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May 20th, 2013
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  1. ELUON (CEO Seung-Gu Lee, KOSDAQ 065440), the next-generation telecom service expert, announced on 30th, April that it signed the ADPOP Platform supply contract with PT. XL Axiata Tbk. (hereinafter “XL”), the Indonesian telecom service provider. XL is the third-largest telecom service provider of Indonesia, and its subscriber base has been rapidly expanded as it has accelerated its efforts for 3G network expansion. More notably, XL will focus on launching new services and improving the data network quality in 2013.
  3. The ADPOP Platform (Advertising Pop-up Platform) provided by ELUON is a service platform to activate advertisements before the main page is executed when a smart phone user intends to access to an app or an website. Currently, mobile advertisements are activated after a user accesses to a website using a smart phone, which makes website operators generate advertising revenues. In this system, mobile service providers have to manage network traffic without any gains from the service operation. The new service platform of ELUON will enable mobile service providers to activate advertisements before a user’s access to the website and to define the advertising service policy and generate profits.
  5. The new service platform is highly recognized as a new model for the mobile data service, and ELUON signed the supply contract by winning a fierce competition with global companies, gaining high recognition on its technological competitiveness of the additional service systems supplied to the largest and second-largest mobile service providers of Indonesia and Malaysia.
  7. An officer of ELUON, who is in charge of the global business, said, “This is the win-win service platform for mobile service providers, subscribers and advertisers, which was developed through years of ELUON’s efforts for expansion of the global mobile business. We will make full-fledged efforts to advance into the mobile data markets of China and Japan as well as Indonesia, which is the world’s fourth largest market.”
  9. The number of mobile subscribers of Indonesia exceeded 250 million with the year-on-year increase by 32%, and it is expected to reach 317 million by 2015. Large cities including Jakarta and Surabaya recorded the mobile penetration rate of over 150%, causing fiercer competitions of new services. Mobile service providers of Indonesia are increasing investments into infrastructure building to broaden the service coverage and provide additional services.
  11. ELUON will supply the service solution and operate the system with its Indonesian affiliate, PT.ELUON, and make marketing activities targeting domestic and foreign telecom service providers, building on its stable service launch.
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