MGE Side III De Ryua History

Aug 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Welcome, dear guest❤ This may be sudden, but what kind of girl do you prefer?
  2. A devoted mermaid princess? A girl who won’t be honest?
  3. A refined high-class lady? A cool band girl?
  4. No, those aren’t it... after all, you visited this island.
  5. If that’s the case, your desire must be even more immoral❤
  6. An unbearable lust is swirling within you...❤
  7. Control it, or be controlled by it, becoming muddied with love❤
  8. Don’t hold baaack❤ That’s the reason you came to Dé Ryúa...❤
  9. Aaaan❤ Your lovely dark lust❤
  10. You’re already deliciously swelling up...❤
  11. The kind of girl you like, should I make you tell me directly?
  12. Ufufu...Oh, I won’t tease you too much...❤
  13. Dé Ryúa is Court Alf’s number one city of lust❤
  14. I’m sure you’ll find a very lewd girl to suit that excitement of yours❤
  16. I suppose my introduction is overdue. I’m the diva Meivia. A mere servant that affirms all love and communion, serves as master of Dé Ryúa’s corruption and decadence, and shall before long fall as a vessel of a man’s desire...❤
  17. Now, take my hand, and I’ll drag you to a place that suits you, down to the depths of a darkness you won’t return from...❤
  18. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Coming to a red-light district and wanting to learn about its history, aren’t you a strange person.
  20. But that’s fine. I’ll teach you...❤
  21. Now, come here❤ Into my arms... yes, that’s a good boy❤
  22. Just bury your face in my chest, and breathe in slowly...❤ Yes, relax your body, and leave everything to me...❤
  23. Doesn’t my hand caressing your body feel amazing?
  24. Your desire, it’s so very hard and hot...❤
  25. I want to receive it with my mouth, but for now I’ll use my hand...❤
  26. Ufufu❤ You’re so very honest and lewd, I’ll teach you properly❤
  27. Like this...just listen to my story, and feel me...❤
  29. High waves relentlessly attack an island, and whirlpools disrupt the course of ships...
  30. This place is Dé Ryúa, a small, unnoticeable island in the Asuramis Sea.
  31. At the time, the countries of the Asuramis Sea, whether large or small, were fighting for various reasons, but Dé Ryúa, which had difficulty interacting with the outside due to the high waves and whirlpools, did not get caught up in the fighting as they had almost no interaction with the outside world.
  32. The cityscape wasn’t flattering, nature wasn’t particularly beautiful, and crops that were grown locally would sometimes be attacked by the waves and ruined.
  33. At the time, ordinary people managed to live by getting shared food from the monsters of the sea. That was Dé Ryúa.
  35. Then, one day, the fleet of the naval country “Diana” showed up on the island of Dé Ryúa.
  36. It seems the ships of Diana, which had apparently become a strong military power due to receiving aid from The Order of the Chief God, did not suffer from the high waves or whirling tides.
  37. Diana invaded such a small country on the edge of the sea, that couldn’t even fight back properly, and forced them to surrender...
  38. And so, a shipyard was built on the island to serve as a military base for Diana.
  39. Diana then brought the shipbuilding engineers they had gathered from “Engineer Hunts” to the island.
  40. Next, various laborers were gathered, such as the original inhabitants of the island, slaves brought from other islands, and the poor from other islands that had fallen for too-good-to-be-true stories, and they were semi-forced to make battleships for use by The Order and Diana.
  42. However, it seems the rule of Diana and The Order wasn’t all that bad.
  43. Dé Ryúa was very poor when it couldn’t contact other islands because of the high waves and whirlpools. On the other hand, Diana had the support of The Order, and was very rich.
  44. Dé Ryúa was supposed to be governed by a military admiral sent from Diana, however it seems he was paying the workers in Dé Ryúa a teensy bit.
  45. Excellent shipbuilding engineers were treated kindly, and the slaves were never overworked or had their bodies broken.
  46. Soldiers of The Order were also assigned to the island, but they were honest and good-natured children, and it seems they even had drinks at bars with the islanders that had finished their work.
  47. And best of all, the military admiral had a very tall breakwater built all around Dé Ryúa to protect it against the high waves.
