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  1. 01:00
  2. Translator (What’s your name?)
  3. 01:04
  4. Samar (Samar) [Can't be heard clearly]
  5. 01:06
  6. Translator (Your name is Samar?)
  7. 01:29
  8. Translator (Have you seen the snow here?)
  9. 01:32
  10. Samar (Yes.)
  11. 02:02
  12. Translator (Do you know why you are here?)
  13. 02:06
  14. Samar (No.)
  15. 02:12
  16. Translator (Do you or do you not know why you’re here?)
  17. 02:23
  18. Translator (They have already talked to each and every one of your roommates.)
  19. 02: 42
  20. Translator (And they have already know every detail of what happened in your home. Now, you know why you’re here?)
  21. 02:55
  22. Translator (You’re very very.. as I said earlier..)
  23. 03:10
  24. Translator (They know everything and they have already talked to everyone who lives with you. So, they know everything.)
  25. 03:23
  26. Translator (They would like you to tell them the story of what happened.)
  27. 03:38
  28. Translator (This is a really terrible thing happened to your life. The things that you did are really bad for your life.)
  29. 03:57
  30. Translator (They would like you to decide what happened.)
  31. 04:03
  32. Samar (What do you mean?)
  33. 04:24
  34. Samar (I don’t understand what you mean.)
  35. 04:27
  36. Translator (You even understand Burmese Language, right?)
  37. Samar (Yes, I do.)
  38. Translator (Now, there’s something happening here.)
  39. 04:48
  40. Translator (They said the girl is dead and you killed her.)
  41. Samar (No.)
  42. 05:06
  43. Translator (He’ll tell you all the things that need to be said and you will have to tell them the truth. A confession.)
  44. 05:19
  45. Translator (And after that, you have to be quiet. You need to stay quiet.)
  46. 05:25
  47. Translator (You understand?)
  48. 05:37
  49. Translator (Everything you have to say today, alright? They will ask you some questions and you have to answer them. Everything you say here will be presented at the court, alright?)
  50. 05:55
  51. Translator (Do you understand?)
  52. 06:06
  53. Translator (Before you say something, as I said earlier, you can tell them what you know and you can also tell them if you didn’t do it. This is your right.)
  54. 06:20
  55. Translator (Do you understand? When they ask you a question, you tell them the truth – if you did it or you didn’t do it. You will have to face all those things at the court.)
  56. 06:37
  57. Translator (And depending on the crime you have committed, you will be punished with a fine or some other sort of punishment.)
  58. 06:57
  59. Translator (Did you understand everything just said?)
  60. 07:09
  61. Translator (Now, calm down. Okay? Calm down and answer their questions. Please stay still. What’s wrong? Are you hungry?)
  62. Samar (I’m cold.)
  63. 07:36
  64. Translator (They know it’s not only that you’re cold. They know you want to tell them something. Tell them what you want to say.)
  65. 07:45
  66. Samar (I know this girl because we always played together. She used to ask to ride my bike and we rode the bike together. Now that she’s dead, how am I supposed who killed her. I don’t even know what to say that I have been accused of her murder.)
  67. 08:13
  68. Samar (She was like a sister to me. This kid. She’s like my real sister.)
  69. 08:48
  70. Translator (She died in your bathroom.)
  71. 09:05
  72. Translator (She was found dead in your bathroom with all the footprints of yours and blood on her body.)
  73. Samar (That’s not possible because Yenoot called me that morning and told me that the girl I always played with was missing and I was at my uncle’s house at that time. I had to buy the glue and take it to my uncle’s home to fix the bike tire. Yenoot called 2 or 3 hours after I got to my uncle’s home to tell that she was missing and ask me if I knew about that.)
