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  1. Horiuchi Temujin
  2. Beneath the pleasant shade of a tree, sat Horiuchi Temujin, dressed in sturdy, simple clothing. Infront of him lay a bottle of sake, warm from the summer day and untouched by his thirsty instinct. Instead of indulging himself, he takes the time to pour two cups out infront of him, for the two he had invited today, @Shinjo Kurosawa and @Utaku Jamukha .
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa
  5. The Shinjo would make his way to the tree, dressed neatly and proper, with a simple fur lined kimono of purple make. However, his eyes were a red mess, and his walk was less graceful than his usual self as he approached the tree. He would bow at the sight of the larger Unicorn and bow. "Hai, Temujin-sama. It is great to see you again safe and sound." He did not sit down just yet.
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  7. Utaku Jamukha
  8. Jamukha took the cup without saying anything. He had a feeling on what the invite today was about, and it wasn't a pleasant subject. He was wearing his riding uniform without the armor, since he is always at work with the horses and has to respond to calls at a moments notice.
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  10. Shinjo Kurosawa
  11. The white haired Unicorn also bows to the Utaku in greeting; "Hai, Utaku-san." With proper formalities done he set himself down in a plop with the other two, and would silently take the sake into his hands but he would not drink just yet.
  12. ________________________________________
  13. Horiuchi Temujin
  14. Grabbing his own cup, Temujin lifts it into the air in a toast. "To the Unicorn, and to the glorious warriors of the Resistance."
  15. "Kampai!"
  16. ________________________________________
  17. Utaku Jamukha
  18. Jamukha raises his own cup. "Kampai!"
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  20. Shinjo Kurosawa
  21. Kurosawa also raises his cup. "Kampai!" His voice rang out clear despite his haggard eyes.
  22. ________________________________________
  23. Horiuchi Temujin
  24. Temujin drains his cup in one go, and lets a slightly uncomfortable silence gather before speaking.
  25. "Thank you both for coming. What do you two know about spirits and nightmares?"
  26. "...and promises?"
  27. ________________________________________
  28. Utaku Jamukha
  29. Jamukha drinks from his cup then sets it down. "I believe there is no reason to skirt around the issue Temujin." "We both know why you called this meeting..."
  30. ________________________________________
  31. Shinjo Kurosawa
  32. He drained half of his cup and set it down; being a lightweight drinker, he would need all his wits about him since this was more than just a celebration. "I know nothing of spirits. But of nightmares, just one." He rubbed his reddened eyes. "It has plagued my sleep last night, yet I do not understand it's meaning." His gaze switched from Utaku to Jamukha, wondering if they too, had nightmares similar to his own.
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  34. Horiuchi Temujin
  35. Temujin gives a nod to them both. "Then I am not simply mad. Very well then. Do we go into the forest?"
  36. ________________________________________
  37. Utaku Jamukha
  38. Jamukha sighs "I believe we won't find rest until we do."
  39. ________________________________________
  40. Shinjo Kurosawa
  41. Kurosawa stiffens, then sags. If this were not the darkest timeline he would have doubted the meaning of this dream. "The nightmares are very specific. We are weak, and must find our birthright." He held his chin in thought. "But I would not know where to begin to look. And we cannot simply leave the walls without permission."
  42. ________________________________________
  43. Horiuchi Temujin
  44. Temujin looks to Kurosawa. "I must have more power. Whatever this spirit is, it promises that."
  45. "Whether it is an ancestor guiding us, or an enemy luring us, we will simply need to find out."
  46. ________________________________________
  47. Shinjo Kurosawa
  48. So everything was the same, down to the promise of strength. He was unsure; was this the beginning of madness, hearing these voices in his head? He'd heard the whispers of doubt eating at his consciousness for nearly five years now. Madness was more appealing, really. "Then, we should arrange for it." He nodded confidently, folding his arms. "Where you go, I shall go, brothers." A smile curled the edges of his lips. "Maybe I will be the first one there this time with Shiro, eh?"
  49. ________________________________________
  50. Horiuchi Temujin
  51. Temujin shakes his head slightly. "I don't think it will be like that. The first to get lost or wander off might be the first to get there."
  52. "Spirits are... unpleasant. Did you hear the report of what we found at the village?"
