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  1. You are now one mister GAMMAH RESTUZ and you're in a GOOD-ASS MOOD today.
  3. You just got back from your place of work, the MINES under your hive. You work there nearly every night to get materials for your HIVE. You're currently involved in a gigantic ARCHITECTURALLY AWESOME PROJECT that will essentially give you a SECOND HIVE. It all started when you wanted to hang out with LANDDWELLERS but were too lazy to leave the hive. You decided to start building a tower all the way to above the water so you can chill with them- and by jove, you did. It's got an incredible amount of support, so not even the wear and tear of the ocean will knock it down. It'd take a ship running in to it to knock it over, but that's unlikely. The rest of your hive is a manor, but you hardly use it anyways.
  5. You're a pretty LAX guy. At least, you try to be. Your ideal is that EVERYONE SHOULD GET A HUG no matter the character and goddamnit you're gonna see that through. You have a soft spot for landdwellers, but not enough to let them beat you up. In fact, if they try to steal from you while you're just chilling, that's grounds for a culling. Not that many people would mess with a BEAR like you.
  7. Your trolltag is [color=#A65DC1]pillaredCreation[/color] and you SlIIp some ThIIngs abouT archIITecTure and mIInIIng IInTo your sTaTemenTs.
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