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  1. ❛ closer ❜
  3. slot: dance the night away
  4. backup slot: knock knock
  6. face claim: bang yedam (treasure13/ygtb)
  8. backup face claim: kim junkyu (treasure13/ygtb)
  10. ❛ secret garden ❜
  12. full name: kang yoonam
  13. nickname(s): namoo
  14. — this nickname was given to him from a young age by his grandmother. it’s a reference to yoonam’s odd admiration for cows and moomin. only his family uses it.
  16. age: 17
  17. birthday: april 13, 2002
  19. ethnicity: korean
  20. nationality: american
  22. sub-gender/rank: omega
  23. blood type: A
  25. height: 5’7” / 170 cm
  26. weight: 130 lbs / 59 kg
  28. ❛ windy day ❜
  30. birthplace: gwangju, south korea
  31. hometown: waco, texas
  33. family:
  34. kang inshik / 68 / grandfather / male / beta / very close
  36. kang kyoryeong “gongju” / 65 / grandmother / female / alpha / very close
  38. kang gibbeum / 40 / mother / female / omega / not on speaking terms
  40. ahn garam / 48 / father / male / alpha / never met each other
  42. background: kang yoonam was born to his parents, gibbeum and garam, during a difficult point in their lives. the couple was never together — garam was married with a family of his own, while gibbeum was attending the university his wife was attending. their affair lasted for 4 years before yoonam was born. garam didn’t want to legally recognize the child as his and gibbeum didn’t want to be shamed for having an illegitimate child. she originally planned to abandon him on the streets and let nature take it’s course, but her mother intervened and forced gibbeum to sign over her parental rights so she and her husband inshik could raise the boy.
  44. the elderly couple moved overseas and settled in texas, which would be theirs and yoonam’s home for the next 14 years. yoonam was raised well by his grandmother’s strict rules and his grandfather was more laid back, which resulted in yoonam also kissing up to him if he wanted something. he wasn’t aware of his parents’ whereabouts as kyoryeong or inshik never told him and it didn’t bother him enough to ask. when yoonam began hanging out with the local theatre kids in school and learning how to play instruments, his grandmother didn’t approve because she thought the activities would distract him from his chores at home, but she eventually came around to yoonam’s interests. but then yoonam had to say goodbye to his home and friends after his grandparents said they had to urgently move back to south korea.
  46. he was upset for a few months after the move, but would eventually get over it after his grandmother put him into a performing arts school, which is where he met a group of boys his age and they formed a music crew later. they had a falling out after a misunderstanding between yoonam and a friend’s girlfriend occurred, resulting in the omega boy getting kicked out. fortunately, an entertainment company wanted to sign yoonam after seeing him busking in the streets with a group of betas only weeks after — from there, it’s all history.
  48. ❛ liar liar ❜
  50. personality:
  51. yoonam is VERY unpredictable, impulsive, and hyperactive. to bystanders, he appears intimidating and bored with life, when in reality he’s thinking of ways to sneak junk food into his bedroom without getting or leaving behind evidence of him doing that. he’ll sit with a group of people who are quietly talking amongst themselves and yoonam will try to crack a few jokes to “liven up the mood,” but spoiler alert!: it fails miserably. his only friends are his grandparents and a stray calico cat that never stopped following him after feeding it some of his tuna sandwich one time, but he really tries to make actual friends. yoonam complains about no one giving him a chance and vows to be a “big meanie” so everyone can have a piece of their own medicine. it never works because he can’t say anything rude to a random person out in the streets without feeling super bad afterwards
  53. even around people he does know, yoonam struggles to “fit in” and it’s because of his scent. unfortunately, he can’t smell it as strongly as others, so he’s not aware of how bad it is. he uses his grandparents’ many fragrances to try and mask it, which is in vain because everyone can still smell him and his nose gets super irritated all week (save this boy pls)
  55. he has a slight accent when he speaks either english or korean, so it sounds like he has a lisp, but it’s cute to some girls from his school...until they catch a whiff of his scent. yoonam calls this accent “the yee-yee” because of the slang he learned growing up in texas. he unironically wears a straw cowboy hat in the summer when he goes to the beach, despite the weird looks he gets for it. he could be having a conversation in konglish, but will bust into stereotypical cowboy sayings and confuse the other person — it cracks him uP every single time.
  57. he struggles with the self and brings himself down a LOT because of his scent and being bad at many things, but then compliments his facial features or changes up his wardrobe for a day before going back to his self-loathing ways. there’s really no inbetween with his feelings and it’s chaotic unless someone gets him to “come back down.”
