CM Famagusta Extra Place application

Aug 24th, 2019
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  1. For me the cm Karlsruhe (my first event) was the huge opening of the estiem. At the cm I learned a lot of things about Estiem, like how it works, how big and rich in opportunities it is and so on. Although the best thing I experienced was meeting other estiemers and their national cultures from all around europe. The last two semesters was really hard for me in my uni, and so do my financials, so no matter how much I wanted to travel and experience, I had barely any choice. For a few months now i started to make money, and i almost run out of classes in my studies so now I can afford applying for events. This is why I am so excited to apply for this cm. I can’t wait to meet Estiemers again and be in the middle of that huge ambition flow that council meetings are known about. The other thing why i would like to take part at the cm is the opportunity that i can have the raw information and news about the organization immediately. I hope you consider my application favourably. See you in Famagusta!
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