Daylily run 2

Sep 24th, 2016
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  1. >You’re Midnight Delight, and across of you there sits a grumpy looking mare
  2. >”So Her mother didn’t even come here herself?”
  3. >She sips her tea in an offensive manner
  4. “I’m just as good as her mother, we’re both very...close”
  5. >Peach Screech’s mom blushes and clears her throat
  6. >”A-anyway, What is it that you want to talk to me about?”
  7. >You take a sip of your own cup of tea held by the handle with your wing claw, and set it down
  8. “I was thinking that you might have over-reacted a little bit with Tulip and your daughter”
  9. >Peachy’s mom sighs and rubs her temple
  10. >”And I think you’re right, that was why I was hoping that her mother would have come, but if the two of you are, as you say, c-close, then I guess it works if I say it to you too”
  11. >She takes a nervous sip of her tea
  12. “You seem a bit nervous, I take it this situation must be a bit uncomfortable for you as well”
  13. >Even if you were a matron and now a teacher, dealing with upset parents is always a bit stressful
  14. >”No it’s not that, it’s just...”
  15. >Peachy’s mom blushes
  16. >”I’m not that familiar with mares being extremely...friendly, with one another”
  17. “Oh”
  18. >”And that’s partly why I was so shocked to find my daughter and Tulip like that, especially doing something as extreme as butt things, when even I haven’t...”
  19. >Peachy’s mom clears her throat
  20. >”Anyway I-“
  21. >She looks to the side and stops talking, so you look in that direction too
  22. >And find Tulip and Peach Screech looking like a couple of deer’s caught in headlights
  23. >”Where are you two going? Are you sneaking out to do something indecent again!?”
  24. >You try to calm down the upset mare
  25. “Calm down, it’s not like these two do nothing else than twiddle each others crotches when they’re together”
  26. >At least you honestly hope that is not the case, but even Tulip would not be that stupid...right?
  27. >”Then why are they sneaking around like two little lesbians off to an underage orgy?”
  28. >You catch Tulip quickly covering her backside at the mention of an underage lesbian orgy, and shoot a glare at her which makes that early blush leave her face faster than it was about to appear
  29. >But before you or Peachy’s mom can say anything Peach Screech suddenly takes a step forward and speaks up
  30. >”N-no! No mom we’re going out to play! We don’t just t-touch one another every time we play together, we have fun without being indecent too!”
  31. >All other three bat ponies in the room are equally surprised at Peach Screech, out of all ponies, having a sudden outburst
  32. >”Just because we did s-stuff does not mean that’s all we ever do and I want to go and play with my friend and you can’t stop me! Come Tulip let’s go!”
  33. >Peach Screech rushes out of the house with Tulip following her
  34. >”W-wait up!”
  35. >You keep looking at Peachy’s mom who looks absolutely devastated
  36. “...Are you ok Ms. Peachy’s mom?”
  37. >She slumps down on the couch, her mane now a bit disheveled and with slight dark bags under her eyes that have appeared almost magically
  38. >”T-this is the first time she’s...spoken her mind so clearly and defied me...”
  39. >Tears start to well up in her eyes
  40. >”S-she hates me!”
  41. >Peach Screech’s mom begins to sob and you fly next to her on the sofa and pat her back
  42. “There there, I’m sure she does not hate you...”
  43. >You grab a tissue with your wing claw and offer it to Peachy’s mom who wipes the tears from her eyes and blows her nose, and then hands you back the now soaking sloppy tissue
  44. >”Thank you”
  45. >You discard the tissue quickly onto the table and wipe your claw on one of the decorative couch pillows
  46. “I know that you might not want to hear this but are you sure you haven’t been overreacting?”
  47. >Peachy’s mom lets out a sigh
  48. >”I might’s just so very strange for me, two mares doing things together, and especially at such a young age...and up the butt out of all places!”
  49. “I take it you have never experimented a little when you were young?”
  50. >Peachy’s mom looks at you with a blush forming onto her face
  51. >”W-well no, that’s not something ponies normally do! I mean between the same sex...”
  52. >You rub her back gently to make her relax a little
  53. “And butt stuff?”