  53. ________________________________________
  54. Shinjo Kurosawa
  55. A simple shake of his head no. "All the shugenja I have met and their kami have granted me many blessings. Not all spirits are nefarious." But if they were not, why was he so hesitant?
  56. ________________________________________
  57. Horiuchi Temujin
  58. "An evil spirit possessed their local shrine, and was influencing them somehow through their left arms. We... dealt with them, but many of them are now dead or greatly afflicted."
  59. He pours himself another cup of sake and drain it. Then another.
  60. ________________________________________
  61. Utaku Jamukha
  62. Jamukha drains what's left of his own cup. "We don't know if it's an evil one, but it's highly likely that it is. Doesn't hurt to see if it's a good one though. You never know what you are going to get when you approach spirits."
  63. ________________________________________
  64. Shinjo Kurosawa
  65. The Shinjo's eyes narrowed suspiciously, but decided not to press the matter of what had happened on the mission. He could not exactly stop what had already happened, and the Horuichi seemed affected by it already. "We must take the most precaution if we do seek out these spirits. We cannot forget the fate of the," he lowered his voice "Dark Moto." A chill ran through his spine as he said those dreaded words.
  66. ________________________________________
  67. Horiuchi Temujin
  68. "There is... another explanation. Beyond mere spirits." Says Temujin, in a low voice. He looks around for a moment, as if suspicious of others listening in to a secret.
  69. "The old gods."
  70. ________________________________________
  71. Shinjo Kurosawa
  72. The youngest Unicorn went whiter than he already was. "It cannot be. My sensei said they held no power outside of the Burning Sands. How could they find us here?" His mind raced, trying to dredge up anything he knew of the old gods, but his religious knowledge was of the Rokugani ways, as his grandpa had not cared for the old gods and neither had his sensei
  73. ________________________________________
  74. Horiuchi Temujin
  75. "Cousin, maybe Rokugan is all you have known, but Jamukha and I are from the Burning Sands. If we can find the Resistance, why should they be incapable of it?"
  76. ________________________________________
  77. Utaku Jamukha
  78. "Indeed, the old traditions are still alive with us in the north, long after Rokugan forgot about them. But i doubt they would come to us all this way down south. They are more interested in harrasing the Moto for more worship."
  79. ________________________________________
  80. Horiuchi Temujin
  81. "...I am formerly of the Moto."
  82. ________________________________________
  83. Shinjo Kurosawa
  84. He frowned, but it was true. If mortal men could do it, why not gods? Even he had made it here from near the very border. "But then why us?"
  85. ________________________________________
  86. Shinjo Kurosawa
  87. Ah shit. He looked at the Horuichi with renewed vision; you'd never guess he was a Moto, being so huge and all. "Then it makes sense. Whatever is afflicting our dreams; kami, spirits, madness, gods, then we shall face them. But," he held up a finger. "Not without a shugenja, or a monk. We may need spiritual guidance, and despite my religious devotion, I cannot speak to spirits outside of my dreams."
  88. ________________________________________
  89. Utaku Jamukha
  90. "I believe there is no need. Those spirits want us to go there, this wouldn't work if they couldn't speak to us."
  91. ________________________________________
  92. Shinjo Kurosawa
  93. He would not press the issue further, but his frowned remained. "May I consult with a holy person beforehand? These spirits..." He did not want to say he was afraid, but... "Are foreign to anything I've ever seen. We should not face such a thing without any knowledge of it. We still do not even know what it could be."
  94. ________________________________________
  95. Horiuchi Temujin
  96. Temujin gives a nod. "Consult who you like, but bind them to silence. This is not their matter to meddle with."
  97. "...and if you can, don't mention the old gods."
  98. ________________________________________
  99. Utaku Jamukha
  100. "Indeed, for them this is usually all heresy that should be burned on the spot. As the ages have shown, the rest of Rokugan will never understand us."
  101. ________________________________________
  102. Shinjo Kurosawa
  103. A victory, minor but still. He bowed his head in thanks. Idly, he wondered if Toghrul too, had these dreams. "I shall. Simply alert me to when and I will be there." He scowled slightly at that; of course he knew to not mention the old gods.
  104. ________________________________________
  105. Shinjo Kurosawa
  106. With that, the Shinjo would take his leave, bowing to the more senior Unicorn as he went to perform his various duties for the day.
  107. ((scene..!))
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