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TVTropes: Possession Sue examples - October 1, 2011

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  7. * Sesshomaru from ''{{Inuyasha}}'' gets transformed and warped from his original character into some Sex-God, castle-owning, army-and-servant owning Lord who can do no wrong in the writer's eyes even as he's standing there committing mass murder for no sane reason in fanfiction. One of the worst examples of DracoInLeatherPants around.
  8. ** Kagome has had her personality defiled beyond recognition into either a [[PuritySue flawless angel]] or [[TsundereSue "fiesty"/emo girl]] and has been hooked up with every single male character of the ''Inuyasha'' cast (and ''[[CrossoverShip then some]]'') far, far too many times to count.
  9. * Same deal for [[AGodAmI Light Yagami]] from ''DeathNote'', who can also do no wrong in his fans' eyes.
  10. ** L-fangirls tend to write him as a sweet, romantic "prince charming" who's never known love before the affections of Misa or an [[OriginalCharacter OC]]. In those same fics, Light is derailed into an AbhorrentAdmirer who tries to rape the girl because how ''dare'' she not think him the perfect man and be his?
  11. * Perhaps as [[RevengeFic payback]] for [[PutOnABus putting her on a bus]], Misty from ''{{Pokemon}}'' has a bizarre tendency to return as a MarySue in fanfiction, complete with overblown description of how curvy she is -- which is strange, as the character's [[{{Shorttank}} lack of such features]] was close to being a RunningGag.
  12. ** Funny thing is it's almost canon in the {{Video Game Remake}}s ''[=HeartGold=]'' and ''[=SoulSilver=]'' where the gameverse Misty has noticeably "grown" in the three years since ''Red'', ''Blue'' and ''Yellow''.
  13. ** Some [[PortmanteauCoupleName RocketShippers]] tend to do this with Jessie; instead of being [[{{Tsundere}} tough as nails with a rarely-shown soft side]], she's a soft-spoken angel whose callousness is a mask for her angst. In short, they turn her into [[HeyArnold Helga]]. Ratings gold. Can actually be decent fics, depending on the writer and intent.
  14. ** [[IdiotHero Ash Ketchum]] is also a common target for Suification, suddenly winning all the time in many fanfics and having all the girls hot for him. Somewhat justified in that many viewers are getting fed up with the anime's FailureIsTheOnlyOption routine.
  15. * Happens all the time to Polly from ''SamuraiPizzaCats''. They usually disregard her {{Tsundere}} personality and portray her as a PuritySue.
  16. * ''TenchiMuyo!'' fandom is prone to this trope, given the LoveDodecahedron at the center of the premise. No better way to enforce an {{OTP}} than removing all the character flaws and derailing the personality.
  17. * See also a good number of ''[[RanmaOneHalf Ranma 1/2]]'' fanfics, especially crossovers, where Ranma will suddenly take six additional [[TookALevelInBadass Levels In Badass]] in The Art, gain new powers (especially in crossovers), and get the author's favorite character, if not half or more of the female cast, to fall in love with him (double points of irony for the latter if he "escapes" his canon situation beforehand, though some authors just play that for laughs as being a ChickMagnet causing complications). Two particularly bad examples: one where Ranma was basically [[http://www.spiritworldfiles.com/xovers/fi/LifeAndTimes.html hooked up with damn near every non-canonically-paired anime female in existence]] at the time of the writing (this one was SoBadItsGood), and one where [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1230821/1/Mirrors_Multiplied_Original_Flavor he became an immortal Vampire]] with the powers of a [[SailorMoon Sailor Senshi]] and in command of the [[{{Robotech}} Robotech Defense Force]] (this one being completely unredeemable due to [[DieForOurShip rampant character-bashing]] of nearly the entire original cast).
  18. ** Hung Nguyen's fics were infamous for this, as each featured a massively upgraded Ranma and were mostly interchangeable save for their particular brand of AppliedPhlebotinum. The fic would usually start with Ranma being rescued from Genma's crippling influence, going off to have a scene montage with the Amazons/dragons[=/=]{{Pokemon}}[=/=]aliens where he acquires awesome martial arts, unique powers, magic/technological items and pressure-point techniques, impresses everyone including many girls, and develops a personality devoid of those flaws associated with the character. And also usually avoids the curse. Then he goes to Nerima and the plot starts, even though all his character growth has been done already and those adventures he had would make for a more interesting story anyway. Ranma is perfect and says the right things and impresses everyone and can defeat anyone on the first try, usually humiliating them in the process. You can also see who the author really doesn't like, as they are thoroughly {{Flanderized}} and regularily humiliated - Kuno gets trounced every second and has no redeeming qualities, Genma is not only a neglectful and unwittingly abusive parent but constantly tries to sell off Ranma to people with brides as though those deals meant anything (he's a conman, he never intended to honor those agreements), and Akane... loud, annoying, no range of emotions beyond reacting with violence, and explicitly having no actual combat skills, because she only uses strength but cannot stand up to a real fighter of any caliber. (Fighting off every boy at school every day apparently took no effort because they didn't actually want to fight her. Makes you wonder why they even tried in the first place.) The main character is basically Perfect Ranma, and about as interesting to read about as a piece of bread.
  19. * ''{{Naruto}}'' fandom is blatant in this, usually enacting [[ForWantOfANail a single change]] before the start in the series or early on it that changes everything and starts Naruto on the road to early {{Badass}}edness (and getting 90% of the female cast to fall in love with him).
  20. ** He's also subject to {{Chickification}} (as Naruko) those who want a female lead for their story and don't want to use Sakura. Making Naruto more feminine (and as "Naruko") has also been an ongoing technique to pair him with Sasuke without making it "gay".
  21. ** Sakura Haruno. Recent trends in fanfic have her turning into a rebellious goth chick with attitude who doesn't need any of the people she normally holds as being very dear. A sentiment that is expressed through her showing the most powerful characters on the show how much better she is than them.
  22. ** Hinata, who more often than not gets over her ShrinkingViolet nature in fanfictions and becomes an absurdly powerful ninja who can defeat members of Akatsuki with ease.
  23. *** Also, she is sometimes turned into a {{Tsundere}}.
  24. ** Done a decidedly different way from usual in ''FanFic/ForYourEyesOnly''.
  25. * Ijuuin Enzan (Eugene Chaud) in ''[[MegaManNTWarrior Rockman.EXE]]''. In the games, he's just a really good [=NetBattler=]; in the anime, he's also the VP of a company. Nevertheless, most fanfics see him fixing things and solving puzzles with ease, elegance, and coolness, even ones that, in canon, he'd usually go to a superior or the resident expert for. One fanfic even attributes to him the brainpower necessary to simulate a world.
  26. ** The ending for the sixth game does show he skipped more grades than the [[TeenGenius child genius]] Yai. To the point where, while he is no more than a single year older than Lan -- who is going into middle school -- he's going into ''university''.
  27. * Shinji Ikari from ''NeonGenesisEvangelion'' is a good but spineless kid who gets in over his head. In fanfic, however, he is one [[{{Badass}} badass]] mother, who sleeps with [[{{Tsundere}} Asuka]], [[EmotionlessGirl Rei]], [[SexyMentor Misato]], [[HoYay Kaworu]], [[YamatoNadeshiko Hikari]], [[HotScientist Ritsuko]], and [[EverythingIsBetterWithPenguins Pen-Pen]]. All at once. Several times every day. While defeating all of the Angels at once. On foot... and flipping [[ManipulativeBastard Gendo]] off at the same time. It's been theorized that fans see a bit ''too'' much of [[ThisLoserIsYou themselves]] in him, [[IJustWantToBeBadass and compensate by badassing him up]].
  28. ** A [[FanFicRecommendations good]] example (in all the [[BeyondTheImpossible right]] ways) is Charles Bhepin's ''FanFic/ShinjiAndWarhammer40K'', where it is looking like Shinji has been possessed by both [[TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kamina]] and [[{{Warhammer 40000}} The Immortal God Emperor of Mankind]].
  29. ** Meanwhile, a good example in all the '''WRONG''' ways is the Shinji in Tyrenol (formerly known as Shinji The 10 o'Clock Assassin)'s ''King Neon Successor'' fanfics, who is a security guard for "Packard Bell/NERV", but manages to get out of being an EVA pilot, is also a ''student of [[KingOfFighters Iori Yagami]]'' in martial arts, is friends with [[MartianSuccessorNadesico Gai Daigouji]] and [[KingOfFighters Lucky Glauber]] and made a wish from [[OhMyGoddess Urd]] to frequently bang attractive women, which leads him into sexual adventures with several girls from different anime.
  30. ** In ''Shinji the Cassinova,'' where Shinji ''literally'' gets possessed by a "cherub" (a lesser, more docile type of angel) after Eva 01 eats it during a battle. The cherub's soul sporadically takes over Shinji's body in an attempt to force him into developing some mojo to humorous effect.
