Blessed and Consecrated

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  1. Pentagrammatic wards worked against daemonhosts, but they were no stronger than the weapon that bore them.
  2. … He accompanied me to the door of the forge. ‘Both weapons must be blessed and consecrated before use. I cannot do that, though I can ceremonially dedicate their manufacture to the Machine God.’
  3. … We reached the shrine world of Orbul Infanta at the end of the twelfth week. I had three tasks to perform here, and the first was the consecration of the sword and the staff.
  4. … Saint Ezra, who had been martyred in 670.M40, was the patron saint of undertaking and setting forth, which I took to be appropriate.
  5. … ‘In blessing and consecrating these items, I worship the Emperor who is my god, and charge those who bring these items forth that they do so without taint of concupiscence. Do you make that pledge?’
  9. "Malleus", Chapter Twenty
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