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Oct 25th, 2012
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  1. [01:26:06] <Llewellyn>: btw
  2. [01:26:10] <Llewellyn>: You could do a
  3. [01:26:46] <Llewellyn>: A_jumpifinventory("runeDoubleFiringSpeed", 1, 2) to skip the jump for Vanilla animations
  4. [01:26:48] <Llewellyn>: err
  5. [01:26:57] <Llewellyn>: A_jumpifinventory("runeDoubleFiringSpeed", 1, "VanillaAnimations")
  6. [01:27:01] <Llewellyn>: or whatever TO GO TO it
  7. [01:27:02] <Llewellyn>: mahbad
  10. [02:18:02] <roman6a>: also, i just saw the marathon preview (since i really never check the forums untill just now) and, out of the diferent ammo types, could you add colors for the numers? like a strong yellow if its ammo 1, a red if ammo 2 etc... because it would become a problem to recognize which one is just like others had with health and armor
  13. [22:25:15] <Dialga>: oh i ment like.... remember how you used to have the faces showing on the new hud before you left it to the oldschool hud? i was wondering if there was a way to create an option to have it back on the "new hud" instead of the "oldschool hud".
  16. [10:58:16 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: but i have a suggestion
  17. [10:58:24 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: make chexguy have green blood splatter when hit by bullets?
  18. [10:58:28 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: i cant tell if i hit him
  19. [10:58:32 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: or for how much i hit him
  20. [10:59:17 pm] mTuerminusmEustf13-: Chex isn't going to have any blood or gore, sorry.
  21. [10:59:59 pm] mTuerminusmEustf13-: Jacobi requested I keep the whole non-violent thing for Chex.
  22. [11:00:23 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: my reasoning was that
  23. [11:00:26 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: the gray puffs
  24. [11:00:31 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: they arent very visible at certain times
  25. [11:00:40 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: and i actually look at the blood splatters and their sizes
  26. [11:00:45 pm] s[ja3s]rgiravers-: to estimate how much dmg it did
  27. [11:00:52 pm] mTuerminusmEustf13-: Oof.
  28. [11:01:06 pm] mTuerminusmEustf13-: That'll be something to work with, then. I'll have to see how I can replicate, then.
  29. [11:01:10 pm] mTuerminusmEustf13-: Maybe an A_JumpifHealthLower...
  32. [01:13:53] <PresidentPeople>: Some requests: 1) That the WMC's 2nd trigger reload without lowering so the 1st can still function 2) That the WMC reload both triggers automatically 3) That the Shotguns be given "magazines" so that all weapons are uniform in that respect
  33. [01:17:26] <PresidentPeople>: Technically all weapons should reload automatically
  34. [01:18:07] <PresidentPeople>: Also, the delay between Assault grenade firing is really long
  35. [01:18:46] <PresidentPeople>: *As in too long. Shorten plz :D
  36. [01:58:20] <TerminusEst13>: I thought it took a second for the delay.
  37. [02:03:11] <PresidentPeople>: Looking in the physics model, it's 17 ticks, a little over half a second
  38. [02:04:00] <PresidentPeople>: *the Recovery Ticks field
  39. [02:06:24] <TerminusEst13>: Hm. Damn.
  40. [02:06:31] <TerminusEst13>: I guess I'm gonna have to write a new section of code for that.
  43. - Change Douk's A_FireCustomMissile states for his weapons to A_FireBullets (NEED FBF_NORANDOM FLAG BACKPORTED)
  44. - See if it's possible to have optional skins exclusive to certain classes.
  45. - Holoduke for Duke's banned Jetpack replacement.
  46. - Use CheckActorClass to check what class the player is using on respawn, removing non-appropriate weapons from them.
  47. - Different types of explosives for the Explosive Shotgun. Using the same one is dull.
  48. - Burn/normal/extreme deaths for Chexter. Cartoony, no blood.
  49. - Apparently capitalization fucks up ZDoom in regards to its fullscreen hud SBarInfo for DeathMatch and TeamGame. Fix.
  50. - Parias' Mystic Ambit Incant gives health/armor to enemies in DM.
  51. - Colored projectiles depending on team
  52. - Projectiles go through teammates but not enemies
  53. - Make a medieval graphic equivalent for the Backpack
  54. - Adjust slime death so people don't do Doomguy's sounds all the time
  55. - GLDefs for Douk/Security Officer
  56. - ASR3Q: could you add dynamic lights to the zorch pain and death animations of the flemoids? (TAKE FROM ZDWARS, ALREADY GOT PERMISSION)
  57. - GLDefs for items and monsters
  58. - Chex: Death sprites for Maximus, Flembrane, Flembomination, Lord Snotfolus.
  59. - Heretic/Hexen/Chex Quest: Stuff for B.J. to drink.
  60. - New Quake-ish graphics/sounds for the Morph Ovum/Porkelator, Boots of Speed, Dragonskin Bracer, Chaos Device, Banishment Device, Wings of Wrath, and lesser Tome of Power.
  61. - Crouch sprites for everyone.
  63. - Edit B.J.'s looking-sideways-at-attacker sprites
  64. - Slime/Flem death sprites for everyone.
  65. - Zorch pain sprites
  66. - New winpic/losepic, Skulltag's is ancient.
  67. - New Zorch death sound for the Undead Knight, Revenant, and D'Sparil's Serpent.
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