  31. ** Another parody is in ''Otaku Three - EVA Revolution'', where "Jared Saotome" [[MarySue (don't ask)]] is taking Shinji's place to try and prevent Third Impact. His initial plan (which he checks the validity of in his magic future-revealing book) is to go in and [[CallingTheOldManOut Call The Old Man Out]]. While this appears to work intally, we get the folloing Gem shortly afterwards:
  32. -->''That story ended bloodily a few pages later. Gendo had claimed he [Jared] was the fourth angel and sent Rei after him in Unit Zero when Jared was far away from his own mecha.''
  33. * Happens to Tomoyo Daidouji of ''CardCaptorSakura'' quite frequently. Already possessing several very Sueish traits, writers tend to give her a true love to make up for her [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy "disappointing ending"]] in canon, make her a reincarnation to justify breaking up a canon pairing in favor of giving her a partner, give her magic, make her beloved by everyone (and lusted after by all males, despite [[SchoolgirlLesbians certain factors]]), etc. And that's only the canon-verse fics...
  34. ** Very distressingly, the {{Yuri}} fans are the one who take this approach. Note to them: it's okay to not be satisfied with the deal she got in canon, but making her an absolute PuritySue who is inherently more deserving of Sakura's love than Syaoran ([[DieForOurShip whom you guys also demonize]] while [[ChickiFication stripping Sakura of her powers and spine]] so he can abuse her and make her run into Tomoyo!Sue's perfect arms) is just... URGH.
  35. * Usagi and, to a lesser extent, Ami from ''SailorMoon'' are frequent targets of this treatment.
  36. ** Seiya from the ''Sailor Stars'' season gets her role beefed up a lot too by those who [[DieForOurShip despise Mamoru]], who is consistently depicted as Usagi's true love, and try to make her out to be [[RelationshipSue Usagi's one and only perfect savior]], despite the fact that in every continuity Seiya appears in, Usagi is always completely [[ObliviousToLove oblivious (sometimes comically so) to the fact she is in love with her]]. Said authors will also often conveniently downplay the fact that Seiya is female because she physically becomes male in her civilian form in the anime and still disguises herself as a man in the manga (but never actually changes her gender). This is despite the fact that Usagi, while not minding homosexuality and lesbianism themselves, is depicted in both the anime and manga as being heterosexual and uncomfortable when girls (well okay, just Haruka...) make passes at her.
  37. *** It also seems that writers miss that, at least at first, Seiya [[LovingAShadow seems to be projecting feelings for Princess Kakyuu on Usagi]]. This seems to be the case in both manga and anime, though in both it is subtle.
  38. * In ''{{The Prince of Tennis}}'', Keigo Atobe gets this a lot in yaoi and Sue-fics, where he's portrayed as a perfect little creature who embodies everything that's holy, pure and rich. Same goes to Sakuno Ryuzaki, especially in fics that are [[RevengeFic "replies"]] to the DieForOurShip syndrome she's often a victim of, or in Ryoma/Sakuno fics where he won't pay attention to her if she doesn't get her Sue points up.
  39. * Due in large part to the long wait time for a local release of ''TokyoMewMew a la mode'', the enticement of a new, more powerful, and instantly attention-grabbing character that no English-speaking fan knew very much about was too much, and Shirayuki Berii found herself as a PossessionSue. Half of the fanfiction.net section was devoted to Sue fics using Berii as their mask. Sadly enough, when the manga came out, [[CanonSue it turned out that all these fanfics were in character]].
  40. * One of the best examples (both in being rather obvious what the creator was going for, as well as being remarkably original and not badly edited at all) is an AMV using footage from ''PrincessTutu''. The creator filmed live action footage of himself and edited it to look as though he turned into one of the characters (they look pretty similar) and then proceeds to have a romance-based AMV with ''himself'' and [[BrokenBird Rue]]. You can see it [[http://youtube.com/watch?v=G550wjPhC1o here]].
  41. * Happens rather frequently in the Ichigo/Rukia corner of the ''{{Bleach}}'' fandom. Rukia Kuchiki is a quirky, lovable, tomboyish ex-DistressedDamsel who is gradually growing from a FauxActionGirl to a LadyOfWar and would be SlapSlapKiss-y towards Ichigo if they hooked up... but in fanfiction, you'd never know that, since some of her more... [[EstrogenBrigade vocal, rabid fangirls]] twist her into a [[TsundereSue super-kickass]] {{Invincible Hero}}ine who has [[StrawFeminist everyone caught painfully by the balls]] and keeps showing off how much of [[RealWomenNeverWearDresses a "strong woman"]], sex goddess and [[DieForOurShip much more deserving]] of Ichigo's True Love than the "softer-spoken, thus weaker" Orihime is.
  42. ** ''Bleach'' has quite a few characters that are made to be the way they aren't. Hinamori Momo and Inoue Orihime get changed from girls whose personaliy is not to be assertive, to females that suddenly kick butt and dominate the screen time.
  43. ** Kurosaki Karin, typically in fics pairing with her with Toshiro gets the opposite happen to her. She goes from tomboy girl to a major girly girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.
  44. * Aya Fujimiya from ''WeissKreuz'', in the hands of some of his more ardent fans, is transformed from an angry, antisocial guy with a sword, regrettable taste in sweaters and [[IllGirl serious sister issues]] into a gorgeous, saintly demi-god who is effortlessly awesome at everything, and whose every utterance is treated as a revelation of profound truth. Oh, and everyone else suddenly wants to get him into bed, regardless of how they felt about him before they ended up in the fic.
  45. * Lots of romance fic with Nami from ''OnePiece'' tends to reduce her character to a '[[TsundereSue beautiful generic spunky girl]] who is ''so'' in love with Luffy/Sanji/Zoro/other ''{{One Piece}}'' guy the author has a crush on).
  46. ** Sanji gets this often too. When the author basically reduces his character to "smoking hot cook who likes the female PossessionSue of the writer's choice", you know you're in for a painfully boring fan fic.
  47. ** Actually, a lot of OP characters in fan fic period are terribly toned down and their most glaring flaws (AKA, what makes their personalities warm and interesting) are ironed out. It's like the writers totally miss that ''One Piece'' is a WorldOfHam.
  48. ** Lots of fan art depictions of Boa Hancock pretty much turn her into Princess PuritySue.
  49. * A truly scary number of ''GundamWing'' fanfics turn Duo Maxwell into the author's avatar so they can chase after Heero Yuy. For those of you who somehow avoided all knowledge of ''Wing'', Duo is male, [[GenderBender meaning...]]
  50. ** Even without turning him into a girl, most fanfic writers derail Duo in one direction or the other, but it's actually somewhat more common for him to become somehow weak and squishy and in need of reassurance, instead of the most cynical and mentally sound of the five pilots. Super Duos are more common when he appears in crossovers.
  51. * Almost the entirety of the works of Fred Herriot (also known as "Gorgo" on the Anime Addventure) is based around turning [[UruseiYatsura Ataru Moroboshi]] into one of these. One of the most egregious offences is ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/268030/1/Urusei_Yatsura_The_Senior_Year Urusei Yatsura The Senior Year]]'', where Ataru's canon personality is revealed to be the work of an ancient ninja database in his head that has gained sentience, gaining power from feeding off negative emotions. Because he's a member of an ancient ninja clan. And he's also heir to a fortune that eclipses Mendou's. And he's prophesied to be the leader/patriarch/alpha male for a new alien race. And then come the crossovers...
  52. * Apparently a small portion of ''CodeGeass'' fanfic writers think that being a (canonical) MagnificentBastard with an UnwantedHarem isn't good enough for Lelouch, and proceed to write fanfic in which he [[TookALevelInBadass becomes so (physically) badass]] he can beat the best fighters in the show one-on-one, as well as deciding to [[TenchiSolution hook up with ALL of his harem]].
  53. ** It doesn't seem that bad until you remember that Lelouch's ''lack'' of physical prowess is a RunningGag. Funny thing is that, barring that last part, he actually ''does'' become that physically {{Badass}} in the spinoff manga ''NightmareOfNunnally'' (though counterbalanced by removing the harem, cutting back majorly on TheChessmaster strategies, and most significantly ''not having him as the main character'').
  54. ** Also the TenchiSolution is mentioned in the original canon, but considering who mentioned it ([[TokenLoli Kaguya]]), it is dismissed by C.C. and Kallen as impossible. Which is fairly logical, given Lelouch is a CelibateHero who is far more interested in his rebellion than any romance.