  54. >She blushes even harder
  55. >”Well my husband thinks it’s gross, and I agree with him, even if I might have suggested it at an early point in our relationship, but at that time I was younger and more foolish”
  56. >You’re unsure why but a strange idea pops into your head
  57. >Maybe...maybe if she experienced it just a little she would not be so wary towards it
  58. >Not to mention seeing her so...weak and vulnerable, this usually strong willed mare, is sort of making you feel a bit...frisky~
  59. >Her body feels warm...her coat very nice...
  60. >”M-miss Delight?”
  61. >You find your hoof caressing her back before pulling her towards you
  62. “You know, there’s not really nothing wrong in wanting to try out some butt stuff once in your life...”
  63. >You start to wrap your tail around her tail, making her jolt a little
  64. “Or wanting to know what it is like to feel the touch of another mare on you...”
  65. >You press yourself towards Peachy’s mom who slightly backs away
  66. >”N-no that’s crazy talk...O-only a stallion should touch a mare..:”
  67. “But a mare knows just what to touch, and how...”
  68. >You prove your point by touching her, making her let out a sexy moan
  69. >”We really should not...I’m a married mare...”
  70. “Come on, I bet your husband would be thrilled if you did it with another mare”
  71. >”Well I did find magazines with pictures of that kind of nature hidden in his table...but weren’t you, you know, with Daylily?”
  72. >You pause your advantage as her image flashes in your mind
  73. “She’ll understand, and it’s not like I’m sleeping with a stallion over her, I’m just helping to resolve this situation with these fillies in the best way I can...and we have sort of an open relationship I guess”
  74. >You’re not really sure what it is the two of you have if you’re completely honest
  75. >Ever since she got with the guild she’s felt a bit distant to you
  76. >You still care about her but...are the two of you even in a proper relationship?
  77. >Somehow you feel like the two of you talked about something like this in the far past but you just can’t remember the details
  78. >You’ll distract yourself from those thoughts with this, with this you’ll solve the situation with Tulip and Peachy
  79. >No, you need this, you’re feeling very horny and neglected
  80. >And so you push Peachy’s mom fully to the sofa and the two of you engage in hot lesbian sex and giving Peachy’s mom a taste of anal pleasure
  81. >To make a long and extremely lewd story short, fiddle with this, rub that, sweaty body to body contact and some party button smashing of extremely hot kind
  82. >Leaving the two of you very sweaty and juicy, panting now on the floor, with a lot of bodily fluids exchanged
  83. >Peachy’s mom seems to be in cloud nine, next to you on the floor, but admits your afterglow you have a gut wrenching feeling of guilt eating you up on the inside
  84. >You...don’t want to do this with anypony else than Daylily, as humorous as it is coming from a mare who just had sex with some other mare than Daylily
  85. >But more than that, you don’t want to find out Daylily would ever do things like this with some other mare, and Luna forbid, a stallion!
  86. >”That was amazing...I can’t...I...”
  87. >Peachy’s mom lifts herself up and looks at you with concern
  88. >”What’s wrong?”
  89. >You hide your face behind your hooves
  90. “I think I might have made a huge mistake...”
  91. >Peachy’s mom blows some of her mane off of her eyes
  92. >”Oh gee, thanks”
  93. >You shake your head
  94. “No not that, don’t get me wrong that was amazing, but...I realized I don’t want it to be an open kind of a relationship at all”
  95. >Suddenly it’s like a fog clears out from within your head
  96. >That’s...that’s how it was from the beginning!
  97. >You only acted like it was that way because Daylily was so insecure and unsure about herself and her sexuality!
  98. >But...somewhere with the problems with Daylily being a wanted mare, that darned Thieve’s guild, and all the work stress from becoming a forgot it completely and what you were pretending ended up becoming reality
  99. >You don’t want to let anypony else touch Daylily, and you don’t want to touch anypony else than her!
  100. >You start to sob
  101. >”Midnight Delight?”
  102. >You’re going to have to tell this to Daylily, and you can only hope that this won’t ruin things
  103. >How could you even have forgotten such important things?
  104. >You let Peachy’s mom calm you down and afterwards the two of you had a bit more proper chat about things
  107. >”Uhm, are you really sure about this mam?”
