Normal Norman - Rainbro

Jul 1st, 2013
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  1. [Written by Tool]
  3. >Day sonic rainboom in Canterlot High.
  4. >Today you’re having a good time with your bro, Rainbro.
  5. >Like every other Friday evening, Rainbro decided to come over to your house to play CoD with you.
  6. >She’s a good player, but both of you are getting creamed by Purple who’s playing online with both of you.
  7. >”Ugh! How is she so good!” - shouted Rainbro at the end of the match.
  8. >”I don’t know, it’s like she’s got the magic fingers.” - you reply. It’s sort of ironic, she looks like she’s never held anything with her hands before, but here she is, making a mockery of you.
  9. >Things are getting sort of boring around here now, and both of you are starting to get hungry. Might want to feed your guest so you don’t offend her.
  10. >”Hey Rainbro, want something to eat?”
  11. >”Nah, I already got us some chips to share.”
  12. >”Wow thanks, bro!”
  13. >Unbenounced to you, she cringes at the word ‘bro’.
  14. >”Y-yeah.... Y-you got it, b-bro!”
  15. >You reach out a fist and she reluctantly responds by hitting it with her own.
  16. >”Now c’mon bro, we got Twilight to pwn!”
  17. >”Let’s do it!”
  18. >
  19. >The next morning.
  20. >Today is a saturday, so now you got the whole day to do whatever you want. So that means spending the day with your bro.
  21. >She invited you over to her place this time, she said that she has a basketball court on her driveway and she wants to beat you on a game.
  22. >Once you get there she’s acting like her regular energetic self. As always, she’s eager to show you who’s boss.
  23. >You’re halfway through the match and so far, Rainbro's really proving her medal.
  24. >”C’mon Norman! Pick up the game!” Said Rainbro.
  25. >It was easy to say, you’re getting your as handed to you. But that was what you expected when you agreed to this.
  27. >She has an easy 5-0 lead now, but you’re planning a comeback.
  28. >...Until you felt a drop on your shoulder. You look up and start to feel small droplets patter against your face.
  29. >”Hey bro, I think it’s starting to rain, should we go inside?”
  30. >”W-what?! It can’t be raining, I was just about to win!”
  31. >The game -was- overshadowed by clouds, it was sort of inevitable that it was going to rain. Maybe this game can continue later, but certainly not now.
  32. >
  33. >Be Rainbow.
  34. >How is it raining? I wanted to keep playing!
  35. >Sigh, it’s not like hoping is going to stop it from raining, after all, it’s not like we can control the weather. Right?
  36. >”Whatever, let’s go inside.”
  37. >Might want to try being a good host like Norman, he is considerate like that.
  38. >You let him go first, but he insists its ladies first instead.
  39. >”N-no, you can go!” - you say.
  40. >”You sure?”
  41. >”I’m holding the door open aren’t I? Get your butt in there!”
  42. >Gosh, why did you have to say that to him? You feel so STUPID now!
  43. >”Whoa, nice place you got here, Dash!”
  44. >”T-thanks...” - you say while trying to hide the blush on you face.
  45. >You lead him upstairs up to your room. N-not that you’re doing anything wrong!
  46. >”Whoa, you’re room is...”
  47. >”Awesome? I know, it is mine after all.”
  48. >”Awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it!”
  49. >”H-heh, I guess...” - Damn it Norman! Can you please stop making me blush so damn hard?!
  50. >You see his eyes dart from side to side in the room, he eyes everything in it. He stops once he sees your flat screen set.
  51. >
  52. >Be Norman.
  53. >Damn, this girl has a awesome room!
  54. >She’s got a rainbow bed, a dual screen computer, and a cyan colored room.
  55. >But what -really- catches your eye, is that damn fine tv she has! You’re sort of surprised she can afford all of this.
  57. >”Hey, want to play CoD on my tv?” - she asks. Obviously she noticed you staring at it.
  58. >”You know it!” - you respond.
  59. >As usual, you and your bro start playing a game online. Look like Trixie is on, might want to challenge her.
  60. >Halfway into the match, you and Rainbro are wiping the floor with her.
  61. >Trixie is screaming her head off on the mic.
  63. >”Quit talking out your ass and play!” - said Rainbro.
  64. >Incoherent rage and screaming came from the came from the speaker before she ragequit.
  65. >You and Rainbow laugh at her loss before sharing a brofist to congratulate yourselves on your victory.
  66. >It’s about time to leave, don’t want your parents getting mad at you for staying over do you? You remember the last time you stayed over at a girls house, it was a nightmare of questions. Your parents would never let you live it down if you stayed at Rainbro’s house, you’re both too close like that for them not to think you’re doing something.
  67. >One look at the window says you’re not going anywhere. What used to be a gradual downpour, turned into a full storm. The trees bend to the wind, the drain pipes overflow with flooding, and general visibility is low. You were hoping on riding the bus back home, but the wind had knocked over several branches.
  68. >”Rainbro? Can I ask your parents if they can take me for a ride?” - you ask her. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Bro can help you, they’ve got to know a better way to get out since they don’t have follow bus routes.
  69. >”I’d ask them myself if they were here.”
  70. >Shit, your plans just seem to be getting worse and worse.
  71. >”Oh, then what do I do now?”
  72. >A thick silence hangs in the room for more than a minute.
  74. >”Y-you could stay here....” - Rainbro said to break the tension in the room.
  75. >”Really, aww thanks bro!”
