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  1. local admin = "LinkIntro" --Who is the one who has the admin.
  3. local Players = Game:GetService("Players") Definding service using a varaiable.
  4. Players.PlayerAdded:connect(function(Player)--Event and function when a player has joined.
  5.     if Player.Name == Admin then --Checking if the player is the admin.
  7.     Player.Chatted:connect(function(Message)-- Event
  8.         if Message ~= nil then --Checking if the message is not nil with the if statement. (The Message is in nil when teamchat is used.
  9.             if string.lower(string.sub(Message,1, 4) == "kick" then --Checking if the kick command is used string.sub is used to get serval characters of the string, this cause the first four. string.lower is used to convert the string to a lowercase string. Saying KICK or Kick instead of kick would work as well.
  10.                local Target = Players:FindFirstChild(string.sub(Message,6)) -- Defending the target using a varbile. stirng.sub is the time used to get all of the characters behind "kick ".
  11.                  if Target ~= nil then Checking if the target is found using a if statement.
  12.                     Target:Kick() --Removing the target from the game using the: Kick() method on the player object.
  13.         end -- Closing the statement if event at line twevle
  14. end) --Closing the statement if event at line nine.
  15. end) --Closing the statement if event at line eight.
  16. end) --Closing function and event at line seven.   
  17. end) -- Closing the if statement at line six.
  18.     end)--Closing function and event at line five.
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