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Kejourou Twins

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  1. I've been living on my own here in this city for awhile. My job is just typical office work. I've been busy these days and work has been tense with the bosses getting mad for some new hires messing up. I've neglected to do any errands that I've been meaning to do. Luckily since I have a few days off so I'll my chance to get that taken care of. I spent one day doing just house work; basic cleaning, laundry and whatever else I needed to get done. After that I just spent my evening lazing around taking it easy. But on my last day off there were a few things I wanted to get like a few groceries and maybe I'd rent movie too. Today is pretty calm if not cloudy. Getting the stuff I wanted went without a hitch thanks to the roads being pretty empty. After unpacking everything I felt like going out to the nearby park just to let my mind wander and relax for tomorrow.
  3. So I left almost just as soon as I had arrived back home to go to the park. Once there I see other people relaxing. Some by themselves and others together as a couple. I walk further in but an unusual smell in the distance grab my attention. It has a faint hint of strawberries to it but there's something else about it that fascinates me. As I'm thinking about this I realize I'm slowly walking towards the source of it on my own. Any part of me that was trying to advise against this was being ignored as I walk closer and closer.  The source of it is a woman dressed a bit formally, sitting alone and reading a book. It was obvious that she isn't a human judging by the incredible length of her hair. Even though I probably shouldn't be, I'm still surprised to see her hair move on it's own to turn a page of the book. I remember that her kind are known as Kejourou. Well known for their hair that they can move around however they want and is practically a limb in and of itself.
  5. I'm standing right next to her now but it doesn't seem like she's noticed me. Every little movement her hair makes I feel obligated to watch. But it's not just her hair that was captivating. To say she was attractive was a huge understatement; she's gorgeous. I find myself staring at everything; Her cute, pensive look she wears as she continues reading her book, her large breasts showing just a bit a cleavage, her thighs.. I was her prisoner that she didn't even seem to notice. She put a bookmark and closed it up and put it away with her possessions. I want to reach out and touch her but part of me hesitates so I'm just standing here with indecision eating away at me.
  7. As she stood up she turned, a little surprised to see me standing there but she smiles anyway.
  9. "Can I help you?" She asks, seemingly interested
  11. I can't manage a proper reply. Or a word. Pathetic. I almost want to run away from embarrassing myself any further. But the smell from her hair has me too captivated to actually go through with it. I tried to get a glance at her breasts but she noticed right away and I became a deer in the headlights. Her smile widened and became more mischievous.
  13. "Ooh I see." She giggles and crosses her arms, pushing her breasts up. "Interested in these are you?"
  15. I sputter out an apology and try to leave, resisting the urge to turn around and look some more. But then I quickly felt something incredibly silky grab me. I looked and saw more of that black hair on me and then she uses it to me around to face her again
  17. "There's no need to be shy. " She walks closer and her hair coils itself around each of my fingers and wrists. After opening her shirt up a little she moves my hands on her breasts and slowly moves them around.
  19. "See? Aren't they nice and soft?" She whispers in my ear as she continues to move my hands around. After awhile she removes her hair from my hands but I kept on groping her breasts, too entranced to care about much else. But now that my hands are free I change my part of my focus toward her hair and started running my fingers through it slowly and carefully so I could enjoy every moment while still touching her breast with my other hand. The feeling of her hair is far better than I anticipated. She turns me around and her hair goes down my shirt, the unexpected pleasure of it getting a quiet moan out of me. It carefully makes its way down my neck down to my chest and shoulders. I let myself relax as it continued down my arm and hands. Wherever the hair settled it would randomly move around, vibrate.
  21. Sometimes it stops but other times it just keeps going, silently telling me to relax more so I did. I almost collapse at the knees but the Kejourou puts her arms underneath, placing her hands on my chest as her hair continues on its way past my waist and finally wrapped itself around my legs which she uses to help prop me up.
  23. "So cute.." She softly whispers in my ear. She takes one hand off of my chest, puts it on my head and starts stroking my hair. "Shall we go to my place for some privacy..?"
  25. What she says seems to bring me to my senses. I quickly apologize and try to get her hair off of me but to no avail. She pulls me close to her, staring into my eyes, a gentle expression. "You're so quick to apologize but you're not in trouble at all."
  27. Without even looking at it, she picks up her things that she left on the bench she was sitting on and slowly walked onwards. I started to walk on my own so she wouldn't have to force me. Some of the people at the park looked at us but she didn't seem to really notice or care about them. We went out of the park and crossed some streets and up a short hill. When she finally stops we're in front of what I assume to be her house which is surprisingly ordinary and close to a few other houses but out of the way from the big city. There's some decorations on the house of a foreign design, helping to give the house a more quaint feeling.
