A strange New Year's eve

Dec 15th, 2015
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  1. >You're Fem Nonnymous.
  2. >A student at an Industry School.
  3. >Graphical Design branch.
  4. >It's almost Christmas.
  5. >Last few weeks, and your school is under reconstruction, after a gas valve blew up and destroyed a water pipe, flooding the dressing rooms.
  6. >So, you got your Christmas holiday early.
  7. >You're sitting at your favourite café, with a coke and a cigarette in the ashtray.
  8. >You're enjoying the fact that you don't have to go to school any time soon.
  9. >Opposite to you is sitting your long time friend.
  10. >Non, Anonymous.
  11. >He's been acting a little odd, after his return from his holidays.
  12. >A good bit more than odd.
  13. >"So how is school?" He asks, smiling slightly.
  14. "Pretty good. We had a small accident with a water pipe, the entire basement has been flooded. The old building doesn't take kindly to that, so they have to fix everything over the course of the holidays."
  15. >Your friend chuckles. "Well, don't drown in your free time."
  16. "God damn it, Non."
  17. >He chuckles. "In all seriousness, did you see the news?"
  18. "No, hadn't had the time to do that." You say, and light a new cigarette.
  19. >"The island I've been on the holidays at has been taken over by aliens."
  20. You raise your eyebrow. "Non, have you been drinking again? Ayy lmao? Seriously?"
  21. >He nods. "Just turn on any kind of a radio, television, even if you open your web browser. The media are full of it. I'm surprised you hadn't caught up yet. I've heard two of them destroyed an entire strike squadron, and tore apart an Abrams."
  22. "I'm not the one to take on mass media."
  23. >"You're a conspiracy nut, Fem. This is a first contact. And it's a disaster."
  24. "Why did you leave so early? You were supposed to be there a week longer."
  25. >"I don't know, had an itch, if you know what I mean. As if a bug bit me."
  26. "Instincts, and itches. You hadn't changed a single bit." You say and chuckle.
  27. >"Yeah, nice seeing you, I gotta jet. See you around!"
  28. >Non pays for your drinks and leaves.
  29. >You're sitting in the café, facing a half empty glass of coke.
  30. >The evening light shines through the window, and the air inside is warm and clouded by cigarette smoke.
  31. >When you leave the café, it's already early night.
  32. >Even though it's around four in the afternoon.
  33. >Damn daylight savings.
  34. >You walk the snow filled streets, street lamps illuminating the pavement in a warm orange light.
  35. >Where the street lamps can't reach with their light, the smoldering orange tip of your cigarette does.
  36. >The evening air is cold and shrilling.
  37. >You walk past a dark alleyway.
  38. >What was that?
  39. >It sounds like a kid crying.
  40. >You turn back and enter the alley.
  41. >Damn, the lights aren't working.
  42. >You pull out your lighter.
  43. >Click
  44. >The flame crackles to life.
  45. >The lighter allows you to see a little, though the alleyway remains pitch black.
  46. "H-hello?" You shout.
  47. >The sniffing and crying stops.
  48. >"I-I'm here!"
  49. >You take in a lung full from the cigarette, breathing out a cloud of gray smoke.
  50. >Be brave, Fem!
  51. >You walk to the source of the sound.
  52. >You see the source of the sound.
  53. >A four legged, black thing...
  54. >You recoil back at the sight, just to be hit with something blunt on the back of your head.
  55. >You feel yourself falling to the ground.
  56. >You hit the floor with a thud.
  57. >Your eyelids are closing on their own.
  58. >The cigarette falls down, and is squashed by a black hoof with holes in it.
  59. >"Tell the Queen we're on our way with the subject!"
  60. >The world then fades to black.
  62. >You wake up with a splintering headache.
  63. >You can't move your body, from the head down.
  64. >You aren't paralyzed though.
  65. >Your hands are stuck to what you can see is a wall, with splotches of resin onn your limbs, and neck.
  66. >You struggle and try to rip yourself out from your hold.
  67. >To no success.
  68. >You can hear some sloshing sound, and a set of clapping sounds.
  69. >Something is nearing you.
  70. >A creature of the same look of the one that lured you into a trap,now stands before you, followed by five more in blue plate armor suits, with long spears.
  71. >"The queen demands to see you in her throne room. You'll come with us."
  72. "What makes you think that?
  73. >" Our spears and numbers. Now come, we shouldn't keep the queen waiting any longer."
  74. >They lead you in a cordon, passing through black, green and in some places slimy hallways.
  75. >Hallways, filled with the same creatures that are leading you.
  76. >Slowly, you ascend to the top floor.
  77. >A throne room with ghotical arch windows, a few steps, and..
  78. >A throne.
  79. >And a certain man, in the throne.
  80. >It's Non, Non Anonymous! What the fuck?
  81. >Welcome to my little domain, Fem."
  82. "Non? What the fuck? What're you doing here?"
  83. >"I rule over this...mess,
  84. >You recoil back.
  85. "You can't be Anonymous."
  86. >"I am Anonymous. Want me to prove it? "
  87. >You nod.
  88. "It'd be great if you could. Something only we could know."
  89. >"Remember that time once, in the teashop, with the hookah and grass? And when Martin got lost, and I seen him on the bench, you saw him next to it, and in truth he was in the bathroom puking his guts out."
  90. "Yeah, we were high off our minds!" You say and laugh.
  91. >"Yeah, he managed to find us, we were staring at the bench."
  92. You laugh. "Okay. So it's you. Then I demand an explanation. If these are ETs, you're one too, right?"
  93. >"Nope. Everything that's here, including me is from mother earth. I've been bitten by a bug, and ended up like this."
  94. "You look pretty fine to me."
  95. >"That's only a disguise. I suppose I should show you how I look." He says.
  96. >To your shock, a green flame envelops him, and..
  97. >Holy crap.
  98. >It's scary.
  99. >A black chitinous shell covers the entire body, with four legs covered in holes.
  100. >A pair of blue wings and a long blue tail.
  101. >A snout, fangs that drop down from the mouth and edge over the lips.
  102. >Two green eyes, long blue hair and a horn crooked in multiple places.
  103. >"So, how do I look?" She, as you assume from the voice which has a raspy and femine tone to it, says, and stares at you.
  104. "Why did you bring me here?"
  105. >"I want to give you an offer. We're expanding our domain on the mainland. I want you to rule over a couple cities."
  106. "You want to turn me into one of these things?" You say and point to one of the creatures that have been sitting at the door.
  107. >"One of my drones? No, not exactly. More like me. Another Queen."
  108. >Urk...How will you approach this?
  109. "Why should I do that, Non?"
  110. >"First of all, you seen what we did with this island. Not even in a week and we've taken over everything, built our own infrastructure and we're making new weaponry out of the technology soldiers left behind. Humanity will fall, and you with it, if you don't take my offer."
  111. "So it's a thing of salvation? Why did you offer this to me anyway? I'm sure you have drones eager to take the post."
  112. >"The drones are mindless tools. I'd let them carry my lunch, but not a serious task. I need someone with a brain."
  113. "So you're the only one with sentience? They're mindlessly obeying you to the word?"
