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WarpedRealm release 1.26

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Sep 22nd, 2022
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  1. Release 1.26 Changes:
  2. - Slightly increased digger and fisher job exp earnings
  3. - Decreased chance of treasure in custom fishing
  4. - Increased chance for custom fish in custom fishing
  5. - Fixed a bug with claim-block purchases in the store giving double claim blocks
  6. - Increased pearl custom fishing drop rate
  7. - Increased pearl drop rate from guardians
  8. - The Voters staff item type has been changed from an end rod to a diamond hoe to allow repairing
  9. - Restarts are now at 10:00 and 22:00 GMT+2 ~2 hours later than before
  10. - Fixed a few colors being broken in crate key lores
  11. - Updated the /rules command to the latest rules also including a link to the wiki page
  12. - Fixed a few colors in /baltop and /playtimetop being broken from the color update
  13. - Fixed sellwands selling items for slightly more than intended
  14. - Added 2 new quests to the nether and end
  15. - Adjusted enchanting in /enchant being a little off from vanilla enchanting
  16. - Increased tick rate of the scoreboard slightly for smoother updating
  17. - Slightly improved zombie bomber pathfinding
  18. - Added /rankup as a ranks alias
  20. - Added new Dryad staff into the forge
  21. - In addition to this, all staff-like items have a maximal durability / usage cap of 2000 and are now repariable.
  22. - Added reward tracking with messages in the chat to the boss crate
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