  55. * ''AxisPowersHetalia'': In canon, Japan is a generally polite and nice but socially awkward and emotionally reserved person whose YamatoNadeshiko qualities are balanced out by his InscrutableOriental traits and NotSoAboveItAll moments. In some fanworks, however, his YN traits are cranked UpToEleven at the expense of all his other aspects to make him into a PuritySue who's so lovely, humble and {{Moe}} that the other characters fall head-over-heels for him without him having to do anything more than passively sitting around and looking pretty and {{uke}}ish, especially when his destined true love is the seductive, rakish pirate England. The majority of these fanworks come (probably not surprisingly) from the Japanese fandom, which somewhat understandably irks Western fans, but some of these fans seem ''so'' intent on speaking out against this phenomenon that they end up bashing Japan's ''canon'' (and far from Suetiful) character and overlooking that ''their'' own fandom is guilty of a share of these fanworks too (as RelationshipSue fanfics transcend national borders) ''and'' that it might just be hypocritical for them to attack Japanese fans for their Suefication of Japan alone when one takes the below cases into account:
  56. ** In English fanworks, Canada often goes from a NiceGuy who [[TheUnfavorite fails to capture anyone's attention for long]] and is capable of the ''occasional'' bout of snarkiness in canon to either a [[SympatheticSue weepy, horribly victimized]] {{Moe}}blob or a {{Badass}} DeadpanSnarker MartyStu who [[JerkSue bitches out everyone else every other line for overlooking him until they've realized how much better he is from that unfairly more popular brother of his]].
  57. ** To say nothing of America in whose case this is mixed with MisplacedNationalism and turns America into a de facto GodModeSue. Going by a rather large corner of fandom he's an absolutely gorgeous guy with the body of an underwear model (never mind that he [[BigEater stuffs his face with junk food and sweets all the time]]), a wild and indomitable spirit, a charismatic, badass, natural born leader whom everyone secretly admires. Or he's scorned by other nations, the ungrateful fiends, who are too stupid to realize how awesome America is. It goes without saying that he only pretends to be ditzy and dorky (some fan authors go as far as conveniently ignoring that part), he's actually extremely intelligent and may or may not harbor a hidden angsty side. And of course he's mindblowingly fantastic in bed. Some very patriotic fans portray him as the greatest nation that ever lived, the selfless savior of the world and who always has everyone's best interest at heart, and the one everyone runs to when they need any help. Flaws? What flaws?
  58. * ''KatekyoHitmanReborn'' has, of all people, Mammon, an adult-turned-infant of AmbiguousGender who's defining characteristics are his/her/it/their greed and underhanded tactics. His/her/it/their suddenly ambiguous gender means that the fandom has decided she is a moe girl - often wearing cat ears. [=RPers=], on the other hand, often portray her similarly to Lal - her temperamental, spartan associate - and are rabid about pairing her with the local crazy prince. The greed and clever stratagems? Out the window. Fanfics occasionally postulate that she has the hots for Bel - despite being ''over twice his age''.
  59. ** Some bits of the fandom dislike Tsuna being a complete ButtMonkey, so in quite a bunch of fanfiction, Tsuna rewritten to be more accepting of his position as an eminent mafia boss, and less wimpy than his original self, perhaps already badass enough to beat Hibari, of all people. To up the romance levels (and avoid writing yaoi), Tsuna is instead a girl, or is revealed to be a girl who can sing and ride motorcycles way before she's legal.
  60. * ''[[FinalFantasyUnlimited Final Fantasy: Unlimited]]'' writers have a tendency to include Kiri in their fanfictions, turning him into a protective, strong older brother with a nasty temper. How much of this was established in canon? [[spoiler:None. Kiri shows up, resurrected from the dead, for one episode, which he spends trying to kill Kumo. He may have been under mind control, but it is established that he felt a strong sense of rivalry and disdain for his younger brother]].
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  64. * Ladies and gentleman, JoeQuesada's possession of [[Comicbook/{{Spider-Man}} Peter Parker]].
  65. * For years ''{{Archie}}'' has been trying to repair Sally Acorn's image after "the slap" and have since then gone to the opposite extreme. "New school" Sally has been [[http://www.archiecomics.com/blog/sonic/2010/06/the-perfect-princess.html described by the newest writer as]] the "perfect princess", "amazing in just about everything" and wonders if there "is there anything not to love about her?"
  66. * [[FirstLawOfResurrection Post-rebirth]] Barry Allen (the SilverAge {{Flash}}) has been often accused of being a possession of GeoffJohns and/or the other [[DCComics DC]] editors. In addition to being a resurrected relic of the Silver Age ([[NostalgiaFilter Silver Age favoritism]] is something DC is already accused of often), Barry has since been [[RetCon retconned]] to better build him up as "the ultimate Flash", and has retroactively been made responsible for pretty much all of the additions to the Flash mythology that happened under Wally West (the modern Flash from the 1980s onward). Further angering Wally West fans is that he's more and more being pushed out the comics to make room for Barry, suggesting that DC intends to replace Wally with Barry on a permanent basis.
  67. * TheMightyThor: Way, way back there was Sigyn, Loki's wife (mostly included to make it a bit more like mythology). Her main function was once or twice helping her husband's schemes and then helping stop them when she realized they were evil. Since she's a sufferer of ChuckCunninghamSyndrome, and hasn't been seen for over a decade, most fanfic writers take the "Loki's wife" aspect, and maybe a few things from mythology, and use her as an AuthorAvatar since her original personality isn't remembered and Loki is a DracoInLeatherPants that a lot of the fangirls want.
  68. ** However, with the movie fandom, some fans are taking a different approach and sort of building the character by building off what others fans say, giving her an ''agreed upon Fanon characterization'' instead of "what the author of this fic wants". Lots of fanart and fanfiction have her looking/acting similarly when by dozens of different fans.
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  72. * The number of times Harley Quinn has shown up in ''TheDarkKnight'' fanfiction is frightening only because of the number of times the author has decided she shouldn't in any way resemble the original character, often down to the spelling of her real name. Harleen Quinzel is canon, Harlean Quinselle is not.
  73. ** Frequently because many of these fans have neither seen the animated series nor read the comics -- but they ''have'' read the OtherWiki entry on TheJoker and decided he needed some lovin'.
  74. *** Nor do they seem to understand that the canon Harley Quinn fell in love with the Joker because he manipulated her into becoming just as insane as [[AxCrazy he is]] and that violence and abuse would regularly ensue in their relationship (mostly from Joker's side). It seems that fanfic writers only see HeathLedger's good looks and a loving, sensitive side and not the CompleteMonster he portrayed.
  75. * Very often writers for the pre-sequels of ''StarWars'' who want to pair up Anakin with someone other than his wife (read: themselves) will pick one of her handmaidens. Funny enough they usually don't pick Sabe, who plays a role in the first film ''Phantom Menace'', but Dorme who gets all of three irrelevant lines ("Do be safe my lady," etc.) in her two minute screen time in the second film ''Attack of the Clones'' and is never seen again. The fact that Dorme resembles Padme is apparently enough justification for Anakin/Vader to instantly get over the loss of the woman he's either loved or been obsessed with, depending on your opinion, for over a decade in a chapter or less.
  76. ** To a lesser extent Mara Jade of the Star Wars EU often falls prey to Possession Sue status in fan fics, and is sometimes accused of being one at times in the official novels following her initial appearance.
  77. * In real life, former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was a slightly deranged, egotistical, attention-demanding paranoid who drew out a ridiculous, convoluted scheme to explain the assassination of John F. Kennedy; his efforts resulted in one arrest and a court case that ended with the defendant's acquittal after fifty-four minutes of jury deliberation. In Oliver Stone's ''JFK'', Garrison is The Man Who Knows The Truth, whose every utterance is law, who is praised by "X" (based on crackpot L. Fletcher Prouty) as the only man who can unravel the assassination conspiracy, and whose failure is caused by diabolical, shadowy forces.
  78. * Dr. Frank N. Furter from the ''RockyHorrorPictureShow'' gets this a ''lot''. Fanfics tend to either portray him as a [[DracoInLeatherPants wounded soul who is desperately looking for real love]] or as a CompleteMonster who constantly abuses Riff Raff and/or Magenta for his own sick amusement. Yes, '''[[MadScientist THAT]]''' [[AnythingThatMoves Dr]]. [[DepravedBisexual Frank]] [[AxeCrazy N]] [[ChaoticNeutral Furter]].
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  82. * In the ''HarryPotter'' fandom, you can find {{Fanfic}}s in which Hermione comes back [[SheIsAllGrownUp all grown up]] from summer, with [[FanservicePack curves in "all the right places"]] (famously parodied by LindsayLohan in ''[[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/03/03rpotter.phtml Saturday Night Live]]''), finds out she's really the long lost daughter of ''fill in the blank'' and [[MisaimedFandom no longer Muggle-born]], then proceeds to outwit Death Eaters, discover old powerful magic, and slay Voldemort single-handedly, while Harry, Ron, Draco, Snape, and Lucius all watch and swoon, mesmerized by her beauty and intelligence.
  83. ** This trope is the most frequent reason for the RonTheDeathEater trope showing up in HP fanfiction, as Ron isn't seen as "good enough" for the Perfect Prefect Princess Hermione Granger.
