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  1. <23:46:02> "Dave [8187]": great roleplay well done
  2. <23:46:04> Chat partner has closed the conversation
  3. <23:46:18> "Hein": msg ppl negotiating
  4. <23:46:20> "Hein": not my call breh
  5. <23:46:33> "Dave [8187]": initiation wasnt even finsihed
  6. <23:46:35> Chat partner has closed the conversation
  7. <23:46:47> "Dave [8187]": its your call when you pull the trigger
  8. <23:46:59> "Hein": they say its good to shoot I shoot haha
  9. <23:47:07> "Hein": not that complicated now huh
  10. <23:47:26> "Dave [8187]": its your responsabilty in which you will find out
  11. <23:47:46> "Hein": n e g o t i a t i o n s    a r e     o f f
  12. <23:48:08> "Dave [8187]": doesnt mean you can just open fire its an rba not a hm with a blasting charge
  13. <23:48:12> "Hein": dude
  14. <23:48:18> "Hein": ur prepositioned on a wall next to the compound
  15. <23:48:27> "Hein": u crying now ur dying early, to shoot positioning?
  16. <23:48:55> "Dave [8187]": yeh ofcourse. not im not arsed about dying it happens 100 times a day.  and you guys baiting all the time is a joke
  17. <23:49:16> "Hein": you guys, what u refering to
  18. <23:49:21> "Hein": im confused mate, just come on
  19. <23:49:22> "Dave [8187]": posiedon
  20. <23:49:32> "Hein": ur holding me accountable for a whole faction?
  21. <23:49:34> "Hein": ahahahaha
  22. <23:50:04> "Dave [8187]": you and poseidon are a joke end of story
  23. <23:50:08> "Dave [8187]": hope they get removed
  24. <23:50:09> Chat partner has closed the conversation
  25. <23:51:03> "Hein": thats quite and impression to set, as a deputy commissioner...
  26. <23:51:23> "Dave [8187]": yeh and with your childish comments what do you expect
  27. <23:51:37> "Dave [8187]": and its deputy constable
  28. <23:51:39> "Hein": what exactly is childish now?
  29. <23:52:24> "Dave [8187]": and thats my opinion which i am allowed to have
  30. <23:52:55> "Dave [8187]": but if you enjoy just shooting everyone mabye you should go and play koth or something. we are suppost to be roleplaying here
  31. <23:53:05> Chat partner has closed the conversation
  32. <23:55:00> "Hein": Im an advanced roleplayer, and dont shoot everyone
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