  114. >"Most of them do, they take me to the word. As if I were their mother. If I say jump, they jump. If I say bring this and this, they do it."
  115. "Most? Where did all the people go anyway?"
  116. >"They're here. They're all my drones, assimilated into the hive structure of the hive. The soldiers, citizens, tourists, even the women and children." Non says, with almost a sadistical subtone and an evil smirk.
  117. >You cringe slightly.
  118. "You did genocide. You've killed them all." You. say and peer at your friend.
  119. >But is he your friend anymore?
  120. >Is this the same man that pushed you to learning further?
  121. >Is this the same good friend which you've spent evenings with, watching horror movies, with beer and popcorn?"
  122. >Is this the same friend that helped you to slow down with your cigarettes, helping you out when needed?"
  123. >No, Non Anonymous, a medical assistant, a man devoted to helping those in need wouldn't commit murder of innocent people!
  124. >Of thousands of innocent people. Men, children, women. Friend and for alike.
  125. >But are they really dead?
  126. >Isn't he just..
  127. >Protecting them?
  128. >Protecting them against something..
  129. "I'll need to think about it. I'm not sure I can throw away my humanity on the spot."
  130. >"I understand. Since normal drone quarters cannot accommodate you, you'll be staying with me."
  131. "As if in the same bed? Not when you look like a..."
  132. >"A what?"
  133. "That.."
  134. >Anonymous bursts out laughing. "No, seriously, go ahead. Can't offend me."
  135. "A bug!" You say and fold your arms on your chest.
  136. >The creature burns away in a green flame. "Alright, if it makes you comfortable."
  137. >It's Anonymous again.
  138. >The evening sunlight shines through the windows, the sun is making way for the moon.
  139. >"Well, I'm fired. And so are you."
  140. >How did her found out?
  141. >The little drowsiness that had overcame you wouldn't be visible.
  142. >Or would it?
  143. >You've been hit on the back of your head.
  144. >You wouldn't be surprised if something ruffled over.
  145. >You follow Non into a room behind the throne.
  146. >A single bed, and another door and a table under a window.
  147. >Truly a spartan way of furnishing.
  148. >Non directs you to the bed.
  149. >Unsure, you lay down.
  150. >Non's horn glows, and pulls a soft looking and even more comfortable blanket over you.
  151. >He lies down on the ground next to you.
  152. "I'm sure we two can fit on here."
  153. >You and Anonymous manage to lie on the bed together.
  154. >Sleep comes in, clouding your mind, and allowing you to rest.
  156. >Something awakes you from your peaceful slumber.
  157. >A same sound that echoed when Non changed.
  158. >Burnt away would be more of an accurate description.
  159. >You groggily open your eyes, and see your friend, in his bug form.
  160. >Seems like he can't hold disguise whilst asleep.
  161. >You doubt you'll fall asleep any time soon, and so you carefully get over Non's body.
  162. >You can check out the bloody place anyway, and without Anonymous's presence, it'll be far easier.
  163. >And if you agree to his deal, you'll have to know what's going to happen.
  164. >He did say something about drones with their own mind, so it would be nice if you were to find one and have a chat with them.
  165. >And a look on the throne room wouldn't hurt either.
  166. >You walk out of the bedroom, letting your companion sleep in peace.
  167. >You close the door behind you.
  168. >The large windows let moonlight invade the throne room, shining upon for hard black surface of the flooring.
  169. >The moonlight glistens and shatters, reflecting from the floor, from the steps in the middle of the room, pouring onto the throne.
  170. >The entire thing looks like a corrupted child's story.
  171. >A story you maybe will be part of.
  172. >That is if you decide so.
  173. >You aren't really sure.
  174. >Why would you?
  175. >Salvation?
  176. >Saving oneself to the detriment of others?
  177. >Something so self-seeking?
  178. >Losing one self and gaining power to destroy everything?
  179. >You do like the idea of having such power at your disposal.
  180. >Ruling over your own spot of land.
  181. >Having people talking about you, your whereabouts and workings.
  182. >Conquering Man and Earth.
  183. >Stomping them under your hooves and hear them beg for mercy, as you squish them for the every last drop.
  184. >They'll fear you.
  185. >Be it Non, you, or any other drone.
  186. >Wait...were you just thinking of doing something like this?
  187. >Comiting mass murder?
  188. >No, someone is just fucking with you.
  189. >You won't break, not until you know it'll be better for you.
  190. >Movement in the corner catches your eye.
  191. >You can barely see, the contrast of the light and darkness make it hard almost next to impossible to see anything in the darkened throne room.
  192. "H-Hello?" You say, and see the thing get closer. Must be a drone.
  193. >"Good evening. You're the Queen candidate, right?"
  194. "Yes, that's me. You're one of the drones with a brain, right?"
  195. >You hear the noise of hooves clopping over the ground, the noise getting closer and closer.
  196. >Another drone.
  197. >If it weren't for the black vest and a beret, you'd mistake him for thousands of others in the hive.
  198. >"Why aren't you asleep? You'll need all strength if you decide to join us."
  199. "Non slept with me in one bed, and he lost hold of his form. Made me sick to my stomach."
  200. >The drone tilts his head. "Non? Ah, you mean Queen Chrysalis! Yes, I can quite understand that."
  201. "Queen Chrysalis? That's what he calls himself now?"
  202. >"He accepted the name after conquering this island."
  203. >You nod. Acceptable, considering he was as far as one could get from being human.
  204. "I've been meaning to ask, what'll my transformation involve? That is of course if I decide to join you."
  205. >The creature taps his chin with a hoof.
  206. >"Well, from what I know, there are larvae, and they'll let one attach to your neck. You'll have to ask Queen's assistant, Liam, for other information. I don't know everything about the entire business."
  207. "And where can I find this assistant?"
  208. >"He's probably around the hive. I could get him for you."
  209. "Thanks, that would be nice. Don't wake him up, though. My questions can wait until morning."
  210. >"I never saw any drone sleep. It's Chrysalis's speciality. She probably still subconsciously thinks that she's human."
  211. "One more thing before you go. Why do you keep referring to Non as her?"
  212. >"I doubt you had a good look, there's nothing similar to a male out there." The drone chuckles, and trots off, as if you were a six year old child.
  213. >Out of curiosity, you put your hand in your pocket.
  214. >Your cigarettes and a lighter, along with your keys and a flashlight. Everything is here.
  215. >And you know you need a smoke, only if to get your mind off the fact that you'll probably have a huge bug on your neck.
  216. >And the fact that you do want the bug there.
  217. >Luckily, the window seems to have a handle.
  218. >And a parapet, along with a ledge on the other side.
  219. >You open the window and rest your hand against the parapet.
  220. >You pull out one of the smokes from the box, and light it up, taking in a lungful of the smoke, and then blowing it out of the window.
  221. >The night sky looks amazing. No lights of the city. No human ruckus, the only sounds you hear are the splashing of the sea, and an occasional sound of the wildlife.
  222. >It's so peaceful, under the clear tropic skies.
  223. >Strange, considering what happened here.
  224. >Is this what the humanity needs?
  225. >Unison without questioning under a single flag?
  226. >Under a truly strong leader?
  227. >You take in another load of smoke.
