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  1. SUZANNE VEGA - (I’ll Never Be) Your Maggie May Lyrics
  3. Uploaded by LOVE4LYRICS at Pastebin.com
  5. I'll never be your Maggie May
  6. the one you loved and left behind
  7. the face you see in light of day
  8. and then you cast away
  9. that isn't me in that bed you'll find
  11. I'd rather take myself away
  12. be like those ladies in Japan
  13. rather paint myself a face
  14. conjure up some grace
  15. or be the eyes behind a fan
  17. And so you go
  18. no girl could say no
  19. to you
  21. There's the way we may appear
  22. but that will change from day to night
  23. would you ever see within?
  24. underneath the skin?
  25. could I believe you had that sight?
  27. And so you go
  28. no girl could say no
  29. to you
  31. I'll never be your Maggie May
  32. the one you loved and then forgot
  33. I'll love you first and let you go
  34. because it must be so
  35. and you'll forgive or you will not
  37. And so a woman leaves a man
  38. and so a world turns on it's end
  39. so I'll see your face in dreams
  40. where nothing's what it seems
  41. you still appear some kind of friend
  43. And so you go
  44. no girl could say no
  45. to you
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