  108. >Butterknife fidgets before the small bakery the two of you are standing before
  109. >You give his side a bump with your hips
  110. “Come on Butterknife, aren’t you a feisty daredevil thief pony? Helping at a bakery is easy peasy for a pony like that”
  111. >Butterknife looks unsure
  112. >”B-but it’s honest work, and with other ponies who are not dirty thief scum like me...”
  113. >You pat his back with your wing
  114. “You can do it, let’s just head on inside...”
  115. >You trail off when you spot Tulip, your cute yet a hoof-full of a daughter, and her friend Peach Screech landing across the street
  116. “head on inside first, tell them you’re the pony Daylily talked about, I need to go and see what my little rascal is up to”
  117. >Butterknife shyly walks into the bakery while you walk over to Tulip and Peach Screech who are in the middle of talking
  118. >”Wow I can’t believe you did that Peachy! Standing up to your mommy like that”
  119. >”Me neither Tulip...Oh no, d-do you think she’ll be angry with me later on?”
  120. >The two of them notice you and stop talking
  121. “Hi you two, did you already resolve things with Midnight Delight and your mother Peach Screech?”
  122. >Peach Screech gulps and is about to say something when your daughter, with an oddly sweaty face, cuts her
  123. >”Y-yeah mom we sure talked it through”
  124. >Your eyes narrow as you stare at your daughter
  125. “Really?”
  126. >She sweats louder and pokes Peach Screech, making her let out a squeak
  127. >”Yeah, isn’t that right Peachy?”
  128. >Peach Screech stares at Tulip with wide eyes before turning her attention back to you and stuttering like no tomorrow
  129. >”Y-y-yeah w-we t-totally did that a-and everything is f-fine now”
  130. >Your expression softens and you ruffle Peach Screech’s mane
  131. “Aww there’s no need to be that nervous around me Peach Screech, I’m happy things worked out even if I could not come”
  132. >She lets out a very weak laugh as you turn your attention back to Tulip
  133. “And I’m sorry for doubting you too Tulip, but...well you’re kind of a sneaky little bat”
  134. >Tulip giggles
  135. >”Yeah that’s me...anyway we’re going to go and play now!”
  136. >The two of them rush off quite fast as you wave them off
  137. >You really need to thank Midnight Delight properly later tonight
  138. >A sudden crash from inside the bakery draws your attention to it and you rush in, only to find Butterknife on the floor, having fallen over with a cup of some weird looking pastries
  139. >He looks like he’s about to break into tears as he looks up at you
  140. >”I don’t think I can do this boss-mare, it’s just so hard...”
  141. >You help him up and dust some frosting off of him
  142. “Don’t worry, It’s simple”
  143. >And you do what any pony would do
  144. >Suddenly break into a song to which random ponies magically know the lyrics to, music appears out of nowhere for the duration of it and it magically solves all of the problems at hoof in about two minutes or so
  145. >It is a pretty catchy tune, and your singing voice is much more fappable than imagined, not to mention you moved your body during a few dancy steps in a manner that can be perceived as arousing when taken out of context, spawning lewd art of alternative interpretations of the scene onto an internet site located in an alternate dimension where ponies and Equestria are nothing else than a children’s cartoon show for little girls, watched by grown men
  146. >Butterknife smiles happily
  147. >”Wow, I never knew it was this easy, and...and I think that I want to do this, instead of being know”
  148. >You nod
  149. “If that is what you want to do, then you should do it, instead of worrying about me and the thing”
  150. >He hangs his head
  151. >”But what if my friends will hate me for thinking I let them down in our time of need?”
  152. “Don’t worry, I’ll have a chat with them and explain things to them, just believe in the friendship between you three”
  153. >Butterknife pokes you on the side
  154. >”Don’t you mean four boss?”
  155. >You open up your mouth, but then close it
  156. >You’ve...never thought of it like that but...are these three what you could call your friends?
  157. “Yes...I think I do mean four”
  158. >It is a...weird feeling, these three are not ponies you’d ever thought you’d befriend, nor was that your intention at any point but, you’ve gotten somehow close to them
  159. >”I can’t believe it, a proper job...”
  160. >Suddenly Butterknife lets out a gasp and looks at his cutie mark
  161. >”W-wait, could it be that this buttery knife on my flank was not a knife meant for crime, but a knife for buttering up these delicious pastries?”
  162. >Your mouth falls open and your jaw hits the floor
  163. “I hadn’t even thought about that!”
