Navy Horses

Dec 28th, 2017
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  1. It was around 12 PM at work when you hear your office door open. You didn't even look up from your desk, too busy signing off on orders, as the trespasser entered. "Could've knocked, you know." You muttered to yourself. "Yeah, I could've." A familiar voice snickered, "But I was too excited, Jim, you gotta see this." You looked up with tired eyes as you recognized your friend, Derrick. "What is it this time, Derrick? Some kind of 'Turbo Burrito' like last week?" You shook your head as you signed another form for M4A1 parts. "Damn near got myself stuck to the toliet..."
  3. He chuckled; and you heard his uniform rustling with the sound of aluminum foil crinkling. "Nah man, nothin' like that! The brass just handed out these sandwiches to us, said they were 'special' or some shit!" He exclaimed, waving his hand around for emphasis. You looked up at him, indisputable despondency gleaming in your darkened eyes. "Horseshit. Must've pumped meth into them like they did in World War Two." In his hands was indeed a sandwich, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, must've been gods own PB&J if it was that special.
  5. Derrick looked at you with a smirk, "Come on man, meth? Really?" He sighed. "Whatever, let's try it out! It's gotta be better than the shit served in the geedunk." You had to agree with him there. Anything was better than the culinary specialist could churn out, lazy fuck kept all the good stuff for himself and his fellow CS buddies. You nodded your head and made a motion with your hands, "Alright Derrick, let's go halfsies on it. Chop chop!" You clapped your hands together. The uniformed man quickly pulled a plastic knife out of his uniform pocket, and you just stared. He held it in his hand, glancing from it to you. "Hey, you never know." He shrugged. You shrugged back.
  7. He plopped the PB&J on your desk and sliced it clean down the middle. Then Derrick chucked the knife into a bin beside your desk. Scowling, you wiped away all the crumbs scattered on your desk as well. "Come on, really? This is a mess. Next time keep a rowl of paper towels hanging onto your-" He shushed you, and took his half of the sandwich. "Let's it at the same time, Jim, buddy style." He winked at you. You grinned back, "Buddy style would be me feeding it to you, while you fed yours to me." Jim shook his head at you, grimacing, "But that's gay!" You could only imagine what people outside the office were thinking right now, but they couldn't say anything on grounds of talking back to their superior.
  9. Staring into eachothers eyes in an extremely straight manner, you each took a bite of the sandwich. Instantly you realized it was the most amazing sandwich you've ever eaten, and it almost gave you energy, like literal electrifying energy dancing on your tongue. Almost like somebody dipped this PB&J in battery acid and pop rocks, but it tasted great nonetheless. You heard Derrick moaning as he ate his half of the sandwich. "Ooooh my god dude, this is so good..." You nearly choked as you took another bite. "Nice job turning eating into a homosexual activity, Derrick." You drawled out, no hint of sarcasm in your voice.
  11. Derrick finished his half first, licking the excess PB&J off of his fingers. "Easily the best sandwich I've ever eaten, I'd kill the chief for one of those everyday!" You snorted, taking another bite of the sandwich, being a slow eater in general, "Yeah well, you're about to make Chief soon, so don't off yourself cause of a sandwich." He nodded sagely at your comment, then plopped down in the chair opposite of your desk. "Yeah well..." He looked up at the ceiling, "Did that thing taste... Weird to you? Like licking a jelly flavored 9 volt?"
  13. Cocking your head, finally finishing the sandwich, you looked at your friend questioningly. "Yeaaah... Yeah, it definently tasted that way." You felt energized for sure. Like you could run a mile, sure would help those guys in Afghanistan, or the bumblefucks fighting ISIS. "But why would they give this to people on an aircraft carrier? Let alone us boys in logistics." Derrick shrugged, "Who knows, man. Maybe they saw you were tired and thought 'Hey, you know what? Let's care about their quality of life for once!'" Derrick laughed at his own joke, but it was true. You laughed along with him, feeling rather content now. "Yeah, or maybe they just wanted to mess with us and give us something that'd turn the crew into little magical ponies!" You coughed at the end of your sentence, throat wiggling a little, forcing you to hiccup.