  29. The Kejourou tries to open the door but it's locked. She lets out a sigh and knocks on the door. "Come on Sis! Open up!" Wait she has a sister? Oh boy. The sound of steps from the other side get louder and then a lock is undone. The door opens and on the other side is another Kejourou. She looks virtually the same as the person with me except she's wearing more casual clothing and has her hair done in a ponytail. So she's not just a sister but a twin sister of all things. She seems surprised at seeing me. I don't blame her. "Ayumi, who is this?" she asks, looking at her sister for an explanation.  "A cute boy I found at the park. I didn't notice him until I put down my book. We had a bit of fun together before coming back"
  31. The other Kejourou looks curious as she studies my expression "He looks kind of scared. What exactly did you do?" Ayumi giggles and steps behind me, opening my shirt a little, revealing my chest almost entirely covered in her silky, black hair. My arms lift up on their own and show off my fingers and hands which are also covered in the same way. The other Kejourou eyes widen in surprise "Oh my. You've been quite busy haven't you?" She looks at me with interest "I hope you're willing to share." Ayumi puts her hand on my head and ruffles my hair. "Of course, Momoko. We'll all have fun together."
  33. She walks ahead of me, toward the house. Not wanting to be dragged around I walk close behind. As I pass by Momoko she winks at me and goes to close the door. The interior is about as ordinary as the outside. As the three of us keep walking I catch a glimpse of what I assume to be family photos. Eventually I'm led to what seems to be a fairly sizable room with a couch and TV among other things. Ayumi sits down on the couch on the right side of the couch and Momoko sits down on the left. Ayumi pulls me downward, putting me in between the sisters. Momoko's hair reaches out coils itself around me, touching wherever Ayumi's hair wasn't.  Where Ayumi's hair had a light fragrance of strawberries, Momoko's hair smells like a flower, though I'm not sure what kind. The combination of fragrances of both sisters overwhelms me and I relax more and more.
  35. Both sisters lean against me, their heads resting on my shoulders. "Hey Sis?" Momoko breaks the silence.  "Were you planning on doing something about this?" She asks, pointing to the tent I've been pitching since before we even made it to this house. I look away in embarrassment and Ayumi expresses her surprise in an exaggerated way. "I had no idea!" Momoko gives her sister an unamused look and sighs. "I never knew you were so cruel." Momoko moves herself closer to me "So how about it?" I feel some hair creeping into my underwear and just barely brush against my privates. "You'll love it, I'm sure." She whispers in my ear.  I don't answer and continue to try avoiding eye contact "You're still so shy" Ayumi quietly chimes in.
  37. I stifle out a groan as they both fish out my penis from my underwear and leave out and exposed. Momoko continues to just barely touch it with her hair and Ayumi joins in on the teasing. I twist around in vain attempt to break free "No need to be afraid. Just say the word and we'll take care of the rest." Ayumi whispers in my ear. It was driving me crazy. I wanted more of it. "Please." was all I could utter.
  39. Ayumi moves small part of her hair off of my body and slowly moves it toward my member. Momoko's hair does the same thing. The hair from the sister now began to stroke me more strongly, more intently, forcing moans out of me. It seems to act as a signal for the hair to completely coil around it and start to stroke and vibrate at different speeds.  I jolted backwards against the couch, taken off guard by the pleasure of it.
  41. "There, there. Just let yourself relax and enjoy it." Ayumi whispers in my ear.  "If it becomes too much, then just let it out. No need to hold back" Momoko whispers in my other ear. It didn't take long at all for me to be so close to the edge. The hair stroking me was too good. The hair on my skin moving faster to encourage me along, brushing, vibrating. I finally came, painting their silky, midnight black hair in white. After a few moment it seems to fade away, absorbed into the hair. I look over to the pair of Kejourou and see that they're blushing heavily, panting a little. They rest their head on my shoulders. "Amazing.." Ayumi breathlessly states. She stares at me in a daze and moves in to kiss me, using her hair to push my head forward  and rotating the rest of my body to face her so I can't get away.
  43. She kisses me again and again saying "thank you" in between kisses. I feel hands grab me from behind and pull me down. I fall on Momoko, feeling her breasts push against my back as she holds me closely. Ayumi doesn't let up her assault and keeps kissing me but she slows down and eventually stops, resting her head against my chest.
  45. And now there's just silence. But the hair that's around my genitals begins to move and stroke me again. I was still too sensitive so it was unbearable. I thrashed around but being sandwiched between the twins and the rest of my hair being wrapped up prevented me from moving around much.
  47. "Stop! Ple-" Ayumi cuts off my protesting by kissing me repeatedly, staring at me like she's in trance.
  49. Momoko is panting hard now, her breath tickling my ear "More..please more.."
  51. All of the hair that's covering me moves faster than before, desperate for more and doing everything it can to encourage me. I kept trying to twist and squirm but it doesn't get me anywhere.
  53. After a short time I cum in the hair again which signals the hair to quickly slow down and eventually stop. As the hair absorbs it the sisters look like they're in complete bliss. To my surprise I feel the hair around my genitals being removed. They even go as far to put it back in my underwear and as the last of the hair retreats it pats the head of my penis like it had done a good deed.
  55. "Let's go to our room to relax" Ayumi suggests to which Momoko agrees with. They both sit upright and get off the couch but they still hold on to me with their hair. Rather than try to make me walk they just carry me
  57. We go up a flight of stairs and they open the door to a bed room, walk over to the bed and place me in the middle of it. The sisters walk on opposite sides of the bed and get inside of it, putting me in between them. With their hair the cover is pulled over us. They move my head up briefly to move a pillow where my head is resting. The sisters move closer to me and their breasts push against my arms.