  84. ** In canon, it ''is'' implied that Hermione got pretty hot as she grew up, same with Ron and Harry. There just isn't that much emphasis on it, because occasional comments.
  85. *** The most notable one is the fact that Krum had a huge crush on her. He states himself "What is the point of being an International Quidditch player if all the good looking girls are taken?" upon finding out that Ginny and Hermione are (technically) taken.
  86. ** One such example would be the infamous ''FanFic/HogwartsExposed'' series, in which readers are repeatedly told how hot Hermione is (with several references to her having been asked to pose nude for "Playwizard"). There are also numerous descriptions of her wearing extremely short and revealing outfits (at the advice of her adopted daughters, no less!!!) and taking up nudism with Harry.
  87. ** The films give Hermione almost all of Ron's heroic scenes, as well as having her solve problems, like the Devil's Snare, which Ron canonically solved. Generally, if a scene makes Hermione look at all bad, it'll either be cut, modified, or given to another character (usually Ron), and if a scene makes Ron look good, it'll be given to Hermione. She also tends to get the "friendship with Harry" scenes from other characters, from, again, Ron to even ''Hagrid'' (leading to a much more Harry/Hermione shippy feel in the films - the writer/director purportedly thought that's the direction the series was going before the last books came out), and scenes are occasionally altered so that she looks "better" (for example, in the Troll scene she's the one who tells Ron what spell to do, and in the scene with Grawp she single-handedly makes the giant put her down with a sharp word a la [[TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen Mina with Mr. Hyde]]. Note that the first scene initially has her paralyzed with fear and the second has her and Harry scrambling to get away rather than confronting Grawp directly - Grawp doesn't even pick her up in the book, that part seems to have been put in entirely so she could look better by stopping him).
  88. *** Probably worth noting is that the screenwriter for the movies - Steven Kloves - admitted right off of the bat to Rowling that Hermione is his favorite character. Ironically, Rowling was expecting it to be Ron.
  89. ** It also happens to Harry quite frequently, with a number of specific sub-genres about it. Two that stick out are: those in which -- similar to the ''{{Naruto}}'' examples above -- [[ForWantOfANail one small change]] leads to Harry becoming a BadassAbnormal, and, with his training, all of the kids turn into human weapons before they become teenagers; and stories which see [[TheCountOfMonteCristo Harry framed for a crime he did not commit and sent to Azkaban, which somehow allows him to gain dark superpowers and seek his vengeance both upon Voldemort and his former friends]].
  90. ** Not to mention the fanfics where all the main characters' IQ raises by 200%. Of course, this is only good for deducing the author's [[ShockingSwerve plot twists]] and instantly solving mysteries from no information, and never manifests itself in such a way that they actually seem convincingly smart.
  91. ** Harry also is often to revealed to be half-something (dragon, elf, vampire, angel, demon, unicorn, veela, etc), often inexplicably from his mother's side (how an alleged muggleborn turns out to be of magical creature stock is never actually explained), and now has unstoppable powers, which he could use to kill Voldemort in an instant, if he wasn't too busy lusting after Hermione/Ginny/Cho/[[FoeYay Draco]].
  92. ** A good example: ''[[http://jeconais.fanficauthors.net/White_Knight_Grey_Queen/index.php White Knight, Grey Queen]]'' by Jeconais, in which Pansy Parkinson turns out, in a post-''{{Order of the Phoenix}}'' story, to be quite a different person than she had appeared to be up to that point.
  93. ** The infamous ''Fanfic/MyImmortal'' has ''six'' Possession Sues: Draco, Harry, Hermione, Neville, Tom Riddle (who ''[[CanonDefilement is a different person from Voldemort]]''), and Ron all become "goffs". And not the [[{{Warhammer40000}} fun kind]].
  94. ** A particularly overblown example of this trope was a hilarious story at in which [[StarWars Darth Vader]] (yes) becomes a teacher at Hogwarts. Then it turns out Harry is his half-elven son, naturally Force-sensitive as well. Harry changes name and visibly transforms so much that even Snape starts to like him (the surest sign he's become a different character)... and Draco Malfoy becomes so jealous that he stabs him with some kind of a Dementor Morgul knife, the end result being that Harry ends up being a blonde [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot half-elven Jedi Dementor Ringwraith]].
  95. ** Stories in which one or more of the side characters is focused on aren't always examples of this trope, but ones which derail him or her into being a {{Jerkass}}, GodModeSue AuthorAvatar who is absolutely ''nothing'' like the original {{Canon}} character, definitely are. [[FridgeLogic This also raises the question of just why this person doesn't go and take out Voldemort singlehandedly if he or she is as great as everyone thinks, or why his or her name isn't in the book titles instead of Harry's]].
  96. ** ''Fanfic/{{Deserving}}'' is possibly the only fic to make ''Madam Pomfrey'' into an AuthorAvatar who exists to give Harry the WhatTheHellHero treatment and occasionally dispense medical advice such as [[MisterSeahorse "male pregnancy]] [[CaptainObvious is dangerous"]].
  97. *** Blaise Zabini is a sort of special phenomenon: [[MisaimedFandom Slytherin fans]] latched onto this random name from the first book just to create a new Slytherin character, and {{Fanon}} generally settled on a pretty, red-haired girl. In the sixth book, we find out Blaise is a black boy with hints of a JerkAss personality. (Note that in European "Blaise" is generally a boy name, while it's usually used for girls in America.) Boy!Blaise's are still popular, though, [[DracoInLeatherPants since he's described as being hot]].
  98. ** Taken to new levels with [[ShipSinking Astoria]] [[SatelliteCharacter Greengrass]]. Not mentioned by name in any book, never taking any known role in the plot, never alluded except as [[NamelessNarrative Draco Malfoy's Wife]] in [[DistantFinale the epilogue of the last book]]. Cue every FanGirl [[ChristmasCake and their grandmom]] trying to pass off their OC as this mystery woman, only later naming her "Astoria" after [[WordOfGod Rowling reveals the name in an interview]]. [[GuiltyPleasure It's fun]] just to go onto [[FanFictionDotNet fanfiction.net]] and see [[AlternativeCharacterInterpretation what writers have come up with]]. ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5401946/1/Antipathy Antipathy]]'' in particular is worth reading.
  99. *** And let's not forget her big sister Daphne, a character who was literally so unimportant to anything in the books ever that she was never even remotely described. To this day she is consistently put in fanfictions as a major character, despite the fact that no one can even agree if her hair is blond, black or brown.
  100. ** ''[[http://ficdom.net/viewstory.php?sid=166 The Heritage]]'' has Lord-Baron Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Bones-Ravenclaw-Zabini-Malfoy-Slytherin.
  101. *** [[HufflepuffHouse Oh, what a surprise who got left out]].
  102. * The AlternateHistory novel ''A Damned Fine War'' features [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_S._Patton General George Patton]] as a nigh-invincible tactician and warrior able to do no wrong. Throughout the course of the book he is promoted to the rank of five-star general, made Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, and is singlehandedly responsible for annihilating the creme of the Red Army and overthrowing the communist regime in a matter of months without the slightest hint of a setback, obstacle, or impediment. To top it all off, he personally shoots Josef Stalin in a western-style shootout. The two warning signs before even reading the first page were that the author was a member of the George Patton Historical Society, and that the rear cover blurb included the phrase, "His [Patton's] only fear was that the Allies would negotiate a peace settlement before he could destroy the Red Army forever...". It tends to remove any sort of dramatic tension to know that Patton's crushing victory is inevitable before walking out of the store.
  103. ** Part of the problem is that Patton ''earned'' a very good reputation as a tactician, strategist, and (for that matter) pistol marksman. It's quite possible that if he weren't such a thoroughgoing Jerkass toward his allies he would have ended up in a very high position of command. And he actually ''did'' want to go on and attack the Soviets, to put the icing on the cake...
  104. * Certain fanfics and "sequels by other hands" tend to fall into this trap with SherlockHolmes, portraying him as absolutely omniscient. In the original stories by Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes is, in addition to brilliant, short-tempered, self-centered, and has a number of gaps in his knowledge (exactly how much the last item applies vary from story to story; he becomes much better-read between the first and second novels, for example). Fans (amateur and professional) tend to discard everything that made Holmes more than a walking brain.
  105. ** Portrayals of his cocaine addiction vary widely, writers less concerned with how it was actually presented and more with their own opinions on the matter. Watson cured him of it, though, at a time when the dangers of cocaine were not fully realized.
  106. *** Which pops up in ''The Seven Percent Solution'' by Nicholas Meyer. It's a Sherlock Holmes fic with [[spoiler:Dr. Sigmund Freud]] of all people used as a PossessionSue. And we thought ''amateurs'' write ''weird stuff''.
