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  1. You pick up the goblin, sitting her onto your knee and restraining both her arms behind her back with your left hand. You tear a piece of supple leather off of her slutty garments and use it to bind her arms there. She looks up at you, her eyes wide and frightened at the thought of being at the mercy of a larger creature. In spite of it all, she seems more than a little turned on, if the juices staining your knee are any indication. You look down at her and remark, “So the little skank has a submissive streak huh?”
  3. She blushes red and the flow of feminine fluid thickens as she nods. You know she’ll probably enjoy whatever sexual act you could perform with her, so you may as well surprise her. A cruel idea forms in the back of your mind – getting revenge for her attempts to drug you. You easily rip the pouches from her belt and pull out a few random bottles. The goblin, understanding your intent, begins struggling to free herself, but you easily restrain the smaller woman and force the drugs into her mouth, one after the another. When she tries to spit them out, you massage her throat, triggering her instinct to swallow.
  5. By the third bottle she’s given up on struggling and is instead trying to grind her cunt into your knee. Her mouth is open wide and her entire face is flushed reddish-purple with desire. You finish force-feeding her the remaining bottles and shove her, catching her ankles to hold her over your leg with her ass in the air. The scent of her arousal and the vapors from all the drugs and aphrodisiacs give you a bit of a 'contact high', at least in the sense that your moist snatch grows puffy and moist. Your arousal can wait. This slut needs to be punished.
  7. *THWACK!* Your hand smacks her nicely rounded ass. You pull back, feeling drops of wetness thanks to her prominent pussy-lips. The little bitch’s cunt is so inflamed with need that she’s practically squirting from a simple spank. You swat her again, watching her entire body tense and feeling her fluids splatter you.
  9. “YOU GOT ME WET, YOU CUNT!! BAD BITCH!” you scold, slapping her even harder.
  11. The goblin squeals, though in delight or pain you can’t be sure. You start spanking her harder and harder, turning her ass from green to red with the repeated abuse. Her entire body begins convulsing and squirting, splattering your arm with her honey. She got off on it! Well, after that kind of show, she’s going to get you off too - or else!
  13. You pull her off your leg and shove her face into your very loose pussy. She thrashes against you, too lost to her own pleasure to realize what’s going on. Forcefully you put her plump little lips on your box and grind, letting her tongue slip into your folds. Her eyes are little white slits, her pupils rolled up out of view, but there’s enough of something in there that her tongue recognizes the taste and starts licking. You tremble; it feels WAY better than it should. Perhaps some of her potions have left a residue on her lips and tongue, but you don’t care.
  15. You cum on the drugged green bitch, leaving the taste of pussy on her tongue. Her face has a strange dopey smile on it, and she looks like she’s in some strange state in between consciousness and sleep. You grab her by the hair and toss her on the ground, watching her body twitch and jump as her orgasm continues to rack her body. It looks like it’s starting to slow down, the little twat ought to be fine.
  17. You casually dress, ignoring the pants and moans from the blissed-out goblin, and prepare to leave. Taking one last look over your shoulder, you realize her fluids have made a puddle bigger than her. She’ll probably have a hell of a hangover when she wakes up. You sigh and saunter off, feeling a bit guilty about overdoing it.
  19. You grab 7 gems and 10 XP from your victory.
  20. There is a vial of roiling bubble-gum pink fluid on your defeated opponent. You place a vial of roiling bubble-gum pink fluid in your third pouch.
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