  59. "Comfortable?" Momoko asks, smiling at me. I nod in response. There's a comfortable silence as the sisters hug me close to themselves and I gradually fall asleep with the hair on my body brushing and stroking me to make me more comfortable.
  61. When I wake up I look to find that they're both sleeping peacefully. It looks like the sun is setting soon. I my phone out of my pocket to look at the time, seeing that it's been several hours since I left to go to the park. I do have work tomorrow but not until many hours from now. I could try to leave but I'd feel guilty if I woke them up so I decide to just stay where I am but I decide to sit up and look around. I don't know what I was expecting but it's all pretty ordinary. I see an old and warn out vanity table with some photos taped at the edge of the mirror and several combs and brushes on the table itself. I imagine the table has been used quite often.
  63. I look around some more, quietly wondering about the events that go on in this room before drifting off the sleep again.
  65. When I wake up this time I feel a hand stroking my hair. I look up and see Momoko sitting at the edge of the bed, continuing to stroke my hair.
  67. "You slept well I hope?" I nod and sit up, noting the absence of Ayumi around. "Sis left the room just a little while ago but didn't say why." Moments later though Ayumi enters the room with a slip of paper in hand.
  69. "Up and about I see!" Ayumi exclaims with a wide smile. "You're pretty cute when you sleep you know."
  71. "Yeah the way you snore is adorable." Momoko adds in, playfully tugging at my earlobe. I had no idea I snored. I try not to act too embarrassed
  73. "Uh..it's getting pretty late. I should probably head back home." I don't really know how else to bring it up so I just say it flat out
  75. "Aw, you don't want to stay over?" Ayumi looks a little dejected
  77. "Well it's not that I don't want to but I do have work in the morning."
  79. "Alright. Do you remember how to go get to the park from here or do you want some help?"
  81. I wasn't paying as much attention to my surroundings on the trip to their house as I should have been so I accept the offer.
  83. We exit the bedroom and head back downstairs. The twins walk over to the closet and grab a light jacket and put it on quickly with the help of their hair.
  85. After locking up their home, the three of us head out. They walk side by side of me but they don't coil their hair around me which surprising and a little disappointing.
  87. It's really quiet out here. My traveling companions don't really talk for the short trip, other than asking a few questions about me that weren't too personal and some idle conversation between the sisters.
  89. When we arrive at the park it's completely empty and quiet, save for the quiet buzzing of lamps. People are probably relaxing at home right now.
  91. "Here we are. This is a pretty nice park." Momoko states, looking around the place in interest
  93. "Before we part ways I have something for you." Ayumi has a small piece of paper in her hands and presents it to me.
  95. I walk a bit closer to take it but without warning Ayumi's hair coils around my head and brings face right in front of hers
  97. "Caught you!" She says in a sing song voice and then kisses me on my cheeks several times. I feel something being slipped into my pocket during this.
  99. It only lasted for a few moments before she let me go and steps back and then walks back to her house. Momoko giggles at my bewildered expression and follows behind
  101. "Bye! Have a good night" Ayumi calls out as she leaves.
  103. And now I'm alone again. With nothing else to do I head home. The walk is even shorter this time and uneventful.
  105. Once I lock the door behind me I take the note out of my pocket and read it
  107. "Hi! Did you had as much as we did tonight? Sorry if we were too rough. If you want come over again sometime be sure to call! We'd love to have you!" There's an arrow on the side of the note pointing to the edge, I flip it over
  109. On the back is a phone number in the center and a bunch of hearts doodled around it.
  111. I smell something faint on the note itself. It's the same fragrance as the sisters were giving off earlier.
  113. But it's not just the note. I also seem to be giving off the same fragrance. As are my clothes. It's stronger on me than it is on the note. I probably shouldn't smell it too much or I'll get an erection again.
  115. I wonder if it'll just come off on it's own if I bathe. And if it doesn't then what kind of comments will my co-workers say?
  117. Rather than worrying I decide to just go to bed even if it is hard to shake thoughts of those two from my mind.
  119. After some trouble, I do fall asleep peacefully. I wake up and do my usual stuff to get ready for work. Eating, bathing, getting dressed up.. It's so quiet around here with the exception of some dog barking about something or other in the distance on occasion.
  121. The drive to work is uneventful with not much traffic going on and it's not too far away either. I greet the receptionist who is a pretty cheery most of the time. But she's a Kobold and not a human. This office has only a couple of Mamono employees but they're an interesting bunch.
  123. The receptionist sniffs after saying her usual greeting and looks puzzled. I  walk past after returning the greeting, not wanting to give any information that would lead to rumors flying around.
  125. I sit at my cubicle and do my work and time seems to go by quickly. When lunch time comes around I noticed some of the Mamono employees not really talking to me unless it's work related and whispering amongst themselves. Even though I was never popular the difference is still jarring.
  127. "Hey" my thoughts were interrupted. I look and see that Honeybee employee. I don't think anyone disputes that she's one of the hardest working employees if not the hardest. It goes without saying that she never slacks on the job.