  164. >The owner of the bakery places his hoof on Butterknife’s shoulder
  165. >”Well new hire, let’s go and discuss about you working here properly”
  166. >You leave Butterknife with the shop owner and head on out
  167. >1 down, two to go, soon this guild will be no more
  168. >You are so happy you silently hum the same song you were singing just earlier, while taking a dance-like step as you prance forward with your head held high
  169. >And soon enough you’re back at the Thieve’s guild, but before you can manage to anything you’re suddenly pulled in into a room by somepony
  170. >Who turns out to be none other than Lockpick
  171. >”I know what you’re doing”
  172. >You pry his hoof off of you and take a step back
  173. “What?”
  174. >”Trying to get us to quit the guild”
  175. >You take a stance
  176. “I see...and?”
  177. >”I’m going to be completely frank with you, the only reason I am still in this guild is drooling after you and your flank, I already have a job lined up and everything and please have sex with me or I’ll tell Sneak”
  178. >You exit your stance
  179. “Wait what?”
  180. >Lockpick throws himself at your hooves
  181. >”Oh come on please sleep with me, you’re the only reason I have been in here, pretending I like being a thief and I care at all about this guild when all I do is burn the image of your backside into my brain by staring at it any chance I get and...”
  182. >He keeps saying a lot of words while you’re actually considering it
  183. >Ever since the little talk with Midnight Delight about making the relationship open if you wanted, that she wants with you, and how she basically told you lesbian sex is great and all but wow is real cock good...You just have not been able to forget about it
  184. >Especially when you have know...
  185. >And it has mostly been because you don’t know any stallion you could do it with, or think you would actually find one but here an opportunity has arisen, to try out the male horse organ
  186. >W-well now there’s a chance right here just can’t find any reason to say no
  187. >Sure it’s not romantic, and it’s not with a stallion you want to share your life with but you’re not completely put off by the thought of...
  188. >Actually the more you think about it, and remember Midnight Delight’s words, the more you feel like doing it
  189. >And it is also to help your cause
  190. >You start to feel yourself getting a bit moist while glancing at Lockpick’s crotch while he babbles on how it’d be a one time thing only and how he guarantees he will not develop any strange affection towards you afterwards
  191. “...fine”
  192. >”And because if you think about it from a neutral point of vie-wait did you just say it’s fine?”
  193. >Lockpick stares at you with a face conveying being 100% he heard wrong
  194. >You rub your hoof and blush a little
  195. “I said I’ll do it, that’ll make you leave the guild right?”
  196. >Lockpick seems amazed
  197. >”Well yeah but...if I’m being quite honest I did not expect you’d agree”
  198. “So you don’t want to do it?”
  199. >”N-no that’s not what I mean I’m all for it in fact let’s do it right here come on!”
  200. >You shake your head
  201. “No let’s at least go to my room, there’s the bed in there”
  202. >”Oh right the bed, yeah that’s a lot more better than a cold stone floor, yeah let’s go over there, of sweet Luna I can’t believe this is really happening”
  203. “Stop making such a fuss about it, you’re making me feel uncomfortable”
  204. >”Oh right yeah sorry about that”
  205. >The two of you head into what was your private room / bedroom in the guild while you were forced to stay hidden, and after making sure the heavy wooden door was locked you turn around
  206. “So how do we...”
  207. >You trail off when you find Lockpick sitting on your bed, with his horsecock fully erect
  208. “Oh.”
  209. >You walk over to it, feeling the warmth in a certain area spreading here and there, and your pulse picking up
  210. >Relax, you have had fun with toys, and Midnight Delight has been teaching you about things, you know what to do
  211. >you sit down on the floor before your bed, and come face to face with Lockpick’s cock
  212. >It’s radiating warmth and you can pick up a strange scent
  213. >It’s...bad, good and arousing at the same time, it’s hard to explain
  214. “Well, here goes”
  215. >You look up at Lockpick and give him a little smile to play off how nervous you’re actually feeling as you grab a hold of his penis
  216. >Wow, it’s warm and feels’s hard to explain, like something hard yet spongy, covered by a loose layer of velvety smooth skin
  217. >You don’t want to let it be apparent that you’ve never actually done it with a stallion, so you copy the things Midnight Delight did to the fake horsecock she had when she was educating you how stallions are pleased sexually
  218. >And you give it a lick and then wrap your lips around the tip
  219. >Lockpick grunts as you apply suction and start to gently massage his shaft with both of your hooves
  220. >You’re surprised by the taste, it’s salty for the most part but there is a distinctive taste unlike any other
  221. >This must be the taste of cock, it’s making you feel aroused, and you kind of want to taste more of it
  222. >Not to mention compared to a rubber thing an actual cock is so much more alive, you can feel it twitching and doing things inside your mouth
  223. >You can feel blood rushing towards your nether region as your own juices are starting to pick up their flow rate
  224. >But you’re surprised when Lockpick suddenly grabs your head and pretty much rams his cock into your throat
  225. >”Oh yeah you’re so good at this!”
