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  1. Connecting to: irc.esper.net
  2. Connected
  3. Joining #forgecraft
  4. Password Required
  5. Cracking Started
  6. DEBUG: Loaded RockYou.txt into merrory
  7. DEBUG: Trying passwords
  8. ...........
  9. Password match: RYCBAR123
  10. Joining #forgecraft (hidden on)
  11. Joined
  12. ------------------------
  13. Topic: Have fun at PAX! Server IP has changed. It is now:
  14. Users (3): ~pahimar, @direwolf20,
  15. pahimar: I'm almost done setting up the replacement server.
  16. direwolf20: The vanilla one?
  17. pahimar: Yep
  18. direwolf20: It will take some getting used too.
  19. direwolf20: Hey pahimar, do you know who this blank guy is?
  20. pahimar: No. I thought you invited him.
  21. DEBUG: Warning: CTCP query of VERSION requested. Replying with: "Weechat 0.4.0"
  22. DEBUG: Warning: CTCP query of TIME requested. Replying with: "lolno"
  23. Connection lost
  24. Job 1 terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)
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