  129. "What's up?" Is it work related or something else? She sits in a chair on the other side of the table and starts eating her own lunch
  131. "So you did you get a girlfriend or two over the weekend or something? There's the unmistakable scent of Kejourou hair on you. Smells nice though." I didn't really know to answer the question. I'm a stranger to those twins and they're strangers to me. I think the twins like me or like toying with me at least.
  133. She picked up on how I didn't answer right away. "You'd rather not say?"
  135. "Well..I don't really know how to put it."
  137. "I see. Well I don't mean to pry. Just curious but congrats if you did!" Hard working and nice. I'm thankful for that.
  139. She finishes her lunch quickly. Always so efficient. She puts her stuff away and heads back to work even though it's at least several minutes before lunch ends.
  141. I head back to work after lunch. The rest of my shift was unsurprising and quiet which is preferable.
  143. And then I went home. Things became ordinary as the days passed. The smell of the hair from the twins got weaker and weaker too. The other Mamono employees seemed to have noticed and became more sociable towards me again.
  145. And then weekend rolled around once more. I take a look at the note the twins gave me. I'm tempted to call them. I don't really have anything to do on the weekend aside from cleaning and it's not that bad around here. I dial them and wait
  147. "...Hello?" I hear on the phone. The voice is different than what I expect. Older?
  149. "Um... yes. It's me from last week. Remember?"
  151. She doesn't get a chance to answer. I hear some noise on the other line like some talking .
  153. "Hi!" This time it's a younger voice that I recognize. "It's me Momoko! Ayumi's also here!" Momoko enthusiastically says on the phone
  155. "Yeah, remember me from last week?"
  157. "Of course! Mom and Dad are over but do you want to visit?"
  159. "Sure sounds great! What time should I come over?"  Huh. I didn't know they still lived with their parents.
  161. "Hmm. How about around in a couple of hours? We'll can have dinner together after you arrive too."
  163. I tell her that plan is fine with me, say goodbye, and hang-up
  165. Since I have time before needing to leave I choose to whatever chores I need to do so I won't have to worry about it later. I cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen and took out trash and just about anything else I can think of to pass the time.
  167. I spent time dressing up and getting a bit more formal. Might as well make a good first impression for their parents.
  169. I find their house after a short walk and uneventful walk. I was careful to go through the same route as last time so I wouldn't get lost. I knock on the door and wait.
  171. The door opens and on the other side is an older muscular man with a rather impressive beard. In his 40's I'd guess.
  173. "Who are you? Are you that guy my daughters have been talking about?" He asks simply. His voice is deeper than I expected.
  175. "Yes sir."
  177. His blank stare changes into a small smile which puts me at ease. "Well they sure seem to like you. Come on in." He stands aside and I walk past him.
  179. "Hey girls! He's here!" He shouts up the stairs then he chuckles as he walks toward the living room. I wave to the twins as they come down the stairs in a hurry.
  181. "Heya. Been awhile." I greeted them with a smile.
  183. "Yeah! Good to see you again." They're both wearing pretty casual clothing; Some pair of jeans and a T-shirt although one pair of jeans being a bit worn and the shirts having different designs on them though since they look so alike it's still hard to tell who's who. The smell of their hair is notably different than last time though. A light fragrance of roses and peaches slowly teases my nose, tempting me to just put my face in in either sisters hair and sniff to my hearts content but I'm able to hold myself back.
  185. "So what should we do?" The other sister asks.
  187. "Maybe we could watch TV or something?" I suggest. I didn't really have a plan for what to do
  189. One of the sisters walks into the living room and peaks into it. She comes back and shakes her head.
  191. "Nah, looks like dad is busy watching it with Mom. He doesn't like to share the TV."
  193. The other sister giggles. "Why we don't go upstairs to our bedroom and just relax? It's not like we were busy doing anything anyway."
  195. A shrug is the only response she gets so we all decide to head upstairs. And once again we all sit on the bed.
  197. One of the twins gets out a handheld videogame system and focuses on playing that, notably using only her hair to control it. Since it's otherwise pretty quiet I decide to speak up
  199. "I gotta admit; I have a hard time telling the two of you apart."
  201. The sister not playing a videogame speaks up "Well we are twins. Sometimes we have fun confusing people like that. But to make it easier we do have a bit of a system."
  203. She gets off the bed and heads off to a drawer somewhere and looks through it.
  205. As I'm waiting for her to come back I look to the other sister playing her game. It's quite the sight to see her play it with her hair while she just crosses her arms and looks what's going on the screen with great interest.
  207. "Here!" The other sister comes over back to the bed shows me two hair clips which are quite unique from one another in design and coloring though they both have a flower motif. One is mostly light orange with some yellow and the other is mostly purple with some red. They certainly don't look cheaply made and they're a little bigger than a typical hair clip.
  209. When I compliment them she smiles approvingly
  211. "Thanks. Mom had them made when we were very young." She flips them over and on the back is a small lettering of their names. 'Momoko' is on the orange one and 'Ayumi' is on the purple one. Ayumi puts on her purple hair clip in her hair passes the orange one along to her sister.
  213. Momoko glances over and goes back to her game. Using her hair to grab the hair clip and put it in her hair, using her hair. Without even taking her eye off her game.
  215. "It's amazing how you can do that" I think aloud. Momoko shrugs.
