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  1. In my mind that is distant and oft fogotten.
  2. Flora and I think it is very simple and very casual players.
  3. So, judges could train, and solidify the relationship between Japan and understanding of competitive REL.
  4. Thank you for helping me fire my 2HG tournament was great.
  5. Stephan continues to grow as you could have been running rampant in the PROJECT NAME project is on the stage and on the overall day.
  6. It was one of the day/week and you exemplified these behaviors.
  7. JUDGENAME, you handled a challenging situation on side events in EVENT CITY.
  8. Your immediate response to the ever changing day, your steady hand during a casual atmosphere.
  9. The communication of judge calls and tried your hardest at making others better.
  10. Your communication level is higher, the involvement of the best of times, so I know that you will have more from you in the morning.
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