Who's a Pretty Pony? C1

Jan 22nd, 2013
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  1. Who's a Pretty Pony? C1
  3. Lovelymuffins posted this:
  4. "Twilight has been rejected so many times by stallions shes unsure of her self. Anonymous swings by one day and finds Twilight laying on her bed petting her tail repeating shes a pretty pony. Worried about her he attempts to help her only for both of them to fall in love."
  6. And I typed up this mountain of cheese. Don't read it if you're not a fan of shitty romance/cheese/cute stuff or something.
  9. >today is a bright and cheerful day in Equestria
  10. >you wake up to find the birds singing happily in the cool morning air
  11. >you have a wonderful breakfast and you feel like nothing can ruin your mood
  12. >as an aspiring painter, you stretch before grabbing your equipment and heading out the door
  13. >you’re now a common sight in P0nyville
  14. >you pretty much just walk around town, sit down, and look for “that perfect moment”
  15. >it's not a bad routine, compared to a sandwich of bland nine-to-five meat with commute bread
  16. >that flair of inspiration splashes your mind more often as you find yourself surrounded by the scenery of Equestria
  17. >even the inhabitants support your creative process
  18. >they are so enthralled by their carefree yet rich lives that they just make the pigments flow onto your canvas
  19. >for hours, you sit perfectly still, a statue that simply exists
  20. >hues of magenta and crimson begin to permeate the streets as Celestia's day wanes
  21. >you barely register the voices of those who surround you when you're in this state
  22. “I said six bits! Not four or five. Six bits and that's final!”
  23. >you hear, but you aren't listening
  24. “Oh, little Cobblers is turning three this week – we have to find him a cake…”
  25. >if somep0ny were to question you about the conversations you overhear, you wouldn’t even remember a single word
  26. >after a while, you decide to relocate
  27. >buildings were never your forte
  28. >you get up and begin walking off in no particular direction, hoping to stumble on an angle you’ve never experienced before
  29. “Listen, you’re a nice mare but I don’t know if I’m right for you. I’m sorry, Twilight…”
  30. >a familiar name snatches your attention as you bumble along the beaten roads
  31. >Twilight Sparkle?
  32. >you had not really pinned her as a pony that really dated
  33. >unable to help yourself, you look over at the source of the voice
  34. “Are you sure you don’t want me to walk you home? It’s getting dark,” says a tan-colored stallion
  35. “It’s fine, but thank you for being so gallant,” she replies, smiling
  36. “Okay… Have a good evening, then”
  37. >the colt canters off, waving goodbye
  38. >oh well, at least they didn’t end it messily
  39. >Twilight seems to have come out of that a whole lot better than some of your past romantic encounters
  40. >feeling like you’re invading her privacy, you begin to look away, but not before catching the purple unicorn’s head drop
  41. >she sighs heavily, slowly heading back to her library with a painful look on her face
  42. >hooves dragging
  43. >it wasn’t your business, but you couldn’t help but feel a lump in your chest
  44. >you get a swelling wave of déjà vu
  45. >Twilight's face seems to wake up some memories
  46. >you think you've seen this before, but you were so busy with your painting or your sightseeing that it never really dawned on you
  47. >Twilight had been on dates before
  48. >you two are acquainted, but it is difficult to actually get hold of her
  49. >she was too often neck-deep in studies
  50. >when she was not, you’d see her flash off somewhere to save the day
  51. >you didn’t want to get in the way, so you steered clear of anything dangerous
  52. >many times, the papers had filled you in on the exploits of the six Elements of Harmony
  53. >doing heroic things was really not your strong suit
  54. >you don’t let people walk all over you, but violence scares you and getting someone hurt due to your incompetence doesn’t sit well with your conscience
  55. >you are also an anemic skinny little nerd that falls over in high winds
  56. >pushing these events from your mind, you notice your window for a decent painting is gone
  57. >you walk back to your cheap apartment above Davenport’s
  58. >it smelled a little funny but it was really well furnished
  59. >good contact for inks, too
  60. >your routine engulfs you once more
  61. >you find something lacking, however
  62. >one evening you set out to get some help, as the lack of reference material on some watercolor techniques bothers you
  63. >you head to the library; the ponies must have some art books on the matter
  64. >you’re about to knock on the door when it opens and a young pegasus walks out
  65. “Really Twilight, I had a great time but I’m not sure I can do this. Sorry…” he says, a little gingerly
  66. >you hold the door as he walks out into the early night
  67. “… Bye…” she replies
  68. >looking over to you, her expression doesn’t really change
  69. >a light smile without worries
  70. >you see her lower lip tremble ever so slightly
  71. >just some bad luck
  72. >a mare like her… She’ll find the right one before she can wag her tail
  73. “Welcome to the P0nyville library. Anon, right? How can I help you?”