  228. >Why are you thinking of such things?
  229. >With each thought you edge closer to agreeing, to let that bug onto your neck and join Chrysalis.
  230. >You pull in another load of smoke.
  231. >You breath out another cloud out, onto the night sky.
  232. >If you decide to join your friend on a quest of humanity's destruction, there won't be any coming back.
  233. >It'll be a kill or be killed scenario.
  234. >And god damn, you don't like the idea of killing innocents.
  235. >Maybe Non's Assistant, that Liam, would provide some light into for matter.
  236. >Yes, that'll be the best idea.
  237. >If he knows more than any other drone, he'll surely know something concerning your agreement.
  238. >You take in more of the smoke the cigarette provides, pulling it over the filter.
  239. >You breath it out over your nose, with a deep sigh.
  240. >Is it worth it though?
  241. >For all the power, strength, to pay in what you are, to melt it all away, and let yourself be reformed by the perverted idea of destroying humanity and trampling on their ashes?
  242. >You hear the door to the room creaking open.
  243. >It's the door to the bedroom..
  244. >Buzzing soon follows.
  245. >It's Non, and he's floating around thirty centimeters off ground, on the power of his own wings.
  246. >He looks drowsy, and has a mess of a hairstyle on his head.
  247. >He's floating closer.
  248. >You turn around, back to your cigar.
  249. >"Can't sleep?"
  250. "Yeah, sorry."
  251. >"It's okay. I hardly thought you would sleep all night." Non says. He floats up higher, his head on level with yours.
  252. >He nuzzles you, cheek to cheek, his hair, smooth like silk, rubbing itself against your face.
  253. >You join the nuzzle, leaning against the bug like creature next to you.
  254. >This is Non, your friend.
  255. >Not the monster that killed thousands.
  256. >That monster is Queen Chrysalis.
  257. >But now, that monster isn't around. There's just your friend, a friend you have got the best memories with.
  258. "And why aren't you sleeping?"
  259. >"My sense of smell is the greatest it could be. Even beyond closed door, I still knew you lit one."
  260. "I hope you don't mind." You say, and smile sheepishly at your friend.
  261. >Non lands down, standing at half your height.
  262. >You have no idea how to dub Non.
  263. >Gender pronouns went out of the window when you found out your friend isn't male anymore.
  264. >Her does seem to be the most appropriate, considering the gear she sports.
  265. >A green flash, and Non, a human man, stands next to you.
  266. >"Do you still have one?" He says, and looks over to the cigarette in your hand.
  267. >You open the box of cigarettes, and offer him one.
  268. >He pulls it out, and grabs the lighter from the parapet.
  269. >Not soon after, both of you are staring out of the window, watching the starry skies and smoking.
  270. >"Did you make up your mind yet?"
  271. You shrug. "I don't know, I do think I want to join you. But I'm concerned."
  272. >"Concerned about what?"
  273. "I don't want to commit murder like you did, how you killed those soldiers." You say, and throw the butt of the cigarette out of the window, to the ground.
  274. >"It was kill or be killed, if I hadn't done that, me and my chi-" he says, freezes in place, in the middle the sentence. "They would kill me and my drones. I couldn't allow them."
  275. "You take your drones as your children?"
  276. >Non nods. "And they take me as their mother. They'd protect me with their life, and so did I."
  277. "So it was all a motherly instinct? Protecting them?"
  278. >"Yes. If you want to call it that way, it was indeed a motherly instinct. Look, I can feel your emotions, you're curious. Curious to the bone. And I don't think you're that far off from accepting my offer either. So why don't you say it?"
  279. "I-I-I..I accept." You blunder out. "Under one condition."
  280. >"Depends on what you'll want"
  281. "You'll teach me everything."
  283. >The tomorrow morning, you're taken to a room, god knows where in the hive.
  284. >A room with all sorts of pods, tables and jars.
  285. >Once again, with drones running everywhere.
  286. >These ones, have tiny lab coats on them.
  287. >You say they were cute, if it weren't for the horrific appearance.
  288. >And those empty blue eyes.
  289. >Those eyes, you swear have no end to them, looking like an infinite depth.
  290. >A depth one can so easily lose themselves in, space out.
  291. >You and your escort consisting of Chrysalis and Nathan, that's the drone you've spoken to yesterday, who seems to be some sort of a security Chief for the entire hive, walk on through the room.
  292. >Nathan got his spot by insulting the Queen.
  293. >Funny.
  294. >He got punished, turned into a changeling.
  295. >Kept his sentience, he had seen his colleagues, friends and comrades join the hive, forced to watch them all, whilst grasping the idea, knowing that he won't see them ever again.
  296. >When the attack came, he was on hand, and ended up aiding Non in murdering those soldiers.
  297. >And his reward seems to be the post of the third most important bug in the entire structure.
  298. >You and your escort stop at one of the pods.
  299. >A pod large enough to fit you.
  300. >"And here we are. I'll advise you to undress, I doubt you'd like your clothes melted down." Non says.
  301. "Strip down to the bone? Why?"
  302. >"As I said, your clothes won't melt. And the grub will have easier moment."
  303. "The thing will move?!" You almost shout in shock.
  304. >"We went over this before. The entire pod will fill up with you inside it, you'll fall into deep slumber. The slime will provide sustenance, breathing, and it'll allow me to visit your sleep, and teach you everything. The larva will take care of the change. You won't feel a thing, and when you'll wake up, you'll just wash off."
  305. "Right, sorry." You look at Nathan and the rest of the drones who seem to be paying no attention to you, or the Queen. "Could you tell them all that I require privacy? Including you, Nathan."
  306. >"If it'll make you comfortable, I don't see an issue." Chrysalis says, and looks around. Without a word, all the drones walk outside, with Nathan being the last one.
  307. "Where should I put everything?"
  308. >"Just fold it, I'll take care of the rest."
  309. >With a slight blush on your face, you begin to undress, folding everything down neatly on the ground.
  310. >Non promptly turns around.
  311. >How cute of her.
  312. >Her? Him? Whatever, you don't care at this point.
  313. >Once done, you whistle, and the Changeling Queen turns around.
  314. >A green flame envelopes Chrysalis, and a familiar nurse emerges.
  315. >It's Redheart, the Head nurse on the Surgery department of the Ponyville hospital, the one Non has been working in.
  316. >It's also the nurse you've both gotten terribly drunk with and painted the car of one of the surgeons black, with a white cross.
  317. >A hearse colouring, symbol of death.
  318. >Non's humor is spot on.
  319. >You smile as the nurse leads you up to the pod, with your hand in one, and a vial with a long black worm in the other.
  320. "Serisouly Non?"
  321. >I lowered down your heartbeat, so you feel better. Now shush, and get in."
  322. >Unsure, you step inside the pod.
  323. >The entire inside is slimy and mucoid, with the floor being filled with holes.
  324. >The nursesteps beside you, and opens the vial.
  325. >"This may sting a little." You hear, as if you were getting a vaccine.
  326. >You feel something mucous touching your neck, and a sharp pain in it afterwards.
  327. >As if you were stung by a bee.
  328. >You slowly look over, and see the worm attached to your neck, slowly pulsing, with the rhythm of your heartbeat.
