Toonami Trending guide update

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  3.     This is what you all should do now in preparation and every Saturday from here on. It's very simple and not time consuming.
  4.     Get a Twitter Account- It doesn't matter if it has your real name, or is with a throwaway email or not. You can handle this
  6.     Tweet twice during the shows with correct hashtags
  8.     Now, here's how you tweet properly. These are rules, no following these rules means you aren't helping.
  10.     1. One hashtag per tweet. Twitter counts tweets with multiple hashtags as spam. You should use a hashtag on the currently airing show and that's it
  12.     2. Include the word "Toonami" in each tweet. Trends aren't just hashtags. Anything can and does trend when discussed enough. Toonami trending with or without a hashtag counts for us
  14.     3.Use correct capitalization. Capitalization matters on twitter. If not everyone is using the same exact capitalization, we're fighting against each other
  16.     4. Add a character from the currently airing show. Characters trend all the time and they count for us too
  18.     5.Add some random crap about what's happening. This is just to make sure your tweets aren't discounted as spam. If all of your tweets are just "Toonami #Show" you aren't going to help us for long. You don't have to add much, just make it look like a human wrote your tweet not some bot
  20.     Correct Hashtags are: #SpaceDandy #Bleach #NarutoShippuden #OnePiece #BlueExorcist #SoulEater #Naruto #GITS #FMABrotherhood #SamuraiJack #IGPX #StarWarsTCW #InuYasha
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