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  1. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:10 AM
  2. The sound of a throat clearing from the doorway is heard, and a solid clunk of a bow being leaned against a door frame follows. Yashiro is standing there. It is unclear if he can see anything because curtains may or may not be blocking his view, but he has also just come in from a differently lighted area, so his eyes might take a moment to adjust.
  3. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:13 AM
  4. His eyes twinkled mischievously. "Tsuruchi-sama could become a great teacher; he is smart and they listen to him as well. As for the other, he needs more... tutelage, before he should try to impress upon young minds. But I said I would make things easier. No more group teaching or surprises." At the sound of the door he reluctantly began to pull his hands away from hers, giving them a slight squeeze before releasing them. "It appears work is about to begin for the day." A small sigh.
  5. Agasha Aiko  at 11:15 AM
  6. Aiko approaches the infirmary with some measure of haste in her step. "Ah, Tsuruchi-san! Maybe you know what happened. I heard there was a sparring accident earlier.  Do you know if any of the injured are still here?"
  7. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:16 AM
  8. Yashiro turns back and offers a bow to Aiko, "I don't know if anyone is here. At least the sick are. I jsut announced myself but I dont see anyone. I may have heard some talking as I was walking up but it could have been a patient talking in their sleep"
  9. Agasha Aiko  at 11:18 AM
  10. Aiko bows back, and then peeks her head through the doorway.
  11. Asahina Kairi  at 11:19 AM
  12. At the sound of throat clearing and other voices Kairi quickly turns away and clanks bottles together in no particular order. She had been working all along, right? With a deep breath and a final smile to Kurosawa, she draws the curtain back and steps out, bowing to the new arrivals. "Tsuruchi-san, Agasha-san. How many I help you?"
  13. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:21 AM
  14. "Asahina-san I had hoped to find you here, are yo uparticularly busy?"
  15. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:21 AM
  16. The Unicorn folds his arms behind his back and looks very professional at the doctor's side, although the image of Kairi's smile bounced around in his head delightfully. "Tsuruchi-san, Agasha-san. A deep bow. "I would hope neither of you are injured today."
  17. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:23 AM
  18. "Ah, Shinjo-san, I did not see you there as well..." eyes narrow slightly, "I was also hoping to find you, though I didn't expect to see you here..."
  19. Agasha Aiko  at 11:26 AM
  20. Aiko bows back. "Hmmm... I was hoping to find someone involved with the... accident. But if they're not here, I suppose I could settle for chatting with you, Shinjo-san, about something. Privately, perhaps?" She sounds a little nervous.
  21. Asahina Kairi  at 11:27 AM
  22. "  I have already attended to the last patient that came in.  Do you need anything?  Sick?  Injured?"
  23. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:27 AM
  24. "Shinjo-san, you were there weren't you? I left very early on."
  25. "I had thought to bring you some honey to see if you could use it in any poultices, and also taste some of it. Thats the only reason I was looking for Shinjo-san"
  26. Asahina Kairi  at 11:29 AM
  27. "How thoughtful Tsuruchi-san.  It appears those bees are good for something other than humorously stinging those who come close."
  28. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:31 AM
  29. "Kairi-san is the finest healer in the castle. After the Unicorn had their say, I brought the reciever of their..." He looked down at the bloodied Lion, "message, here." He looked quizzical at the shugenja but stepped forward, bowing again. "Hai. What do you need of me, Agasha-san?"
  30. Agasha Aiko  at 11:39 AM
  31. Kairi-san? A bit friendly...
  32. Aiko follows Kurosawa's gaze down to the Lion. "Ah. The matter was settled, I hope. We can't afford infighting like this." She looks back up at the Shinjo. "But, uh, yes. There was something I have been meaning to ask you..." she looks around for anywhere that there might be privacy. Maybe a corner? Or behind a curtain? She was unsure how to ask, and the presence of others made it slightly awkward. "Perhaps outside?"