  76. >Hopefully their couch is comfortable enough to sleep on.
  77. >”Y-yeah, b-bro....”
  78. >You unite in one more brofist before going back to the game at hand.
  79. >”Now let’s see if we can’t beat Purple.”
  80. >”Let’s!”
  81. >The rest of the night was filled with getting your ass handed to you by Purple and her crazy skills. Seriously, how did she get so good?
  82. >Eventually, it gets dark outside, and both of your eyes are getting tired from watching yourselves getting raped by xXLittlePrincessXx.
  83. >”Hey Rainbro?” - you say in a tired voice.
  84. >”Huh?”
  85. >”I’m getting pretty tired, wanna just go to bed?”
  86. >”Yeah, I don’t think I can put up with much more of this. Let’s just go to sleep.”
  87. >”HAHAHA, DIE FAGGOTS! I AM L337 AND I PWN NOOBS LIKE YOU!” - said Purple from her mic as she teabagged you.
  88. >”Hey Purp? We’re going to go to bed now.”
  89. >”What!? But I’m winning!”
  90. >”We can do this tomorrow, okay?”
  91. >”Ugh, fine. Good night.”
  92. >”Good night.”
  93. >After that, you turn off the game. But wait, you still haven’t solved the mystery of where are you going to sleep.
  94. >”Hey Rainbro? Where do I sleep now?”
  95. >Before she answers, she starts blushing furiously. It’s kinda cute when she scrambles to cover her face up.
  96. >”Y-you can sleep with me....” - she says while trying to cover up her face.
  97. >She can’t be serious, a night sleeping with your bro? Maybe it’s okay, you know she wouldn’t do anything weird to you while you’re asleep, you trust her.
  98. >”Okay, let’s get some sleep then.”
  99. >You’re the first one to go under the rainbow coloured blankets. Rainbow is taking her time, it’s like she’s preparing for something.
  100. >Once you both get in the bed your sleep catches up with you, and you fall into a blissful slumber.
  102. >Be Rainbow.
  103. >You’re silently watching as Norman sleeps the night away. Being so close to him is making it hard to sleep.
  104. >Ugh, why can’t you just pass out? It’s all your fault, stupid Norman....
  105. >Why can’t he see just how much you care about him? You’re way better than ‘Aryan Beauty’ at nearly everything!
  106. >And what’s with that word he always uses? ‘Bro’? It like you’re a little sister to him! Stupid Norman, making you mad at him...
  107. >But why can’t you ever -stay- mad at him? Everyday you want to forget about him and move on! But he makes it so damn hard for you!
  108. >Why can’t he see how much you care for him? Why do you still come back for him after he’s told you he likes Rarity? Why can’t you walk away when it’s hopeless?
  109. >Why do you feel something poking your leg?
  110. >...
  111. >”Oh Sweet Beauty, you make me so hard...” - Norman mutters in his sleep.
  112. >Is he really having a boner!? Oh god, ew ew ew ew ew! It’s... strange.
  113. >...Maybe he won't mind if you take just a little peek, just to see what it looks like.
  114. >You cautiously move the blankets from on top of you to get a slight peek, careful not to wake him up.
  115. >The built up warmth from under the blankets rush out from around you, it’s quickly replaced by cool outside air.
  116. >You see the bulge in his pants rubbing against your leg. It’s... distracting...
  117. >...Well, maybe he won’t mind if you take a closer look.
  118. >Slowly you bring your hand down past the blankets and around the blankets and touch the outside of his pants.
  119. >Your hand quickly snaps back to you, in your absentminded lung after him, you accidentally felt it. It twitches and jerks under his pants as Norman stirs in his sleep.
  120. >”Mmm Rarara...” - Norman mutters.
  121. >You’ve had enough waiting! If Norman is too dumb to see it, you’ll take matter into your own hands!
  123. >You dive your head under the blankets and start undoing that stupid CP belt buckle he insists on wearing.
  124. >Once you’ve undone the zipper, you yank his pants to his knees. Norman surprisingly doesn’t wake up from this, he just grunts and goes back to snoring.
  125. >His manhood is now fully exposed and in the air. Before giving it a second thought, you rub your finger along his shaft. He shudders in his sleep from your touch.
  126. >It doesn’t matter what happens to you now, you just want to forget and let it all happen.
  127. >Slowly you take his length into your mouth, you’ve never done this before, but you love Norman, and you’d do anything for him.
  128. >”Ugh, Aryan Beauty...”
  129. >You want to forget that he’s sleeping.
  130. >”Mmm, Rarity...”
  131. >You want to forget that he’s thinking of Rarity.
  132. >”Uhh, I love you...”
  133. >You want to forget he doesn’t love you.
  134. >All you want to do is enjoy your time forgetting, and at least pretend that he loves you.
  135. >Norman gives a final grunt before he cums into your mouth. You don’t want him to stain his clothes, so you swallow it all. It’s a labor of love, and you enjoy every second of it.
  136. >You zip up his pants and refasten his belt buckle back to its original position, this way he won’t know what happened.
  137. >He’s still sleeping peacefully, you still stay next to him and press yourself to his chest.
  138. >Now you feel empty on the inside, you may have gotten closer to what you wanted, but not honestly.
  139. >You drape his free arm over your shoulder and kiss him on the cheek. In a very light breath, you whisper a few words so silent.
  140. >”I love you.”
  141. >Sleep came easy after that.
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