to app design. You'll notice the quiz container resembles a piece of paper and some of the elements appear handdrawn, as The Office documents the regional branch of a paper company. I also added a little easter egg in the responsive design, with the two-line Helvetica version of the office logo appearing on larger devices, and the single-line typewriter font centered in the header of smaller devices.
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