  33. Asahina Kairi  at 11:41 AM
  34. "Of course Agasha-san.  Shinjo-san was just helping me check on the patient.  He has been checked up on and now Shinjo-san is free to go." Yep nothing else.
  35. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:42 AM
  36. All the alarm bells for incoming gossip were going off in Yashiro's head. So many things happening at once. He didnt know what to go after first. So he just pulled the honey bottle out from his pocket and held it up to the light. It was goldenrod and viscous. very tasty looking. "Honey" he said uninspiringly.
  37. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:45 AM
  38. Kurosawa is totally down to eat your honey Yashiro, but a holy person had need. Even if they were bros. But now he was even more curious. "Ah, there is an unoccupied room just next door. If you do not speak too loudly, I believe it will grant us some privacy." He gestured at a shogi(?) sliding door just right nearby. Although he was eyeing something super sweet right now; Kairi the honey that Yashiro held up. Damn it'd been so long since he'd had any.
  39. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:47 AM
  40. "Shall we have some then while we wait Asahina-san?" he offered.
  41. Agasha Aiko  at 11:48 AM
  42. "Excellent. This shouldn't take long..." Aiko goes over to the indicated room.
  43. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:49 AM
  44. (i hope its murder)
  45. Agasha Aiko  at 11:50 AM
  46. (I mean, apparently Aiko is good at choking people...)
  47. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:50 AM
  48. (oh ho! waggles eyebrows )
  49. Asahina Kairi  at 11:52 AM
  50. "Thank you Tsuruchi-san, I haven't had honey in......longer than I can remember. I appreciate it."
  53. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 11:53 AM
  54. The Unicorn quickly follows and slides the door shut, to successfully seal themselves off. "Ah yes. My cousin, Kairi-san, is a shugenja like yourself, but while I hold my religious beliefs strong I am afraid I do not know much about your mystical techniques." A nod. "Very impressive, however. I recall quite clearly our battle in the cave a while back."
  55. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 11:57 AM
  56. Yashiro nods and pours out a bit of honey onto a rokugan appropriate surface , being unusually quiet, perhaps he is trying to be respectful of those laying around injured. That's probably it. Nothing untoward.
  57. Agasha Aiko  at 12:00 PM
  58. Ah, cousins.
  59. "I remember the battle slightly differently, having got shot and slashed. You, however, carried yourself quite well, I recall, slaying many of our foes. This is why I wanted to talk to you, actually."
  60. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:03 PM
  61. Ah so senpai had noticed him. A little bit of pride escaped him and a pleased look appeared on his face. "I certainly try. If we had engaged them outside I would have completed my work even faster, for I am trained in mounted combat above all." He peered at the woman. "Are you well? If you still carry wounds, you may need to talk to my cousin instead."
  62. Asahina Kairi  at 12:06 PM
  63. The Rokugan appropriate surface Yashiro used to give Kairi a taste of his bee's honey worked quite well, in fact it was meant as a honey delivery device so that was very convenient.
  64. Agasha Aiko  at 12:07 PM
  65. "Wounded? Oh, no." She gives a chuckle at that. "I have actually learned a rite of healing recently, myself."
  66. Aiko clears her throat.
  67. "But it is clear, that if I am to continue heading off into combat situations, it would be very reckless of me to go in unprotected. You've likely heard of the Bloodspeakers that were discovered earlier. I plan to rain wrath and destruction upon them, but I will need protection while I cast. Would you be willing to do this? I've never had a yojimbo before, but I am hoping to gain some measure of status! I am sure it would bring you much honor and glory!"
  68. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:12 PM
  69. An eyebrow was raised before he could stop it. He tried to cover it up as if it was the excellent honey he was tasting, but the eyebrow went up before he tasted it. He was not a clever man.