  107. ** By contrast, there's a ''SherlockHolmes'' novel where Holmes had lost all ability for diplomacy -- to the point where a security guard whom Holmes was interviewing complained how badly he was paid, and Holmes said that if the guard wanted to be a Socialist, he could do it on his own time.
  108. ** The animated series ''{{Sherlock Holmes in the Twenty Second Century}}'' actually managed to retain some of Holmes' misogyny by making him bring up his new 22nd century partner's (Beth Lestrade) gender infrequently, especially in the first episode; he gets better over time. Let's not get started on Watson being a robot...
  109. *** He also is quite shocked to learn that women run countries in that time. "Whatever next?!?" (Apparently the writers were [[YouFailHistoryForever unfamiliar]] with QueenVictoria, who may not have actually run the British Empire in Holmes' time but certainly had a damned big influence on the people who did.)
  110. ** [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2695250/1/ This]] fanfic has Sherlock Holmes halfway through the story, after Dr. Watson noticed back in the second chapter, ''finally'' admit it... he's got a drug problem. In fact, he admits that "in a disturbingly large number of instances when I had turned to cocaine when I was truly baffled, I had still failed." It's his recognition of the problem, as well as a conversation with [[StarWars Qui-Gon Jinn]] (yup, it's ''[[CrossOver that]]'' kind of fanfic) that helps him figure out what's going on.
  111. * In one of the rare cases of male characters becoming possession Mary-Sues (as opposed to Marty-Stus), Legolas regularly loses every scrap of characterization and winds up fawning on Aragorn/Haldir in ''{{The Lord of the Rings}}'' fanfic.
  112. ** Which is especially funny since the only person he has any real interaction with in the books is ''Gimli''.
  113. ** Erestor in ''{{The Lord of the Rings}}'', a very, very minor character, frequently becomes a Marty Stu, especially in SlashFic, being often described as extremely attractive and/or with a very prestigious ancestry and/or with a very dark past, etc. though of course none of this is canon.
  114. * S.D. Perry's novelizations of the ''ResidentEvil'' series go all out to improve the image of Rebecca Chambers, otherwise regarded in the fandom as something of TheScrappy. Rebecca is given a much larger role in the story than she has in the games, other characters devote gushing internal monologues to talking about how smart and clever and pretty Rebecca is, and damn it all, Perry went and wrote entirely original storylines just to make Rebecca the star.
  115. * Christine in ''{{The Phantom of the Opera}}'' gets this a lot. The ostensible justification is usually that the author wants to give the DistressedDamsel "a bit more backbone," but somehow this always seems to translate as "turn her into someone who would jump in bed with the Phantom at the first available opportunity."
  116. ** A variant occurs to the Phantom, as well. Any adaptation, amateur or professional, since the 1925 Lon Chaney film will inevitably soften his character, improve his sense of hygiene, make him basically sane, and basically turn him into a sexy, brooding hero. In the original, he was a somewhat pitiable psycho, more like [[TheLordOfTheRings Gollum]] than [[PrideAndPrejudice Mr. Darcy]].
  117. ** If the author is someone who dislikes Christine she will instead have the Phantom get over her and move onto Meg Giry.
  118. * Eponine in the [[Main/LesMiserables novel]] and [[Theatre/LesMiserables musical-adapted-from-novel]] ''Les Misérables'', so much so that the derogatory term 'Eppy-Sue' has become common parlance in the fandom. Part of this can arguably be down to AdaptationDecay, as the Eponine of the musical adaptation is much more overtly a tragic romantic heroine and icon for every fangirl who's felt like the ugly duckling doomed not to get the guy. Standard Eppy-Sue fanfic involves Eponine's importance in the overall story being greatly inflated, Marius deciding he loves her and not Cosette, and Cosette being demonised.
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  121. [[folder:Live Action TV]]
  122. * Happens a lot to Xander in ''{{Buffy the Vampire Slayer}}'' fanfics, to the point that [[BadassAbnormal making him ridiculously powered-up]] is a subgenre in and of itself.
  123. ** It's so common that the ''particular method'' by which he gains his abilities can be recognised and classified, with one of the most popular being known as YAHF, or Yet Another Halloween Fic. This refers to a certain episode where the characters were transformed into their costumes; in canon, Xander dresses as a soldier and gains a little military knowledge that occasionally reappears. But what if he'd gone as... Superman! Or a Jedi!
  124. ** It's also fairly common for Willow as well, despite her already possessing very powerful magic in canon. She gains different powers instead, or her already potent magic is taken to absurd levels.
  125. **  Buffy gets this, too, despite the fact that she's the Slayer. There's crossover fics in which she'll learn that she can do wand magic from the wizarding world of Harry Potter or has inherited magic from the series Charmed. There's fics in which he gets both kinds of powers. Even still, she's still the most powerful Slayer.
  126. ** Parodied in the Buffy episode "Superstar" in which Jonathan makes a wish and is made into the quintessential GaryStu or MartyStu. Allegedly a jab at fanfic writers by JossWhedon. The terms -Stu are never used, but it's pretty clear-cut just from watching the intro.
  127. * ''StarTrekTheNextGeneration'': The infamous ''FanFic/MarissaPicard'' fics by Stephen Ratliff ([[http://pw1.netcom.com/~mblackwl/mst.html most popular in their misted versions]]) pick up a minor one-shot preteen character and... well, by the end of the series, she's twenty-one, pregnant, and in charge of Starfleet. Also, [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses a princess]] and Captain Picard's adopted daughter. Nope, sorry, not making this up..
  128. ** Ironically, the [[http://memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Marissa_Flores canon character]] was created by Ron Moore, who is one of the best examples of a PromotedFanboy in ''Star Trek''.
  129. ** She's so unlike the character she's based off of, it actually makes more sense to imagine that this character is a doppelganger that killed the canon character and took her place.
  130. * Out of all the ''{{Supernatural}}'' fanfiction set around Season One, this happens to Dean the most. Add some tragic event to make his life even worse ([[RapeAsBackstory which is usually rape or sexual abuse]]), up the prettiness, sexual appeal and the martyrdom/selflessness and you have the perfect recipe for a Sue. Luckily, the real Dean has enough deep-seated flaws to prevent this from ever happening on the actual show. And in RPS fic, this can also be applied to his actor as well, making the whole thing more than a little disturbing.
  131. ** This can also happen to Sam. Fanfic writers often forget that he can be a massive {{badass}} when he thinks Dean's in trouble -- [[spoiler: beheading with barbed wire, anyone?]] - and instead just focus on the prettiness, angst and vulnerability.
  132. ** If you think that's bad, try [[http://dodger-winslow.livejournal.com/ Dodger-Winslow's]] stuff. Or better yet: ''Don't''. Obviously, John had no choice but to parentify Dean (instead of treating him like the five year old child he actually was) because without it, Dean would have fallen apart. And Dean spends paragraphs in one story musing about how John goes out of his way to make sure Dean never doubts himself, or gets an inferiority complex. [[CanonDefilement Wait a minute...]] ''[[CanonDefilement WHAT?!]]''
  133. * Tommy Oliver suffers a lot from this in ''PowerRangers'', both [[CanonSue in the show]] and in the fandom. He started out as a flawed young man, and has since become something of an uber-Stu, with even other Rangers calling him "legendary".
  134. * Similar to the ''SherlockHolmes'' example above, the Doctor of ''Series/DoctorWho'' is repeatedly portrayed as a walking DeusExMachina[=/=]MonsterOfTheWeek exterminator and nothing else, not only in fanfiction but occasionally in [[CanonSue the series itself]]. The portrayal is nowhere near as endemic among the fandom as other examples, but it's still unerringly present.
  135. * Ianto Jones of ''{{Torchwood}}'' fame suffers this fate many a time, having been transformed into [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4348287/1/Manifest_Destiny The Master's son]], [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4392357/1/RAM The Doctor's son]] and, in one memorable fanfic, [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4412145/1/The_Perfect_Host the perfect human host for an alien entity who happens to get resurrected by Jack]]. There's many versions of all of these. And most stories tend to end up with him being perfect. It's a shame.
  136. * This is so common with Daniel Jackson in ''{{Stargate SG-1}}'' fanfiction that it has its own name: Saint Daniel fic. The hallmarks of a Saint Daniel story are 1) Daniel Jackson is always right 2) anyone who disagrees with Daniel is Wrong (and also a big fat meanyhead) 3) everyone loves Daniel OR everyone is dismissive of Daniel and takes him for granted until they realize how wonderful he is and fall at his feet asking forgiveness for not showering him with praise earlier. Ironically, in the season 10 episode The Quest, Daniel is [[spoiler: mistaken for Galahad (who is himself something of a CanonSue in Arthurian Legends) by Merlin]].