  15. "You all good?" Derrick asked, eyes filled with concern. You waved him off, "Yeah, I'm alright, just give me a minute." You coughed a few more times, lighter than before. That sandwich was making you feel even more weird by the second. "Hey, are you feeling weird too? Like, my ass feels-" "Yeah I'm feeling that too." You cut him off, feeling a pulling sensation right on your tailbone, like your skin was stretching. Meanwhile, Derrick was staring at his hands with a mix of fascination and horror. "Dude, I got beige hair growing out of my hands, super quick too!" You stared at his hands, sure enough, beige hair was sprouting everywhere on his hands, and spreading down to his arms.
  17. At this point you decided that this wasn't normal, not at all. "Okay, you know what? I'm going to medical, and you're coming too!" Derrick didn't listen, still mesmerized by the hair, more like fur, growing down his arms, which seemed to swell- Allergies, had to be allergies. You stood up, then quickly fell to your side as your feet became numb almost immediately, becoming useless. You couldn't see what was happening through your black boots, but you felt a prickly sensation there as well. "Jim, are you sure you're alright?" Derrick glanced at you from his chair, almost in shock at what was happening. "No! No, I'm not alright! Go to medical, get someone!" You were busy trying to pull of your boots, your feet feeling like they were swelling as well as your hands. You were trying to ignore the Navy blue hair growing from your hands, but found it increasingly difficult to not stare at.
  19. You went back to pulling off your boots, which was becoming an even more fruitless task as your hands began to grow as numb as your feet. Your exasperation and stress only increased as sweat began to drip from your brow, trying with all your might to untie the completely laced boots. "Hey uh, remember what you said about magical ponies?" Derrick called out from his spot, not even trying to help you or even going to medical. You ignored him, managing to unlace your right boot. "Well... I think you were right." He slowly said, hardly believing his own words. You glanced at him, then looked at your boots, then suddenly looked back at him, focusing on his hands. They weren't hands anymore. They looked like oddly shaped beige... Hooves? Derrick had hooves. Holy shit, Derrick had hooves. He smiled at you, almost at peace with his situation, he always did go with the flow. "I uh, I have hooves now man."
  21. Air blew out of your nostrils as you sweat even more, the fur spreading up your arms as your hands became near useless. Your fingers almost felt like they were sticking together, or it could be the blue fur. You finally managed to totally unlace your boot, and attempted to tug it off, but it wouldn't budge, as if it was catching on your heel. There's no way that was possible though, but then you saw that the soles of the boot were stretching, as well as the material itself. Your hands weren't quite hooves yet, but you'd be damned if you let a mother humping boot get the best of you. So you pushed with all your might to get it off, without any warning it slipped off and collided with the wall in front of you, and the sudden feeling of pushing against nothing launched you back, your spine hitting the tiled floor.
  23. "Ah, god damnit!" You sit up, rubbing your back with your now numb hands. You shake your head dizzily and look forward at your- Oh god. you don't have a foot anymore. Well, you did have a foot, but it wasn't really a foot per se. It was more like... An equine rear leg, but not from any horse or pony you knew. It was large, for one, and very blue, what kind of horse had blue fur? You weren't even a horse, you were very human! Your other boot made a sickening ripping sound as it exploded outwards, your other navy blue hoof coming into the fray. Your hands were the only thing propping you up at this point, seeing as you couldn't stand on these things, but then you once again slipped backwards as your totally numb hands suddenly became unable to prop you up, like you slipped on ice.
  25. You managed to shuffle against the wall, sitting up against it with your legs splayed out in front of you. You brought your hands in front of your face and marveled at their appearance. No longer hands, they were very similar in shape to Derrick's hooves, but looked much more... Feminine? Softer? They didn't look as toned as his arms. You were skinny, so maybe it was that. You tried to calm yourself down, "Just breathe." You said to yourself as you tried not to panic, at least you weren't in pain or dying.
