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  1. [+14.73s] DEBUG: Greeter start authentication for promitheas
  2. [+14.73s] DEBUG: Session pid=823: Started with service 'lightdm', username 'promitheas'
  3. [+14.91s] DEBUG: Session pid=823: Got 1 message(s) from PAM
  4. [+14.91s] DEBUG: Prompt greeter with 1 message(s)
  5. [+23.47s] DEBUG: Continue authentication
  6. [+23.58s] DEBUG: Session pid=823: Authentication complete with return value 0: Success
  7. [+23.58s] DEBUG: Authenticate result for user promitheas: Success
  8. [+23.58s] DEBUG: User promitheas authorized
  9. [+24.16s] DEBUG: Greeter requests session i3
  10. [+24.16s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Stopping greeter; display server will be re-used for user session
  11. [+24.16s] DEBUG: Terminating login1 session c1
  12. [+24.17s] DEBUG: Session pid=702: Sending SIGTERM
  13. [+24.26s] DEBUG: Greeter closed communication channel
  14. [+24.26s] DEBUG: Session pid=702: Exited with return value 0
  15. [+24.26s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Session stopped
  16. [+24.26s] DEBUG: Seat seat0: Greeter stopped, running session
  17. [+24.26s] DEBUG: Registering session with bus path /org/freedesktop/DisplayManager/Session0
  18. [+24.26s] DEBUG: posix_spawn avoided (fd close requested) (child_setup specified)
  19. [+24.27s] DEBUG: Session pid=823: Running command /etc/lightdm/Xsession i3
  20. [+24.27s] DEBUG: Creating shared data directory /var/lib/lightdm-data/promitheas
  21. [+24.27s] DEBUG: Session pid=823: Logging to .xsession-errors
  22. [+24.75s] DEBUG: Activating VT 7
  23. [+24.75s] DEBUG: Activating login1 session 2
  24. [+24.75s] DEBUG: Seat seat0 changes active session to
  25. [+24.75s] DEBUG: Seat seat0 changes active session to 2
  26. [+24.75s] DEBUG: Session 2 is already active
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