  217. "I barely have to think about it."
  219. "It's cute how you find that fascinating though" Ayumi chimes in, putting a hand in my hair and ruffling it.
  221. Now things are pretty calm. Momoko curses while playing her game and grumbles.
  223. "Do you mind if I ask you two some questions?" I realized I knew little about the twins so I figure why not?
  225. "Sure go ahead." Ayumi smiles curiously
  227. "Are you two working somewhere?"
  229. "I work at a bookstore right now which is owned by an elderly couple. They're nice people. Mostly I help organize the books, especially if the book is out of reach for them or customers." Ayumi explains.
  231. I think on it and nod. "Yeah I bet your hair is handy for that. How busy is it?"
  233. "It's pretty calm most of the time but it does get busy every now and then." She seems pretty content about it.
  235. I looked over to Momoko who just finished up with her game and put it away. She turns to face me
  237. "So what about you?"
  239. "Waitress. It's at a restaurant that's fairly popular. They're fine with me using my hair to grab trays to carry the food around as long as I don't touch the food itself with it. Before that I had a position as a dishwasher"
  241. "Been there for awhile?" I ask her. She nods in reply.
  243. "In case you're wondering the male customers regret trying to mess with me." She chuckles
  245. "How about you?" Ayumi asks. I tell them the company I work at and my position. It's nothing too exciting but they seem interested enough anyway.
  247. "I see." Momoko starts "Looks like they keep you busy too."
  249. "There was something else I wanted to ask" They both look at me curiously, giving me their full attention "About your hair.." Ayumi smirks.
  251. "Oh? Did you want to touch it again? I don't mind." Ayumi and Momoko present some of their hair to me. I tentatively reach out and stroke it a gently. While that happens it coils around my hands for a few moments before letting go. It feels as wonderful as ever.
  253. "I was wondering..I noticed the fragrance of your hair changed since last time. Do you guys have a collection of shampoo or something?"
  255. "Yeah! Wanna see it?" I nod and we get off of the bed and walk toward a bathroom. The bathroom is actually quite large compared to what I have but is otherwise normal looking. On the wall near the tub is a rack lined with at least a dozen different bottles of shampoo. I take one off of the rack and examine it. The front of this one has several strawberries on the cover. The writting on it says that it's especially designed for Kejourou but also anyone who wants to make their hair to stand out and turn heads. Though it seems to warn that a human woman who uses it in excess will actually turn into a Kejourou herself. And also that it helps the smell of their hair stick to people if they're wrapped up in it for a long duration. I open the lid and sniff inside.
  257. It's the same as before but on its own it doesn't entrance me like it did last time. I put it back and look at some other kinds. Grape, Melon, Lavender, Notably roses and peaches are here too as well as some other kinds of flowers. There's probably a lot of more kinds than what they have here.
  259. "You seem really interested in our shampoo. Were you hoping to take home a bottle?"  Ayumi giggles.
  261. "Ah, not so much. I was only curious." I stop looking at them. Momoko also looks amused and giggles.
  263. "We also have a bunch of brushes. Wanna see?" Momoko points over to a drawer under the sink. Opening it shows that it's full of brushes of varying shapes, sizes and the kind of bristles it has.
  265. I take one of them out and examine it "You guys have a lot of these huh?"
  267. "Yup. Our kind tend to amass a lot of them over years. Some of them used to be mothers before they were given to us. It's basically tradition." Momoko explains.
  269. Ayumi walks over to Momoko and whispers something to her. Both of them start blushing lightly and then turn to face me.
  271. "Um..that being said" Ayumi starts, nervous to continue her question. "Would you like to brush our hair?" As soon as she asks the question both of them avoid eye contact. I get the feeling this seemingly innocuous question of brushing hair has more weight to it since it's being asked by a Kejourou.
  273. "Sure." A lot of the tension evaporates just from me saying that alone. The relief on their face is clear enough. "Do you have a preference for what kind of brush you use?" For some reason I imagine that some might kind of picky about it. But Momoko shakes her head.
  275. "Nah. Any of them will be good." Momoko tries to sound indifferent but she's happier than she's letting on. I sort through the brushes and decide on one that has a plain design on the back but the brushes seem nice and pleasant to the touch. I pull it out and shut the drawer.
  277. "I've decided on this one." I declare, showing them the brush.
  279. "Good choice." Momoko smiles a little. "That's one of Mom's old brushes" Ayumi comments.
  281. Momoko grabs a comb out of another drawer and we walk out of the bathroom. The three of us sit on the bed.
  283. "So whose hair should I brush to start with?"
  285. "I would like you to brush mine first please." Ayumi requests. "I don't mind waiting for my turn so in the meantime I'll comb your hair." Momoko adds in.
  287. Ayumi turns her back to me and sits still. I run the brush through her hair, trying to be gentle without being too slow about it. Momoko begins combing my hair as I start my work. I feels pretty nice having my own hair combed. I can only wonder how much better it must be for a Kejourou due to the nature of their hair. I focus of all my attention on her hair, not wanting to make a mistake and thus hurting her. Time seems to slow down and everyone is content to not say anything. The fragrance of both sisters hair tickles my brain and makes me relax and I get into a nice calm rhythm, starring into the sea of midnight black silky hair
  289. "Sis can I have my turn now?" Momoko asks after however many minutes have passed.