  137. * Rachel on ''{{Glee}}'' gets this treatment a lot, mainly due to her A) being the biggest female character and B) as wannabe-Broadway actress who gets bullied, she's probably the closest to what a majority of ''{{Glee}}'' fans are. However most writers take this to extremes you would not believe. The most disgusting example is several stories where Rachel gets pregnant by either Puck or Finn and then gets involved in a LoveTriangle between the two...even though ''that exact same stroryline is happening on the show with Quinn!'' (But Quinn, of course, is TheLibby and therefore not relatable to the writers).
  138. ** Pick a Kurt-centric or Santana-centric fic. Any Kurt or Santana centric fic.
  139. * Sam on ''{{iCarly}}'', mostly by girls who say that they used to like a guy but still hit him/abused him/insulted him. Since this generally results in guys thinking you are an insane nutbag, they use Sam and Freddie to vicariously relive these events to end up with the guy. Carly suffering DieForOurShip is par for the course.
  140. * Stella and Macy on ''{{Jonas}}'' as Jonas Brothers fan girls use them as WishFulfillment.
  141. * Merton Dingle from ''BigWolfOnCampus'' falls under this. In the series, he's a hyperactive if somewhat cowardly PerkyGoth who uses his decent knowledge of the supernatural (and horror films) to aid the main hero, [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent Tommy Dawkins]], against the MonsterOfTheWeek... who had bad luck when it came to dating (girls mostly ignored him, thought he was too weird, or turned out to be some sort of monster). In fanfics? He's suddenly a hyper-competent fighter with [insert mystical weapon here] who happens to know ''everything'' about the supernatural and somehow ''always'' gets the girl.
  142. * When this trope is applied to the title character of ''{{House}}'', a walking homage to SherlockHolmes, [[AntiSue it goes in the exact opposite in terms of Holmes' Sueing]]. Most authors totally omit the fact he's a [[InsufferableGenius medical genius]] for the sake of casting him as a JerkWithAHeartOfGold in a FixFic. This generally stems from fanfiction writers [[YouFailYourMedicalBoardsForever not having anywhere near enough understanding of medicine to even try to write a decent medical mystery]], and being aware enough not to bother.
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  146. * 'Too Cool For School' by 'Fountains of Wayne'. The whole song is about a person who is the most badass of the badasses that can do anything and step over anyone, and that wants to be the best... Except he already is.
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  149. [[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
  150. * The "Rewriting the Book" section on WrestleCrap has done this on a couple of occasions. One of the most notable is "What if D-Generation X got into the Norfolk Scope during their attack on Nitro?", which gives the treatment to ''Paul Heyman''. In real life, {{ECW}} went under due to overwhelming competition and Heyman's general lack of business experience. In the aforementioned story, Heyman becomes an omniscient, infalliable BenevolentBoss, who swoops into the fray and overthrows all comers. Does anyone else think the author was an ECW mark?
  151. ** Internet "re-bookers" pretty much do this for everything: they do something different and of course it's wildly and utterly successful, unlike the [[YourMileageMayVary crap]] that actually happened. It's easy to succeed when you control everything and don't have to deal with all the real life hangups and pitfalls the actual owners and runners of the business do. Even IF the ideas are better and aren't controlled by ego and greed...like George Burns said, wrestling is just like show business: a hideous bitch goddess.
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  155. * Used in canon itself in ''Fate/hollow ataraxia'', where it turns out that [[spoiler:"Shirou" is actually Avenger, using his subconscious control over the [[GroundhogDayLoop time loop]] to impose his [[AlternateCharacterInterpretation new characterizations]] on everyone else. You go around saving the world and having threesomes with Rider and Sakura before you even realize this]].
  156. * [[SonicTheHedgehog Shadow the goddamn Hedgehog]]. DarkerAndEdgier and seemingly BadAss, he's pretty much the designated recipient of this in the Sonic fandom, typically defeating, killing or [[SlashFic dominating]] Sonic just to prove how BadAss he is, [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys hooking up]] with the latest RelationshipSue and generally taking over the world. Since he got his own game, the [[BrokenBase fanbase has become split]] between [[TheWesley wishing he never existed]] and those who still adore him anyway. The second most likely is Amy Rose, and heaven help you if it's both at the same time.
  157. ** Tails gets this treatment quite a bit too. Mostly in the infamous HeroFox fanfic series which not only portrayed him as a GodModeSue, but also had a short arc where he became a VillainSue.
  158. *** A truly painful example of Tails becoming a PS is in the webcomic "Sonic and Tails Plus Two". Tails got two big story arcs, most (if not all) of the BigDamnHeroes moments, appeared in almost every issue, [[SpotlightStealingSquad his character bio page on the comic's website is bigger than Sonic's,]] and all of his friends [[ShowDontTell made sure to bring up his awesomeness whenever they had the chance.]] [[Tropers/FoxTrax This troper himself]] wrote this comic. He apologizes profusely.
  159. * Cloud Strife is pretty much the Dean Winchester of ''FinalFantasyVII''. Much more attention is given to his prettiness and {{angst}} than it is to his canon personality (which is actually optimistic and humorous, contrary to the popular belief), and the fact his angst in the game was perfectly reasonable due to [[TomatoInTheMirror the severe identity issues]] he had gets ignored in favor of making {{Wangst}} a constant state of mind for him. This usually comes with suicidal tendencies that were never present in the game nor even in ''Advent Children''. The rest of his strengths tend get [[CharacterDerailment downplayed to zero]] when it's time to make him a [[{{Ukefication}} passive lover to other male characters]] (usually [[SmugSnake smug, patronizing versions]] of Sephiroth and Zack). Bastardized Cloud often tends to go hand in hand ([[SlashFic literally]]) with [[DracoInLeatherPants Sephiroth in leather pants]].
  160. ** Similarly, Aerith Gainsborough in all of her appearances was feisty, independent, didn't hesitate to tear a verbal strip off of anyone who gave her a hard time and bravely went off to cast Holy knowing she would probably also have to face Sephiroth alone. This is often ignored in favor of turning her into a weepy, cowering DistressedDamsel who must always be protected (or dominated) by whatever big, strong man she's paired with and can't so much as take a step forward without help. Her playful, flirtatious characterization is abandoned in favor of playing up the virginal, IncorruptiblePurePureness aspects of the character.
  161. *** This is bad, but it's even worse when this characterization is applied to resident ActionGirl Tifa Lockhart. Come on, fanficcers, it's 2011. Sisters are doin' it for themselves now.
  162. *** Speaking of Tifa, she gets it just as bad as Cloud. Aerith and Tifa were interesting in that their personalities directly contradicted their archtypes as StaffChick and BareFistedMonk; as described above, Aerith was nobody's princess, and Tifa was actually extremely gentle. But as the above tropers' statements show, somewhere along the line the fandom (and Square Enix) switched their personalities.
  163. * Because Namine of the ''KingdomHearts'' series spends most of her screentime drawing, many [[YaoiFangirl yaoi fangirls]] have assumed that she is drawing yaoi, and thus she is often made a yaoi supporter/enabler in many fanfictions, often regarding the various members of Organization XIII. [[DieForOurShip Poor Kairi and Xion don't get so lucky]].
  164. ** Even more ironic when you realize that in-game Namine actually ''[[DeconstructedTrope deconstructs]]'' the MarySue concept. Specifically, it shows why [[RelationshipSue a girl forcibly inserting herself in the life of a guy she likes]] [[GodModeSue and rewriting it to suit her own desires]] is a ''terrible'' idea that can only end in disaster. ''Even for the girl''.
  165. * [[VideoGame/StarFox Wolf O' Freakin' Donnell]]. It isn't bad enough that Nintendo [[TookALevelInBadass gave this guy a clothing makeover and better teammate]], remixed his main theme, and make him trek near MartyStu territory, it seems like the fandom can't get enough of this [[BigBadassWolf smelly wolf]] to the point in which you're bound to expect team Starfox wield the IdiotBall and all of Corneria actually suddenly like the convict.
  166. ** For a time, [[CanonForeigner Fara Phoenix]] from the old Nintendo Power comic was this, mostly due to TheSmurfettePrinciple at the time. Once Krystal arrived on the scene, Fara quickly fell out of favor and Krystal then assumed the mantle of being Sue-ified due to favor amongst some of the fanbase.
  167. * Kratos Aurion of ''TalesOfSymphonia'' is probably the only character that isn't at all [[DieForOurShip bashed]] in the fandom. He's the plain old [[CrutchCharacter awesome mercenary]] that's common in {{Japanese RPG}}s, and like all of the characters when written into fanfiction, he sometimes goes through a bit of [[CharacterDerailment alteration]]. Most tend to toss his [[TheStoic stoic]] attitude for a softer, yet angsty one. And while that's common, they tend to exaggerate his rare acts of kindness, [[spoiler: and parental abilities, or lack thereof. Heck, father-son fluff is popular due to this guy]].
  168. ** Some fanfics go out of their way to show him as some [[GodModeSue super Warrior God]] who could own Yggdrasill anytime he decides he had enough. They also tend to downplay his reliance on fate and destiny and make him far more proactive than he was in the actual game. Some even make him a overprotective psycho who would behead anyone that would dare to touch Lloyd, which goes against what actually happens.