  329. >The nurse steps out.
  330. >She's waving.
  331. >With effort, you manage to crack up a smile, and wave back.
  332. >A flash of green flame later, it's Chrysalis again.
  333. >Her horn glows.
  334. >The pod closes in front of you.
  335. >You see the black hole filled hoof in front of you, on the hard see-through membrane.
  336. >You put your hand on the membrane.
  337. >"I'll see you soon." You hear muffled, from the other side.
  338. >Another hardly visible horn flash, and the membrane clouds, hardly allowing you any contact with the outside world.
  339. >A sloshing sound catches your attention.
  340. >A green gelatinous substance forces it's way through the holes in the floor.
  341. >What if it won't work?
  342. >No, you have confidence.
  343. >Just breath in and swallow as much as you can.
  344. >The entire thing looks like some sort of aspic.
  345. >It's at your knees now.
  346. >The entire thing is cold.
  347. >At the waist, now.
  348. >You're floating off the ground now, at least that's what you can see.
  349. >You can hardly move anything.
  350. >Your legs are forced in a light spread.
  351. >Just as your arms.
  352. >The slime had progressed to your shoulders.
  353. >It's at your chin.
  354. >Suddenly the entire pod fills up.
  355. >You deny the slime any sort of entrance.
  356. >Not because you'd want to.
  357. >Something prevents you.
  358. >You're losing air.
  359. >You're about to pass out from hypoxia.
  360. >You're quickly torn out of that, by a thick mass penetrating every hole in your body.
  361. >You almost cry out in pleasure, that is if you could.
  362. >Because just as you opened your mouth, the gelatine forces itself down your throat, through the gullet, down to your stomach.
  363. >Another mass forces itself down your airways, through the trachea, down your bronchiole, and ending up in your lungs, completely filling them.
  364. >The mass then pulsates, forcing you to breathe.
  365. >It's a little harder.
  366. >But you manage.
  367. >Just as you get your bearings, a deep slumber overcomes you.
  368. >A nice deep slumber.
  369. >The last thing you feel is the gel pulsating around you, in rhythm of your heartbeats.
  371. >Are you asleep or awake?
  372. >You're lucid dreaming, you have to.
  373. >Standing in a field full of flowers, yellow, red...
  374. >It's a lovely sight.
  375. >The scent is amazing, and intoxicating.
  376. >Relaxing...
  377. >A voice rips you out of thought.
  378. >Is it Chrysalis?
  379. >It sounds clouded.
  380. >It drags you closer.
  381. >You walk on.
  382. >It's chrysalis, standing in the field with a butterfly on her muzzle.
  383. >Everything looks so peaceful...
  384. >"Good morning, sunshine."
  385. "Morning?"
  386. >"The sun has just risen. How are you doing so far?"
  387. "Not much, I don't really know. Last thing I felt was getting penetrated by that slime."
  388. >"Sorry, it was necessary for you to survive. Want to see yourself?"
  389. "You can do that?"
  390. >"YOU can do that, I think your neural system had already transformed. I'll allow you control of a drone, you can have a look around from the drone's perspective."
  391. "You say I can see myself?"
  392. >"Yes, you can. Now, do as I say."
  393. >You enthusiastically nod.
  394. >"Close your eyes, reach out."
  395. >You close your eyes, you can see something.
  396. >Misty gray figures on a black background.
  397. >One shines green.
  398. "I think I see something."
  399. >"A green figure. Grab it, lean inside it."
  400. >You catch the shadow, and do as Chrysalis said.
  401. >You breath heavily.
  402. >Holy crap.
  403. >You're standing on four hooves, with a lab coat.
  404. >You turn around, and see Chrysalis sitting in front of your pod, with eyes shut.
  405. >You sit down next to her.
  406. >Once you sit down, she turns and looks at you.
  407. >"Prepared to see yourself?"
  408. >Chrysalis's horn glows, and the pod's see-through membrane uncloaks.
  409. >Holy shit.
  410. >The worm had moved itself on your chest.
  411. >Your neck is swollen, and coated in the black chitin.
  412. >Veins pumping, blackening.
  413. >Your left arm is broken apart, with your fingers nonexistent, merged together.
  414. >The arm has holes in it already.
  415. >It looks horrific.
  416. >"You're coming along great! You'll be done in no time. Back to sleep, now, you need a rest."
  417. "B-but I'm not ti-" You aren't able to finish the sentence.
  418. >You're back in the flower field.
  420. >You're lying in the flower field.
  421. >This was...certainly a new experience.
  422. >Such a feeling of detachment.
  423. >It's all so..surreal, and this seems like only the start of things.
  424. >From all the things Chrysalis could do, this seems to be the least bizarre of them.
  425. >Changing shape, form and draining energy from the living creatures to sustain yourself.
  426. >And you'll know how to do it all, the human race will be trembling before your wrath.
  427. >You try to stand up.
  428. >You can't.
  429. >To your horror, you see the chitin spread before your eyes, all over your body.
  430. >The field slowly melts away.
  431. >It's the pod.
  432. >You can't see properly.
  433. >Are you waking up already?
  434. >The pain on your chest reminds you of reality.
  435. >You can feel your ribcage painfully cracking apart, the individual ribs feeling like they're hamered with jackhammers until they're dust.
  436. >Your organs deforming and changing under the pressure of your change.
  437. >The pain is...
  438. >Strangely bearable, almost as if you only went for a vaccine and the needle pierced your skin.
  439. >Except for the pain that the worm causes from disrupting the tissue on your chest.
  440. >You can feel your heart beating in your head, tachycardia, as Non would descibe it.
  441. >You gasp for air, as your chest deforms to support walking on four limbs, taking all organs with it, including your poor lungs.
  442. >You gasp and curse, as you take in more of the gelatinous substance around you, finally able to breath again.
  443. >You can't move an inch.
  444. >you can't see.
  445. >It's a claustrophobic experience.
  446. >All the information you're getting is from your sensitive nervous system.
  447. >All your arm bones feel like they've exploded.
  448. >It's a strangely bearable experience, though.
  449. >The fingers on both your arms are numb, you assume you don't have them.
  450. >The bones crack, and the arms move to a new idle position.
  451. >The arms move against the gel, almost as if you only were in water.
  452. >That's odd, you couldn't move an inch before.
  453. >Your thinking is disrputed by your hips demanding attention.
  454. >Your pelvis bone crack apart, and so do your coxas, and the rest of your leg bones.
  455. >Your hips reform, everything from your hip up is changeling.
  456. >Except your face.
  457. >The transformation continues onwards, your legs being the next victim.
  458. >The legs move against the gel, the entire structure taking on a new idle position.
  459. >You try moving them.
  460. >It's hard, but you manage to kick a little.
  461. >This'll take using to.
  462. >You scream.
  463. >This hurts.
  464. >But you can't hear anything.
  465. >Your face, skull, head, had cracked themselves to pieces, you can feel your skull in pieces.
  466. >The bones slowly reorganize tehmselves, forming a new muzzle and horn.
  467. >You wince as your teeth grow, making fangs that push over your bottom lip.
  468. >Something forces itself out from the end of your spine.
  469. >It's a tail?