  74. >you close the thick door behind you
  75. “Evening, Ms. Twilight. Sorry to come by so late; I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything”
  76. “Oh, no, you weren’t… Nothing at all… It’s really not that late. So what can I do for you?”
  77. >you feel a little awkward
  78. “I just wanted to borrow anything you have on watercolor painting…”
  79. >she cheers up at the mention of books and guides you to general and very specialized works on the subject
  80. >choosing the ones you need, she signs them out and you walk off towards your place, bidding her goodnight
  81. >the next few days are rather uneventful
  82. >you feel a little disconnected from P0nyville as you pretty much remain indoors, studying and practicing your watercolor skills
  83. >feeling ready to expand your horizons, you step out
  84. >you were pumped and prepared to make a damn good painting
  85. >it better sell because you needed to eat sometime this month and rent was due soon
  86. >thankfully your landlord was lenient
  87. >it’s already noon
  88. >you set up your canvas as described in the third volume of Contemporary Pony Painting Techniques
  89. >you’ve chosen one hell of a spot
  90. >the wind rolls through wheat fields, the golden waves rushing back and forth
  91. >the fields of gold slowly undulate
  92. >it's enchanting
  93. >you crack and stretch your neck
  94. >a couple nearby are taking a walk, talking, laughing, and smiling together
  95. >well what do you know, Twilight’s found herself a nice colt
  96. >you assume he’s good looking by p0ny standards
  97. >brown mane, butterscotch fur, horseshoe cutie mark
  98. >good for her
  99. >mind at ease, you start a rather striking watercolor delving into the surreal
  100. >as the day ages, you stop
  101. >the light is getting wrong
  102. >if you continued now, you would taint the colors
  103. >you wrap it up and start heading home
  104. >walking past Sweet Apple Acres, you spot the happy couple lounging on some hay bales, watching the sunset
  105. >strange, something’s off
  106. >hard to see; the sun is pretty much directly in line with them
  107. >sizes seem wrong
  108. >you walk past and see the young colt Twilight was with this afternoon
  109. >not with Twilight
  110. >he's not with Twilight at all
  111. >he seems to be tongue fighting with Big Mac
  112. >you blink a few times
  113. >you have seen too much
  114. >getting back home, you wonder if they just have an open relationship
  115. >you don't know that much about Equestrian sociology
  116. >maybe it's normal for ponies to have barn doors that swing every which way
  117. >you do need to return the books
  118. >it could have been another pony. Maybe the sunlight just messed with your eyes
  119. >some of them do look very similar to others
  120. >you grab the due tomes and head to the library, shaking silly ideas from your head
  121. >breathing in cool evening air that clears your mind, you arrive to the library and stop
  122. “Wh… Who’s a pretty… *sniff*… Pretty p0ny…”
  123. >frozen mid-movement, hand extended, knuckles inches from the wooden door, you listen
  124. “Who’s a p… Pretty p… Pony? I am...”
  125. >Twilight’s broken voice rings through the open crack in the door
  126. >this was a horrible time
  127. >your hand drops
  128. >she probably wanted to be alone
  129. >you tell your body to turn and walk away, but it does not respond
  130. “*sniff* I am...”
