SiIvally's strange dream

Dec 8th, 2017
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  1. It took place in the futuristic yet shady form of Miami. I started out at the bathroom, which had about 18 sinks unevenly divided between 3 areas of the room. The bathroom was a huge public bathroom, like the ones at the gym. The sinks’ faucet openers had gadgets on top of the drains that did something. Some gadgets were more advanced than others while some faucets didn't have gadgets. The most advanced gadget had a about 20x20 px screen with over 100 functions, one of them being, “Rickroll”. There was even a faucet at the end of the bathroom with no gadgets, however it was amalgamated with a a paper holder and at the edge of it there was a blade to cut the paper.
  3. I got out of the bathroom and into the mall. [1] There were lots of stores, but by random logic, only food stores. These food stores were somewhat dangerous. This was because most of them had mascots that attacked you. One mascot even looked like the Fire Kraken from Skylanders Swap Force. There was also a bull mascot. As I was walking through the mall, I noticed a pit of lava. I touched it with my foot, expecting it to be burnt. Instead it was perfectly fine and I sped through the lava. That's was when I discovered my special abilities/semblance in the dream. I walked out of the mall and I saw a warehouse across the street. The warehouse was almost completely white except for the foundation, which was black. It was also about 4 stories high.
  5. I crossed the street and walked into the warehouse. But before I did that, I noticed some companions walking alongside me. I didn't notice who they were until later on. A voice also told me what my true power in the dream was [2]. The warehouse had a completely white interior with some poles and stairs. At the warehouse, everyone, including the companions and I, felt tired and fell asleep. There was no dream in a dream and we woke up. This was when I noticed one of the companions was Yuga Auyama from My Hero Academia [3]. I also noticed another companion being Blake Belladonna from RWBY [3]. Yuga strangely woke up without his laser beam [4]. Blake woke up without her semblance. I assumed I woke up without mine as well. I climbed up the stairs.
  7. On the roof of the warehouse, I saw a villain who stole special abilities. He looked like a balloon from the thanksgiving parade. I noticed the rest of the companions being Absol, Nora Valkyrie, Lie Ren, and Mashuario Ajiro. Since Blake, Nora and Ren had weapons, they were attacking the villain. I didn't have a weapon so I grabbed a speaker, a microphone and a megaphone and sang a voice-cracking / ear rap medley [5]. The villain returned the powers to their original owners and fleed.
  9. The scene faded to black and then a new scene faded in. I was still in shady/futuristic Miami, but instead I was at my school. It was reformatted to look like a Miami-style building. It was more exposed to the sun and outdoors than usually. The companions were replaced with some of my classmates but I occasionally saw a companion. I walked out of the building and into the streets. I had an objective to find a certain straw hut. I did that with ease and I dug up something. It was a book [6].
  11. Later on, I walked over to a “checkpoint hut”. I saw one of my classmates there. There was a question in the hut about Tippy requests. I answered it [7]. I left the checkpoint and saw a shady-looking shop. Apparently, Nora was there, so I tried to meet up with her but logic prevented me from doing so. I also saw a black Labrador retriever [8]. I lifted him and took him to another checkpoint. This checkpoint contained a freezer for some reason. I checked back at the store, she wasn't there. There was a third checkpoint, which was where I saw another black Labrador [9]. Both Labs met and I lifted the second one to the fourth checkpoint. There was a question in this one like the first checkpoint but the question was different [10]. I answered it and then woke up.
  13. [1] The mall didn't look like a normal mall, however it looked like an outlet that was isolated from the environment by glass windows and doors. On my right side throughout the mall there were all the stores, on the left there were the glass panes and doors. The arrangement of the stores was not completely straight as it had some jaggedness.
  15. [2] That being fire, ice, and lightning (in that exact order) could, rather than affecting me negatively like it did to the average. I would be immune to it and when affected by one (exposed to heat/fire/lava, frozen or exposed to really cold temperatures, or struck by lightning), I would be capable of doing things I normally couldn't. Like what happened in lava earlier in the dream.
  17. [3] the outfits of every character in the dream:
  19. Yuga Auyama: Gym outfit
  21. Blake Belladonna: Volume 1 or 4 outfit. More likely Volume 4.
  23. Nora Valkyrie: Volume 1 outfit
  25. Lie Ren: Volume 1 outfit
  27. Mashuario Ajiro: Regular hero outfit.
  29. [4] By random dream logic, your abilities/semblance was bonded with some of your energy.
  31. [5] the medley was of the following:
  33. I still haven't found what I'm looking for by U2
  35. Castle on the hill by Ed Sheeran
  37. Baby come back by Player
  39. [6] The book’s cover contained an amalgam of a bunch of animals: a giraffe, an elephant, a cat, [6a] etc. The amalgam had a dinosaur like shape. Inside the book contained pictures of animals from different biomes together.
  41. [6a] The cat had a strong resemblance to Firestar on the cover of Warriors: The Last Hope.
  43. [7] I don't remember exactly what I answered, but it involved Nora.
  45. [8] The labrador was 4.5ft long and 2ft tall. The lab was said to have every piece of knowledge in the world. The lab could be hostile (but it won't attack you) if you held it the wrong way. But it's friendly if you hold it correctly. When it's hostile, its teeth would show and lift its front paws to a guard position. It would unsheathe its claws and by random logic, balance on its hind legs without standing upright like a human.
  47. [9] The second lab, unlike the first, was more alien-like. It was longer and had a second mouth. This second mouth was inside its normal mouth. The second mouth could shapeshift. It also had teeth like a normal mouth.
  49. [10] I don't remember exactly what the last question was but it was a fill-in-the-blanks about Qrow. I don't remember what I answered.
  51. Another major note is that the RWBY females had a small strand of hair on the top of their head like Yang does.
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