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  1. [Ultimate] Regeneration;
  2. Alucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than any other vampire's in the entire series. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being decapitated, blown to shreds by gunfire, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance and reconstitutes. Exceedingly holy weapons have been shown to incapacitate him for a time, but even Anderson, augmented with Helena's Nail, could do no lasting harm to him. While regenerating against Anderson, he became a shadow entity at one point.
  5. Immortality
  6. It is unclear if Alucard is a true immortal, but he is at least biologically immortal, immune to withering and dying by way of age. Alucard has suffered all manner of injury to the most extreme degrees, only to reform himself. This seems to indicate structural immortality as well, but the vampire himself asserts that there is no such thing as a true immortal. This means his immortality is only biological, and there is a way to kill him. Anderson's words of him being "alone" and his duel with Walter implies that after his seals are removed, his heart is vulnerable to impalation if not other forms of destruction, which would in turn destroy him for good.
  9. Superhuman Accuracy
  10. Alucard has been known to hit targets at great range using handguns while looking the other way. He does this by using his so-called 'third eye'.
  13. Superhuman Agility
  14. The ability to defy gravity to an uncertain limit. He is also seen leaping impossible distances and can walk up vertical surfaces.
  17. Intangibility
  18. The ability to pass through solid objects.
  21. Incorporeality
  22. Alucard's true form is a shadow like non-physical entity. All physical and even supernatural attacks phase right through him and it is extremely difficult to damage his true form.
  25. Umbrakinesis
  26. Manipulation of shadows into physical form, which he can then use however he wishes.
  28. [Dark Composition]: Though he generally dons a corporeal, humanoid form, Alucard is made up of a highly variable otherworldly substance that is black in core and reddish on its edges. This can be especially seen whenever he takes heavy damage, the darkness being immune to conventional weaponry. Along with composing his being, it can serve as a weapon. Alucard is able to form several limbs from it with which he attacks with.
  31. Haemokinesis
  32. The ability to control blood with the mind, as demonstrated when he absorbed the blood of London's dead.
  34. [Soul Absorption]: By draining a person of their blood, Alucard gains dominance over their souls and very forms. He also takes on whatever knowledge they possess, as he was able to find out about Millennium by draining Tubalcain Alhambra of his blood.
  37. Biomorphism
  38. Alucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hellhounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses.
  41. Atmokinesis
  42. The ability to control the weather to an unknown limit, as demonstrated by the fog created when he returned to London aboard the H.M.S Eagle.
  45. Typhokinesis
  46. The ability to control smoke to an unknown extent.
  49. Translocation
  50. The ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else. He also has the ability to levitate.
  53. Psychokinesis
  54. In the manga, Alucard uses telekinesis to close a door on a fleeing SWAT officer. He also launched six SWAT officers into the air and guided them to flag poles where they were impaled. Alucard is later seen moving a broken down air-craft carrier from the Gulf of Italy to the Dover of London all in a little less than 40 minutes.
  57. Hematophagy
  58. As a vampire, Alucard has the ability to consume blood raw. He has long, conical fangs to assist in this job as well as serpentine like tongue. His feeding habits have been seen to vary: from the traditional neck-biting to simply ripping people to pieces and outright devouring them. Alucard doesn't seem to need blood to survive, however if starved of of it, he will enter an inactive death-like state.
  60. [Aestivation]: Alucard will enter a dormant state if he goes too long without blood. It is unknown if he can be starved to death, as he goes decades without a drop of blood before a young Integra finds him. It is never made clear if this is unique to him or if all vampires can do this.
  63. Telepathy
  64. He is capable of telepathically speaking to Seras Victoria.
  67. Telereceive
  68. The ability to read thoughts.
  71. Hypnosis
  72. Alucard has the ability to control minds, doing so on exclusively with Humans. The afflicted human will enter a euphoric, stupor-like state and their eyes will glow red. They will be pliant to all of Alucard's designs, doing and speaking as he wills. This hypnotic link is established through direct eye-contact and does not waver, even when Alucard's attention is elsewhere.
  75. Familiar Control
  76. Alucard can summon forth anyone he's taking the soul of at will.[9]. He has an entire legion dwelling within him but seems to favor using Baskerville, the Black Dog. Whoever he absorbs, their powers are at his disposal. Alucard seems content to completely dominate everything living inside him.