  74. Translator (Who did you say called you?)
  75. Samar (Yenoot.)
  76. Translator (What?)
  77. Samar (Yenoot.)
  78. Translator (Who’s Yenoot?)
  79. 10:11
  80. Translator (Who had got the flat tyre?)
  81. Samar (My uncle.)
  82. Translator (What time did your uncle come to pick you up? And whose bicycle tyre went flat – yours or your uncle’s?)
  83. Samar (My uncle’s. That’s why he asked me to buy the glue.)
  84. Translator (You have a phone?)
  85. Samar (Home phone.)
  86. 11:00
  87. Translator (So, your uncle called you and you went to buy the glue for and took it to him.)
  88. Samar (Yes, I took it to him. And then, Yenoot called and said that the girl was missing. I just thought that she might have been going around and playing so I was just relaxed. Then, my aunty told me not to leave yet as would also go together with me so I was sleeping at my uncle’s home until the cops came in with all the guns and I didn’t even know what I had done wrong.)
  89. 11:50
  90. Translator (Say it from the beginning. From the beginning.)
  91. 12:01
  92. Translator (Alright, bro. Please explain this to me again. You said you went to buy the glue. Now he’s asking ‘Where did you buy the glue?’)
  93. Samar (I didn’t buy the glue. Yenoot did.)
  94. Translator (Who’s Yenoot?)
  95. Samar (I had lived with that girl in the same place.)
  96. Translator (You said you bought the glue.)
  97. Samar (No, I didn’t buy the glue. It was Yenoot who bought it for me to take it to my uncle. Yenoot and my uncle don’t talk.)
  98. Translator (How old is that Yenoot?)
  99. Samar (He’s a young man.)
  100. Translator (Is Yenoot a boy?)
  101. Samar (Yes.)
  102. 12:58
  103. Translator (So, you didn’t buy the glue.)
  104. Samar (No, I didn’t.)
  105. 13:08
  106. Translator (When did you first meet the girl?)
  107. Samar (Not long after I have moved there, about one or two days later.)
  108. Translator (Yeah, when was that? Which month? Which day? This month or March or February? When did you first see her?)
  109. Samar (February.)
  110. Translator (February.)
  111. 13:49
  112. Translator (Is she beautiful?)
  113. Samar (Of course she is. She was like a sister to me.)
  114. 13:58
  115. Translator (Hold the picture.)
  116. 14:01
  117. Translator (Is she beautiful?)
  118. Samar (Yes.)
  119. 14:06
  120. Translator (Do you like her?)
  121. Samar (How could I like her? She was just the age of my sister.)
  122. 14:23
  123. Translator (Have you ever thought that this girl is beautiful?)
  124. 14:30
  125. Translator (Is she ugly?)
  126. Samar (No, she’s not.)
  127. 14:40
  128. Translator (Did you spend time with her?)
  129. 14:46
  130. Translator (You played with her, rode the bike with her and what else did you do with her?)
  131. Samar (That’s all. When she saw me when I was riding the bike, she borrowed the bike from me and she brought it back after she was done riding.)
  132. 15:04
  133. Samar (Just in the front.)
  134. 15:26
  135. Translator (When was the first time she was ever in your basement?)
  136. Samar (She had never come down to the basement. It’s true that we were friends but she had never come downstairs.)
  137. 15:50
  138. Translator (But she was downstairs and dead in your bathroom yesterday.)
  139. 16:04
  140. Translator (You were the only one at home when she went missing.)
  141. 16:27
  142. Translator (What happened when she came to your house on Monday?)
  143. Samar (She came with her friends, the one who’s the same age as her and the one younger than her. They watched movies and then, they left.)