  70. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:19 PM
  71. This was true. With how rare shugenja were, even the loss of one would be extremely great. And the bloodspeakers were a grave threat. He absorbed what she said but already the man knew what his answer would be. "Without my daimyo, I cannot swear an oath to become your yojimbo, always and forever, where ever you tread. My life is his, after all." Another wise nod. "But I can serve as your acting Yojimbo, and do my best to protect you during battle. I have training in the ways of defense, and at worst, Shiro can always help us escape when the danger becomes overwhelming." He folded his arms and stared at the shugenja. "I shall accept your proposal, Agasha-sama." A bow to show he was serious. Heh duty.
  72. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:22 PM
  73. A low whistle, probably related to the honey had just eaten escaped Yashiro. Afterall he wasn't listening. That would be impolite.
  74. Agasha Aiko  at 12:25 PM
  75. Aiko is quite glad that things went so well. Certainly, it was to be expected that one's lord would need to grant permission for a more permanent designation, but for the near future, it will be good to have someone capable helping to defend her.
  76. "Excellent!" She bows back as graciously as she can. "Hopefully, we wont have to get too close. I pray that your job will be an easy one this next mission."
  77. Asahina Kairi  at 12:25 PM
  78. Interesting.  What was she feeling?  Jealousy, true.  But she had to be jealous that Yashiro had access to great honey an she didn't.  Yup.
  79. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:30 PM
  80. Yashiro is carefully watching Kairi for any signs of her thoughts on the matter, or the honey.
  81. Asahina Kairi  at 12:32 PM
  82. She smiled an nodded, indicating that the honey was indeed good.  No need for words when you had honey.
  83. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:34 PM
  84. "You will likely have to meet Shiro," he observed as she bowed back. The game was set. "But he is friendly enough, and he is strong and fast enough to carry two." So long as she wasn't something fucked up like Cursed by Chikushudo it'd all go well. His heart beat fast; another major responsibility today. The life of someone far more invaluable than himself. At her words of an easy mission however he couldn't help but let out a wry smile. "Our jobs are never easy, Agasha-sama, but I believe I am skilled enough to succeed." Hopefully she was ignorant of his performance in the tournament to realize her mistake. He straightened up. "Shinjo Kurosawa, of the Unicorn clan, is honored to serve the Dragon. May we go forth and be victorious, and return with honor and safety."
  85. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:35 PM
  86. Yashiro nodded and smiled. He was glad someone at least appreciated honey.
  87. Agasha Aiko  at 12:46 PM
  88. Aiko was certainly cursed by a realm, but that realm was thankfully not Chikushudo. "I should like to meet him, then." She says with a nod. "Then I shall trust in those skills to keep me safe."
  89. "And Agasha Aiko, of the Dragon clan, is honored to accept the service of this Unicorn. To victory!" She shouts.
  90. "Perhaps we should return to the others. We wouldn't want to miss any of the honey, ne?"
  91. Asahina Kairi  at 12:48 PM
  92. Oh dear, Kairi had gone through a good portion of the honey just eavesdropping.
  93. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:49 PM
  94. Yashiro jumps at the shout. Not fully up but, he was briefly alarmed.
  95. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 12:54 PM
  96. Fuck yeah it was time for honey. What a good ass day this had been. Shugenja were pretty wonderful people, it was nice. This whole agreement was exciting and, dare he think it, fun? He grinned wide at the eagerness of his new charge, nodding in agreement about the honey. "Tsuruchi-san has some fine bees, I've been awaiting their honey since we worked together to maintain their hives." He slid open the door and stepped forward to let the Dragon pass in front of him, like a gentleman but whatever Rokugan called it, smiling at his friend and cousin. He would let the Dragon speak of their deal though, if she wished to make it public.
  97. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 12:55 PM
  98. Yashiro gave them both a bit of honey, "It is getting good marks from Asahina-san" he said as he passed out the sweetness.
  99. Asahina Kairi  at 12:59 PM
  100. "Hai, indeed.  The honey.  It is good.  Things are good."