  79. Extrasensory
  80. Alucard has senses that are not only sharper than a mortal's, affording him abilities such as perfect accuracy, but he has abilities that they completely lack. In particular he possesses a 'third-eye' which allows him to see things from far, far distances. Though he never uses it to do so, he can likely see through things that fool human eyes. This is not an inherent ability and must be used consciously, as Alucard was unable to see through Tubalcain's illusionary clones.
  83. Superhuman Strength
  84. Alucard is quite strong. To start, his guns Jackal and Casull are far too unwieldy for a human to hold, let alone use, but he does both with ease. He has been seen going up barehanded against even some supernatural weapons and destroying them, such as Tubalcain's magic cards. The extent of his strength is unknown, though when it comes to raw strength, Alucard is often seen to outmuscle other vampires, or at least in his released form. Only Alexander Anderson and The Captain can match him that category, the Captain implied to be even stronger.
  87. [Ultimate] Endurance
  88. Alucard takes most damage without flinching or making a sound, quietly allowing the enemy to attack before retaliating tenfold. He can even attack after being torn asunder by bullets. After Rip Van Winkle crashes his Blackbird, he exits the craft without a scratch and easily destroys everyone aboard, even as they use high caliber weaponry on him. He's been thrown through skyscrapers, bled excessively, and even Walter knows of no certain way to defeat him other than killing him again and again until he stays down.
  91. Daywalking
  92. Other vampires operate in the dark, because of a presumed weakness to light. Alucard however seems to have no problem with sunlight, only complaining that being up during the day is exhausting.
  95. Supernatural Detection
  96. The ability to sense supernatural activity. In The Dawn, a prequel to Hellsing, Alucard knew the Captain was a werewolf the moment he saw him, and in the OVA, he could see the blessings on Father Anderson's bayonets as well as the holy barrier preventing their escape.
  100. (New Headcanons as of 1/14/2020)
  103. [*] Alucard believes in God, but he is convinced that God abandoned his Children a long time ago after witnessing the countless acts of violence and sacrilege that has plagued mankind for centuries. No religious institution will even see God's Light again and He won't return to save Humanity. He also doesn't believe Hell exists, because it is on Earth. There is no greater Hell than that which Humanity has caused for itself. Alucard feels that, in the end, God regrets the actions He took to bring Humanity into this world. Alucard, himself, wishes Hell did exist - so he could burn there at God's command. However, that is certainly never going to happen. God is gone.
  106. [*] Despite the monster that rampages at the word of Hellsing's most treasured commander, Alucard desires his final death. But not by the hands of some supernatural monstrosity, no. He wants Humanity to kill him. Unfortunately, the one man that had once been seen as this is no longer capable, leaving Alucard feeling disappointed in what could have been a perfect end. Now, he seeks to continue protecting the Hellsing Organization and desires his end to be at the hands of none-other-than Integra herself.
  109. [*] The Count desires that Humanity save itself from the darkness it has cast itself into. He wants good to return before he is allowed to sleep eternally. This feat in itself is monumental and he doesn't feel that it will come any time soon. What little good that is left in the world, typically only manifests in the eyes and actions of a child which soon end up tainted by the ever-present and merciless monsters within.
  112. [*] Alucard wants nothing more than Integra to be happy. Either with a family she forges in her later life or in general. He wants nothing more for her than to be continuously successful in her endeavors and to see her live out her natural life where she belongs. Of course, he also expects her to be the one to finally grant him his final wish. However, he doesn't see this coming for a long long time.
  115. [*] There is only one thing that Alucard fears most and that's to die a coward. To be stripped of his dignity and granted a death that is despicable for a man of his kind. When the time comes, he wants to be granted the opportunity to go as he had come into life - a man of integrity, honor and loyalty. Anything less and it will forever stain what little impact he's had on the world prior to being turned.
  118. [*] Surprisingly enough, due to his belief in the purity of a child, he finds their company the most comforting. To hear their innocent views on the world, to know that their hearts are pure and just. It is something he has always hoped for humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, he knows that children will only succumb to the pressures of adulthood and the general abyss that is Humanity as a whole. It doesn't stop him from giving them sound advice and entertaining their wild ideals.
  121. [*] He enjoys learning the things of the time and watching the eras change from year to year. He's gotten pretty good at keeping up with what is 'new' and 'in'. However, he doesn't watch television or listen to radio unless Integra or Seras is, because his favorite pieces of technology revolve around actual instruments and a gramophone.
