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  1. [23:11:04] * Brooke_Fray will be sitting at a table at Sugarcube Corner this time.
  2. [23:11:59] <Morning_Star> *...Morning sits across from her with his box, ears pinned back and looking fairly ashamed.
  3. [23:12:19] * Rush slides in next to Morning.
  4. [23:13:18] <Brooke_Fray> "... You both know I'm not upset, right? I'm really not a puzzle designer."
  5. [23:13:46] <Brooke_Fray> "... Really, I'm just upset with myself for not having the answers be clearer."
  6. [23:13:53] <Morning_Star> " obviously put a lot of work and thought into it and we jumped right off of the rails because I wanted to say hello to my cat..."
  7. [23:14:51] <Brooke_Fray> "I told Sunshine Rush would be the one by to pick it up, I don't know why he thought the cat that will wander the library was a good idea."
  8. [23:15:26] * Rush giggles.
  9. [23:15:30] <Brooke_Fray> "Cute, but... not the best for a scavenger hunt."
  10. [23:19:05] <Brooke_Fray> "How did you find the other key?"
  11. [23:21:40] <Brooke_Fray> "Actually, that's not important right now. You both stuck with it, that's the important part," she says, standing up to go around and hug the two of them.
  12. [23:21:47] * Rush is wearing the scarf.
  13. [23:24:02] * Morning_Star hugs both. >n<
  14. [23:25:37] * Brooke_Fray nuzzles them. "... Now, the end." She slides the key that was found on Vesperia over to Morning. "Unlock your boxes."
  15. [23:26:59] * Morning_Star carefully does so?
  16. [23:48:51] <Brooke_Fray> * The key from the library fits the lock of the box.
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