  144. Translator (Did all three of them leave?)
  145. Samar (Yes.)
  146. Translator (When?)
  147. 17:22
  148. Translator (The two went back, right?)
  149. 17:26
  150. Samar (All three of them went back.)
  151. 17:28
  152. Samar (They left together.)
  153. 17:38
  154. Translator (They don’t believe you.)
  155. 17:51
  156. Translator (Three of them came to your house but no one saw her after she had visited your house.)
  157. 18:09
  158. Translator (The next time anyone saw her,)
  159. 18:16
  160. Translator (She was dead in your shower.)
  161. 18:28
  162. Samar (That’s not possible.)
  163. 18:31
  164. Samar (When they came to me, there were three of them, Yenoot’s sister, her and Yenoot’s nephew.)
  165. Translator (Wait a moment, it was her..)
  166. Samar (Her, Yenoot’s sister..)
  167. Translator (You have got a sister?)
  168. Samar (No, Yenoot’s.. Yenoot’s sister.)
  169. Translator (Yenoot’s sister)
  170. Samar (Yes.)
  171. Translator (Is Yenoot Karen?)
  172. Samar (No, he’s a Muslim.)
  173. Translator (Yenoot’s sister..)
  174. Samar (And Yenoot’s nephew was also there.)
  175. Translator (Yenoot’s nephew.)
  176. Samar (Yes, they came together and they left after watching movies, cartoons.)
  177. Translator (It was that girl, Yenoot’s sister and Yenoot’s nephew. Yenoot is a Muslim?)
  178. Samar (That’s right.)
  179. 19:45
  180. Translator (What did they do when they came into your house?)
  181. Samar (They watched TV and they watched cartoons.)
  182. 20:00
  183. Translator (Television or DVD?)
  184. 02:03
  185. Translator (What time was it?)
  186. Samar (In the morning.)
  187. Translator (What time?)
  188. 20:08
  189. Translator (He wants to know what time they came.)
  190. Samar (It was round about 9 o’clock when they came that morning.)
  191. 02:26
  192. Translator (She went back from your house at 2 P.M., right? Did she go back or not?)
  193. Samar (Yes, she did. All of them went back together.)
  194. Translator (At what time did they go back?)
  195. Samar (Around 2 p.m.)
  196. Translator (All of them?)
  197. Samar (Yes.)
  198. 20:56
  199. Translator (Can you say all three children’s names?)
  200. Samar (Yenoot’s younger sister’s name was.. and the other kid.. I don’t know their names.)
  201. 21:29
  202. Translator (Did you know her name?)
  203. Samar (No.)
  204. 21:36
  205. Translator (Yesterday,)
  206. 21:39
  207. Translator (at about 2 o’clock,)
  208. 21:46
  209. Translator (She went back from your house with two other kids?)
  210. Samar (Yes.)
  211. 21:54
  212. Translator (How long did they stay at your house for?)
  213. Samar (They stayed there for three hours and when they went back, she carried a bag with her. I also went to my uncle’s house once they left my place.)
  214. 23:11
  215. Translator (Where were you when the police were looking for the girl in your neighborhood?)
  216. Samar (I was at my uncle’s home.)
  217. 23:28
  218. Translator (Did you know that people were looking for her?)
  219. Samar (Yenoot called and told me that the girl who always played with me was missing and the police were looking for her. I don’t know how she went missing after she went back from house.)
  220. Translator (Yeah, where did Yenoot tell you that?)
  221. Samar (He called me from his home when I was at my uncle’s house.)
  222. 24:29
  223. Translator (So, you knew it from the beginning that the girl was missing, right?)
  224. Samar (Of course I did because Yenoot called me as soon as they knew she was missing and then, I thought ‘This girl doesn’t usually go around much. She must be in the neighborhood. Yenoot is just trying to mess with me.’ So, I was relaxed and stayed at my uncle’s home for the night until the morning..
  225. Translator (Where did you sleep that night?)
  226. Samar (At my uncle’s home.)
  227. Translator (At your uncle’s home.)
  228. Samar (That’s right.)
  229. 25:51
  230. Translator (How come you did not call the police and say that she was playing together with you until 2 o’clock? Why didn’t you call the police?)
