Cade/Ahzela - Can't remember the name I was gonna give this.

Jan 12th, 2016
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  1. [13:29] <The_Audience> ==START!==
  2. [13:29] * distantBellicose has begun espering wanderingPilgrim
  3. [13:29] <distantBellicose> Hey! Hi there. How are you?
  4. [13:30] <WanderingPilgrim> I'm... g00d?
  5. [13:30] <WanderingPilgrim> Wh0 ar3 y0u?
  6. [13:30] <distantBellicose> Sorry! Sorry! I should have started off by introducing myself.
  7. [13:30] <distantBellicose> Yeah, I'm Cade. Cade Miller. The Most Dashing Sniper in North America.
  8. [13:31] <WanderingPilgrim> SNIP3R?!
  9. [13:31] <distantBellicose> Probably. I think I read a magazine article about snipers a long time ago. Can't really remember what it said, though.
  10. [13:31] <WanderingPilgrim> Is that why y0u ar3 m3ssaging m3?!
  11. [13:31] <distantBellicose> No! No!
  12. [13:31] <distantBellicose> I'm, uh. Hm. Hang on a minute.
  13. [13:31] <WanderingPilgrim> W3ll y0u can't b3 a v3ry g00d 0n3!
  14. [13:31] <distantBellicose> I hate doing this to you, but I gotta scroll back up in the chat.
  15. [13:31] <distantBellicose> Oh, man. I didn't say why I was espering you. Hold up.
  16. [13:31] <WanderingPilgrim> Why ar3 y0u t3lling m3 y0u ar3 ab0ut t0 kill m3?
  17. [13:31] <distantBellicose> No! No! It's not that.
  18. [13:32] <distantBellicose> I think it's... Jack? Is that right? I think he's been going around doing some mean things and, well, I wanted to apologize to people he's been mean to.
  19. [13:32] <distantBellicose> See, Jack is a good kid, really.
  20. [13:32] <WanderingPilgrim> Is a snip3r a diff3r3nt thing th3n?
  21. [13:32] <distantBellicose> I think this is just a phase he's working through.
  22. [13:32] <distantBellicose> Well, no, see, I carry a big ol' rifle, but I don't go killing people!
  23. [13:32] <distantBellicose> That's frowned upon in a lot of places.
  24. [13:32] <WanderingPilgrim> Whats th3 rifl3 f0r th3n?
  25. [13:33] <distantBellicose> Wolves.
  26. [13:33] <WanderingPilgrim> Y0u.... snip3 w0lv3s?
  27. [13:33] <distantBellicose> Big ones.
  28. [13:33] <WanderingPilgrim> Hav3 y0u c0nsid3r3d r3-3valuating y0ur lif3 g0als?
  29. [13:33] <distantBellicose> Well, I HAVE, but I've forgotten what those goals actually ARE.
  30. [13:33] <WanderingPilgrim> Ah. I s33 :P
  31. [13:33] <distantBellicose> And then I forget that I even evaluated them in the first place, and the whole thing is gone.
  32. [13:34] <WanderingPilgrim> 0k anyway s0 wh0 is jack?
  33. [13:34] <distantBellicose> Jack is my lil bro!
  34. [13:34] <distantBellicose> Well, kinda.
  35. [13:34] <WanderingPilgrim> Is this a n0rmal human thing?
  36. [13:34] <distantBellicose> Maybe. I dunno.
  37. [13:34] <WanderingPilgrim> T0 hav3 'kinda' littl3 br0s 0r sis3s?
  38. [13:34] <distantBellicose> Hey, what were we doing again?
  39. [13:35] <WanderingPilgrim> Idk?
  40. [13:35] <distantBellicose> Huh.
  41. [13:35] <WanderingPilgrim> S0m3thing ab0ut jack?
  42. [13:35] <distantBellicose> Oh, right! Jack.
  43. [13:35] <distantBellicose> You don't know him?
  44. [13:35] <WanderingPilgrim> N0?
