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  1. A: Refers to Base skills
  2. B: Refers to Alt. skills
  4. Character: Sniper
  5.     Sniper is an advanced ranged survivor that focuses on taking out large enemies and bosses, armed with a sidearm and plasma rifle. Sniper used a drone to increase their damage against enemies.
  6.     Sniper needs high accuracy(no scope), high damage skills, while having a decent way to deal with other enemies. Sniper also needs some sort of marking system that helps them deal with bosses and some movement option to get away from danger.
  8. Passive: Sniper's Mark: enemies that are marked take 1.5x damage. This bonus is doubled against bosses to 3x
  10. Primary: A Plasma rifle that can have 4 shots at once(similar to artificer's primary). The shot can be charged(over 1 second) to deal slightly increased damage and pierce targets, but are pinpoint accurate. The shots deal 400%-450% damage. Does not charge while Sprinting. Cooldown of 2.5 seconds
  12. Secondary A: Passively start with a unique Spotter drone that marks bosses, focusing on enemies in this order (Elite Bosses > Bosses > Elite Large Enemies > Elite Enemies > Large Enemies > Enemies)
  13. Carry a 10-round sidearm, its shots deal 80% damage. Begins to Reload after .5 seconds of not using it or you fire the last shot. Reload is 2 seconds
  15. Secondary B: Passively start with a unique Combat drone that rapidly fires shots that deal 75% damage. Focuses on marked enemies
  16. Carry a single shot T4GGER sidearm that marks enemies and deals 90% damage. Takes 4 seconds to reload.
  18. Utility A: Military Training : A long-distance backflip(the same range as Huntress's blink). Travels away from wherever you are aiming. Cooldown of 10 seconds
  20. Utility B: Combat Vestments : A short-distance dash(is directional) that marks nearby enemies. Cooldown of 7.5 seconds
  22. Special A: All or Nothing : A Strong shot that consumes all of your Primary charges, dealing 450%-1200%-1950%-2700% damage. If this shot kills, your primary is restored to full charge. This ability has a cooldown of 15 seconds
  24. Special B: Command:Kamikaze : Dedicate a target for your drone to bomb, dealing 1500%. Its cooldown is 10 seconds, the same time for the drone to respawn after dying
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