  231. Samar (I can’t. I can’t speak their language.)
  232. 26:12
  233. Translator (Did you tell anybody else that you saw her with two other kids?)
  234. Samar (I told my aunt about it. I told her that the girl was playing with her friends when I left the house.)
  235. Translator (So, you told your aunt.)
  236. Samar (Yes.)
  237. 27:04
  238. Translator (Was it an accident? Do you think it was an accident that she died in your bathroom?)
  239. Samar (That’s what I have been thinking. The fact that she died in my bathroom makes other people think that I killed her. But actually, I didn’t know anything.)
  240. (When Yenoot called that morning and asked my uncle’s home address, I gave him the address. Then, I called him again and asked why he wanted the address, if something was wrong.)
  241. Translator (Where were you at that time? At your uncle’s house?)
  242. Samar (Yes.)
  243. 28:16
  244. Translator (Don’t lie.)
  245. 28:20
  246. Translator (It’s not gonna be good for you, if you continue to lie.)
  247. 28:45
  248. Translator (They know you did it.)
  249. 28:50
  250. Samar (I’ll tell you something.)
  251. 29:04
  252. Translator (They know you did it.)
  253. 29:19
  254. Translator (No one else stays in your room, right?)
  255. Samar (Yes.)
  256. 29:28
  257. Translator (No one else lives in your basement.)
  258. 29:37
  259. Translator (Your roommates can’t even talk with you because you don’t speak the same language.)
  260. Samar (That’s right.)
  261. 29:50
  262. Translator (You were the only one that was home yesterday. Other people went to work.)
  263. Samar (Yes, they went to work on that day.)
  264. 30:00
  265. Translator (You were the last person to see her alive..)
  268. 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222
  273. FBI agent Where did she watch the video with you?
  274. Translator (Where did she watch the video with you?)
  275. Samar (Upstairs)
  276. Translator (Which one?)
  277. Samar (The first floor.)
  278. Translator The visiting room.
  279. FBI agent The visiting room? First floor?
  280. Translator Yeah, first floor.
  281. FBI agent When did you take her down the basement?
  282. Translator (When did you take her down the basement?)
  283. FBI agent We know it was you. Your footprint is next to her body. Don’t lie to me.
  284. Samar (I didn’t take her down the basement.)
  285. FBI agent When did he take her down to basement?
  286. Translator (When did you take her down the basement? Answer him. When did you take her downstairs?)
  287. FBI agent Your footprint. It was right next to her dead body. We know you had her down the basement. Go ahead.
  288. Translator (They know everything. They found the black foot mark on her body. And what they found was the whole mark of your whole foot, not just the heel. Medical examiners have already checked thoroughly.)
  289. FBI agent This is your only opportunity to tell us what happened.
  290. Translator (Now, they know everything.)
  291. FBI agent Her blood is on your bed. Her blood. Her blood is on his bed.
  292. Translator (And they have also found the girl’s blood on your bag.)
  293. Samar (My bag?)
  294. Translator bag, alright?
  295. FBI agent Bed, bed.
  296. Translator (Oh..on your bed. The girl’s blood is on your bed.)
  297. FBI agent We don’t think that when she came into your house, you know, that you wanted to kill her. Kill her. Murder her.
  298. Translator (As I said earlier, when the girl came to visit your place, you..) {interrupted}
  299. FBI agent because if you did, you probably would have spent more time planning it, like where am I gonna put the body when she’s dead.
  300. Translator (You may not have wanted to kill her. But you played with her. You spent so much time together.)
  301. FBI agent You didn’t think about the fact that your room-mates would be home, eating dinner?
  302. Translator (You didn’t even eat together with your roommates when they asked you to join dinner with them.)
  303. Samar (I did.)
  304. FBI agent What did he say?
  305. Translator (That night, Monday night..)
  306. Samar (When they came in on Monday night, I had already had my dinner. How could I eat again?)
  307. FBI agent What did he say?
  308. Translator He already ate.
  309. FBI agent Right, but that has nothing with.. What I’m saying is that you didn’t plan on all your room-mates being upstairs after you had killed this girl. I mean how are you gonna get upstairs with your roommates sitting down watching TV. How are you gonna explain a dead body over your shoulders and go out the front door? That’s what I meant.