  45. [13:35] <WanderingPilgrim> I'v3 h3ard 0F him
  46. [13:36] <distantBellicose> Jack's a cool kid. Lots of "Mwahahaha! I will take over the world!" sorts of things. But really, he's too nice for it!
  47. [13:36] <distantBellicose> He cries when his robots hurt people! Well, only a little, and he likes to pretend he doesn't.
  48. [13:36] <WanderingPilgrim> I 0nly h3ar 0f him thr0ugh ikki
  49. [13:36] <distantBellicose> You should see him scrape his knee. Poor guy! He's so adorable when he cries, I just can't help but put him in a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig headlock!
  50. [13:37] <WanderingPilgrim> why w0uld y0u put him in a h3adl0ck?
  51. [13:37] <distantBellicose> Wait, so who are you again?
  52. [13:37] <WanderingPilgrim> 3hr.. W3ll ahz3la?
  53. [13:37] <distantBellicose> Ahzela! Right! Hi Ahzela! I'm Cade.
  54. [13:37] <WanderingPilgrim> Hi cad3. Y0u alr3ady said y0ur nam3 th0ugh :P
  55. [13:37] <distantBellicose> Oh I did? Hang on.
  56. [13:38] <WanderingPilgrim> Ar3 y0u a nic3 human?
  57. [13:38] <WanderingPilgrim> Ikki and al3x s33m lik3 nic3 humans, but idk ab0ut 0th3rs...
  58. [13:38] <distantBellicose> That depends on your definition of "nice human". I mean, yeah, I get a little frustrated with rush hour traffic.
  59. [13:38] <distantBellicose> Maybe sometimes I say a bad word when they're out of stuff I want at the store, sure.
  60. [13:38] <distantBellicose> But I don't kill, steal, or hate on people, so there's that.
  61. [13:38] <WanderingPilgrim> Wh3n I first cam3 h3r3 I g0t captur3d by s0m3 humans, and impris0n3d?
  62. [13:39] <WanderingPilgrim> H0w racist ar3 y0u?
  63. [13:39] <WanderingPilgrim> Al3x says that th3 bad humans ar3 racist t0wards m3, which I gu3ss I can und3rstand
  64. [13:39] <distantBellicose> Well, like I said, I forget all names equally frequently, ha ha!
  65. [13:40] <WanderingPilgrim> 0...k?
  66. [13:40] <distantBellicose> That's like saying I'm a... Hm. I think I forgot what I was gonna type, but was too lazy and too committed to this message to erase it.
  67. [13:40] <distantBellicose> oh, right. Not racist!
  68. [13:40] <distantBellicose> I'm a not racist!
  69. [13:40] <WanderingPilgrim> Gr3at!
  70. [13:40] <distantBellicose> Yeah, I have troubles with short term memory.
  71. [13:41] <WanderingPilgrim> H0w d0 y0u kn0w 0f m3 th0ugh?
  72. [13:41] <distantBellicose> Or was it long term? Can't remember what the doc said.
  73. [13:41] <WanderingPilgrim> I th0ught 0nly 2 humans kn3w m3?
  74. [13:41] <distantBellicose> How do I know of you? I dunno.
  75. [13:41] <WanderingPilgrim> I gu3ss that mak3s it 3asi3r t0 c0v3r up!
  76. [13:41] <distantBellicose> Cover up? What, is your existence a secret? I feel that.
  77. [13:42] <WanderingPilgrim> W3ll m0st humans r3act badly t0 h3aring that I'm an ali3n :P
  78. [13:42] <distantBellicose> Jack is the same way! He's so cute when he insists on that! I always put him in a big headlock, then take him to school!
  79. [13:43] <distantBellicose> You're an alien? Cool! Whatever floats your boat, I guess!
  80. [13:43] <WanderingPilgrim> Thats... 0k what3v3r?
  81. [13:43] <distantBellicose> Is it like Jack's "Evil Robot Overlord" thing?
  82. [13:44] <WanderingPilgrim> Mayb3?
  83. [13:44] <distantBellicose> Oh, man. Why am I here again? Sheesh! I am so sorry, uh, what's your name!
