Summer Nights

Jun 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. One day without warning, the love of my life calmly told me that she will soon be leaving this world.
  3. Before I could even process that small but deceptively simple bit of information, she briskly walked back to her room, leaving me stunned.
  6. Now this would normally be immediately alarming to hear from anyone else, but after living with Lulu for so long I've developed a bit of a filter to the... unusual things she says and does.
  7. It's only when she does the utterly ordinary act of turning on a console and cheerfully starting up a video game, that I finally start to think, "Wait, what did she mean by that?"
  8. I guess I better go ask her.
  11. Now I think the first few Whats and Whys were enough to convey my confusion, but my imagination had been running at full-speed production, already giving me a vague sense of anxiety and concern for her well-being.
  12. Thankfully she was able to cut me off and calm me down a bit with that delightfully polite and gentle voice of hers, and held me close in her arms.
  14. "My darling, you need not worry about me. I am perfectly fine and in no danger. But unfortunately it's true, I will be moving on from your delightful little planet.
  15. I have almost done everything I wanted to do and seen everything I wanted to see on Earth. So please understand that I simply wish to depart on a high note, and that I'm actually quite happy with the life we shared.
  16. Now would you like to watch me play Ghost 'N Goblins?"
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