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To Be a Man

Sadnon Jan 12th, 2018 398 Never
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  1. “So I say to the guy, you ever hear the one about that Big Guy?
  2. “Hey girls, you ever wonder why that guy over there is always alone?”
  3. >Rainbow stopped her story to look over at Sunset Shimmer, her gaze locked on a table closest to the doors.
  4. >She spun around to look over her shoulder.
  5. “That loser? Not really. Anyway, back to my story…”
  6. “That’s isn’t very friendly of you, Rainbow Dash.”
  7. >Rainbow snorted at Sunset.
  8. “He’s in my math class, I’ve never even heard him talk to anyone. If that isn’t a loser, then what is? Besides, isn’t his name Anon or something? Weirdo.”
  9. >Applejack chimed in from next to her, her eyes narrowed.
  10. “Maybe he’s just a quiet guy, RD. Don’t go throwin’ around accusations like that. ‘S not right.”
  11. “I know him!”
  12. >They girls turned towards Pinkie as she finished polishing off her tray of food.
  13. “I tried to throw him a party to welcome him to Canterlot High last year, but he never showed. I tried to ask him about it, but, well…”
  14. “See? What did I say, the guy’s a friendless loser. If Pinkie can’t get through to him, no one can.”
  15. >Rainbow swallowed the last bite of her sandwich.
  16. “Well I’m gonna talk to him. Better there than listening to your oh-so-lovely sports stories, Rainbow.”
  17. “Hey!”
  18. >They all watched as Sunset stormed away, tray in hand, towards the back of the cafeteria.
  19. “Oh dear… I don’t think that’s a good idea…”
  20. “You said it, Fluttershy.”
  21. >Dash turned back towards the group.
  22. “Anyway, This guy had, like, a mask-”
  24. ***
  26. “Can I sit here?”
  27. >Sunset Shimmer felt like an intruder when she finally arrived at Anon’s table.
  28. >His piercing black eyes darted away quickly when he looked up from his book.
  29. >Anon shrugged.
  30. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.”
  31. “I said that no one else is.”
  32. >Anon cleared his throat.
  33. “...So… Where, ah, where’d you get that jacket?”
  34. >Anon didn’t look up from his book.
  35. “I dunno.”
  36. “Oh.”
  37. >Sunset drummed her fingers on the table as she tried to think up something to say.
  38. >What could she say? She didn’t even know him.
  39. “Oh, I forgot. I’m Sunset Shimmer. Who are you?”
  40. “Anon.”
  41. “What book are you reading?”
  42. >The golden script on the worn leather binding was peeling, and the quick flash that Anon showed her did little to help her figure out a title.
  43. >Sunset sighed.
  44. “Do you want me to leave you alone?”
  45. “If you want.”
  46. >His voice was soft, and it felt like Anon was tripping over poorly worded syllables more than he was speaking.
  47. >Sunset wondered at what sort of life Anon lived to become bad at talking.
  48. >The same life that led to him sitting alone at every meal, Sunset presumed.
  49. “You can go already.”
  50. >Sunset jumped at Anon’s voice.
  51. “Oh, I’m sorry, I just thought you’d like some company.”
  52. >The crinkling of the page greeted her for a moment before Anon answered.
  53. “I know you don’t want to sit here. Just go back to your table.”
  54. >Sunset’s head bowed.
  55. “I do want to sit here, I just don’t know what to say.”
  56. “You could tell those girls to stop staring at me.”
  57. >Sunset’s head whipped around to look at her table.
  58. >A flash of pink and blue told her all she need to know.
  59. “I’m sorry about them, they’re just a little much-”
  60. “It’s fine. Just… Go.”
  61. “Are you sure…? You wouldn’t want to eat at our table? We’d love to have you.”
  62. >Anon curled the page of the book over and resumed his reading.
  63. >Sunset shuffled back towards the girls.
  64. >The lone figure of Anon was in her vision for a moment when she looked back before she finally arrived at her table.
  65. “I take it that Anon didn’t want to talk?”
  66. >Sunset’s head bobbed.
  67. “Yeah, AJ, but I think I can get through to him if I try again.”
  68. “Dear, do try and see it from Mr. Anon’s perspective, maybe he doesn’t want to talk to you? Or anyone? We should just give him his privacy.”
  69. >Applejack’s hand shot up to stop the milk from spraying over the table.
  70. >She choked it down, but just barely.
  71. “That’s a might funny, Rarity. You finally learn your lesson about intrudin’ on other people’s business?”
  72. “Why, I never!”
  73. >Sunset retook her seat.
  74. >The lone blur across the cafeteria still consumed her thoughts.
  75. >He was a puzzle, Sunset thought, and she loved puzzles.
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