  291. "Oh sorry." She gets off the bed and notably has a light blush on her face. It seems like she was getting into it. The sisters switch places and the process begins again.
  293. Ayumi starts to comb my hair but then she stops and wraps her arms around my chest and rests her head on my shoulder, watching my brush her sisters hair. "You're really good at this." She kisses my cheek and keeps watching.
  295. Momoko eventually moves my hand away with her hair to my surprise
  297. "You're doing a very good job but..I don't need any more. Thank you." She turns toward me, avoiding eye contact and  As she gets closer to me, her hair and Ayumi's wrap around me . I'm up to my neck in hair very quickly. Both girls hug me close to themselves and sigh happily.
  299. I hear the door to  the bed room opening. I turn my head and see an older Kejourou poke her head in the door way; obviously their mother. Her outfit makes it look like she's been working in the kitchen with plain clothing, covered over by an apron that has clearly been used thoroughly with plenty of food stains on the front.  
  301. The twins don't even seem to notice her presence or maybe they don't care to. The door way opens more revealing that the dad is there too. They smile as they see their daughters embracing me and I can't help but to smile back at them. She winks at me and walks away, her husband following behind her.  
  303. The sisters let go of me although I wish they didn't. They both thank me for brushing their hair.
  305. "It's getting late. Dinner is probably close to being finished so you can join us for that if you'd like." Momoko states, looking at a clock on the wall.
  307. "Sure, if it's no trouble to you guys." I was sort of tempted to tell them that their parents were watching us but ultimately decided not to.
  309. She smiled, shaking her head. We all got off the bed and made our way downstairs and to the kitchen.
  311. Inside we see the mom working over a stove, happily humming to herself.
  313. The sisters walk ahead of me "Mom! How's dinner coming along?" Momoko asks
  315. She turns around, still stirring the pot with her hair, smiling at her daughters
  317. "Almost done. Go ahead and pull up a chair." The way she talks is different; it sounds like she has a bit of an accent. It's rather endearing.
  319. She asks the pair something in a language I don't recognize while glancing at me with a sly look in her face. She giggles when I give her a confused look.
  321. The twins look embarrassed and meekly reply.
  323. I sit at the table and sisters join me there. The mother seems just about finished, filling up bowls with whatever is in the pot. Looks like noodles?
  325. The dad comes in and kisses his wife on the cheek which she joyfully returns. He sits down at the table across from me.
  327. "You three getting along well?" He asks, looking at me and his daughters to which they nod enthusiastically and I give him a thumbs up which gets a smile out of him.
  329. The mom comes with the bowls and sets them down on the table along with the utensils and napkins
  331. It turns out to be Udon noodles with a homemade soup. There's also shrimp tempura on the side. It's quite delicious and everyone else agrees with that. I even ask for seconds.
  333. After the meal, the Mom glances at me and then at Ayumi. "You never did talk about how you met him."
  335. "Actually he came to me while I was at the park. Then I took him back here where Momoko and I had some fun with him." Ayumi giggles to herself and gives me a sly look.
  337. "Oh my" The mother looks at me "I hope our daughters weren't too rough with you." I shook my head and she smiles. "Good, good."
  339. The mom and dad work on cleaning up, leaving just the three of us to our own devices.
  341. "Hey would you like to spend the night here? Our parents are OK with it." Momoko suddenly asks that as I'm musing about nothing in particular.
  343. "Oh sure." I state without much thought. It was the weekend so what the hell. I could certainly think of worse ways to spend an evening.
  345. The twins seem happy with my choice. The three of us decide to watch some TV now that the dad isn't using it.
  347. I expected them to try something lewd but surprisingly not so much. We watched a few shows and the hours passed us by
  349. And then it was time for bed before we knew it. The parents were already heading off to their room and the sisters were walking to theirs. I followed behind.
  351. "So if I'm staying the night where will I be sleeping?"
  353. "I thought that was obvious" Momoko remarks
  355. "Of course you'll be sleep in the same bed as us. We don't have a guest room." Ayumi happily states as we go up the stairs.
  357. We enter the bedroom and one of the sisters locks the door behind us. They start undressing to nothing but their underwear but their hair seems to deliberately block the sight of their breasts, butt or anything else revealing. Both of them sit on the bed.
  359. "Before we go to sleep, can you please brush my hair again?" Ayumi picks up the brush we left on the bed, showing it.
  361. "Of course I'll mine brushed too please." Momoko adds in.
  363. I nod and get on the bed and get to work on Ayumi's hair and enjoy the quiet calm of it. Momoko leaves after a few minutes and heads to the bathroom, not explaining why. I just continue  to focus on brushing.
  365. Sometime later she comes back with a second brush in hand. "Here." is all she says as she gives it to me. She sits next to her sister
  367. I guess she became too impatient to wait for her turn. With a brush in each hand I start brushing each the twins hair much to their delight.
  369. They both stop me again like before, saying that they've had enough and thanking me. I put the brushes down and an idea comes to mind.
