Advice on building a graphics portfolio

shurlburt Mar 25th, 2019 544 Never
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  1. Excert from a DM conversation
  3. Them: I have a question and I do not know if you would be able to offer any advice. What is the best approach for learning most of this material? My only problem with text books is that they are very verbose and kinda take a look time churning through. My approach I'm university was listening to the instructor and then practicing. What would you recommend?
  5. Me: Hmm! I think everyone's probably different in how they learn best. For me, it's been extremely helpful to have a project goal in mind. For example, "I'm going to build a particle system demo using Vulkan/C++." Then I will only focus on relevant skills to building that demo, and ignore the rest. This is good because 1) there's always too much to learn anyway 2) focusing on skills you need to build things as opposed to only theory is very important 3) things like demos help you get jobs more easily than almost anything else
  7. Them: I like that strategy! I'm going to steal it :P
  9. Me: Go for it :P As you build your project, post updates on Twitter and post the source on Github. It's an awesome way to meet people and get hired more easily. Plus you'll help teach newbies, and there's not enough graphics sample code out there for beginners
  10. If you need to run any project ideas by me let me know any time. Scanning the latest SIGGRAPH papers will give you an idea of what kind of work is most interesting to graphics researchers today
  12. Them: Awesome! I am a complete beginner in graphics work (like I know about the pipeline) but if I get a project in mind I think I would learn a lot. I want to focus on webgl it opengles. How ambitious should the projects be?
  13. I say keep it very simple at first. Focus on learning one technique, and keep the rest of the work very easy. Don't try to build a whole game, no way. Build a lighting effect, or a little fluid/particle sim, or a cool shader. Keep it limited
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