  310. take this girl downstairs in the basement.
  311. Translator (You take this girl downstairs in the basement. Just listen to him.)
  312. FBI agent Her blood is on your bed.
  313. Translator (Her blood is found on your bed.)
  314. FBI agent Her blood is on the wall.
  315. Translator (And on the wall.)
  316. FBI agent And your room-mates are upstairs.
  317. Translator (Your roommates are upstairs. You know, the ones who you live with.)
  318. Samar (Yes, they were upstairs.)
  319. FBI agent What did he say?
  320. Translator Yeah.. they’re living upstairs.
  321. FBI agent They’re upstairs but there’s a dead girl..there’s a girl. How are you going to explain her being in the basement to your room-mates? Ask him that. How is he going to explain dead girl lying…Why’s she down the basement with him?
  322. Translator This is he explains what did he see..
  323. FBI agent No.. she’s down the basement with him.
  324. Translator (She’s down the basement with you, right?)
  325. FBI agent He can’t explain to his room-mates why she’s down there with him.
  326. Translator (You can’t explain to your roommates why the girl’s down there with you. You were missing.)
  327. FBI agent Especially when she’s dead.
  328. Translator (Then, the girl died.)
  329. FBI agent And her panties are out. Her underwear, her panties are out.
  330. Translator (And her panties are out. Her underwear, her panties are out.)
  331. Salt Lake City detective Was it an accident or did you plan this?
  332. Translator (Now, what he wants to know is if it was an accident or if you planned it. Was it an accident or did you plan it?)
  333. FBI agent Say it again!
  334. Translator (Now, what he wants to know is if it was an accident or if you planned it. Was it an accident or did you plan it?)
  335. Salt Lake City detective because we can understand it if it was an accident.
  336. Translator (But from what they understand, it was an accident.)
  337. Salt Lake City detective If it wasn’t an accident, you must have planned to do this.
  338. Translator (If it wasn’t an accident, you must have planned to do this.)
  339. Salt Lake City detective So, was it an accident or did you plan this?
  340. Translator (What they want to know is “Was it an accident or did you plan this?” They want to know the answer. Which one is it? “Was it an accident or did you do it intentionally?”)
  341. Salt Lake City detective So, which is it? Was it an accident or did you plan this?
  342. Translator (Which is it? Was it an accident or did you plan this?)
  343. Salt Lake City detective Accident or you planned it?
  344. Translator (Answer him.)
  345. Salt Lake City detective Which is it?
  346. Translator (Which is it?)
  347. Salt Lake City detective It’s time to tell us. What happened? We need to know why.
  348. Translator (Now, it’s time to talk. They’ve been doing this the whole day. You need to talk.)
  349. Salt Lake City detective Do you want people thinking that you planned this out?
  350. Translator (Do you want people to think that you planned this out or do you want them to see it as an accident?)
  351. Salt Lake City detective Or do you want people to understand what really happened down there?
  352. Translator (What happened down there was.. Do you want people to think that you planned this out or do you want them to see it as an accident?)
  353. Salt Lake City detective We don’t think.. we don’t think you meant to hurt her. We don’t think you meant to hurt her. We don’t think you meant to hurt her.
  354. Translator (As I said earlier, for them.. you know)
  355. FBI agent Go ahead. Go ahead.
  356. Translator (They think that you didn’t want to hurt the girl.)
  357. Salt Lake City detective But things may have gone too far and we need to know what happened.
  358. Translator (You have been thinking very long and they want to know why.)
  359. FBI agent Come on. Tell us.
  360. Translator (Tell them.)
  361. Salt Lake City detective What happened?
  362. Translator (What happened?)
  363. Salt Lake City detective What happened?
  364. Translator (What happened?)
  365. Salt Lake City detective What happened?
  366. Samar (Okay. Then, I’m gonna tell the truth. But I’m afraid of them.)
  367. Translator (No, don’t be. They’re not gonna do anything to you. If you tell the truth, your charges can be reduced but if you lie, it’s not gonna be good for you because they have already known everything.)
