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  1. "Well aren't you a new face, huh kid?"
  3. Arthur turned his head upwards, tracking the endless figure that trapped him against the wall. It felt like the man's body never ended, the gazelle having to crane his head high to see the eyes of the towering man. The lion flashed a toothy smile, making Arthur feel incredibly small. "So, are you here with your friends?"
  5. Arthur shook his head quickly, "They're not, gay."
  7. "I understand that. However, it would be a good practice, for future reference, to tell men like me that you have friends here." The lion hunched over, getting his face into the boy's zone." You never know what intentions men like me have for a cute little thing like you."
  9. A few short, tense and heavy moments passed, before the man broke the silence. "I'm just fucking with ya, kid." Arthur exhaled, the sounds of the club returning to his ears. The man's unending torso stepped to the side, no longer blocking Arthur's view of the dance floor. He leaned against the wall with Arthur, and placed a big meaty paw on the teen's shoulder, pulling him in. "Thought you were gonna piss yourself there hah. These men, they're like sharks. They can smell fresh blood in the water a mile away, and you're looking like an all you can eat buffet. So, short stack, what's your name?"
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