  169. * ''TheLegendOfZelda'' games falls prey to this ever so frequently. Some turn Ganondorf into a DracoInLeatherPants. Some people think "Hey, Zelda is wise and benevolent? Can't have that! Let's make her angsty and gag over Link/Vaati/Ganondof!"
  170. ** In short, the only person fans don't project themselves onto is the one they're supposed to: Link.
  171. ** Because they need him to be the LauncherOfAThousandShips.
  172. * Marth from ''FireEmblem'' is always portrayed out of character in fanfiction, fanart and even ''SuperSmashBros''.
  173. ** The same goes for Captain Falcon of ''FZero''.
  174. * The writers of the Brazilian ''Game/MegaMan'' comic ''NovasAventurasDeMegaman'' made Roll the most important and powerful character in it, to the point that everyone--[[TookALevelInBadass Dr. Wily]], [[CompleteMonster Holzenbein]], [[AxCrazy Protoman]], and [[spoiler:the Grays]] need her for one purpose or another. It's also heavily implied that she's the only robot in existence with a soul.
  175. * Garrus Vakarian and Tali'Zorah of ''MassEffect'' are Possession Sues for a lot of fanfic writers, thanks to FanPreferredCouple status with Female Shepard and Male Shepard respectively.
  176. ** Liara T'Soni also finds herself occasionally canonized to [[PuritySue saintly levels of purity]], sometimes along with the entire asari race, despite of all the evidence to the contrary.
  177. * ''{{Touhou}}'' fandom is notorious for this, and it is as widespread as it is severe. Listing the specifics would probably double the length of this page, though it should be noted that merely some of the most common recipients are Marisa, Alice, Sakuya, Cirno, Mima, Yuuka, and Mokou.
  178. ** Let's elaborate a bit nonetheless. [[MemeticMutation The myriads of memes]] associated with Touhou are to blame for some of those. Namely, Marisa's reputation as a memetic sex god (of course, the fact that she's a BadAss DarkMagicianGirl with [[KamehameHadoken giant lasers]] doesn't help either). Mokou falls into this due to being an extreme MemeticBadass and widely sympathized with by the fandom as opposed to Kaguya (whose actions, considering the setting, were really not all that odious, but naught the fandom cares). Yuuka simply is a canonical and MemeticBadass. Mima suffers this fate as payback by the fandom for [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome removing her without explanation]]. Cirno gets sueified by authors who either decide to take her claims of [[MemeticMutation being the strongest]] too litterally, or get tired of seeing her mistreated and decide she needs more love.
  179. * For another specific example, cosplayer and fan writer [[http://slythgeek.deviantart.com/ Slythgeek]] has taken possession of The Boss from ''[[MetalGearSolid3SnakeEater Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater]], going so far as to write a [[FanFic/TheJoyOfBattle 100,000-word fanfic]] about her, take rather compromising cosplay photos with her husband as The Boss's canon lover, and create a uniform she thinks The Boss should have worn during WorldWarII. This is Possession Sue UpToEleven.
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  183. * ''AwkwardZombie'' notes how [[FireEmblem Marth's]] personality in the games is nothing like how he's depicted in the strips themselves. [[http://www.awkwardzombie.com/comic1-030909.php OH WELL THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU STEAL THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OF OTHERS]].
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  187. * Ron Stoppable, for the male half of the ''KimPossible'' fandom, and a fair chunk of the women, too. He's [[UnluckyEverydude easy to identify with]], which is why he's canonically the hero of many stories on a show named after someone else. But, in the fanfic world, his goofy foibles and good nature are subsumed by his [[{{Badass}} badassery]], his seldom-useful "Mystical Monkey Powers" become mystical nigh-omnipotence, his week at ninja school becomes a 256th Dan black belt in awesomesauce, and the temporary wealth he gained in a single episode becomes a massive trust fund. Either Kim will leave him and he'll figure out he's better off, or she'll become useless (or pregnant) and leave all the world-saving to him. And he manages to do all this from under a pile of almost every female character in the series: Kim (if she's not dead or evil), her friends, her enemies, that hot Japanese girl who had a crush on him, Kim's mom, etc.
  188. ** It should be noted that canonically Ron ''is'' very competent when he's working alone instead of being Kim's sidekick.
  189. ** Sort of became canon in the final episode, with Ron arguably TheHero and most certainly a certifiable {{Badass}} once he comes into his own as the [[IKnowKungFu Mystical Monkey Master]].
  190. *** Most of the last season saw Ron deathly fearing that he'd lose Kim, since her future seemed so much brighter than his. His "stepping up" seems to have been as much an attempt to let him ''keep up with her'' as anything.
  191. * ''InvaderZim'' often goes from a tiny alien with several mental problems to a tall, mysterious, [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys hot rebel]] in high school (who usually seems to be completely human in every way apart from the green skin), who usually sweeps Gaz (also tall, mysterious, and good-looking) off her feet and takes her to the prom. And then knocks her up. ...''[[ChaoticStupid Zim]]''.
  192. ** Applies to Dib as well, with almost the same frequency. Attention fanfiction writers: wearing a trenchcoat does not make one a BadassLongcoat. And being proficient with machinery and electronics does not make one a GadgeteerGenius[=/=]MadScientist. And just because he's right doesn't mean he isn't insane. And... no, let's stop there.
  193. * Most ''{{Thomas the Tank Engine}}'' fanfic authors insist that Edward is authoritive, Godly, pure, strong, and a super brain, who is loved and respected by all, despite that in canon, he is considered one of the least popular engines. Even by the Fat Controller!
  194. * A lot of ''DrawnTogether'' fanfiction is mindlessly worshipful of the Xandir character, either making him into a [[TheWoobie Woobie]] that the other characters [[SympatheticSue fawn endlessly over]] (whereas in canon, he tends to be ignored or dismissed by the others), or by casting him as the bravest warrior on the planet (whereas in canon, he's a huge puss -- the "brave warrior" label is applied ironically).
  195. * Starscream from ''TransformersArmada'' is all too often possessed. People forget he was only an Autobot for like, three episodes, and only that for the purpose of pissing off Megatron, is at best a NobleDemon and people turn him into the NICEST GUY who'll be an Autobot forever, with tons of beautiful angst leaking from every orifice.
  196. ** To be fair, canon Starscream had angst leaking from at least three orifices and was a reasonably nice guy (by Decepticon standards) to begin with. That does not, however, justify turning the woobie up to 11.
  197. ** This often goes hand-in-hand ([[RelationshipSue yes, literally]]) with Alexis, who seems tailor-made to be a fangirl surrogate fawning over Starscream... when he's not paired with [[SlashFic Jetfire]] anyway. Thankfully in the first case, authors seem keen to turn Alexis into a Transformer, because [[HugeGuyTinyGirl otherwise]]... [[{{Squick}} y'know]]...
  198. ** [[TransformersGenerationOne Generation One]] Starscream also gets possessed regularly, as many of his fans feel ''he'' is the rightful leader of the Decepticons. Or because he looks great in [[DracoInLeatherPants leather pants]].
  199. ** Likewise, anyone gunning for a female character in G1 without the trouble of making their own Sue will have a good chance of picking Elita One (Optimus Prime's romantic partner), Arcee (usually for romance or sex), or one of the named or unnamed one-shot Autobot females. Oddly enough, almost none of the female characters in ''TransformersAnimated'' have fallen victim to this, the exception being FemmeFatale Blackarachnia.
  200. * It's not uncommon to see Jérémie from ''CodeLyoko'' going to fight on Lyoko and turn out to be better at it than all the other characters combined... despite the fact that his canon version claimed to be so horrible at it he swore to never go back.
  201. * [[PortmanteauCoupleName Zutarians]] in the ''AvatarTheLastAirbender'' fandom have a reputation for doing this to Katara, derailing her from a powerful [[ElementalPowers waterbender]] and TeamMom into a DistressedDamsel who [[StockholmShnozzing falls in love with Zuko after he kidnaps her]], or after he recsued her from AttemptedRape by Zhao. Conversely, there are plenty where her power is elevated to pratically Aang + [[HealingHands healing power]] (frequently taken to a much greater level than is normally shown to be possible in the series) with one of the more extreme cases being the infamous ''FanFic/HowIBecameYours''.
  202. ** Or for that matter, Zuko, with many fan works making him out to be a smooth ladies' man, completely removing the general social ineptitude (especially when it comes to most women) and all-around dorkiness that was [[{{Adorkable}} one of his most appealing qualities]].
  203. * Some ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fic writers play up Starfire's [[PingPongNaivete naivete]] and ActionGirl status, twisting her into some sort of [[TheIngenue Ingenue]][=/=][[BreakTheCutie Broken Cutie]][=/=]SympatheticSue nightmare who is [[{{Wangst}} continually hurt]] by Robin's {{Determinator}} tendencies that had somehow been [[{{Flanderization}} flanderized]] into pure [[JerkAss jerkassery]] and KickTheDog acts.