  470. >You huff, the gel around you much closer to water in thickness, you can move properly.
  471. >You try to force your eyes open.
  472. >You manage, but you peer, and the tnire thing is a misty mess.
  473. >You need to get out.
  474. >The small size of the pod has hit you, there's not enough space for you.
  475. >There has to be a way.
  476. >You feel a pressure build up in your forehead, a geen blast iluminating the gel.
  477. >The entire volume of the pod spills out, including you.
  478. >You fall down the steps leading to the pod.
  479. >You hear something rushing towards you.
  480. >It's Nathan.
  481. >That drone.
  482. >"Someone get the Queen!"
  483. >More galloping.
  484. >"Can you stand?"
  485. >You wiggle up, into a stance.
  486. >You're dripping from your stay in the pod.
  487. >The worm squirms in the corner, leaving no traces on your body or anywhere else.
  488. >A sloshy sound later, you see on the edge of your eye that Chrysalis had entered the room.
  489. >She rushe over to you.
  490. >"Are you okay?! This shouldn't have happened!"
  491. >You cough out the entire content of your lungs.
  492. "I'm fine, just a bit shocked, that all."
  493. >You feel chrysalis nuzzling you.
  494. >She's nice to you.
  495. >You really feel like the creature next to you wants to be of help.
  496. >You smell something like a fresh box of swiss chocolates being opened.
  497. "I think i need a long shower. Can we talk afterwards?"
  498. >Non nods, and Nathan leads you to the throne room.
  499. >You fall a couple times along the way, but he manages to catch you.
  500. >Damn unsure baby steps.
  501. >You enter what seems to be a luxurious bathroom, with a corner shover.
  502. >You bite on one of the valve, turning it around, making water pour out.
  503. >You don't care of the temperature.
  504. >You don't care how much there is pouring at you.
  505. >You just sit in the shower, leant up against the wall, with your mane in your eyes, washing all of the slime away.
  506. >Revealing a new Fem Nonnymous.
  508. >You were never one of the types to sit around in a shower, questioning reality.
  509. >What now?
  510. >A voice rips you out of thought.
  511. >You look around, for the source of the noise.
  512. >But you can't see anyone or anything that could make the sound.
  513. >You hear it again, it's calling out your name.
  514. >Almost as if thousand different voices were welcoming you.
  515. >Thousands, just chanting one thing.
  516. >One clear phrase, one clear sentence.
  518. >"Welcome home, Queen."
  520. >Either you've grown mad, or the entire hive, all the drones, are welcoming you.
  521. >Both are completely viable options.
  522. >You close your eyes.
  523. >You focus on the source of the sound.
  524. >You start to see shapes, which connect into a hallway, a hallway full of bookcases, full of knowledge.
  525. >It draws out a strong scent, a scent of memory, scent of many minds.
  526. >And one dominant figure, one above it all.
  527. >Chrysalis.
  528. >The Queen, standing and pulling the strings on everything.
  529. >It's amazing, really.
  530. >The disorder.
  531. >A disorder with a strong sense of organization.
  532. >You're dragged on, further towards Chrysalis.
  533. >Further to the top, by the invincible hand.
  534. >Further towards the Queen.
  535. >"Welcome to the hivemind. This is where we store all knowledge, memories, forms images. Everything."
  536. "And I can use all of this knowledge? I can use all of this?"
  537. >"Yes. And in time you'll add more. And that time might be very soon."
  538. "Explain. But in person, please. This place is nauseating."
  539. >You hear a chuckle. "If you insist. I'll see you in the throne room."
  540. >You open your eyes.
  541. >You turn off the water, shake it off and you enter the throne room.
  542. >Chrysalis, Non or whatever is sitting on the throne.
  543. >It all has an odd atmosphere.
  544. >Chilly, scary and respect inducing.
  545. >Yet, there's some kind of a subtle underline.
  546. >A safe, homely underline.
  547. >"You look great! How do you feel?"
  548. "Odd. Very very strangely. I'm not sure, both psychically and physically. I can hardly walk, these two wings tend to buzz on their own. I hear voices in my head and I don't understand these urges."
  549. >"You require acclamation, if I understand correctly?"
  550. >You nod, make flipping into your eyes.
  551. >Was it in that shade of blue? This dark blue?"
  552. >"I'd love to grant you that, even for the sake of your adjustment to this mess of a situation. But we have more urgent matters at hoof."
  553. >Was that pun intended?
  554. "What kind of trouble?" You say, and sound interested.
  555. >"A small militant group is a day trip away from shore. I'd send drones to take care of it, but they brought a large sum of military material. Material we can use for our cause, material that'll allow us to construct our own force."
  556. "I still don't see where I come in."
  557. >"The leader is a well known womanizer. If you manage to...drag him over to our side, I'd let you keep those drones for yourself."
  558. "So you're saying if I seduce him, manage to capture his entire crew, and leave most of the things intact, I'll get some drones?"
  559. >"Excellent line of thinking. I suppose you do want to know how many it'll involve?"
  560. >You nod once again.
  561. >"Well, search the collective mind. I can't tell you everything. I'm sure you're competent enough."
  562. >That's a joke, or what? You have no idea how to find out how to find out that there are fourty mercenaries on an old cruiser.
  563. >Wait what?
  564. >Did you just find this out?
  565. >Fourty men, including support staff.
  566. >A roster of weapons, ammo, vehicles.
  567. >Names, families, blood groups.
  568. >Even phone numbers and bank account numbers.
  569. >Everything about those men.
  570. >"Now, I know what you're thinking. How the hell we know all this?"
  571. "Yes, that's the second thing that came to my mind. Right after all the information."
  572. >"We've made infrastructure, used old one, and melted it together with what we have. We have limitless access to the internet, television and radio, right at the palm of our hand. I even sequestered a team of drones to process information."
  573. "Sort of like espionage?"
  574. >"I would like to call it more of an informational gathering, if you catch my drift. We know what they do, think, everything. If they decide to throw a stick, we can build a house to hide in, before they even throw it. Of course, a network this magnitude took time to set it up. We have it running for a few days."
  575. "What else do we know? About the world, I mean."
  576. >"We have complete access to the internet. We even manged to get into many government organization systems."
  577. "I was thinking more of the general public."
  578. >"They think we're alien invaders. Social sites are in chaos, forums full of discussion. Even 4Chan didn't draw any porn yet."
  579. >You chuckle.
  580. "That's nice. Although, I'm not sure if I'm up for the job. I just," you pause to think for a correct word, "hatched, if you get my drift. I'm not able to run, let alone get close enough to someone to capture them."
  581. >"You know everything, it'll just come in time. Sort of like a genetic memory."
  582. >You rise an eyebrow.
  583. >"All of the necessary skill is locked, deep down in your genetically code. It'll unlock, piece by piece, though I can accelerate it by teaching you."
  584. "Like when you allowed me to control that drone?"
  585. >Chrysalis nods. "I'll teach you the necessary things. But you need a new name first. How about Nequiora?"
  586. "Let me guess. Latin?"
  587. >"Yes. Even though I failed half the tests. Thankfully we were fortunate enough to pick up a linguist with fluent knowledge of the world languages."