  226. >You gag and almost vomit, thinking of pulling your head back and giving him a piece of your mind, but as you try to do so he moves his hips and once again slides deep down your throat
  227. >And this time you also feel something pleasant mixed in to all those other emotions
  228. >It takes you by surprise, and gives Lockpick the chance to keep doing what he is doing, holding your head and bucking his hips while sliding his cock deep into your throat
  229. >The lack of oxygen is making you feel light headed but at the same time it mixes in to that pleasant feeling you feel in your throat, not to mention that delicious salty taste assaulting your taste buds
  230. >Your jaw muscles feel as tingly as you do down there as you’re forced to hold your mouth as open as you can, gulping down his burning, throbbing, slippery cock that keeps making you feel both good and bad
  231. >His balls are slapping against your chin and you can’t help but to let your eyes water up, you hope it’s not making him-no, looking up at him like this seems to make him buck his hips harder
  232. >Your tail swishes and moves around in the air while your nether area sits in a small puddle of their own juices, the air filled with sloppy sounds of you choking on cock and his balls slapping against your face
  233. >It’s so incredibly lewd what you are doing, and it is turning you on
  234. >You find it hard to focus on anything due to the tears running from your eyes and how you desperately grasp for oxygen every chance you get, yet still feel like you’re about to pass out with the heavy taste of cock and precum all over the inside of your mouth
  235. >How can it be so different from the time when you gave a rubber dong a little lick and a suck? O-oh...if it feels so different in your mouth t-then getting one actually inside of yourself must be-
  236. >Your body shakes as you think about it and suddenly Lockpick yells out
  237. >”I’m cuming!”
  238. >In your lewd state of mind you ram your head down willingly to get his cock as deep into your throat as you can, only to regret it instantly as the hot thick seed shoots out down your throat, choking you so bad you instantly pull away and cough up his seed, finally fully tasting it
  239. >It’s salty and bitter, and not good like how his dick tasted! that you can feel it more might not taste as good as a mare’s bodily sex fluid but the consistency is really more to your favor
  240. >You pause playing with the cum in your mouth as you notice Lockpick staring at you with steam practically shooting out from his nostrils, and his cock looking even more ready than it was before
  241. >He suddenly grabs you and throws you onto the bed, making you squeak and climbs on top of you
  242. >You could easily push him off really don’t want to, in fact it felt kind of nice...
  243. >Suddenly you draw a sharp breath, and since you had some semen left in your mouth you almost choke on it so you’re forced to swallow it
  244. >Lockpick is pressing his really flared tip against your entrance
  245. >Your whole body tenses up and your marehood feels like it is preparing to swallow his meat whole in a single gulp as a sexual rush floods your mind and makes you position yourself for easier entry
  246. “Don’t go and just ram it-“
  247. >You don’t get to finish as Lockpick rams his cock into you
  248. “INnnnnhhh~”
  249. >You can’t control your body as you squirm on the bed, the hard throbbing log of fire deep inside of you
  250. >It’s like fireworks are going off inside your head
  251. “I told you t-hhh~ to not j-jam it inhh~”
  252. >Lockpick starts to move himself, fucking you ruthlessly in his lust filled craze
  253. >You place your hooves on his shoulders as you hold on to him while moving up and down on the bed with your hooves spread like a common whore
  254. >And you’re loving it, the cock itself feels much more better inside of you than any toy would, and there’s also all the feelings of something being actually attached to that thing like that
  255. >As you gasp for breath and pant you think you understand what Midnight Delight meant
  256. >Again and again your insides are spread open by something unlike anything artificial
  257. >It’s a whole different kind of stimulation as oppose to what you and Midnight Delight mostly do together, focusing more on rubbing the outside area than plunging something deep inside of you
  258. >Well...inside of your marehood, your other hole on the other hoof has had plenty of things inserted into it...