  204. ** There is a kernel of justification for amping up the angst where Starfire is concerned, however; some fanfics use the continuity established by [[ComicBook/TeenTitans the comic books]] for the backstories of the Titans and related characters, and Comics!Starfire has an ''[[BreakTheCutie exceptionally]]'' crappy backstory. Combine this with her canon characterization and what you get is a BrokenBird-turned-{{Pollyanna}} with a dash of [[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Proud Warrior Race Girl]]. ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3403796/1/Those_Ravaging_Nightmares Those Ravaging Nightmares]]'' is an example of this type of characterization done ''very'' well.
  205. ** And of course Raven, being the most abused character when it comes to ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'' fanfic, frequently and inexplicably turns into a lonely ShrinkingViolet or a [[{{Wangst}} whiny emo]] [[WaterWorks crybaby]], and DEAR GOD, a RAPE victim, pining for love (usually from Robin, Red X or an [[RelationshipSue OC]]).
  206. ** See also Beast Boy above.
  207. * Believe it or not, [[LiloAndStitch Dr. Jacques von Hamsterviel]] often finds himself turned into some sort of CompleteMonster VillainSue, intent on abusing the Experiments for no apparent reason (keep in mind that he would gain nothing from damaging them). While he, like any other [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids Disney villain]], is certainly capable of NightmareFuel, it's not uncommon to see his actions in fanfiction go right into the realm of {{Squick}}. In one of the most extreme cases, he manages to control an ancient war god, manifest control over electricity and magnetism for no explained reason, and, in the sequel, mutates into a [[CaptainErsatz thinly veiled pastiche]] of the final boss from ''[[SonicTheHedgehog Sonic Heroes]]''.
  208. * Pick a ''DannyPhantom'' fanfic that features Vlad as a main character. Any fanfic. 50% of the time, it'll portray him as an overly-angsty soul desperately looking for redemption (especially if it's a post-"Phantom Planet" fanfic), and the other 50% will portray him as a heartless complete monster who deliberately ''tortures'' Danny (or any of Danny's friends/family).
  209. ** Poor [[SuperpoweredEvilSide Dark Danny]] (Dan Phantom... whatever you wish to call him). While fanfics of him doing an unexplained HeelFaceTurn are bad enough, what's worse is when the writers take his CompleteMonster status to ridiculous levels. One particularly grating example is in a crossover fanfic with ''WinxClub'' in which he ''rapes'' one of the female characters. Never mind the fact that Dan's M.O is mass-murder and that he'd most likely have '''no''' interest in sex whatsoever.
  210. * ''XMenEvolution'': Either Fangirls will use Kitty as their personal [[Literature/{{Twilight}} Bella]] [[RelationshipSue Swan]], potraying Lance as the perfect boyfriend with the two often sitting on a couch embraced watching TV with him uberly nice, or they have her pining after her [[PlatonicLifePartners best friend Kurt]] who's unhappy in his relationship with Amanda (who here is now the personification of TheLibby and apparently only interested in Kurt as a way to rebel against her parents, despite going out with him long before her parents even know of him or mutants in general). They also occasionally derail other characters who weren't attracted to Kurt, such as Tabitha, Rahne or Amara into uber bitches, and unintentionally painting Kitty as a JerkSue. Oh, and in these Kitty and Lance break up because he hits her (that part can be understood as he did act like a jerk in most episodes and was only nice in Season 2 and the finale, but it ''is'' canon that Lance also tried to be nicer because he wanted to appeal to Kitty and came to genuinely like her).
  211. ** Also, Rogue becomes a massive angster (something she only did in a few episodes, mostly just about how she doesn't want her powers or later when they're literally killing her) who whines and angsts about everything while Jean and Scott are made into unsympathetic jerks who seam to hate Rogue, or she's a Southern Belle who seems to fill about any kind of characterisation the author wants.
  212. *** More exactly, rabid "[[RealWomenNeverWearDresses feminist]]" fangirls latched on Rogue so strongly that they often made her look/act in their fanwork like anything ''but'' herself, as well as making her Scott's One True Love despite him not even realising that she had a crush on him and treating her as a sister-like friend at most. Made even worse by their bashing of Jean, whom they demonized to an horrifying degree because Scott liked her more than the precious Rogue Sue they had in their minds: yeah, because being prettier and more popular immediately equals to being a bad person.
  213. * [[{{Daria}} Finn Morgendorffer]]. [[ParkerLewisCantLose He can't lose]]. ''[[BeyondTheImpossible Oh, Lord, can he not lose]]''.
  214. * Ahsoka Tano of ''StarWarsTheCloneWars'' is susceptible to being a Possession Sue at times in fan fic, usually used as a convenient author avatar in romantic fanfics where she's paired off with [[LesYay Barriss Offee]], Senator Chuchi, Captain Rex, Anakin Skywalker and [[FoeYay Cad Bane]].
  215. * Cody from ''TotalDramaIsland'' gets this a lot. In most fanfics he tends to move from his usual role as a weak, awkward and [[{{Geek}} geeky]] pervert to a chivalrous DoggedNiceGuy. In fanfics involving Gwen he's often portrayed as nervous and charming, despite being ridiculously forward and embarrassing in the actual show, and his habit of stalking her and trying to see her naked is cut out completely. In said fanfics, Gwen often swoons over how loyal, handsome and nice he is, rather than becoming uncomfortable or disgusted like she does in {{Canon}}.
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  219. * {{Socrates}}, in the writings of his student {{Plato}}. A typical Socratic Dialogue involves Socrates pontificating for paragraphs at a time, and everyone he encounters agreeing with him.
  220. ** Socrates wasn't an egotist, he was a teacher who first invented Socratic dialogue. Socratic dialogue is a method of ''teaching'', that uses rhetorical questions (to be distinguished from ''leading'' questions), to guide the student to find the proper conclusion for himself: as Plato first wrote, it's impossible to ''teach'' a person anything, but only to help them understand it for themselves. Anything else would simply be rote-learning -- i.e. ''parroting'' without actual comprehension. Many modern teachers still use this method, including most Law.
  221. *** If his characterization in ''Apology'' is anything to go by, Socrates was indeed an egotist.
  222. ** As the famous [[http://www.ahajokes.com/history.html history of the world according to bad essays]] put it, "Socrates went around giving people advice. They killed him."
  223. ** Socrates is possessed in part by Plato himself, by virtue of the fact that Plato uses Socrates as a mouthpiece for his own ideas and beliefs in later dialogues. In the earlier ones, which are more commonly considered to be possible transcriptions of actual dialogues Socrates had, Socrates frequently finds himself unable to find a satisfactory answer to a question that he has been asked or that he has himself asked. It is also worth noting that in the mid and later dialogues that Plato's brothers are played up as being Socrates' ultimate interlocutors, whereas Socrates' rivals, the infamous sophists, are inevitably, arrogant morons with no appreciation for true reason.
  224. *** A good rule of thumb is that, whenever Socrates starts talking about the forms, he's Plato's mouthpiece. This is based on a line in Aristotle's ''Metaphysics'' that Plato developed the theory of forms, and is generally accepted by most Classicists. Socratic dialogues would eventually become a genre in their own right, and Socrates was often used as an AuthorAvatar in them. That said, some of Plato's late dialogues feature a different Socrates than this; in the ''Timaeus'', Socrates barely speaks, spending most of the dialogue passively listening to Timaeus' cosmology, Timaeus being the one to present Plato's (probable) views. Even more oddly, in the ''Parmenides'' Socrates delivers Plato's understanding of forms to a pair of famous sophists...[[AvertedTrope only to have them point out a]] ''very'' [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_man_argument serious]] problem with his theory, a problem Socrates is unable to solve.
  225. ** If you want a sideways look at the matter -- pick up ''Conversations With Socrates'', which is Socrates as presented by Xenophon. Certainly the contrast is dramatic.
  226. ** Or, if you want to look upside down at the matter, read The Clouds by Aristophanes to find what the public thought of him. A jerk and a sophist pretty much that up. To give you an idea of how much that play influenced public opinion, Plato (through Socrates) in the Apologies blames it directly for why Socrates was on trial -- DECADES after the play had been put on.
  227. *** That tells you why the charge of impiety was leveled against him. As for his 'corrupting the youth', that probably has more to do with his close connection (as a teacher with pronounced anti-democratic views) to many of the Thirty Tyrants as well as the controversial figure of Alcibiades. It seems likely, and is hinted at throughout the dialogues, such as when Anytus shows up in the Meno, that many of the Democratic leaders had personal grudges against him both because of his 'gadfly' behaviour and his connections to the recently overthrown Spartan-installed puppet regime.
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