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  1. The repeated unnatural disasters have brought on a pessimistic outlook in the human village.
  2. A gloomy atmosphere whirls about in the village. However, it is not a feeling of despair. Instead, it is the feeling that no matter what happens, their future won't change.
  3. "Well, isn't that fine?"
  4. Whoever said it, such a voice did come forth. Indeed, if nothing will change, then you won't have to do anything about it. Such an ephermeal life can be pretty nice. Gradually, the hearts of the villagers were set free, but at the same time, their natural order was thrown into disarray.
  5. Within this situation, some people had a differing viewpoint. These were the village's religious zealots. They planned to take advantage of the disorderly state of the village. They would restore the old familiar order of the village, and at the same time earn their faith.
  6. A priestess building a new temple, a taoist who threw away the world for eternal youth, and a shrine maiden trying to set everything straight. They'll decide between them: Whose turn is it now?
  7. With faith as your weapon, let loose the charming war of popularity!
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