  259. >Ok fine there’s been a little bit of something in there too but not enough to say you’ve been properly fucked, it’s always Midnight Delight who’s getting her marehood stuffed and you doing most of the stuffing
  260. >Mmm...Midnight Delight’s sensual sexy moans...
  261. >O-oh dear Luna, imagine if you’d have been prepared for that kind of sex, and feel this, but inside of sweet pony butt, i-it would be t-ten times more better O-ohhh sweet Luna!
  262. >You’re unsure what is happening inside of you but it is overwhelming, you’re getting so close to what you already know is going to be one strong orgasm
  263. >You’ve unconsciously wrapped your hind hooves around Lockpick, locking him inside of you as he trembles
  264. >”I-I’m going to!”
  265. >You bite your lip in anticipation and with him trembling like that on top of you, and inside of you, you’re pushed over the edge as you reach your own orgasm while your insides get flooded with hot horsecum
  266. >You’re not sure what kind of screech of pleasure you let out before suddenly biting onto Lockpick’s shoulder, hard, hard enough to draw blood as you hold onto him for dear life
  267. >”Oh sweet Luna and Celestia and every other alicorn deity combined!”
  268. >You completely drain him, his cock keeps pumping out more and more cum into you until you loose consciousness on how much you’re being flooded as a mind numbing afterglow sets in inside your head, and your marehood
  269. >Just a pleasant, warm burning glow of satisfaction
  270. >You let go of Lockpick who rolls off of you and lies next to you on the bed, panting and trying to catch his breath
  271. >”W-wow!”
  272. >You suddenly sit up with alarm on your face as the heat of the moment wears off
  273. “W-wait you came inside of me!?”
  274. >Lockpick gives you a tired glance and then wiggles himself towards the small table next to your bed and grabs a little potion bottle
  275. >”Magical potion so you don’t get pregnant, I prepared this way beforehand”
  276. “Oh, ok then...handy”
  277. >You pop the cork open and down the little magical potion
  278. >’ve finally done it, had straight sex and at that lost your virginity properly...
  279. >The sex was great, different from what it is like with Midnight Delight but...there’s something missing from it
  280. >You’re suddenly reminded how content and happy you feel afterwards, and how special it feels like
  281. >This on the other sure is satisfying sexually but not that much emotionally
  282. > think that no matter what kind of a penis or stallion it would be it would not be as good as it is with Midnight Delight
  283. >Lockpick rises up and takes flight, a bit wobbly on his wings
  284. >”I’d like to thank you for this opportunity and maybe we might see each other here and there, well I am off to quit the guild and start an honest working life I guess, but there’s just one more thing..”
  285. >You wipe some sweat off of your face
  286. “Yeah?”
  287. >”Was I any good?”
  288. >You roll over to your side, shuddering how the warm mixture of bodily fluids feels like when dripping out of your ravaged hole
  289. “The best I’ve had”
  290. >”What seriously?”
  291. >You’re not lying, he’s the best stallion you’ve had
  292. >Lockpick leaves looking like he’s dead tired yet extremely cheerful, bidding you one final farewell and asking if you want to make this a regular thing
  293. >You decline him and tell him to bugger off already, shooing him away
  294. >You on the other hand stay there and lie on the bed, feeling too spend to start cleaning up just yet, with the taste of cum still lingering inside of your mouth and the fading memory of how it felt to have a cock inside of you gradually fading
  295. >You just lie there, sort of regretting what happened, but sort of not regretting it at all
  296. >You know that Midnight Delight said she would not mind sharing you with a stallion but you would not want to make her go through that
  297. >If it was the other way around, and especially now that you know how intoxicating this kind of sex can be you would not want to share her at all
  298. >You wonder if she too feels that way about you on the inside, no matter what she says
  299. >But one thing is for certain, you would not want any stallion making Midnight Delight feel like this sexually
  300. >You feel conflicted
  303. >You fly in into Midnight Delight’s house and shut the door
  304. >And almost instantly you’re greeted by your daughter Tulip who’s looking pretty funny
  305. >Her mane has random pink stripes in it and some of it is straightened
  306. >”Hi mom”
  307. >You give Tulip’s mane a little ruffle which she accepts with a delighted squee and a little wag of her tail
  308. “What’s up with your mane?”
