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  1. Minecraft falling episode 5 script
  2. [Last time on Minecraft Falling]
  3. [Shows a few clips]
  4. [Intro]
  5. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  6. [In the morning]
  7. *Jackson and Troy sit down at a seperet table then Brandon,Jake and David which are at the other table*
  8. *Emily walks with her tray and sits across from Jackson at the table*
  9. Brandon: Hey Emily why dont you sit over here
  10. Emily: I'm sitting over here today
  11. Brandon: Fine
  12. *Jake walks over and sits across from Troy*
  13. Jake: Hey Troy
  14. Troy: Oh hey Jake how are ya
  15. Jake: Great, How are you?
  16. Troy: Pretty good being in a zombie apoclypse and all. Umm does your arm hurt?
  17. Jake: Heck yea
  18. Jackson: Not to interupt your arm talking but what wrong with Brandon lately
  19. Emily: I dont know last night was terrible
  20. [After breakfest]
  21. Emily: Ok everyone group meeting
  22. *everyone goes to the meeting room*
  23. *Everyone sits down*
  24. Emily: Ok hey everyone I found a map of this local area and it turns out there is a town up north. There is some good places a few houses a police station, Resurant, Small hospital.
  25. Brandon: So are we moving there?
  26. Emily: Of course not. We just need to scout there for supplies anything could be usefull.
  27. Jackson: So whos going?
  28. Emily: You and David can go
  29. Brandon: What about me?
  30. Emily: You stay here I dont trust you enough
  31. Brandon: Fine
  32. Jake: Can I go?
  33. Emily: Well your stub isnt looking good
  34. Jake: Dont worry ive found an alternative.
  35. Emily: What?
  36. *Jake picks up stick*
  37. *Jake puts the stick in his stub*
  38. Emily: eww thats gross
  39. Jake: It might help
  40. Emily: Fine you can go too
  41. Jackson: Ok lets get going guys
  42. Emily: Wait, grab something from the weapons shed.
  43. *Jackson,Jake,David walk to the weapons shed*
  44. *David unlocks it*
  45. Jackson: Whoa
  46. *Jake grabs some potions*
  47. *David grabs a stone axe*
  48. Jackson: Hmmm what weapon shall I choose
  49. *Jackson grabs a bow*
  50. Jake: Are you good at shooting
  51. Jackson: Yea
  52. David: Lets go
  53. Jake: ill pull the Truck
  54. *Everyone gets in the truck*
  55. Emily: Wait guys
  56. *Emily hands Jake the map*
  57. Emily: The city is circled in red and our base is circled in blue.
  58. Jake: Got it see ya
  59. Emily: Bye guys stay safe
  60. [The truck arrives at the town]
  61. *Jake slowley drives the truck down the main street of the town*
  62. Jake: Do you guys see any place that could be helpfull?
  63. Jackson: The Gas Station
  64. *Jake pulls intro the gas station*
  65. *Everyone gets out of the truck*
  66. Jake: Ok guys. Get some gas cans and fill them with gas. Then put them in the back of our truck.
  67. Jackson: Got it
  68. David: kk
  69. [After they filled 20 cans with gas and they put them in the back of the truck]
  70. *Everyone gets back in the truck*
  71. Jake: Lets check the store for food
  72. *The truck arrives at a store*
  73. *Everyone gets out*
  74. *Everyone walks in the store*
  75. Jake: Ok lets find something usefull
  76. *Everyone goes in different directions*
  77. Jackson: Ok ill get some drinks
  78. Jake: I found some can food
  79. David: Is it fresh
  80. Jake: It expired 10 days ago
  81. Jackson: Take it anyway, I found some juice boxes
  82. David: What kind?
  83. Jackson: Cherry
  84. Jake: Hey guys I found a stash of weapons!!
  85. *David and Jackson walks over to Jake*
  86. Jackson: Whoa
  87. David: That is a lot of weapons
  88. Jenny: Who the heck are you!?!
  89. Mark: Are you trying to rob us?!
  90. Jackson: No we dont mean any trouble
  91. *Jake stares at Mark*
  92. Jake: Mark!?!
  93. Mark: Jake?! David?!
  94. Jackson: You know this guy?
  95. Jake: He helped us escape, Mark how did you get out
  96. Mark: Jenny and I escaped
  97. Jenny: It was a very complicated plan, But it worked
  98. Jake: Wow, wanna come back to our camp?
  99. Mark: Yea that would be awesome
  100. David: We are just getting supplies then we will head back to camp
  101. Mark: Got it
  102. [After getting supplies everyone gets back in the truck]
  103. *Jake starts driving back to camp*
  104. Mark: Whoa Jake I just noticed that you dont have a hand. Why is that?
  105. Jake: Long story
  106. Mark: Oh
  107. *Mark looks at Jackson*
  108. Mark: Who are you?
  109. Jackson: I'm Jackson
  110. Mark: Nice to meet you
  111. *At camp*
  112. *Everyone gets out of the truck*
  113. Brandon: Mark!!!
  114. *Mark runs up to Brandon*
  115. Mark: Whats up dude
  116. Brandon: Nothing much
  117. Mark: Are you dating emily yet
  118. Brandon: No
  119. Mark: Oh
  120. Emily: What did you guys get?
  121. Jackson: We got a lot of stuff exluding Jenny and Mark.. We got Weapons,Food and drinks
  122. Emily: Nice anyway its gonna storm badly lets get inside and talk
  123. [Screen goes black]
  124. Episode 5 over
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