Press Release - Hacker Leaks & Local Leaks

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  1. Peoples Liberation Front - Press Release
  3. July 8, 2011
  5. In our last media communique we conveyed that our registrar had removed both of our new disclosure platforms from the internet. We wanted to give the press an update on where things stand at this time.
  7. In a bizarre choice, our registrar has actually returned to us the TLD for the Hacker Leaks disclosure site and it is once again reachable at the Top Level Domain - but they have refused to return the Local Leaks TLD and have offered no explanation. We once again encourage everyone who believes in free speech, free information - and the rights of media publishers, to contact the company and tell them how you feel about them shutting down Local Leaks. Our attorneys from Leiderman & Devine ( ) are working on legal action against this registrar, and the PLF sincerely apologizes to the public for this inconvenience right on the heels of our big launch.
  9. While we intend to fight for the return of our original TLD (not to mention sue for damages for it's illegal siezure), we have obtained a new TLD for the Local Leaks disclosure platform and it is back online and functioning normally. It can be found at
  11. We appreciate all the support we have received from people all over the world as we battle big business and governments and fight to keep these important disclosure platforms online. We would especially like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the wonderful folks at WikiLeaks for their vocal and public support.
  13. We will not give up the fight to keep these two disclosure offerings online and accessible to those who need it. We will not be intimidated into surrendering to the corrupt and evil powers that be. And so to that end we announce a special program to ask the public to help us keep Hacker Leaks and Local Leaks available to the people who desperately need it and the media.
  15. These disclosure platforms were carefully designed in two parts. The first part is the infrastructure of disclosure and dissemination, and those have not been effected by the seizing of our TLDS. The second part is the actual web sites, which are actually just facades. The sites contain no infrastructure and require no updating, they are merely very simple doorways into the disclosure platform. They contain only a few pages and graphics, and can easily be loaded to any web server in the world.
  17. And so, we have packaged both the Hacker Leaks and Local Leaks web sites into small zip files, and we encourage anyone with even basic web skills to download these packages and use the files inside to create mirrors, and then write to us at with the URL address - which we will begin posting online. Let them shut down two sites, we will make a thousand mirrors. The zip files can be downloaded here:
  19. We call on the world to remember that what they do to us today they can do to you tomorrow. We ask everyone to consider the implications of censorship, and we ask everyone to help us spread the site mirrors and ensure that those who desperately need our help can access these important disclosure platforms.
  22. Local Leaks & Hacker Leaks Team
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