  371. The fragrance of their hair had been very enjoyable yet too far away for my tastes. Before they get a chance to move off of the bed I take some of their hair in my hands and move my face to it and sniff it, letting myself get lost in it.
  373. This seems to catch them off guard but they quickly decide to help me along by covering my entire head in their hair. My vision is blocked off almost entirely in that silky black hair.
  375. "You've become addicted to our hair haven't you?" Said Ayumi followed by some panting.
  377. "We'll keep our hair wrapped around your head for as long as you like." Momoko was also enjoying it.
  379. "And you've been taking really good care of it too." The twins move around so that they're behind me and the worked on undressing me with an incredible speed. Since I'm only in my underwear now my erection was standing tall and proud. The rest of my body was bound of in their hair, firmly holding me in place.
  381. "So why don't we let our hair take care of you?" To my surprise the hair around my ears moves aside, leaving them exposed. Each ear is then licked or nibbled by each sister and at the same time they stroke my penis with their hair, putting my underwear aside. The fragrance filling my head makes me lax and I just let them do as they want.
  383. I shower their hair in semen much faster than last time and it gets absorbed into it. Their grip on me loosens and I fall on the bed, trying to catch my breath as are the sisters. They lay down next to me, silently reveling in the feelings of what just passed
  385. Momoko laughs "Hey, don't you have any self-control? Not that I'm complaining." She tugs on my still wet earlobe.
  387. "Delicious as always." Ayumi breathlessly states. Both sisters sit up at look me smiling with a light blush on their faces. "Hey you like breasts right?" Ayumi asks, her smiling growing wider
  389. I smile back at her "Well of course." She lays back down on the bed next to me. She pushes my head in-between her breasts where I can hear her heartbeat which is going at a steady beat. Momoko follows suit, making hear a heartbeat in each ear. It's very relaxing. I feel the cover being pulled over the both of us and my body being covered in their hair before being hugged very closely.
  391. I fall asleep in their embrace, the sound of heartbeats sending me on my way.
  393. In the morning I enjoy some breakfast with the family before they announce they need to head out to do some chores so I decided to part ways with them.
  395. Weeks passed and with every weekend rather than needing me to call, they would call me and invite over. Their parents had no issue with this. So practically every weekend I visited them. They were also so eager for my to brush their hair. Sometimes they'd jerk me off with their hair but I didn't mind since they'd always be so thankful would wrap me up in that magnificent hair of theirs. They seemed equally addicted to the hair brushing I'd give them.
  397. At work the MG co-workers steered clear of me and I didn't really care anymore. I would smell of varying fruits or flowers every week at work. My desire to visit the
  399. Kejourou twins on the weekend just motivated me to work harder. One day they tell me I'll need to travel a distance for a business trip for a couple of days next week. Of course I'd tell the twins of this.
  401. It's been well past a month since I met them. And on one weekend I got a phone call. Not from the twins but from their parents. They tell me that this visit will be incredibly important. I didn't even hesitate to agree and visit them.
  403. When I get there the Mom answers the door. She seems happy to see me but she seems nervous all the same. She walks with me to the kitchen where the dad has been waiting. I notice that neither Ayumi or Momoko are around. I feel like a little kid who are waiting for an excuse why I haven't been doing well in school.
  405. "Before you go up there there's something we need to discuss." The dad starts.
  407. "First of all I want to ask: Do you love my daughters?" He stares right at me with a serious expression.
  409. "Yes. Absolutely." I answer, staring right back at him
  411. "I see." He smiles at little. But it fades. "Though if you break their hearts I won't forgive you." He states simply, seeming content with his piece.
  413. "Although" The mother begins "you're a good person. So we have confidence that you'll make them happy." She can probably see how tense I am so I appreciate her attempts to put me at ease.
  415. "For us Kejourou what they'll give you is incredibly important. You must keep it with you always."
  417. "I understand." is my reply to her. She seems happy at that response.
  419. "Good. Then take this." She hands me a small key
  421. "My daughters know what this key is for so just give it to them."
  423. I take it from them and keep it close.
  425. "Alright. Don't keep them waiting. We said all we wanted to." The dad says as a conclusion. I turn my back to them and proceed to walk up the stairs.
  427. Why do these stairs feel so much longer to go up than usual? With trepidation, I open the door to their bed room.
  429. And there they are, sitting on the bed, each wearing a beautiful wedding dress and they're trademark hairpin. They're both wearing a solemn expression
  431. "Do you know why we wanted you to visit today?" Ayumi asks
  433. "I was told it was for a very important reason."
  435. "Yes." Momoko continues "Mom probably talked to you about it a little."
  437. "Do you have the key?" There's a noticeable pause before Momoko asks that question.
  439. I nod and reveal my palm, with the small key in middle of it. Her hair reaches out slowly and takes it from me.
  441. Both of the sisters look at it carefully. They stand up and grab a box that was behind them.
  443. They use the key to open the box and inside is a pair of scissors. But they are far from ordinary scissors. They are very ornate and quite beautiful to behold.
  445. "The truth is we've been in love with you for a long time. In the beginning there was debate between us but.." Ayumi mused to herself.