  368. FBI agent What was that?
  369. Translator Let me explain! I will be explaining later.
  370. FBI agent Okay. Alright.
  371. Translator (Why? We both are Myanmar and I really sympathize with you, brother. It is better for you to tell them the truth. Well, they have already known everything. They’ve got all the evidence so if you lie, and if they know that you’re lying, you can be charged for lying, too. They’re watching you. They’re watching how you lie. So, if you lie and they find out about that, that will double your charges. Do you understand? Now, tell them the truth and they can understand that it was an accident and reduce the charges.)
  372. FBI agent Okay. Let us know, now.
  373. Samar (It was nothing, you know. People say that children are the most important ones in this country. She fell down the stairs while I was playing with her. And there was blood running out of mouth. She said she was gonna tell her dad about that and I told her “Why would you do that?” Then, I grabbed her and she slipped out of my hand and bumped into the wall.)
  374. Translator (So, did you kicked her again?)
  375. FBI agent What did he say?
  376. Salt Lake City detective What did he just say?
  377. Translator He knew about America.
  378. Samar (You can say it was an accident. They can assume it as an accident if they want. I didn’t do that to her intentionally. Actually, I killed her because she said she could make things up and put me into trouble.)
  379. Translator (Did you fuck her?)
  380. Samar (No, I’m not that kind of guy.)
  381. FBI agent What did he say?
  382. Translator We got it.
  383. FBI agent Hold on. Hold on.
  384. Translator Okay we got it.
  385. FBI agent Okay, we’ll relax.
  386. Translator He just came here, United States. He knew about.. we have this orientation in Thailand, you know.
  387. FBI agent You have what?
  388. Translator Orientation.
  389. FBI agent Orientation. Okay. In Thailand, you have orientation about United States.
  390. Translator About the America is.. children is very important. And he knows about that. And then, the children is play, play and the children is lay down from the stairs. She got off from the stairs bleeding.
  391. FBI agent Hit her head? On the stairs?
  392. Translator Yeah. She is. She lay down from the stairs.
  393. Salt Lake City detective She fell down?
  394. Translator She fell down. And then she get the bleeding and then, the children is cry and then she talk to father and then like this. He is scared. If she talk to the father, he will be get the something. So, he is scared. And then, he is, you know, he is..
  395. FBI agent Okay, we’re getting somewhere, alright? But you’re still full of shit. Tell him that.
  396. Translator Yeah.
  397. FBI agent He’s still full of shit. He’s getting somewhere but he’s still full of shit.
  398. Translator (How did you kill her?)
  399. Samar (Huh?)
  400. Translator (How did you kill her?)
  401. FBI agent Because if she would have fallen down the stairs completely by accident why not go and give her help?
  402. Translator (Like I said, if she would have fallen down the stairs by accident, why didn’t you go and give her help?)
  403. Samar (I did. But it didn’t work. I put her in my arms and soothed her but she didn’t listen to me. She said she would tell her dad about that and..)
  404. Translator (She would tell her dad?)
  405. Samar (Yes)
  406. Translator (Okay, is it possible? You could tell her dad that she fell down the stairs completely by accident. Right?)
  407. Samar (No, her dad is.. I’m scared of her dad.)
  408. Translator She fell down. The children cry. He put her.. ‘Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t talk to father.’ But she’s not stop crying. And he’s very scared.