  309. >”Me and Peachy did each others manes, you should have seen the spikes I made from her mane with some mane-gel!”
  310. >You hope Peach Screech’s parents didn’t have too big of a shock when she came home
  311. “That’s Midnight-“
  312. >Tulip cuts you off
  313. >”Oh and she got her cutie mark as well!”
  314. “She did?”
  315. >Tulip nods and puts on a toothy grin
  316. >”U-huh”
  317. >suddenly you feel a bit worried
  318. “What kind of a cutie mark?”
  319. >”A massage cutiemark, she was giving me a massage on my back which was really nice and suddenly poof a qt mark appeared! By the way I never had a cute-ceañera”
  320. >She’s right, she never did have one of those, because of all the stuff that was going on at that time
  321. >”And Peachy is going to have hers soon so we were thinking if I could have mine at the same time too so we’d have a double cute-ceañera, especially since we don’t have that many friends besides each other so it would not be a huge party or anything...I’m allowed to do it right? Please?”
  322. “If it’s fine with Peachy’s mom it’s fine with me too”
  323. >Tulip hugs your hoof suddenly
  324. >”Yes thank you, I can’t wait to hear what her mom says, oh yeah Midnight wanted to talk to you about something, I’m gonna go play with some toys”
  325. >Good, you too have something to tell her
  326. >You find Midnight Delight in the bedroom, appearing a bit disheveled-whoa what has happened to her mane?
  327. >Midnight Delight seems to take notice of the way how you’re staring at her
  328. >”Tulip wanted to do mine too. How does this almost 80s like manestyle suit me?”
  329. >You give her a smile of sorts
  330. “It looks pretty nice but...those colors are just...different?”
  331. >”Yes, very. Daylily, I have something to tell you”
  332. >Midnight Delight seems a bit can’t put your hoof on it but it’s different and somehow makes you feel a bit wary
  333. “Oh, I have something to tell you too, but you go first”
  334. >Midnight Delight lets out a sigh and puts on a serious face before facing you again
  335. >”I slept with another mare”
  336. >You just stand there and let those words sink in
  337. >She...did it with another mare? Wow, you always thought that if something like this would happen it’d be with a stallion she’d try to involve into this weird relationship you seem to have with her
  338. >It makes you feel surprisingly hurt and jealous, you two aren’t fully committed in a proper relationship as far as you are aware but...
  339. >”I’m sorry and I regret it, and it made me realize something...remember when I told you I would not mind if we had only an open relationship? How we could include a stallion into our mix as well if we ever found one?”
  340. >You simply nod and Midnight continues
  341. >”I don’t want that, it made me realize I don’t want any of that, it’s just you who I want, and I’m not going to share...that is if you still want to be around me...”
  342. >You’re not sure how to feel to be exact, in a sense you were cheated on, but in a sense you were not, you’re a bit hurt but not devastated, especially since it seems that Midnight Delight just was unsure of what she wanted before this happened
  343. >Well she did want you, but she was willing to sacrifice some of you to somepony else if that was what it would take to have you
  344. “Who was it, and how did it happen?”
  345. >”It was Peach Screech’s mom, we were talking about how she was scared of two mares having a bit of fun”
  346. “That whole thing with Tulip and her daughter? So that’s why she was extra upset”
  347. >”I think any mom would be extra upset in that situation”
  348. “Oh...right”
  349. >”So we talked a little and I wanted to help expand her views on the matter a little and then we did it”
  350. >Midnight Delight stares at you, seemingly anxious to hear what you have to say
  351. >You on the other hand can’t come up with anything, you’re not sure what you need to or should say
  352. >So instead you tell her what you were going to tell her in the first place
  353. “I slept with a stallion”
  354. >Midnight Delight falls off of her seat
  355. >”W-what? How did that even come to happen-is it a stallion you have feeling for?”
  356. >You shake your head
  357. “No, the opportunity just happened to present itself, and you know how you said how having fun with mares is one thing but cock is pretty good?”