  588. "And what does my name mean?"
  589. >You sound as if you were sure you wanted it.
  590. >"It's a butchered form of nequior. And adjective, with the meaning of bad and vile. Just what we are."
  591. >You bow down.
  592. >Out of instinct, more than anything else.
  593. >"Rise, Queen Nequiora. We have work to do."
  594. >And you rise.
  596. >You're training god knows how long.
  597. >Your day is long and hard.
  598. >Sleepless too.
  599. >You know how to use that horn of yours, how to change shape, nimbly move around, fly at speeds that challenge planes and most importantly, how to lie.
  600. >How to lie so well you would fool anyone.
  601. >You're enjoying it, confusing Liam on a daily basis.
  602. >Poor guy.
  603. >But it's necessary training, needed in order of succeeding
  604. >And one day, it happens.
  605. >You awake late after a short night of cuddling to Chrysalis on a single bed.
  606. >Your back hurts, your entire shell is strained.
  607. >You'd say your bones hurt, but you found out the only skeleton you posses is the outside one.
  608. >Your chitinous armour.
  609. >An armour which has been hardening.
  610. >It hardens in response to physical trauma.
  611. >Anyway, Chrysalis usually slept beside you, providing a single island of comfort in the sea of roughness.
  612. >You've been enjoying hers company, oddly enough.
  613. >You've been enjoying the entire mess, now that you think about it.
  614. >A mess you've gotten yourself on.
  615. >Like a rollercoaster without breaks, breaks that you yourself had removed and used them to go faster.
  616. >A very speedy ride.
  617. >Without an end.
  618. >You make way out of the bedroom you've been occupying with your friend, and move out to the throne room.
  619. >Chrysalis is already sitting on the throne, watching over the room as if it were an empire.
  620. "Good morning." You say and yawn.
  621. >"Morning. Sorry to bother you this early, especially on Christmas day, but we have some unexpected events.
  622. "It's the merc fleet? What had happened?" You've been taught how to read and listen to minds of others.
  623. >Even though you're able to read through most of her, some parts are enigmatic, impossible to read.
  624. >"We've slown them down before, at the expense of a surprise attack. Now they're moving again, to the predestined coordinates, on the D beach."
  625. >You and Chrysalis were able to set up a detailed plan and even managed to slow the mercenary ship down with a surprise ambush, using a couple drones as damaging tools.
  626. "That was all planed. What's the issue?"
  627. >"Them using helicopters to move men and create a camp. That's why we have to start early."
  628. "But I'm not ready yet!" You say.
  629. >"I verily know that. But I'm confident that you'll succeed."
  630. "So nothing changed in our plan? What if they take me aboard their ship?"
  631. >"Then you'll take that ship over. I want them reduced to nothing but mindless obedient drones. Mercenaries aren't good enough for anything better anyway."
  632. "And if they show resistance?"
  633. >"Proceed as planned, we want them alive. They're more useful to us alive than dead."
  634. >You execute a small bow, and walk out of the room, walking through the numerous hallways.
  635. >Your heart is racing, every beat filling you with excitement.
  636. >You're pretty sure you have some blood in your adrenaline.
  637. >Alright.
  638. >Don't mess this up.
  639. >You exit the hive.
  640. >Streams of chitin dig into the earth, seemingly without an end.
  641. >The chitin stops around at a hundred meters out.
  642. >The beach is a couple kilometers away.
  643. >You focus, and soon after, buzzing and after the buzzing, flight.
  644. >You're flying forwards, slightly above the ground.
  645. >A bush.
  646. >Perfect hiding spot, you're not far from the beach.
  647. >You land, slide for a few meters and disguise yourself.
  648. >You peek out of the bush.
  649. >You see the camp.
  650. >You stand up, and begin running towards the camp.
  651. >You're stumbling, running on two legs is different, too different.
  652. >You're almost there.
  653. >You trip over your own leg, and fall face first.
  654. >The sand gets everywhere.
  655. >But your fall had caught attention.
  656. >Two men are aiming assault rifles right at you.
  658. >"Hold on! It's a survivor!"
  659. >"Yeah! Get her to Captain at once!"
  660. >Before you can regain your composure, you're lead to a tent.
  661. >There, at one of the tables, over a map, stands a man.
  662. >A man with an eye patch, long brown hair, and a leather cowboy hat, which has one of the halves pinned to the top by a shield with four red fields.
  663. >"Bonjour!" He says and extends his hand. If the French accent hadn't gave him away, then his welcome did.
  664. "Hello." You say and try to sound shaken and unsure.
  665. >You shake his hand.
  666. >Your nose picks up a smell of a bouquet of white roses.
  667. >Your voice's tone was perfect.
  668. >He's feeling for you.
  669. >"Leave us, please." He says and the men that lead you here leave, obeying his order.
  670. >"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Pip Bernadotte. I'm the one in charge."
  671. "I-I'm Fem Nonnymous." You say, purposely stuttering. "You're with the Army, right? Calvary, to destroy those monsters!"
  672. >You never knew you were that good of an actor.
  673. >"We're a mercenary group. But you're correct about the desrtruction part."
  674. >He offers you a cigarette, and you gladly take it, borrowing his lighter.
  675. >A snap later your cigarette is smoldering.
  676. "Mercenaries? You fight in wars for money!"
  677. >"Yes. Your point is?"
  678. "You must've killed people too! Why? What did they do to deserve that?"
  679. >You're not lying this time.
  680. >You're legitimately interested in his line of reasoning.
  681. "What kind of a reason you had to pull the trigger?"
  682. >"Men fight in wars for so many reasons. Throw down a government, or prop one up. For a woman. Maybe just food and drink. So many damn reasons. Some good, some bad. But a mercenary doesn't ask questions. The man on the other end of your weapon, was the reason he fought for good enough? Maybe. But who says you need some epic cause before you shed some blood?" He says, and pulls out another cigarette and lights it. "Fighting for cash was always good enough for me. Pays the bills. Toss us a bit of coin, and we'll risk life and limb. They dangle their spare change in front of our nose, and we come running." He says and chuckles. "Kill for a Dollar, murder for an Euro, fight for a Penny. But really, it isn't about the damn money." He says, and breaths out a cloud of smoke.
  683. "What's it about then?" You ask, and you don't even need to fake interest in your voice.
  684. >"Money ain't it, getting paid for each head you bring back isn't the drive. We fight because we enjoy it. We fight for money because fighting for fun is just too horrible to admit. With something like this, of course you normals question our reasoning. But I find my job better than sitting idly. And besides, we aren't fighting men. Now we're fighting monsters." He says and smirks after his last sentence. Speaking of which, I find it miraculous that you managed to run away."
  685. "That's the two of us." If you don't explain your survival, then you may be suspected.
  686. >Suspected of what?
  687. >They don't exactly look bright.
  688. >That doesn't mean you need to lie less.
  689. >Nor that you don't need to look shaken.
  690. >"Then explain the miracle."
  691. "W-Why?"
  692. >"This mess..It's the start of a war and that isn't only mine opinion. And sneak attacks and betrayals are on the menu of war. Pardon me if I'm too careful."
  693. >You swallow, and sigh sadly.