  409. Salt Lake City detective Why don’t you shut her up?
  410. Translator (Did you shut her up?)
  411. Samar (No.)
  412. Translator No
  413. Salt Lake City detective You wanted to make her be quiet?
  414. Translator (How did you try to make her be quiet?)
  415. FBI agent You wanted her to stop crying.
  416. Samar (She cried after falling down and I soothed her. It was an accident so I told her to stop crying but she said she would tell her dad and I said “Don’t talk to your dad. We always play together, right? We ride the bike together and now you fell down the stairs while we’re playing. What happened to you?” She said her mouth bled and she ran out of my arms saying she would tell her dad. So, I grabbed her arm but I grabbed so hard that she hit the wall when she got out of my hand and fell down. When she got down, she was shaking and then, she died.)
  417. FBI agent What did he say?
  418. Translator She fell down. The children fell down. She got the bleeding from the bleeding mouth. And she cry. He’s talk to ‘Hey, we’re..’ She talk to him about she will be talk to father, my father. He’s scared of her father. Don’t talk to father. We’re always play. We’re always playing, you know. This time is this is an accident. Don’t talk to father. She’s not. She’s run out. And then, he’s catch and pull out. This is he cannot catch her and then, she hit the wall and then, she was like this you know shocked.
  419. FBI agent Okay.
  420. Salt Lake City detective And then, he put her in the shower?
  421. FBI agent Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. What happened after that?
  422. Translator (What happened after that?)
  423. Samar (She was shaking and I was looking at her. I was thinking what was happening to her. I thought she became unconscious. Or was it ..)
  424. Translator (Was she still shaking?)
  425. Samar (Shaking. After she fell down the stairs, she was shaking when I looked at her. She was shaking and I was looking. I thought may be she became unconscious. And then, there was blood running down from her mouth and nose and she was motionless.)
  426. FBI agent What did he say?
  427. Translator And then, he’s pull out.
  428. Samar (I was so scared when she became so still that I didn’t even drag her to the bathroom. I left her near the entrance. But then, I realized that it was near the staircase and people would be able to see her. So, I pulled her aside and I ran away.)
  429. Translator (So, you didn’t leave her in the bathroom?)
  430. Samar (No, I didn’t.)
  431. FBI agent What did he say?
  432. Translator And then, when she ran out, he is pull.. he’s pull a very force, you know. Hit the wall and then, she is fell, like this, shake. Shake and some of the bleeding from the nose and mouth and bleeding. He is still looking. This is die or something lost consciousness or he’s thinking about she is. She is no shake more. And then, this is.. this is downstairs.
  433. FBI agent Down the basement?
  434. Translator Downstairs. He’s worried about somebody seeing her.
  435. FBI agent Okay.
  436. Translator He pull to the door, the front door of the bathroom. Not inside. Just cover it inside. And then, he went out the home.
  437. Salt Lake City detective He ran away?
  438. Translator Yeah.
  439. FBI agent Okay. You’re getting close. Okay, but your story doesn’t match the evidence. Tell him that.
  440. Translator What’s that?
  441. FBI agent His story is getting close to the truth. But it’s not the complete truth.
  442. Translator (But the story you said was.. it was..)
  443. FBI agent We need you to tell us the whole truth.
  444. Translator (it’s just a piece. Not the complete truth. They need more. Tell them the truth.)
  445. FBI agent Do you feel bad about what happened to her?
  446. Samar (That was what happened when I was with her. I didn’t take her to the bathroom.)
  447. Translator Not.. not.. he didn’t do about her.. he didn’t pull inside of the bathroom, just put the the front door of the bathroom and then he went out. That’s it. He no more do.
  448. FBI agent Does he feel bad about what happened to her?
  449. Translator Bad?
  450. FBI agent Does he feel bad about what happened to her?
  451. Salt Lake City detective Does he feel sad?
  452. FBI agent Upset about what happened to her?
  453. Translator (Did you do anything to make her cry or upset?)
  454. Samar (I didn’t do else to anything make her cry. She fell down the stairs and I soothed her. She ran out and hit the wall. And her body fell down the stairs. That’s it.)
