threat on suga and jimin by dumbass

RavenDevine Jan 19th, 2020 72 Never
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  1. TODAY 6:11 PM
  3. 饾搥饾捑饾搨 饾搲饾挾鈩潚金潛庰潛婐潛冣剨饾搸鈩粹劥饾搲
  4. I hate ur brother
  5. yet he loves you
  6. 饾搥饾捑饾搨 饾搲饾挾鈩潚金潛庰潛婐潛冣剨饾搸鈩粹劥饾搲
  7. I don't love he
  9. 饾搥饾捑饾搨 饾搲饾挾鈩潚金潛庰潛婐潛冣剨饾搸鈩粹劥饾搲
  10. Anymore
  12. 饾搥饾捑饾搨 饾搲饾挾鈩潚金潛庰潛婐潛冣剨饾搸鈩粹劥饾搲
  13. And I wha he die and suga
  14. I dont know what to tell you hun. He loves you. he had plans for you two. one was to give you waht you asked for. and now well, you broke up with him before he could do anything and he wants to leave the app
  15. hey suga my brother
  17. 饾搥饾捑饾搨 饾搲饾挾鈩潚金潛庰潛婐潛冣剨饾搸鈩粹劥饾搲
  18. He bitch and he need to die
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