SCP:SL Personal server smod

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#800000ff>Arbiter's Grounds</color></align></size></b>
  2. <align="center"><size=24>Server located in Northwest Indiana. No One is the server owner.</align></size>
  3. <align="center"><size=24>Here's the <color=#589ffcff><link="">discord (</link></color> to contact the server owner or any admins.</align></size>
  4. <align="center"><size=18>Autonuke after 35 minutes has been enabled to prevent excessive stalling.</size></align>
  6. <size=18>Rules</size>
  7. 1. Don't cheat ever. (Devs, Global Mods, the Owner & Administration may use admin console for a bit of ridiculous fun but only rarely.)
  8.     1.A. Ghosting or using and external voice program including steam to give yourself an unfair advantage is a temporary ban.
  9.     1.B. Gaining access to the admin console without authorization is a perma ban. (i.e. faking being a dev, staff, owner, etc.)
  10.     1.C. Modifying your game client or using 3rd party software to blatantly cheat is a perma ban additionally you will be reported to the developers' of the game for a possible global ban.
  11. 2. Be respectful to other players. Don't harass or belittle a player. General trash talk is fine as long as it is in good fun.
  12.     2.A. If someone ask you to stop a back and forth with them. Stop. Not everyone can handle the banter.
  13. 3. Refrain From using Slurs.
  14.     3.A. Swearing is fine but there is a limit and you will be notified if you are at it.
  15. 4. Keep your temper in control. no one want to play with a raging A-hole if your too angry to play step away.
  16.     4.A. On that note don't intentionally try to pis someone off to get them kick.
  17. 5.No ear rape. Spamming mics and music is ok but keep it at an acceptable audio level.
  18.     5.A. If you play music keep that volume low so other players can still hear other people.
  19.     5.B. Don't blow anyone's ear's out with your voice changer.
  20.     5.C. 2 or more minutes of continual mic spam will get you muted up to hours if you are annoying enough.
  22. <size=18><color=#00ffffff>SMod 3.2</color></size>
  23. <color=#00ffffff>Late join is enabled with a 60 second cutoff.
  24. Disarmers have added functionality affecting D-Boys, Nerds, Chaos, & MTF allowing for more negotiating.
  25. 914 has added recipes for humans and will affect items in your inventory as well.
  26. Lastly some minor/miscellaneous changes have been made for balancing changes.</color>
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