Animal Crossing All Debts FAQ

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  1. AC All Debts FAQ [July 2016]
  3. Q: What are you trying to do?
  5. A: Pay off all 5 debts as fast as possible.
  7. Q: What's WR strimmer?
  9. A: 36:47 by Jonas.
  11. Q: What's your PB?
  13. A: 39:28.
  15. Q: How do you do it?
  17. A: Through a combination of item duplication and "time travel" (changing the game's clock).
  19. Q: What's the duplication?
  21. A: By dropping a 2x1 table "between" rows in the grid of the house, it confuses the game into putting my character onto the table. After this I will drop an autumn medal next to me on the table (obtained from Nook with a secret code), and pick the table up out from under it, leaving it floating. By further dropping a tape deck on top of it, you someone create spontaneous reduplicating autumn medals (must reload the room to redupe them each time). Each medal sells for 14,000 Bells, so you can see why we use them.
  23. Q: Why did you reset?
  25. A: The layout of each town is random, and since the run requires running back and forth between the post office and Nook's many times, we want them to be closest to each other as possible (in A-2 and A-4 respectively). For practice I may sometimes take a town where they are one extra acre apart, but usually not if the river also separates them (this requires traversing an acre down as well to cross a bridge in all cases).
  27. Q: What memory card are you using?
  29. A: Currently a standard 59 block card, the kind packaged with the game. Because the category requires S+Q four times, save and load time differences between memory cards adds up. The fastest card to use is a 1019 block card, which I have two of, but neither are working properly right now and will just lose me runs if I use them. Some calculations have put the timesave of 1019 block at ~16s, but comparing my cards I find a difference of almost 40s. While this is huge, I am not going for an insane time right now, just practicing back up to maybe think about doing so in the near future. If I did that, I would get a new 1019 block card. My PB was in fact on a 1019 block card, but I am not running against those splits, and could still beat that time with good enough luck/execution.
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