  27. Watching as the fur creeped up your arms; you couldn't blame Derrick for wanting to watch this happen. It was extraordinarly hypnotic to say the least, though you couldn't help but be broken out of your chance as the back of your uniform ripped open, something spilling out. You reached down, trying to grab at it with nonexistant fingers, but then decided on lifting the oddly hairy feeling thing up with a hoof and bringing it onto your lap. Turns out, it was a forest green tail, with a lighter grass colored green streaking through it. Although your hands had become hooves, you could still feel through the actual hoof part, something you thought was odd.
  29. You had a tail, and four hooves now. You could only imagine what came next. As you currently contemplated your situation, your hair spilled out of your uniformed hat, it falling to the floor with an audible plop as locks of green hair fell in front of your eyes, you brushed them to the side with a hoof, and felt the telltale sign of fur spreading down your face. Soon enough, your entire face was covered in this blue fur. Your nose and mouth stretched out, becoming connected, and rounded out into the shape of a snout. You felt your new face with two hooves, and your face felt decidedly feminine as well. you were starting to get worried, if you could become a pony, you could certainly become a girl, right? "D-Derrick? Are you-" You squeaked. You actually squeaked at the sound that came out of your mouth. You were definently turning into a girl horse. You were not okay with this.
  31. Tears formed at the corners of your now enlarged eyes, threatening to spill out as your voice warbled. "Derrick, are you there?" You couldn't see him from your current position on the floor, that, and it seemed like you were shrinking little by little as the seconds ticked on. "Yeah. I'm still here buddy." You heard him softly say, as if he felt compassion. You heard a set of four hooves clop onto the floor as he got out of his seat, like he was standing on all four limbs. You heard his footsteps from around the desk, then you saw a very stallionlike head poke around the side, smiling at you in such a Derrick-y way. His smile dropped into one of shock as he looked at you. Coming around the desk fully. He was entirely a pony, his Navy camo shirt still fitting to his pony-chest and forelegs.
  33. "Hey, uh, Jim." He smiled nervously. Sitting down and looking at the floor, not smiling anymore. He looked back at you as your camo pants ripped, revealing the rest of your blue pony legs. You crossed your hooves as he avoided looking at your crotch. "You uh... You're..." "I'm gonna be a girl, I know." You cut him off, speaking with a very soft, and very much feminine voice. "I hope they don't kick me out for being transgender." You cracked a smile, glancing up at him. Derrick laughed a little at your out of place joke as well. "Yeah, well, that's if they don't kick you out for turning into a little pony first." You frowned, staring back down at your expanding midsection, though your waist became much more curvy, and your boxers still managed to cling to your hips, despite looking about to burst.
  35. A certain organ suddenly felt like it wasn't there anymore, as well as two of his companions, and you felt something else in its place. You knew what it was, you just didn't want to acknowledge it. Your suddenly became shredded in two as hind legs suddenly felt much more free, your camo shirt the only thing remaining on your body. "You uh, you look cute as a pony, Jim." You scowled back at Derrick, who's new large pony ears flattened against his head as he blushed and turned away. "Not like that! That's just uh, wrong." You reached up with a hoof, feeling your own pony ears. You realized that you could hear a lot better with them, as they rotated like little satellite dishes upon your head. "I know what you mean." You tried oh so hard to ignore the sound of your voice, but it was extremely hard. Those tears came back as you took your hat in both hooves, carefully placing it on your head, it managing to fit between your new ears somehow.
  37. You sniffled, wiping away those tears with your shirt. "I don't wanna be a pony, Derrick." You sobbed once more, the weight of this taking hold. He looked at you, ears still splayed back, your own ears laying back as well as if they conveyed your current emotion. Derrick quickly trotted up to you and hugged you from the side, his beige furry face rubbing up against yours. You abruptly felt much better as you leaned into his hug, still crying all the while. "Shh, Jim, it'll be alright. The brass must've prepared for this." You turned around and got yourself into sitting position, wrapping your forehooves around Derrick's body and leaning your head into his neck, tears soaking into his fur. He always was such a good friend to you. Maybe something good could come from this whole pony thing.
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