  101. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:01 PM
  102. Yashiro gave her a quizzical look. Was the honey not good. Had he misread what she thought of the honey. what was wrong. he had already passed it out. she should have said something sooner.  (yashiro develops slight social anxiety, part 1)
  103. Agasha Aiko  at 1:03 PM
  104. Aiko tries the bit she is given.
  105. "Hai! It is truly delicious. You have raised these bees well, Tsuruchi-san!"
  106. Asahina Kairi  at 1:06 PM
  107. She realized she was being weird and corrected.  "Thank you for sharing your honey Tsuruchi-san.  It is indeed a treat after a long shift here."
  108. Agasha Aiko  at 1:06 PM
  109. "Asahina-san certainly has good taste to give this honey such high regard!"
  110. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:07 PM
  111. The Unicorn was glad that nothing at all was wrong here. He would take his portion of honey on a Rokugani appropriate surface (likely a bowl eh?) and take a taste. Fucking fantastic, the sweet sensation in his mouth was only topped by the earlier sweet sensation in his mouth minutes ago. "It is most excellent Tsuruchi-san." He nodded his head approvingly but his eyes easily gave away his delight. "It is easily the best honey I've ever had, and i did not have to flee from the wrath of desert bees for it. I am grateful for your generosity." He would bow to each of them in kind. "I must attend to my duties in the stables now. May the wind be at your backs." Oh yeah, gonna go to work after a sleepless night. And with that, he and his honey would take their leave very shortly while his author rushes to get ready for work.
  112. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:10 PM
  113. "I am glad you both approve as well." he bows to the retreating Unicorn. he turns back to the other two women and gives them a bit more honey. It was almsot all gone but this was just a small amount. He could always probably get more.
  114. Asahina Kairi  at 1:16 PM
  115. "I'm sorry for eating so much.  Thank your bees for me Tsuruchi-san, they have done fine work." She bowed to the departing Unicorn, watching him leave then turning back to the others.
  116. Shinjo Kurosawa  at 1:18 PM
  117. ((thank you guys for the scene..!))
  118. =====================================
  120. Agasha Aiko  at 1:21 PM
  121. Agasha enjoys some more honey, and then decides to simply air out the result of the meeting.
  122. "Shinjo-san has agreed to serve as my acting yojimbo."
  123. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:23 PM
  124. Yashiro acts surprised, "We'll that is good." he says, assuming that is good.
  125. Asahina Kairi  at 1:26 PM
  126. "Oh, so that is what you spoke about.". She totally didnt hear so this was the first time she was hearing the news. "That is good.  Good.  He will serve you well."
  127. Agasha Aiko  at 1:30 PM
  128. "Hai. It will be good to have someone defending me in combat... so far, I have been pinned by arrows, slashed by a nodachi, sliced by a possessed villager, and worst of all, have had to resort to..." Aiko gazes distantly at her open hands, the same hands she used to choke those guards during her last mission. "impromptu jiujitsu."
  129. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:31 PM
  130. Yashiro raises an eyebrow and whistles similarly to how he whistled at the honey, "That is a lot for a shugenja to take. I am glad you are still with us."
  131. Suzume Kenki  at 1:35 PM
  132. The Sparrow would walk in, justly curious on how the Matsu patient was holding up. Noticing a number of samurai, he'd bow to them. "Minna-sama. One hopes he is not interrupting."
  133. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:36 PM
  134. "Honey?" Yashiro offers quickly. It was sort of an awkward silence that had begun.
  135. Asahina Kairi  at 1:37 PM
  136. "Suzume-san!  Coming to check in on the patient?  Or do you need something else?" She bowed to him as she spoke.
  137. Suzume Kenki  at 1:39 PM
  138. "Mostly to see how Matsu-sama is holding up, and hai, I'll take some honey."
  139. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 1:40 PM
  140. Yashiro pours the sparrow some honey.
  141. Agasha Aiko  at 1:42 PM
  142. "I am certainly glad to remain alive." Aiko says with a chuckle. Aiko bows properly at the newcomer.
  143. "Matau-san has been healed, ne? I recently learned a prayer that could help..."
