Jan 7th, 2014
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  1. OCTOBER 27th, 2013
  3. Me (7:04:49 PM): hey, do you mind if i ask you a question about paws' items? it can wait if now it a bad time
  4. Kenny (7:05:01 PM): tell me
  5. Me (7:05:45 PM): do you know when you might be finishing them? i'm just wondering because i've been waiting for 3 months now. i wouldn't be asking if i didn't pay in advance
  6. Kenny (7:06:08 PM): im not sure
  7. Me (7:06:21 PM): okay
  8. Kenny (7:07:07 PM): like i want to finish some commissions first then ill start on it
  9. Me (7:07:51 PM): when were they put in? i really don't mean to ask, but i've been really patient and i haven't said anything, but it's been like 3 months and i'm just uncomfortable with that
  10. Me (7:08:07 PM): i know you don't like it when commissioners ask and everything
  11. Me (7:08:15 PM): i'm trying to be fair but it's kinda hard when i keep being put off
  12. Kenny (7:08:37 PM): i mean ill try i dont know why you're suddenly up in arms about this
  13. Kenny (7:08:58 PM): i thought i could take my time with it because youre not even working on paws right now
  14. Me (7:08:58 PM): because you've been paid already
  15. Me (7:09:16 PM): you know..?
  16. Me (7:11:05 PM): like i paid you before i bought fezkitt
  17. Me (7:11:12 PM): when i was actively working on it
  18. Me (7:11:22 PM): it's the principle..
  19. Me (7:13:36 PM): sorry if i pissed you off.. i feel like i am by asking.. especially since i know you don't like to be asked..
  20. Me (7:16:26 PM): i just want to say like you say "i could take my time" the thing is it's been 3 months.. i don't know how much time you need.. but i didn't expect to wait this long.. and then i'm going to wait even longer with others commissioning items now..
  21. Me (7:16:44 PM): i'm a little uncomfortable with that .. being i paid ahead.. in full... i hope you can understand
  22. Me (7:18:33 PM): if you aren't planning on finishing my items, could you at least refund me when you get the money back? it's money i could use right now lol
  23. Kenny (7:29:23 PM): nobody is commissioning items
  24. Kenny (7:29:28 PM): from me??
  25. Kenny (7:29:33 PM): you're the only person jesus christ
  26. Me (7:29:39 PM): ok thanks for that information
  27. Kenny (7:29:42 PM): i like that you think im going to rip you off though
  28. Kenny (7:29:44 PM): like wow serious
  29. Me (7:29:56 PM): thanks for the answer kenny
  30. Me (7:30:02 PM): let me know when you can finish my items, thank you
  31. Kenny (7:30:14 PM): fine i guess we're not friends cool
  32. Me (7:30:22 PM): we're friends?
  33. Kenny (7:30:36 PM): you have been fucking talking to me all day
  34. Kenny (7:30:42 PM): like you're trying to get away from me
  35. Me (7:31:39 PM): that isn't how i intended to come across
  36. Me (7:31:57 PM): i guess i feel a little disappointed that iv'e been put off for so long
  37. Me (7:32:07 PM): and i don't want to fight with you
  38. Me (7:32:10 PM): which is literally what you are trying to do..
  39. Me (7:32:18 PM): i'm not interested in drama or fighting
  40. Kenny (7:32:21 PM): no im just fucking trying to understand
  41. Kenny (7:32:26 PM): why youve been acting like this all day
  42. Kenny (7:32:30 PM): like seriously
  43. Me (7:32:53 PM): the first thing you said to me was "e_E oh good you're on, i need to ask you for advice" then went on to explain about a potentially interested commissioner, and their order
  44. Me (7:32:55 PM): and i was like
  45. Me (7:32:58 PM): i paid in advance for my items
  46. Me (7:32:59 PM): in full
  47. Me (7:33:02 PM): the whole nine yards
  48. Me (7:33:11 PM): then at the end of it
  49. Kenny (7:33:19 PM): i already decided on not going through with it
  50. Me (7:33:25 PM): i didn't know that..
  51. Kenny (7:33:27 PM): i just wanted to tell you how fuckign ridiculous it was
  52. Me (7:33:45 PM): look.. i approached you with why i felt uncomfortable..
  53. Me (7:33:51 PM): i don't know what more you want from me
  54. Me (7:33:54 PM): i don't have a problem with YOu
  55. Me (7:34:20 PM): i had a problem with being put off, especially when i pay in advance and everything
  56. Me (7:34:25 PM): i don't know a single person who wouldn't feel that way
  57. Me (7:34:28 PM): i'm sorry
  58. Me (7:34:33 PM): i truly mean it
  59. Me (7:34:46 PM): maybe i felt distant because i was anxious about approaching you about it
  60. Me (7:34:53 PM): because i didn't want you to start cursing at me and get upset
  61. Me (7:34:54 PM): like you did
  62. Me (7:35:17 PM): all i wanted to know was when the art was going to be done because i paid in advance
  63. Kenny (7:35:37 PM): ill fucking finish it okay
  64. Kenny (7:35:40 PM): jesus
  65. Me (7:35:55 PM): :/
  66. Me (7:36:07 PM): i didn't think you weren't going to
  67. Me (7:36:26 PM): it was more like uhh ive been waiting heh
  68. Me (7:37:34 PM): i dont know i felt in a way you aren't interested anymore
  69. Me (7:37:40 PM): the other day you said you were tired of doing items
  70. Me (7:37:41 PM): i felt bad
  71. Me (7:38:24 PM): and i felt bad today when you said "im excited for all this shit to get done" .. i was like "ya me too" but i was thinking to myself about how put off i felt.. even prior to..
  72. Me (7:39:49 PM): it wouldn't be a problem had i not paid in advance
  73. Me (7:40:03 PM): next time i won't
  74. Kenny (7:40:29 PM): then ill finish the items and you can find someone else to do them then
  75. Me (7:40:41 PM): alright
  76. Me (7:40:47 PM): i don't want that to happen...
  77. Me (7:40:55 PM): but i can tell you aren't motivated to do it anymore
  78. Me (7:41:01 PM): i don't like forcing people to do things
  79. Me (7:41:07 PM): that's not me
  80. Kenny (7:41:18 PM): i am motivated i just dont like that you think im ripping you off
  81. Me (7:41:26 PM): again i don't think you're ripping me off
  82. Me (7:42:47 PM): if i thought you were ripping me off
  83. Me (7:42:52 PM): i would have posted a review about you lol
  84. Me (7:43:01 PM): and directly said
  85. Me (7:43:05 PM): "are you even going to finish them"
  86. Me (7:43:06 PM): instead
  87. Me (7:43:07 PM): i said
  88. Me (7:43:12 PM): when do you plan on finishing them?
  89. Kenny (7:43:28 PM): ill just finish them i dont even want to talk about it anymore
  90. Me (7:44:59 PM): ok
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