  694. "When things started going downhill, I ran into the woods. I managed to survive, and hide long enough from them. Then I found you."
  695. >Here goes nothing!
  696. >The Captain nods.
  697. >He scratches his chin.
  698. >"Alright. I trust you. I suppose you want a ride back to the mainland."
  699. >Nice, you have him. Though, this is only a first step. You need to keep them in your grasp. And firmly.
  700. "Could I somehow help out? I'm not too bad of a shot. And I have medical training. These things took my friends and my everything."
  701. >"Yes, I think medics need help. I'll make sure to appropriate you a sleeping bag. I hope you don't mind staying with the other men."
  702. "As long as I can help, I'd even sleep outside. "
  703. >You've got this.
  704. "One more thing. Could you get me a pack? My one fell to the ayyliens."
  705. >"Surely. The boys will lead you to the tent. Get some sleep, big day tomorrow."
  706. >You turn around, and hear a whistle from behind you.
  707. >Just As you turn around, you see Pip's cigarette package.
  708. >Flying towards you.
  709. >You catch it and thank the mercenary captain.
  711. >You're lead to what you can explain as a tent city.
  712. >The mercenaries had set up quite the formidable camp.
  713. >And they'll all be yours.
  714. >But are you doing the right thing?
  715. >Killing them all, forcing them to walk this doomed earth as mindless carcasses.
  716. >They're just doing their job.
  717. >You're not so sure about your actions, are they right?
  718. >They all seem like good men.
  719. >But on the wrong side.
  720. >Especially the captain.
  721. >Is there a way to force then working for you?
  722. >Other than washing their heads through.
  723. >They'd be much more useful for you, Chrysalis and the collective with their minds intact.
  724. >"But how will you do it?"
  725. >What?
  726. >You look around.
  727. >No one said that.
  728. >You're completely nuts.
  729. >"No, you're completely sane. It's just me."
  730. >Chrysalis. Right.
  731. >You're introduced to the space you'll be sleeping in.
  732. >You thank your escort, and sit down on the provided sleeping bag.
  733. >How will you lure them over?
  734. >Demonstration of power?
  735. >"They seem brave. We'd need to throw in everything. They're mercenaries, overpaying them would work."
  736. >They fight for fun, no way they'd sell out.
  737. >"Then what? What do you think?"
  738. >The Captain is the head of everything.
  739. >If you'll manage to lure him over, you'll have every single one.
  740. >And if not, you can always turn their brains to mush.
  741. >"There are other ways, you don't necessarily have to wash their skulls clean. You can make them blindly loyal. Also, the trauma of them losing their...Precious items, may make them more workable."
  742. >So you can assimilate them, and still leave their brains mostly intact.
  743. >When you arrived, there were two men on guard.
  744. >If there are going to be two at night too, it won't be an issue to take the rest of the men.
  745. >At once.
  746. >All in this very tent.
  747. >Then there is the question of the Captain.
  748. >He's dangerous, you need to keep him nearby.
  749. >"You could keep him in bed."
  750. >You mentaly shiver.
  751. >God fucking damn it.
  752. >Do you have to?
  754. >A head on assault seems better and better.
  755. >An idea bashes itself into your skull.
  756. >A brilliant idea.
  757. >When the island was taken over, and the spoils were counted in, a lot of alcohol was collected.
  758. >Beer, various liquors, destilates, even exotic drinks. Expensive, cheap, good and bad.
  759. >Most of it is used for the various manufacturing needs, but Chrysalis keeps a stocked box.
  760. >You both needed to drink almost two bottles of some strong Russian beverage to even feel tipsy.
  761. >But the Captain doesn't have that kind of endurance.
  762. >Making him trashed up to the point of his blackout would prove useful.
  763. >And making his capture easier.
  764. >Yeah. Where will you get your hands on a bottle?
  765. >"Let me take care of that. A drone will drop it off."
  766. >And where?
  767. >Right this tent roof would be ideal. No one would notice.
  768. >And something strong in big quantity.
  769. >Not even ten minutes after you hear something drop on the cloth above you.
  770. >Inconspicuously, you manage to get hold of the bottle.
  771. >Now, to the Captain.
  772. >His tent stands a little further off.
  773. >You slowly enter it, finding Captain Bernadotte sitting behind a table, over more maps.
  774. >You cough.
  775. "I brought a little drink with me as a thank you." You say and smile sheepishly.
  776. >You walk a bit closer.
  777. >"That's close enough. Why aren't you on any of the lists? Not in the cadaster. Not in the guest book. Even the travel agencies stay silent about you in any of the flights or boats that go to this hellhole."
  778. >Crap.
  779. "Must've been an error!" You say and laugh.
  780. >You even manage to hide nervousness from your voice.
  781. >"I want the truth. You aren't human, are you?"
  782. "And if I'm not? What'll that do? What'll /you/ do? Shoot me?" You say in almost a mocking tone.
  783. >"I'll make sure you pay for wha-"
  784. >Pip is cut off mid sentence, by the bottle hitting his face.
  785. >He's knocked out cold.
  786. >And silently too.
  787. >Now for the rest of them.
  788. >Chrysalis taught you how to move the mass of the chitin that spreads throughout the island.
  789. >Time to use it to catch all these bastards.
  790. >You'll start on the outside, trapping everything that touches the ground.
  791. >The floor turns black before your eyes, and you send out a laugh.
  792. >You burn off your form.
  793. >Comfy on four black hooves.
  794. >Muffled groans catch your attention.
  795. >He's coming back together, huh?
  796. >"Y-You, you.."
  797. >He's stuttering.
  798. "Me what? Come on! Tell me!" You beseech.
  799. >Screams penetrate the thin walls of the tent, as the men are captured, caught into the chitin, sinking down deep, deeper, dragged onwards to the hive.
  800. >"You bitch! Whore! You should be tied to a stake and burnt! They should hang your kind from the street lamps, just like deserters!"
  801. >You let out a laugh.
  802. >The laugh crackles, terrifying whatever may be around.
  803. >You turn back towards the Captain.
  804. "A nice backbone, war mongrel. You've gained yourself something special."
  805. >A gland in the back of your throat generates this resinous substance, that sticks and hardens in response to air exposure.
  806. >You can spit it.
  807. >You smirk, and force the Captain's hands closer together, spitting the rosin all over his wrists, denying any movement.
  808. >He struggles, but only succeeds in spreading it everywhere, even denying his hands of movement.
  809. >You then lean in closer, holding him in a tight grip with your horn's magical abilities.
  810. >He's trying to edge away, but soon runs out of distance.
  811. >You close in, to his lips, giving him a kiss.
  812. >He resists.
  813. >But he's no match for you.
  814. >When you're finished, his mouth is covered in the resin, denying him of speech.
  815. >You can feel his anger, mixed with anxiety, along with a hint of despair.
  816. >The mix of emotions, the scent it produces is intoxicating.
  817. >You want to push more, threatening him more, spilling the scent of despair everywhere.
  818. >But you know that what comes next will be far more rewarding.
  819. "I'm giving you a kindness, you have something to bite down on."
  821. >You're Pip Bernadotte, a mercenary Captain of the group Wild geese.