  48. No longer having to fear the high waves, the islanders were delighted.
  49. Indeed, Diana and The Order had brought stable jobs, wealth, and security to Dé Ryúa.
  50. Our story so far hasn’t been so bad, it’s quite a lovely story, isn’t it?
  52. However, someone began spreading a rumor that “the admiral of Diana is associating with monsters”.
  53. I don’t know if that was true. However, the admiral lost his standing because of it, and a new admiral came to Dé Ryúa to replace him. It is here the tragedy began.
  54. The treatment of the workers was reversed and became severe, and the work became cruel and harsh.
  55. At first, workers that tried to resist or flee faced severe punishment to make an example.
  56. In truth, at the time, it seems Diana and The Order suspected that not just the previous admiral, but the whole island was collaborating with monsters.
  57. Perhaps the new admiral may have thought that, because the islanders were connected to monsters, he could be connected to monsters as well, so he had to be strict.
  58. Thus, the breakwater the previous admiral had built to protect the island from the waves was turned into a wall to imprison the workers, and from that point on, Dé Ryúa came to be called “The Prison Island”.
  60. At the time, the monsters of the sea looked at the state of Dé Ryúa with sadness, for they had once shared their food with the wave and whirlpool ravaged Dé Ryúa... sea folk such as mermaids, nereids, and sea bishops.
  61. The ocean around this area is plagued with high waves and whirlpools because Lord Poseidon’s mana is not spread through this part of the sea.
  62. The monsters had the duty to spread Lord Poseidon’s mana by living in this ocean and helping the islanders.
  63. Of course, those girls are monsters, and hoped the islanders would someday become their husbands, leading to veeery lewd relationships...
  65. They never attacked the islanders, however. It seems they believed they could captivate them by slowly getting to know them on their own.
  67. However, while they were in the middle of doing that, Dé Ryúa was occupied by Diana.
  68. Although they could no longer meet with the islanders, they heard from the Sirens crossing the sky that the islanders were living safely, and were a little relieved.
  69. They did seem extremely disappointed that they wouldn’t be getting any husbands for a while though...
  70. As long as the islanders were safe, the monsters would monitor the situation in Dé Ryúa.
  71. However, the admiral was changed, and Dé Ryúa completely transformed, becoming “The Prison Island”.
  72. The monsters of the sea could not stay silent about this.
  74. Just like the monsters, “Eizen Wiltex”, the former military admiral exiled from the island, was worried about the current situation in Dé Ryúa.
  75. After being stripped of his rank, former admiral Eizen was sent back to his home country of Diana to be executed for the crime of associating with monsters.
  76. The monsters that learned this attacked the ship carrying the former admiral, and rescued him.
  78. “What do you know, I really am associating with monsters now huh...”
  80. He said, laughing as if mocking himself, but when he heard from the monsters about the current state of the island he had left, he couldn’t stand it.
  81. His own carelessness had invited the current situation in Dé Ryúa, but he was a dead man in his home country Diana, so either way, the only difference was whether he was executed after being taken to his homeland, or died being dragged into the sea by monsters en route.
  82. It seems he thought, if possible, he would use the life he had been spared for the people of the island.
  84. Meanwhile, it wasn’t just the former admiral and monsters who weren’t pleased with the rule of the current military admiral, “Imanov Channor”, who had turned Dé Ryúa into a prison island.
  85. It was the Order soldiers that had been dispatched in the name of protecting the island, and were responsible for supervising the workers.
  86. In the old days, they had shared drinks with the people of the island. Every night, they shared lively conversations about trivial things like how cute the bar girls were, or how their boss had been angry at them for slacking off. They couldn’t help but feel heartache at the state of their friends.
  87. However, they were soldiers of The Order that had established monsters as incompatible enemies.
  88. No matter how they felt, they could not criticize the way admiral Imanov was trying to correct the former admiral who had mistakenly fraternized with monsters, or the islanders he had stood up for.
  89. If they challenged the current admiral, they would likely be suspected of being the monsters’ minions, and receive divine punishment. At worst, they may be executed like the former admiral.
  90. And so, they couldn’t help the islanders.
  91. While the Order soldiers worried, the islanders continued to suffer, contrary to their hopes.
  92. The workers on the island were not permitted amusement, and were severely cracked down on. They were told pleasure is the path to corruption and leads one to the monsters.
  93. The bars where the islanders and Order soldiers had once met to share drinks had all been shut down...
  94. However, the workers were allowed just one means of entertainment. They could sing songs.
  95. The Order soldiers had advocated their boss to at least allow this under the pretense of “improving work ethic”, and it was allowed.
