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  1. Yipex has joined the chat
  2. Unethical: What do you want?
  3. Yipex: O_o
  4. Yipex: You invited me.
  5. Unethical: Why send me an add?
  6. Yipex: Oh
  7. Yipex: I dunno.
  8. Yipex: Why delete me?
  9. Unethical: Because, you said you were gone, so go.
  10. Yipex: I'm really just done with all the drama.
  11. Unethical: Good, so am I.
  12. Yipex: Josh please
  13. Unethical: I'm done with you.
  14. Unethical: No Taylyn.
  15. Yipex: Wtf?
  16. Yipex: I haven't done shit to you
  17. Unethical: I'm tired of this shit.
  18. Unethical: Fuck if you haven't.
  19. Yipex: What have I done?
  20. Unethical: Hold on, I'll brb.
  21. Yipex: Okay.
  22. Unethical: Well, for one that shit about Leah.
  23. Unethical: Fuck you, on that one.
  24. Yipex: Yes I know, I was just mad.
  25. Unethical: Atleast everything with her isn't drama.
  26. Yipex: I'm sorry.
  27. Yipex: I'm done with it allll
  28. Unethical: I can have a normal ass conversation with her.
  29. Yipex: I know Josh
  30. Unethical: Well, I'm done talking to you Taylyn.
  31. YipexYipex : I just have a shit ton going on
  32. Unethical: I have nothing else to say to you, and I'm not changing my mind.
  33. YipexYipex : Alright Josh.
  34. Unethical: I know I said I didn't want to lose you, and I don't. But, I'm tired of dealing with shit.
  35. Yipex: I respect it.
  36. Unethical: I have enough shit to deal with in my real life.
  37. Yipex: If you'd let me prove to you that I am done.
  38. Yipex: YES SAME
  39. Unethical: I don't need IMVU shit added to it.
  40. Yipex: tis why i'm DONE with it all
  41. Yipex: I just tried to fix shit with leah
  42. Yipex: and it didn't work
  43. Yipex: so i'm just done with it all
  44. Yipex: I just wanna chill
  45. Yipex: I'm so sick of drama
  46. Unethical: Yeah, after the shit you said to her, or about her. I wouldn't talk to you again if I was her either.
  47. Yipex: Yeah I know
  48. Yipex: I just got mad.
  49. Unethical: But, have a good life Tay.
  50. Yipex: She's said she like that to and about me also.
  51. Yipex: Can you just hear me out
  52. Unethical: Apologies only go so far, you used all of yours already.
  53. Yipex: For a minute
  54. Unethical: No.
  55. Unethical: I'm out.
  56. Yipex: /Sigh
  57. Yipex: Okay Josh.
  58. Yipex: I respect it, and i'm sorry.
  59. Unethical: I'm blacking you, so you can't add me back again.
  60. Yipex: Okay.
  61. Unethical: Don't come looking for me, don't text me, don't skype me.
  62. Yipex: Alright...take care Joshua.
  63. Yipex: v.v
  64. Unethical: Have fun with whatever you're going to do, and good luck.
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