  144. Asahina Kairi  at 1:48 PM
  145. "He has, Agasha-san.  There are some things that the kami cannot do, though they can help.  He will be fine, he just needs to rest and recover."
  146. Agasha Aiko  at 1:56 PM
  147. "I would expect nothing less from the best healer in the castle."
  149. Agasha pauses in consideration.
  151. "Hmmm... there has been something I've been curious about for a while, Asahina-san: do you have any opinions on the current political debate? I have heard of your masterful teaching and care for some of the castle's children."
  152. Asahina Kairi  at 1:59 PM
  153. "The children?  I would like to see the orphans placed with families, samurai or otherwise.  I know the children, I would hope I had some say in it as well.  But proper training as samurai in a dojo is key for the correct orphans."
  154. Suzume Kenki  at 2:01 PM
  155. He would eat the honey, listening. Nodding an assent of thanks to the Wasp.
  156. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 2:04 PM
  157. Yashiro had managed to stay out of the political sphere. He had ideas and thoughts, but not the knowledge or skill to get them to sound good to others in any official capacity. He too remained silent listening to the shugenja chat.
  158. Agasha Aiko  at 2:11 PM
  159. "Ah! It gladdens me to know that we are of the same mind on this! I had tried to propose this idea publically,  but Doji-san seemed to have some... disagreements. A very vigorous and detailed debate ensued."
  160. Asahina Kairi  at 2:15 PM
  161. "I'm certain Doji-san's platform comes from concern for the children.  He selflessly supports me in my endeavors to take care of as many children as I can."
  162. Agasha Aiko  at 2:28 PM
  163. "I am certain as well. He spoke very passionately, and I could tell he was both concerned for the well-being of the children and their futures. And of course, we both piled on heaps of praise for all the work you've done with the children, Asahina-san!" She says with a chuckle.
  164. "But I rather enjoyed the discussion. There weren't any grudges or hard feelings or anything like that. Doji-san even agreed to help me to try and convince the other shugenja if the castle to share spells, but alas, they are stuck in their ways. Perhaps next time..."
  165. Asahina Kairi  at 2:40 PM
  166. "Interesting, that would have been nice.  Sharing that is.  Pooling resources is very important in these times.  I thank you for speaking highly of me, I do my best with the children.  Whatever happens I just want them to be taken care of and allowed to be children until it it time for them to begin their serious studies."
  167. Tsuruchi Yashiro  at 2:41 PM
  168. Yashiro slips out at some point. leaving the rest of the bottle for Kairi, since she clearly seemed to enjoy it the most.
  169. Suzume Kenki  at 2:45 PM
  170. He would peek in at the Matsu, enjoying the honey. He wouldn't quite notice when Yash had left, but it was mostly to busy himself while the Shugenja talked.
  171. Agasha Aiko  at 2:57 PM
  172. "Indeed. Even if it were only a selection of spells, those generally useful for the Resistance or effective against our corrupted foes, it would be a great boon. Are you perhaps able to cast prayers of the earth? Perhaps a little more advanced fire prayers?"
  173. Asahina Kairi  at 3:04 PM
  174. "The fire kami don't hear my prayers often, we don't have quite the understanding as the other kami and I do.   The earth kami listen to me and have helped me before."
  175. Agasha Aiko  at 3:07 PM
  176. "Hmmm... Would you perhaps have the spell Jade Strike?"
  177. Asahina Kairi  at 3:13 PM
  178. "I.....I do have the scroll for such a prayer.  It is one of the few I brought with me."
  179. Agasha Aiko  at 3:23 PM
  180. "Ah!  Excellent! It is a very useful spell, ne? I have had some need to use it, and casting it with fire produced some interesting visuals. If you had perhaps lacked this prayer, I may have offered..." Aiko leaves the sentence at that. Sharing spells hadn't been approved yet, and they shared company, even if it was with a bushi.
