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Jun 14th, 2020
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  1. love's a voluptuous venom, wanky wares
  2. until between cruising couplet it's shared
  3. make no name if seeped'n felon flaunt
  4. porous penury outsmarts wielded wealth:
  5. wanky whore
  7. whooshing war's better for jolting justice
  8. if for fame, moaning mistake feigns thrills
  9. melting mind carves a cave for choice
  10. many lodge in insanity, pruned politic's
  11. foil
  14. if trained taking groomed you not to give
  15. death drools, more you take less you live
  16. lanky lust's a pluming plague love cures
  17. well! Inky infatuation often love lures
  19. if life pores patience that you seek refuge
  20. in death, you've been dead ere then -
  21. callous selfishness' crest.
  23. Note: of airy acumen
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