  84. [13:44] <WanderingPilgrim> Idk d03s h3 0p3rat3 in s3cr3t 0p3rati0ns acr0ss th3 galaxy s3arching, sc0uting and 0p3rating in hundr3ds 0f star syst3ms with 0th3r ali3ns?
  85. [13:45] <distantBellicose> No, no I'd know if he did.
  86. [13:45] <WanderingPilgrim> W0uld y0u?
  87. [13:45] <distantBellicose> And even if I didn't know, he'd better not be doing it on a school night!
  88. [13:45] <WanderingPilgrim> Als0 g00d qu3sti0n!
  89. [13:45] <WanderingPilgrim> What ar3 y0u h3r3 f0r?
  90. [13:46] <WanderingPilgrim> Idk y0u hav3 said y3t :P
  91. [13:46] <distantBellicose> Oh. I can't remember. I think it was... Hm.
  92. [13:46] <WanderingPilgrim> What is 'Hm'?
  93. [13:46] <distantBellicose> I think I wanted to apologize to jack for something? Was it forgetting the macaroni and cheese with the dinosaurs in dinner last night? Did that even happen?
  94. [13:46] <WanderingPilgrim> Is it lik3 a hymn?
  95. [13:47] <WanderingPilgrim> It s0unds kinda similar...
  96. [13:47] <distantBellicose> No, no, Hm is like a sound I make when I'm trying to think.
  97. [13:47] <distantBellicose> That happens a lot.
  98. [13:47] <WanderingPilgrim> Ah
  99. [13:47] <WanderingPilgrim> W3ll... I didn't hav3 macar0ni last night?
  100. [13:47] <WanderingPilgrim> S0 s0m3thing with jack?
  101. [13:47] <distantBellicose> Oh. Dang.
  102. [13:47] <WanderingPilgrim> Wh0m y0u m3nti0n3d was y0ur 'br0'?
  103. [13:47] <distantBellicose> Oh, yeah.
  104. [13:47] <distantBellicose> I like to go around and apologize to people he's been mean to.
  105. [13:48] <WanderingPilgrim> Has h3 b33n m3an t0 m3?
  106. [13:48] <distantBellicose> Honestly, he's really not a bad kid. Just needs a good headlock every now and again.
  107. [13:48] <distantBellicose> Has he been mean to you? I dunno. You fought any robots lately?
  108. [13:48] <WanderingPilgrim> Sh0uld I h3adl0ck him 0r r3f3r him t0 y0u f0r h3adl0cks?
  109. [13:48] <WanderingPilgrim> Als0 n0, I hav3'nt
  110. [13:48] <WanderingPilgrim> Sh0uld I hav3?
  111. [13:48] <distantBellicose> Ah. So he hasn't been mean. Huh. That's weird.
  112. [13:48] <distantBellicose> Well, if he hasn't been mean to you, and if it isn't about macaroni, I dunno why I'm here.
  113. [13:49] <WanderingPilgrim> Allllrighty th3n!
  114. [13:49] <distantBellicose> See you later, what'syourname!
  115. [13:49] <WanderingPilgrim> Wait!
  116. [13:49] <distantBellicose> Hm?
  117. [13:49] <WanderingPilgrim> I still d0n't kn0w y0u :P
  118. [13:49] <distantBellicose> Oh, really?
  119. [13:49] <WanderingPilgrim> I kn0w y0ur nam3.. w3ll y0ur first nam3?
  120. [13:49] <distantBellicose> Dang it. I can't believe I forgot to introduce myself *again!*
  121. [13:50] <distantBellicose> Wait, did I forget last time?
  122. [13:50] <WanderingPilgrim> N0- y0u said y0u w3r3 cad3!
  123. [13:50] <distantBellicose> That was the online dating chat, right?
  124. [13:50] <WanderingPilgrim> This is 0nlin3 dating?
  125. [13:50] <distantBellicose> Man! I gotta start keeping a journal.
  126. [13:50] <WanderingPilgrim> I gu3ss this is fun?