  181. Suzume Kenki  at 3:25 PM
  182. Said bushi was contently eating honey.
  183. Asahina Kairi  at 3:27 PM
  184. "Oh, thank you Agasha-san.  That is very thoughtful.  In these times it is a very good prayer to always keep in one's scroll satchel.  I appreciate that you would look out for me like that." She looked over at the Sparrow. "The honey is good, right?  It has been some time since I last had some."
  185. Suzume Kenki  at 3:29 PM
  186. "Hai, very good. I...don't remember the last time I had some to be honest."
  187. "I do not mean to intrude on minna-sama's conversation. I could go find duties elsewhere if it is wished."
  188. Asahina Kairi  at 3:38 PM
  189. "Not at all Suzume-san.  You can be here just like anyone else.  Except for me because I'm a doctor and I have to be here.  But you get what I mean."
  190. Agasha Aiko  at 3:43 PM
  191. "Of course, Asahina-san!  Please, do not hesitate to let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance! But for now... I must make my leave. It was a pleasure sharing your company." Aiko says with a bow first to Kairi and then Kenki.
  192. Suzume Kenki  at 3:45 PM
  193. He'd bow. "Walk with care, Agasha-sama."
  194. Asahina Kairi  at 3:48 PM
  195. "Agasha-san I look forward to seeing you again." She returned Aiko's bow with a smile.
  196. Agasha Aiko  at 3:50 PM
  197. Exchanging proper goodbyes, Aiko goes on her way.
  198. /exit
  199. Suzume Kenki  at 3:51 PM
  200. Once the Agasha was gone, he'd confess with a smile: "To be fair, Asahina-sama, the discussion of prayers was over my head and so was the politics."
  201. Asahina Kairi  at 4:02 PM
  202. "I understand.  I apologize for engagi g in a topic that you would have felt left out in.  Perhaps I can give you a crash course in such things?  I myself do not claim to be knowledgeable about politics however.  Not even close."
  203. Suzume Kenki  at 4:05 PM
  204. A chuckle. "You do not have to feel you have to educate me, although I understand you do enjoy it."
  205. Asahina Kairi  at 4:13 PM
  206. "Oh dear.....I didn't mean to insinuate that I knowmkore than you and should educate you.  I do enjoy it but......I'm sorry." She bowed her head to the Sparrow, afraid that she might have offended him.
  207. Suzume Kenki  at 4:18 PM
  208. "I'm not offended, Asahina-san. It was a jest. I'm sorry."
  209. Asahina Kairi  at 4:21 PM
  210. "Ah, it has been a long day.  I should take some time to rest."
  211. Suzume Kenki  at 4:24 PM
  212. "Hai. I can visit later. Matsu-sama seems to be resting well, and it's thanks to you."
  213. Asahina Kairi  at 4:28 PM
  214. "And to you for bringing him here, that was the most important thing." She nodded at that. "Perhaps you may tell the children a story one day.  I think they would enjoy that."
  215. Suzume Kenki  at 4:34 PM
  216. He'd seem to deflate a little at the mention of story. "I am not the best storyteller, but hai, for the children."
  217. Asahina Kairi  at 4:37 PM
  218. "Oh, I just assumed.....because Sparrow.  I should stop talking."
  219. Suzume Kenki  at 4:39 PM
  220. "No, no. I know my people's history. And many of us are good at not. You need not apologize for my failing."
  221. "However, they are children, and children need stories."
  222. Asahina Kairi  at 4:43 PM
  223. "They would enjoy that, thank you Suzume-san." She have the Sparrow a bow to show her appreciation.
  224. Suzume Kenki  at 4:51 PM
  225. "It is not a problem, Asahina-sama." He would bow to her. "However, you asked for rest and I should leave you to let you. Farewell."
  226. Asahina Kairi  at 5:06 PM
  227. "It has been nice speaking with you, as always.  Be safe Suzume-san." She returned his bow then moved to check on the broken jawed Lion one last time before attempting to get some sleep before her next lesson.
  228. Suzume Kenki  at 5:18 PM
  229. He'd leave, walking out.
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