  124. [*] The Hellsing Organization is his family. That means he'll do anything to protect them. And I do mean A N Y T H I N G.
  127. [*] The woman that he had fallen for, the treasure of his heart. Despite the circumstances of their love, he had never forgotten his first wife. The woman lives on in the depths of the Count's heart and has become something of a trigger for him. As far as he knows, she is long gone and destroyed. Despite this, there is a shrine located within a false wall of his sleeping quarters, dedicated to her. Within it, various things of hers that she enjoyed - including a mirror and a lock of her hair.
  130. [*] During a tumultuous period of his many years upon this planet, the wives were forcibly taken from him and burned at the stake for heresy and misconduct. It's not clear who had managed to gain access to his castle and kidnapped them, but Alucard was subjected to their deaths as lifeless husks hanging from crosses that were erected not far from the castle's main gates. While they were not the apple of his eye, it certainly left an awful taste in his mouth and fueled a vengeful rage that lasted several years as a result. One of the many incidents in his life that he has never forgotten or forgiven.
  133. [*] Walter and Intregra have seen, on the occasion, Alucard stopping and staring at the portrait of the former Doctor and famed vampire hunter. It's not entirely clear what Alucard feels in regards to him. Walter has said that it appears to be a mixture of rage, reverence and envy. Or maybe just a special kind of hate that cannot be properly described. Whatever the case may be, his picture has stopped the Count many times in his many years since being freed from the bowels of the Hellsing Estate.
  136. [*] Despite the fact he's been through countless eras of music, he still prefers the sounds of Bach and Mozart most of all. But any classical piece can certainly inspire memories within him. He particularly likes those played on piano. Probably why he enjoys when Integra plays her favorites, because they are most passionate in a live stage scenario.
  139. [*] He still cares a lot about his homeland and keeps a lot of memoirs from his time in Wallachia. Books and other such objects are within his possessions. Even some things from his own castle! There is no effort to hide his curiosity regarding the current state of Romania and what might be happening. He has a special newspaper delivered for this specifically, so he can still feel as though he is attached in some fashion to his origins. He even keeps himself updated on the language, but tends to still speak an archaic version of Romanian as that is what he grew up teaching himself with little aid from the outside world.
  142. [*] Of the many things Alucard enjoys, dancing is one thing that most would never expect him to participate in. But, he happens to enjoy waltzing most of all. He is well-versed in many types of dancing however and tends to enjoy dancing with Integra when he is subject to social events where Hellsing is to be a representative. All public appearances typically are those of a ball, masquerade or other such function where dancing is nearly always mandatory at some point.
  145. [*] Every person he consumes from becomes a part of him. Their soul is absorbed, allowing him to gain knowledge and power. They become part of him, but no longer sentient or capable of free thought. Once blood has been taken from a victim, there is a short period of time where they are either absorbed or turned into a Lesser Vampire, bound to him. Otherwise, there is also a chance that a human (specifically human) can be made into a ghoul, an undead servant that will not look much different from any other human, except for no color in their irises.
  148. [*] Alucard still carries with him soil from Wallachia. It's on a chain around his neck, tucked out of sight. While he still needs his original soil to sleep in, his extremely altered physiology and form have allowed him a lot more freedom as a daywalker. For how long he has been alive, his entire existence has slowly perverted him into a complete monster. He is nothing like the Prince he had once been nor is he entirely JUST a vampire. His reliance on blood (and/or souls) is the only defining aspect as even crosses, mirrors, garlic, etc do little if nothing at all to him. Strong faith however can make him rather uncomfortable and he still can sustain enough injury to force him out of battle.
  151. [*] Long term isolation and separation from the Hellsing manor and Integra has given him a freedom that he did not expect would come. His mannerisms have become considerably milder and it appears as though he comes across as someone that has lived just a bit too long and seen just a bit too much bullshit to find much surprising or even shocking. While he is most certainly not someone you want to upset, he doesn't go out of his way to incite panic and disorder with rampant violence or threats. In fact, he's quite civil and often blends in with social situations a bit too easily these days. Content to be somewhat of a counterbalance to his origins as a vampire, Alucard has mellowed out in his old age. Something that even he hasn't fully understood, but does little to change the path he's slowly walking.
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