  447. She puts her hair in front of her, takes a deep breath and cuts part of her hair off, wincing a little in pain. She hands the scissors to Momoko who does the same thing. Then they take some ribbon from another box and tie their lock of hair in it
  449. The twins bow their heads and offer their cut lock of hair to me
  451. "We both want you as our husband" They both say in unison.
  453. My heart is beating like crazy right now. I step forward and take the locks of hair in each hand
  455. "I gladly accept. I love you both so much."  
  457. They practically leap to hug me with everything they have, crying tears of happiness. I hugged them both back, crying myself and we stayed like that for awhile.
  459. After all we all managed to calm down, I told them about that business meeting I'd have to go to soon. They hardly seemed bothered by the news.
  461. "You're busy as ever, husband." chuckles Momoko, now not as solemn as just earlier.
  463. "But we'll wait for you, of course." chimes in Ayumi. With both of them positively beaming it makes me really happy too.
  465. I went back downstairs after saying my farewells and walked into the kitchen where the parents still were. I didn't even need to say anything to them. I showed them the locks of hair. The mom started crying too. As was the dad but he was trying to be more stoic about it. I told them about the meeting I needed to go to and they seemed understanding.
  467. "The three of you will have a lot of fun when you get back" the mother giggles
  469. "Thanks for everything. Go get 'em kid." is what the dad says to me.
  471. The next day was time for me to leave, keeping the locks of hair close to me. After a boring flight and some driving I went to the meeting. But it was a little hard to concentrate. By the time it was time for me to leave it was even more difficult. The hair didn't have a distinct smell of fruit or flowers but it was still powerful. I forget how many days it's been but by the time I got back I was agitated. The meeting really was too boring. They might have caught on to my disinterest but I didn't care.
  473. The family was aware that I've be back today so I just went there after getting back and unpacking things. I impatiently knocked on the door.
  475. "Hello!" It was the dad who answered. He let me in but insisted on talking to me before going upstairs. Damn it all.
  477. "Here take this." He offers me a small drink that looks like milk but the coloring is off, almost ominous.
  479. "What is this?" He just says it's something that will help me and nothing more. I drink it and it tastes vaguely of milk, eggs and some other things I can't put my finger on. Whatever is in it makes my crotch feel like it's on fire more than ever. If I don't do something about this soon who knows what will happen. With that I'm on my way to the bedroom, hearing a "Go get 'em kiddo!" from the dad on my way up. "Have fun!" is something I also hear. I look behind me and see the Mom waves with a cheeky grin. The dad gives me a thumbs up. What a pair.
  481. I open the door and inside the twins are waiting, each wearing a rather fancy kimono.
  483. "Welcome back husband!" They say in unison. They sure look as beautiful as ever. The pair carefully study my expression
  485. "Is something bothering you?" Asks Momoko, looking a bit worried
  487. "My, that simply won't do" Ayumi smiles a bit slyly
  489. They both open their kimono carefully and slowly with their own hair, revealing that they are completely naked They put the kimonos aside and stretch their arms out invitingly. Their expressions change to a very come-hither look.
  491. "Why don't you tell us about it?"
  493. "We want to hear all about your troubles."
  495. Something inside me snaps and I take my own clothes off in a frenzy and go at them like my life depended on it, practically leaping on the bed. Ayumi yelped a little as I grabbed her and thrust my penis deep inside her but she made no attempt to stop me and thrusted her own hips against mine. In and out, in and out. The two of us were at it with total abandon. Both of the sister's hair was all over me and was wildly stroking wherever it could to encourage me further. Momoko was licking my ear, kissing me or whispering encouraging words in my ear. I came inside Ayumi several times, not even pausing in between. Now she's lying on the bed trying to catch her breath, her face in complete ecstasy
  497. Now I focused my attention to Momoko and process began again. Nothing else mattered now but this. All I could do now was thrust into her. Again. and again. After cumming deep inside her a few times I was getting a little tired but Momoko's hair forced me to finish in spite of that. The hair on my body kept at it; Encouraging me not to give up in it's own way. Ayumi managed to recover enough to take her sisters place and hugged me from behind. I came again and my fatigue caught up at long last.  I collapsed on Momoko but the hair repositioned me so I'd be in the middle of them. The twins were now hugging me tightly, nuzzling their head against me. The hair had calmed down from earlier and is gently brushing against my skin which relaxes me deeply. On the bed I notice there's some blood among other fluids staining the bed. I guess they were virgins but they aren't anymore especially after what just transpired.
  499. Ayumi giggles a little, obviously still tired now. "So that's what was bothering you."
  501. Momoko speaks up "I'm glad we were able to help."
  503. I laugh "I knew I could count on you." We all laughed a bit at that.
  505. The twins hugged me tighter and hair kept doing it's work to relax me further. It wasn't long before we were all asleep on top of the bed, too lazy to even tuck ourselves in.
  507. Sometime later the twins naturally insist that they move in with me. My bed was a bit too small so we got a new one. Their parents gave their daughters a tearful farewell and are being quite generous in helping us out. They live close by so we can visit them without issue. There's little doubt that they're both pregnant. One day we'll have our own house and things will be busier with kids around but I have a feeling it'll all work out. Now the tricky part is the thinking of names.
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