  96. They were songs that made them think of their homes. The slaves and poor brought from outside the island sang the songs of their homelands.
  97. Even the islanders who had lived on the old island sang a song about Dé Ryúa.
  99. Dé Ryúa suffers from starvation due to the high waves, whirlpools, and poverty, and yet the people hold hands, and continue to live without giving up. Such a song has been handed down in Dé Ryúa since long ago.
  100. It’s a song to encourage people that continue to endure unreasonable suffering. It’s as if the song was singing about the islanders of the present.
  101. The Order soldiers also heard this song, and felt as though their chests were tightening.
  103. Dé Ryúa’s song is a story of people who are exposed to unreasonable suffering, hold hands and endure, then, undefeated, their lives are tied together. That’s where the song ends.
  104. Every night, in the shipyard resembling a prison, this song of the workers echoed.
  105. Then, one night, when the workers had finished singing as usual, another singing voice could be heard beyond the wall enclosing the island.
  106. Indeed, it was a song of the sea folk.
  107. A song of humans and monsters living together, overcoming hunger.
  108. A song of people from different countries living together, confronting the high waves.
  109. It was a continuation of the history of the island thus far, a sequel to the islander’s song.
  110. And yet, the sea folk continued to sing.
  111. It was a song of Dé Ryúa’s future that shouldn’t exist.
  112. It was their dream of monsters, The Order, and Diana all existing together with Dé Ryúa.
  114. Every night after that, after the workers sang, the sea folk returned their song.
  115. Then, the workers also returned songs to the sea folk.
  117. A song of making a fishing rod for a son and going fishing together.
  118. A song dreaming of returning to Nevia and becoming an artist.
  119. A song of conveying feelings to the pretty mermaid that delivered fish every day.
  120. A song of islanders, the Order soldiers, and even the monsters all sharing drinks together.
  122. Everyone sang of the future they envisioned.
  123. The Order soldiers that noticed also joined the singing. They sang with tears in their eyes.
  125. Then one night, after the workers had sang their first song, the singing voices of the sea folk could be heard right in front of them, inside the wall rather than from outside of it.
  126. They had been guided from the outside by former admiral Eizen, and from the inside by the Order soldiers.
  127. The humans and monsters that met continued to sing in the shipyard in the dead of night, and soon began heading towards the city.
  128. The other workers and their families that heard their voices joined in one after the other, and the ring of their voices steadily grew louder.
  129. In the meantime, they finally arrived at the headquarters where the current admiral was.
  130. Naturally, the guards drew their swords to stop them, but the previous admiral and Order soldiers continued to protect the singing workers and monsters.
  131. The workers and sea folk just kept singing. However, the song of mermaids is a magical one.
  132. The power of monsters increases once they’ve found a husband...
  133. The singing voices of humans merge together with the voices of monsters...
  134. Intermingling, mixing together, and becoming one, don’t you think it closely resembles the appearance of human and monster couples?❤
  135. Indeed, that night, the humans and monsters became one, like a loving couple❤
  137. The power of the song swelled up from the number of humans and monsters that had joined, and the Order soldiers of Diana that came running to suppress the workers one by one lost their will to fight, and dropped their weapons.
  138. Some may have remembered their own hometowns, and the sight of the workers singing of their homes made them shed tears.
  139. Some may have seen the sight of the pained workers, and questioned what they took up the sword to protect, and leaked a sob.
  140. It seems the current admiral Imanov, who was listening to the songs in the upper command room, felt the same.
  142. Fortunately for the people of Dé Ryúa, this was a rebellion-by-song that took place in the middle of the Great Asuramis War.
  143. Immediately after the rebellion, the Great Songstress sacrificed her life to end the conflict, and after that, Diana no longer needed to send in another ship to take Dé Ryúa back from the islanders.
  144. Dé Ryúa’s prison walls were destroyed not through bloodshed, but through song.
  146. That was a rather difficult and lengthy story, wasn’t it?
  147. I’m glad you listened to the end❤
  148. Besides... Haaa... While I was talking, you shot out so much, how impressive❤
  149. It’s sticking to me like this, your cloudy white desire... Haaa❤... Such a wonderful smell...❤
  150. This is the end of that old story. From here on, a history of pleasure and lust begins, one that continues to be spun to this day❤
  151. Accept me like this... and I’ll take you to even deeper, deeper depths❤
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