  127. [13:50] <distantBellicose> No, I just have some stuff going on in a few websites.
  128. [13:50] <WanderingPilgrim> Its w3irdly intriguing at l3ast!
  129. [13:50] <distantBellicose> See, I figure... I figure Jack would like a woman in the house, you know? Like, a "mom" figure.
  130. [13:51] <WanderingPilgrim> ....
  131. [13:51] <WanderingPilgrim> Why w0uld y0u want m3 f0r that?
  132. [13:51] <distantBellicose> No, no!
  133. [13:51] <distantBellicose> Not you!
  134. [13:51] <distantBellicose> I know I'm not here for that.
  135. [13:51] <distantBellicose> I just can't remember why I'm chatting with you right now.
  136. [13:52] <distantBellicose> If it were, y'know, OKCupid or whatever I'd be able to see that on the screen.
  137. [13:52] <WanderingPilgrim> 0KCupid?
  138. [13:52] <distantBellicose> Y'know. A dating website.
  139. [13:52] <distantBellicose> For single, lonely individuals.
  140. [13:52] <WanderingPilgrim> I th0ught w3 w3r3 0n 3sp3r?
  141. [13:52] <distantBellicose> I'm not really lonely, but I figure Jack is, so that makes me lonely by proxy.
  142. [13:53] <WanderingPilgrim> 0k S0 t3ll m3 ab0ut y0urs3lf!
  143. [13:53] <WanderingPilgrim> What ar3 y0ur int3r3sts?
  144. [13:54] <WanderingPilgrim> Wh0 3vn3 is jack, lik3, prop3rly
  145. [13:54] <WanderingPilgrim> I'v3 h3ard h3 is 3vil, but y0u say h3 isn;t?
  146. [13:54] <distantBellicose> I'm Cade. Cade Miller. The most dashing sniper in North America. Probably.
  147. [13:54] <distantBellicose> I like sniping, and killing wolves.
  148. [13:54] <distantBellicose> And Jack. I like my lil' bro jack.
  149. [13:54] <WanderingPilgrim> H0w did y0u d3t3rmin3 y0u w3r3 th3 m0st dashing?
  150. [13:54] <WanderingPilgrim> Was th3r3 a nati0nal surv3y?
  151. [13:54] <distantBellicose> I dunno. I live in rural canada.
  152. [13:55] <distantBellicose> It's cold in rural Canada, but not bad overall.
  153. [13:56] <WanderingPilgrim> 0k?
  154. [13:56] <WanderingPilgrim> What ar3 y0ur int3r3sts?
  155. [13:56] <distantBellicose> I like sniping, and killing wolves.
  156. [13:56] <distantBellicose> Damn things. Always tryna eat me.
  157. [13:56] <distantBellicose> Hey, who are you again?
  158. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Are you Jack doing more of his shenanigans? You adorable little rascal!
  159. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Wait.
  160. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Wait.
  161. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Wait.
  162. [13:57] <WanderingPilgrim> Ahz3la - an ali3n kinda stuck h3r3!
  163. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Jack's at school right now.
  164. [13:57] <WanderingPilgrim> I'm waiting!
  165. [13:57] <distantBellicose> Waiting for what?
  166. [13:57] <WanderingPilgrim> Y0u said t0 wait!
  167. [13:58] <distantBellicose> Oh, yup. I sure did. Can't remember why, though.
  168. [13:58] <distantBellicose> Well, I guess you can stop waiting, what's your name.
  169. [13:59] <distantBellicose> WAIT!
  170. [13:59] <distantBellicose> Hang on again!
  171. [13:59] <WanderingPilgrim> WAITING!
  172. [13:59] <WanderingPilgrim> H0LD 0N T0 WHAT?!
  173. [13:59] <WanderingPilgrim> WHATS WR0NG!
  174. [13:59] * distantBellicose has gone to idle
  175. [13:59] * distantBellicose has automatically logged out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  176. [13:59] <WanderingPilgrim> 000000000...k?
  177. [14:00] <distantBellicose> ==END==
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