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  2. ---------- Forwarded message ----------
  3. From: CooperUnion SOS
  4. Date: Tuesday, April 30, 2013
  5. Subject: The Students United Will Never Be Defeated.
  6. To: CooperUnion SOS <>
  9. Hi all, thanks for following along and for your continued coverage. Today we have announcements from students in each of the three schools at Cooper Union.
  13. * * *
  15. Students for a Free Cooper Union Welcome Board of Trustees to THE JUNGLE
  17. * * *
  19. On Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Mark Epstein, Chairman of Cooper Union’s Board of Trustees, announced that the incoming undergraduate class of 2014 will be charged $19,500 in tuition.
  21. News outlets have portrayed this announcement as a major blow to the two year struggle taken on by Cooper students, faculty, alumni, and staff to uphold 150 years of free education. Instead of feeling defeated, the Students for a Free Cooper Union find ourselves in a position of clarity. As of last Tuesday, there is no confusion regarding the administration’s intentions to expand into profit-driven education.
  23. In the past week we’ve witnessed actions: from banner drops, to the architecture lobby blackout, to abundant window paintings, to the leak of a private board meeting’s transcript, and a city-wide student convergence set for May Day at Cooper Square. The fight for “Free Education to All” has not been lost.
  25. Join us on May Day at 3pm as we stand with students CUNY Grad, Medgar Evers, NYU, the New School, Columbia and Barnard!
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  29. School of Architecture
  31. * * *
  33. This space, the third floor lobby of Cooper Union's Foundation Building, is a sacred space, the heart of the School of Architecture. This is our citadel, our platform to address the world. This lobby is a place where we engage in a dialogue of critique, debate, and the free exchange of ideas. The spirit of this space, a work forged from the toil of many great individuals, has been violated by those sworn to uphold its principles. As students of architecture we aspire to give complex social, political and poetic ideas a spatial and conceptual form of true meaning. We who join in this act gather as a community to affirm our resolve for the sanctity of education as a profound social act. Through this work, we manifest the violation inflicted upon this space, upon this school and upon the social contract which upholds it. “To record is to bear witness.” (John Hejduk)
  35. * * *
  37. School of Engineering
  39. * * *
  41. Students, faculty, and alumni of The Cooper Union will be gathering at City Hall on May 7th at 12:30 PM. Members of the Cooper community will speak to the meaning of a free education and several projects that have been enabled by full tuition scholarships will be on display. Cooper’s engineering students are organizing this event to demonstrate why a tuition free Cooper Union must be maintained for the generations to come. We are asking for the support of the public in what we believe is an opportunity absolutely worth saving - for future scholars, for New York City, and for the global community. As student debt rises exponentially, this institution represents a unique model that has provided some of the most committed students a chance for the best education without the burden of student debt.
  43. More information can be found on the Facebook event page and inquires should be directed to
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  47. Where to find more images, videos, and updates:
  49. @FreeCooperUnion / /
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