BluntTongs - Plastic... Dandelion?

Feb 20th, 2014
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  1. >Yes, you've got this filly right where you want her
  2. >tied up to an old torture device that for some reason you found in the basement
  3. >you didn't question it
  4. >Dandelion's surprisingly complacent, even rather mellow
  5. "Dandelion, could you PLEASE just scream once?"
  6. >"Why, Mister?"
  7. "Because it fits the mood better, that's why!"
  8. >you're getting rather annoyed
  9. >she musters up a faint and dull "Aaaaah."
  10. "Damnit, Dandelion, just... Arrgh!"
  11. >you pick up a metal stake from your small workbench, and thrust it into her left hoof
  12. >it pierces her body, but not a single reaction comes from the little filly
  13. >there's not even any blood
  14. "What the fuck?"
  15. >"What is Mister doing to Dandelion?," she says with a smug grin
  16. >you get another stake, and ram it through her right hoof
  17. >same deal-io with this
  18. "Alright, what's going on here?"
  20. >"Mister, you DO know we can't die, right?"
  21. "That's stupid, how do you keep population in check?"
  22. >"Things are transmogrified into other things, clearly."
  23. >this is bullshit, and she knows it
  24. "Alright, I'll prove you wrong, then!"
  25. >you grab a crappy hacksaw from your bench and position it over her tender neck
  26. >you go to work sawing, and soon, Dandelion's head is severed from her body and rolls onto the floor
  27. > a comedic Tom-And-Jerry-esque way
  28. >"I told you, Mister."
  29. >her head speaks to you from it's place on the floor
  30. "Fuck."
  31. >Dandelion's body removes the giant nails from it's hooves, flies off the rack, and re-attaches it's head, 'wounds' closing up quickly
  32. >"Next time, Mister, maybe I'll scream a bit. Goodbye!"
  33. >and Dandelion walks off, leaving you to grumble to yourself
  34. >what good is a universe where you can't get off to other's being tortured?
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