  61. – sci-fi movies
  62. – scented candles
  63. – the sound of the ocean
  64. – clip on earrings
  65. – glittery makeup
  66. – riding on horses: he likes the sense of freedom and adrenaline it provides
  67. – watching the sunset by himself
  68. – his cow plushie “bbomi”: he likes to carry it around everywhere!! it doesn’t matter if he’s almost a grown man
  69. – boba smoothies
  70. – chewing mint gum while drinking cold water
  72. dislikes:
  73. – getting his white shoes dirty
  74. – offensive humor
  75. – the sound of bees buzzing: it gives him bad anxiety because he’s been stung before as a child
  76. – spicy food: his nose gets snotty and red from it
  77. – coffee: the caffeine is way too strong and watering it down with milk isn’t his thing
  78. – being forced to do things
  79. – stepping on rogue legos
  80. – eerie silence when he’s home alone
  81. – having to use the bathroom in the middle of the might
  82. – getting caught in a lie when the other person already knows the truth
  84. habits:
  85. – avoiding eye contact
  86. – saying “uhhh” or “like” in every sentence
  87. – cracking his neck
  88. – sprinkling water on his face after waking up
  89. hobbies:
  90. – photography
  91. – bird watching
  92. – collecting graphic novels
  93. – dancing
  95. fears, phobias, & triggers:
  96. – aichmophobia: fear of needles and pointed objects
  97. – nyctophobia: fear of the dark
  98. – coulrophobia: fear of clowns
  99.   ⠀
  100. languages they can speak:
  101.      english, korean
  103. social media accounts & usernames: instagram – h9namoozie
  105. sexuality: bisexual
  106. attracted towards: betas & omegas
  108. ❛ remember me ❜
  110. trivia:
  111. – he loves the cartoon character “moomin”.
  112. – his clothes are always color coordinated on specific days of the week.
  113. – he sings in the shower.
  114. – he never ties his shoelaces properly.
  115. – he’s a heavy sleeper
  116. – he wears a bracelet with a charm that has his initials on it.
  117. – his hair grows back fast, so he has to get it trimmed every week.
  118. – karaoke clubs and lotteworld are his favorite places in south korea.
  120. stage name:
  121. ⠀yeule
  123. trainee years:
  124. there was the incident from his early teen years that involved him and one of his friends. that friend had a girlfriend that always lingered around yoonam when her boyfriend wasn’t around and it made him uncomfortable because she would make advances towards him, even though he politely asked her to stop.
  126. one day she told yoonam he should come over to her place when his friend would be out of town on a field truo, but he said no as always. the big misunderstanding started because that girl and her friends cornered yoonam after school, pushing him around and calling him homophobic slurs since he seemed to avoid all the girls in school. they liked to leave mean notes that taunted him about his scent in his locker, along with dumping dirty mop water on him in between lunch periods. the boys in his p.e class would steal his clothes, so he would have to call his grandfather to bring extra clothes and make him promise not to tell his grandmother.
  128. this continued until the week his friend came back and yoonam decided to tell her to back off or he would tell on her. unbeknownst to him, she had told her boyfriend to come meet her at the same spot she and yoonam at, so he’d catch them in a “compromising” situation. the girl had forced a kiss on yoonam just as his friend was walking into the same hallway, “catching” them in the act.
  130. no matter how much yoonam insisted that she had forced herself on him and set him up, his friend never believed him and he was kicked out of their friend group.
  132. ❛ coloring book ❜
  134. love interest:
  135. ⠀what is love
  137. why would they be good together?: mayhaps yoonam could help them out, like quietly cheering them on and trying to prove they’re more than just a pretty face.
  138. how they met/how you'd like them to meet: what if yoonam is riding his bike around in the streets while his grandmother shops, then he gets distracted by them and he ends up crashing into people on the sidewalk? i think that would be Something interesting lmao, but rip to yoonam’s self esteem–
  140. current relationship: barely acquaintances
  141. couple trivia:
  142. ⠀there’s probably not a lot to them, but maybe they have an inside joke based on something only they know about...aside from yoonam crashing his bike after seeing him and never living it down.
  144. ❛ cupid ❜
  146. suggested scenes:
  147. ⠀- he meets his biological dad without knowing it’s him, but eventually finds out because his mom shows up at his grandparents’ house demanding for them to return yoonam to her. then yoonam attempts to have a relationship with his father, only to get turned away because he’s illegitimate to the man’s inheritance.
  149. anything else:
  150. his mom gibbeum tries to get him to come live with her, but he’s not comfortable because he doesn’t know her at all and the entire situation stresses him out.
  152. note to me: i’m sorry for making you wait too long hhh <3
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