  131. >you walk forward and open the door
  132. >Twilight is curled up on the couch, on her side, staring at nothing
  133. >her mane disheveled, eyes red and soaked
  134. >her long tail is curled around her left front hoof
  135. >she mechanically strokes it slowly with the right
  136. >eyes wide, your throat goes dry
  137. >what the fuck are you doing
  138. >the old hinges barely creak and the used wood opens practically inaudibly
  139. >Twilight doesn’t notice you for a few seconds
  140. >she seems to lazily turn, tears streaming slowly down her cheeks
  141. >the filly gasps and struggles to wipe her face, trying to spring to a sitting position
  142. >you step towards her, feeling naught pity but plain sorrow at her pain
  143. >it shows on your face
  144. “Oh, oh my, I was just… Something in my eye! Can I help you? This isn’t what it lo-
  145. >she babbles and loses her balance
  146. >you just kneel in front of her as she frantically shakes and stumbles off the couch, catching her in your arms before her back hooves touch the floor
  147. “It’s okay, Twilight…”
  148. >she gasps quietly, as if there was no air in her lungs
  149. >as Twilight freezes in your arms for a fraction of a second, you can’t help but be on the verge of panic
  150. >in a fraction more, she would probably shake you off, yell at you, ask what gave you the right to enter her home and invade her priva-
  151. >she slacks, only her front legs seeming to have any measurable strength
  152. >slowly at first, Twilight begins weeping
  153. >as her sobs intensify, she seems to cinch down on you as if she's afraid that you'd drop her
  154. >you lift her up a little, back onto the couch
  155. >Twilight's hug constricts and her mane rolls around against your face
  156. >her lavender hair twitches slightly with each sharp inspiration, flooding your nose with her subtle, pleasant scent
  157. >hooves wrapped around your neck, you’re surprised that even the wall of her hooves are warm
  158. >it's as if every part of her is soft and silken
  159. >you slowly run a hand down her mane, getting the stray hair back into place
  160. >as her crying begins to slow, you rock her ever so slightly
  161. >Twilight feels light in your arms and ever so warm, yet shivering against you
  162. >her ears rest against her head, fluttering tentatively whenever you run your hand over them
  163. >the short, microfiber-like fuzz that coats her violet ears is heart-wrenchingly soft
  164. >you pet her straight, smooth mane
  165. >holding the tearful filly against you, you try to provide whatever comfort you can
  166. >eventually, she starts to calm down and regain her composure
  167. >a strangely comfortable silence settles inside the library
  168. >you break it with a low, calm whisper
  169. "I'm... I'm sorry I barged in on you like this. I didn't know what else to do"
  170. >you are starting to doubt your actions
  171. "Not gonna lie, Anon. You surprised me for a few seconds..."
  172. >Twilight's light hiccup barely disrupts her words
  173. "I'm sorry, I'll go, I didn't mean-
  174. >you take your hands off her, perhaps a bit quicker than you'd intended
  175. "Wait!" she blurts
  176. >her hold on you doesn't relax
  177. "Twilight?"
  178. >she suddenly releases you and looks away, bringing her hooves to her chest
  179. "I... Never mind... Forget about this, will you? Just go. I'm fine, okay? I just lost it for a little bit... Sorry..." she explains, looking at the ground
  180. >you sit a bit straighter
  181. "I know we don't know each other very well, but please let me say one thing before I go"
  182. >she nods slowly, suddenly looking tired
  183. >her face is blank, almost vacant
  184. "If you ever need to talk, you can count on me, okay? For anything," you say, as reassuring as you can be
  185. >you head back home in silence
  186. >she has saved Equestria multiple times, yet was in such distress...
  187. >this did not really sit well with you
  188. >you spend the rest of the night in uneasy reflection until a sleep of restless hours takes you
  190. Who's a Pretty Pony? C2
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