  822. >Everything went down the shitter.
  823. >A job involving fighting aliens, and an extra large supply by the government. You knew you should've smelled a bug.
  824. >And now you're caught by one.
  825. >Your hands are immobilized, your lips are stuck together, and your legs are prevented from moving by a similar material like your hands.
  826. >All in your own tent.
  827. >You can't run, nor can you pull out your revolver.
  828. >And you sure would unload the entire drum of the pistol into the thing before you.
  829. >To think that you wanted to show her the little big Pip.
  830. >Screams from your men send shivers down your spine.
  831. >You know all those voices.
  832. >All of those men.
  833. >All of them dead.
  834. >And you can't do anything.
  835. >The monster is edging closer again, mouth agape.
  836. >You get a look at the fangs in that horrid mouth.
  837. >Closer and closer, edging to your neck.
  838. >Fuck, fuck, fuck!
  839. >What's she going to do?
  840. >Those fangs could bite your head straight off.
  841. >And then, you feel piercing pain on your neck.
  842. >Right at the carotid artery.
  843. >It's as if thirty two sharp knives had pierced your entire neck.
  844. >Crap, crap.
  845. >You feel something warm spill all over your neck, down your collar bones, and over your chest.
  846. >You look down, and see that you're bleeding.
  847. >From your neck, on which the black monster is leeched.
  848. >Rhythmically sucking out all your blood.
  849. >Another surge of sharp pain sends you into a spasm, pressure building up in your arteries.
  850. >It's as if your blood was replaced by acid, everything inside you burning up.
  851. >Burning up is accurate, because a green flame illuminates the darkened tent.
  852. >A flame originating at your limbs.
  853. >Burning, burning and moving on, leaving behind itself nothing but a chitinous black rock hard shell.
  854. >The flame is past your ankles, and your legs are nothing but numb black hooves.
  855. >You continue burning up, the flame at your shoulders, leaving behind your fingers in a similar fate like your toes.
  856. >A quick look reveals holes in your arms, and legs.
  857. >Your joints are unnaturally bent, adjusted more to walking on four legs rather than on two.
  858. >The flame progresses onwards, to your chest, leaving a new chitin shell behind.
  859. >You quiver as the flame continues on, down to your manhood.
  860. >A burning feeling, and just as the flame presses on, you feel that it isn't there.
  861. >It isn't there.
  862. >Fuck
  863. >Your attention shifts back to the warm feeling all over your body, your cheeks changing shape under the pressure of the flame, expanding outwards, as if the loss of your jewels wasn't enough.
  864. >The flame progresses onwards to your back.
  865. >A few seconds, and a buzzing sound demands your attention.
  866. >Bug wings, on your back.
  867. >The flame continues upwards, through your neck, covering it in the same fashion as your body.
  868. >The burning continues on.
  869. >Your long hair, burns from the roots to the tail, being replaced by a darker blond shade.
  870. >It almost feels like it became silk, light, and smooth.
  871. >One of the flames creates a horn.
  872. >You touch it with a shaking hoof.
  874. >Wait, you can move your hooves.
  875. >You can move freely, you can even open your mouth.
  876. >And yes, that's a horn. Though, it seems a bit smaller than the one you seen on any of the pictures you've been briefed with.
  877. >You cry out, as your face takes on a new shape, pushing out, making a new snout, a muzzle with a femine and smooth look to it.
  878. >You gasp for air, as you forcefully breath in the flame, the flame filling the new muzzle with sharp fangs, and a longer, black, salivated tongue, as it passes through, entering your throat.
  879. >You grasp at your neck with your hooves as the burning sensation continues onwards, through your vocal cords, down to your lungs.
  880. >You wince and grab your stomach, as your organs slowly burn and fade off, new ones simultaneously replacing them.
  881. >You suffocate for a minute, as your lungs change under the pressure.
  882. >You're panting, curled on the ground in a spastic position.
  883. >A tail dragged up to your jaw line, a long mane in a shade of dark blonde, the shade almost edging into brown.
  884. >You can't make up where ends your hair and your tail starts.
  885. >You're just lying there.
  886. >You have no idea when did Nequiora let go of your neck.
  887. >Wait what?
  888. >How do you, a loyal drone know the Queen's name?
  889. >No!
  890. >Keep focus, Pip.
  891. >You're you. You're you. You aren't a lapdog of some kind of a changeling Queen, even though you swore loyalty to her.
  892. >Damn it.
  893. >You feel a hoof running through your mane.
  894. "W-What di-" You find yourself shocked at your own voice, unable to finish your sentence.
  895. >It's so girly, yet it has a rough tone to it.
  896. >It's so very girly.
  897. "What did you do to me?"
  898. >"Made you prettier, changed some things here and there."
  899. >She boops your on your muzzle, to which you edge away.
  900. >"I also made some finer adjustments down here."
  901. >She slides her hoof down between your flanks, across the outer folds of your new womanhood. "Right here, precisely."
  902. >You shiver in pleasure.
  903. >Damn, it's so sensitive, so different.
  904. "S-s-stop. Please." You manage to say.
  905. >You see her smirking, as she runs her hoof back through your mane. "Alright. But just because you ask nicely, Bernadotte."
  906. "What will you do to me?" You ask. You don't have anything else.
  907. >"You're mine drone now, a servant. We'll go over it later. With your new sisters. I'm sure you'll all like an explanation."
  908. >She picks you up and puts you on hers back.
  909. >You're so tired.
  910. >You can't even move a muscle.
  911. >She's nice to you.
  912. >So nice.
  913. >And you'll obey her for now.
  914. >Since you have nothing better to do.
  915. >And sleep soon follows.
  917. >You're Fem Nonymous.
  918. >And you've just succeeded in your mission.
  919. >Rhythmic snoring on your back.
  920. >The new drone is asleep.
  921. >And you feel proud.
  922. >You've did quite a good bit of work.
  923. >And she looks marvelous.
  924. >Almost like a Queen, but just a step down.
  925. >This noble changeling, a new cast, a new being.
  926. >Buzzing catches your attention.
  927. >Chrysalis, flying on the horizon.
  928. >Closer and closer to you.
  929. >She lands in front of you.
  930. >"Wondrous work!"
  931. >You bow and smile.
  932. "I try my best. Did you take care of the others?"
  933. >"Yes, they're under the process as we speak, just to your specifications."
  934. "Thank you! How are we going to bring her back though?" You ask and look at the changeling sleeping on your back.
  935. >"I'll carry her. From what you've captured, we have everything to launch our attack."
  936. "When do we tackle them?"
  937. >"Once the first vehicles roll out. We'll start the war."
  938. >Chrysalis picks up the sleeping changeling g from your back.
  939. >Well, she tries to.
  940. >She clang herself to your chest, not moving an inch.
  941. >Chrysalis chuckles.
  942. >"Looks like you've made a bond. Well, you'll be flying with her."
  943. "Yeah. I doubt either of us will be able to wake her up."
  944. >"I expect a report tomorrow. Along with a name for this new kind of a drone."
  945. "Right! Meet you in the throne room."
  946. >Around thirty minutes later, you're sitting in the throne room.
  947. >And your new drone is sleeping on Chrysi's bed.
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