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  1. CuAt69UsdSng (offline sunday)Dziś o 03:38
  2. As you saw we simplified all SS charts vs. regular players!
  3. Many of you can wonder, why we left the previous GTO charts? And the answer is straightforward. With @perez1187  we talked with many of players in the Smart Spin community, and we tried to understand, what connects the best players? And all of them don't care about being perfect preflop. They are trying to understand, how approximately they should play preflop and how to exploit different preflop tendencies. That is all. They are not wasting time for regularly checking charts or overthinking about close hands. Why? Because it is hard to make a mistake preflop! The difference between one move or another is minimal. I will give you an example. You are in 3w SB v BB, and there are many different preflop strategies - 3x only/ limp&mnr, etc. -  all these strategies have similar EV! So if you have hands like KTo, and whatever you do, like 3x,2.5x, MR, limp it doesn't matter, because all these moves have similar EV. The most important is how you play post flop, especially on later streets.
  5. Proofs? We checked the EV  different hands preflop! We checked EV in MR, limp and 3x, and the EV was identical! Is it not enough?
  6. Personally, from my experience being THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SPIN&GO player in 2018, I know that the most important in poker when I play against regular players is NOT TO make big mistakes OTT and OTR!! And many other excellent players said the same sentences:  In spin and go world we earn money from fish, we do that because fishes make a lot of mistakes on every street, we will never win a lot of money vs. regular players, and it isn't our goal. Our goal is to smash fishes!
  7. When you play in a game vs. two regular players, your win rate will differ between -5 and +5 chips per game! While when you play vs. two fishes your win rate varies between +50 and +100 chips per game! As you can see you can get five times more if you focus on improving your results vs. Fish! While being awesome vs. reg - doesn't matter that much.
  10. Another reason why we decided to simplify the charts, is because these charts were too tricky! It was almost impossible to play according to them. If players do that, they lost a lot of mental energy checking things that they don't have an impact on our EV. Not even talking about the fact that it's illegal if you play on PokerStars.
  11. When we created charts, we made a mistake. We focused too much on theoretical aspects. We wanted to create charts as close GTO as we could, and we thought that was the best way to improve your game. But now we know that from a practical point of view, it was a terrible mistake.
  13. Now, as I become the chief of the Smart Spin Strategy Department, I want to change our direction. Now we will focus on things that have the most impact on your EV. We will focus on practice, not theory. We will focus on hand reading skills instead of static theoretical patterns. And the first step is to create straightforward charts, which you can easily remember and at the same time, there are still hard to exploit. Soon you can expect more practical materials about turn and river. I am very excited about the new direction!
  14. However, both previous and current charts will be available if you wish to play a more complicated strategy. I read your feedback - and love to hear it more privately!
  16. Remember that poker isn't a theory game! It's a game of practice! Even perfect charts with 100 different sizings for every hand won't help you too succeed if you don't apply these strategies in the game!
  17. The newest charts are a combination of my simplification for not being super transparent and to remember everything quickly and intuitively!
  18. For games vs. reg is more critical to ADJUST when some starts exploiting you super hard! Most of the regulars have many leaks so pretty fast you should change your game! Other half is so lazy they will never construct a good counter strategy. If you see that someone starts ISO AI you every hand - it's the easiest way to adjust. But if someone won't do such transparent adjustment - no worries because it won't be so profitable for your opponent that it won't affect your results.
  20. Besides that everyone slightly differs from charts - even 3% of a difference between your game in real life and charts CHANGES THE WHOLE CALCULATIONS AND EXPECTATIONS OF THE GAME PLAN VS THE WHOLE RANGE!!!
  21. TL DR In reality - PREFLOP DOESNT MATTER (unless you don't make big mistakes like 70% VPIP or Raise/call vs. AI with JTo)!
  23. I've worked with over 100 players from high-stakes and analyzed their statistics - pretty often people had PERFECT preflop/flop stats - but super poor results because of bad turn&River strategy. However I saw many guys with "gut feeling logical" preflop/flop approach but with a great understanding of postflop turn&river strategy vs. fishes - they usually had the best results. You can make mistakes on the river that are worth 50 or 100 chips per hand - and this matters. Not preflop 0,5c difference!
  25. I am here to create THE BEST possible strategy for you!
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