  358. >Midnight Delight nods
  359. >”Yes I remember that”
  360. “I just wanted to find out if it was that way”
  361. >”...and was it?”
  362. >You blush and look at a wall
  363. “It kind of was...”
  364. >”S-so you’re going to go completely straight from here on out and look for a stallion?”
  365. >You start to feel even more awkward
  366. “No, I mean the sex was great but afterwards it was not and...And I kind of realized that...”
  367. >”Y-yes?”
  368. >You avoid looking at Midnight Delight and gather up your courage
  369. >Come on Daylily this is not like you!
  370. >You swallow your fear and face Midnight Delight head on, staring right into her eyes
  371. “I realized that I like and want you, romantically, and to not have to share you with any stallion”
  372. >Midnight Delight seems speechless
  373. >”A-are you sure? I mean I’m a bit older than you and pretty much just forced myself on you who has no romantic experience and slept with another mare and-“
  374. >You cut her off
  375. “I love you”
  376. >Midnight Delight’s cheeks become rosy as she blushes, which makes your face heat up as well
  377. “ we’re a couple n-“
  378. >you don’t get to finish your question because you’re fly-tackled to the ground by Midnight Delight
  379. >And then you’re kissed by her, deep, so you can’t get to say much of anything
  380. >You could lift her off of you but you don’t feel like it, especially when you feel a few tears fall on your face
  381. >Midnight Delight breaks the kiss and nuzzles against you, resting her head on your chest
  382. “Are you feeling ok? You’re crying a little”
  383. >”I’m just happy, that we both realized this before it was too late”
  384. “All it took was to have sex with strangers huh?”
  385. >Midnight Delight lets out a chuckle
  386. >”So we’re both going to miss cock huh? We’ll need to work extra hard to make up for that you know~”
  387. “Or we might find a stallion we both like enough to have fun with him, you know, as long as neither of us is going to get stolen away from one another by him”
  388. >”I have corrupted you haven’t I? But let’s think about that if that day comes, because currently I’m not handing you over to anypony”
  389. >You have been in love with this mare for sometime now, just refusing to fully and wholeheartedly admit it
  390. >And now that you have it feels pleasant, kind of like an extra warmth added to the everyday life the two of you have already had together for some time
  391. >There’s a knock on the door and Tulip emerges
  392. >”You two done with your adult stuff now? I want to do your hair too mom”
  393. >Midnight Delight climbs off of you and wipes her face into her hoof quickly, instantly transforming her face to look like she had not been crying at all
  394. >”I think we’re about done for now, aren’t we?”
  395. >You lift yourself up, with the aid of Midnight’s wing that she so graciously extended for you to grab on to, and dust your own wings off once you’re on your hooves
  396. >Tulip flies over to the two of you and hovers still in the air while slowly flapping her little bat wings
  397. >”What were you two talking about? Is it good?”
  398. “Yes it’s very good, you’re going to have two moms, properly”
  399. >”So you two are now officially a couple?”
  400. “Yes we are”
  401. >Midnight grabs onto your hoof and nuzzles against you lovingly
  402. >Tulip on the other hand hangs her head in defeat
  403. >”Aw man, now I really do have to do all the homework properly and act better at school...”
  404. >You pet Tulip’s head
  405. “Aren’t you already used to doing that since you lived with her when I was still hiding in the guild?”
  406. >”Yeah but then I just thought it’d be temporary...”
  407. >Midnight chuckles
  408. >”Aww I can’t be all that bad am I?”
  409. >Tulip glances at Midnight, scrunches her mouth and averts her eyes while blushing a little
  410. >”No you’re not...”
  411. >Midnight Delight lets go of you and gives Tulip a little kiss on the forehead that makes her scrunch even harder
  412. >”Thank you Tulip that is very sweet of you”
  413. >”But mom still loves me more than you because I came first”
  414. >Tulip blows a raspberry at Midnight Delight and lands down to lie on your back, hugging your neck and nuzzling her face into your mane while letting out a delighted eeee~
  415. >Afterwards Tulip’s and Peachy’s cute-ceañera was discussed a little bit more, your mane got turned green and once the sun was starting to get up all three of you nuzzled in to sleep on Midnight’s big bed together
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