Journal Entry Seven

Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. >Journal Entry Seven
  2. >I realized I never wrote what happened on my day of arrival. I suppose my ordeal began much like most people's did. It began after getting off 4chan one night. I believe it was the twenty-first of June, 2013. When I awoke, I was incredibly shocked. I had awoken in the middle of a grassy plain, close to a small town.Furthermore, I had become a pony. I may have been a fan of the show, but I certainly hadn't wanted or expected this. After the initial shock had passed, I tried to stand and walk, only to collapse on the ground in a heap. I suppose walking on four legs would be different. After several attempts, I succeeded in a haphazard, hobbling form of walking. Luckily, I didn't have to walk far, as it appeared that a group of ponies, guards or soldiers from the look of their equipment, were coming directly towards me. I tried to explain my situation to them, but they seemed to have already known, saying I wasn't the first "outsider" to arrive.They brought me back to a train station in the small town, put me in a train car, and the train departed. I noticed in the train with me were several, equally confused looking ponies. They must have arrived under similar circumstances. We passed the most of the several hours of the train ride in silence, all seemed to be having an equally difficult time adjusting. The few times I spoke, something felt off. That's when I finally realized I was no longer a male. That was an Even bigger shock than waking up in 4chan. We were taken off the train, at a new settlement on the frontier called "FourCannon"(how creative). It was apparently filled with other "outsiders". The royal princesses gave us the land. The settlement had only existed for five days. They gave us supplies, given to us by the Equestrian government. Soon after arrival, I was greeted by a unicorn mare named Lucyne. She directed me to the town hall. There, I registered in the official census, and was given a plot of land (not many houses, all taken). I was also requested to fill in a name and an occupation. I took one of the unoccupied jobs, miner. I decided a new name was in order. I chose "Feldspar", something earth-related to fit. I set up my tenet, no easy task with hooves, and set out what supplies I was given. Among them was this journal. It took some time to get used to writing with my mouth, but I got it down. Before I forget, I should write down who I was, who I still am. I believe forgetting yourself is a fate worse than death.
  5. >Name: Stephen Francis McDonald
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