  455. Translator The same. He talked the same thing.
  456. (When did you fuck her, before she got off the stairs or after?)
  457. FBI agent Okay. When did you have sex with her before she got off the stairs or after?
  458. Salt Lake City detective Sex.
  459. FBI agent When did he fuck her?
  460. Translator (Did you..)
  461. Samar (No, I didn’t. I can swear.)
  462. Translator He say. He guarantee.
  463. Samar (I didn’t do that.)
  464. Translator He guarantee. No, he didn’t.
  465. Salt Lake City detective He what?
  466. Translator He didn’t.
  467. Salt Lake City detective He didn’t.
  468. Translator Yeah, he didn’t.
  469. FBI agent What did you do to her?
  470. Translator (What did you do to her?)
  471. FBI agent Why wasn’t she wearing any panties?
  472. Translator (Why wasn’t she wearing any panties?)
  473. FBI agent We’re gonna find it.
  474. Samar (I don’t know. Didn’t I say that I didn’t take her into the bathroom.)
  475. Translator (No. I’ll tell you what.)
  476. Samar (Yes.)
  477. Translator (Don’t lie.)
  478. Samar (I’m not lying. I’m just saying..)
  479. Translator (Now, the kid..)
  480. Samar (Now, I’ve talked.)
  481. Translator (Yes, but wait.)
  482. Samar (I’ve already talked. I’m telling the truth. There’re nothing to lie about, right?)
  483. Translator No, he already told the truth. He already talked to the he killed already talked to true.
  484. FBI agent Okay.
  485. Translator That’s it. He no more do. He no more did. That’s it.
  486. FBI agent But your story doesn’t match with the evidence.
  487. Translator (Your story isn’t there yet. What they know is more than that. They want to know the truth.)
  488. Salt Lake City detective The whole truth. All the truth.
  489. Translator (They want to know the whole truth.)
  490. FBI agent Everything.
  491. Translator (Everything.)
  492. FBI agent To bring peace to her family. This is very painful. To bring peace to her family. Peace to her family.
  493. Salt Lake City detective Peace.
  494. Translator Ah.. P-E-A-C-E.
  495. FBI agent Yes. Yes.
  496. Salt Lake City detective Sorry.
  497. Translator I think peas.
  498. FBI agent To bring peace to her family. We need to know the whole truth.
  499. Translator (Like I said, to bring peace to her family. They want to give them the truth. They know much more than this. They’ve already run the medical tests and now, they want to know the truth from you.)
  500. Salt Lake City detective And to bring peace to you. You need to get it off your chest and tell the truth. The peace to yourself.
  501. Translator (Telling truth will also bring peace to your soul and to them, alright? Because they’ve already known everything. Now, they’re asking you just to put this in the record. They want to hear what you say. That’s it. They have every detail. In America, you can run tests and know what bruises are where and even the fingerprints. So, they’ve already known and they’re asking because they just want to hear what you have to say. Do you get it?)
  502. Samar (Yes. It’s true that the girl died after what happened with me but I didn’t rape her. I’m telling the truth. I can swear.)
  503. Translator He already talked everything. He killed but he didn’t fuck. He pray. This is he pray.
  504. FBI agent He pray?
  505. Translator He pray.
  506. FBI agent Okay. He prayed after she was dead?
  507. Translator No.. No pray about. He guarantee. If you buy the car, you have warrantee or guarantee.
  508. FBI agent Guarantee!.. Okay. Okay.
  509. Translator This is he didn’t.
  510. FBI agent After she was dead? After she was dead?
  511. Translator (After she was dead,)
  512. FBI agent What did you do?
  513. Translator (What did you do?)
  514. Samar (Nothing. I dragged her from her hair and moved her. Then I left home until you came and arrested me this morning.)
  515. Translator (Where did they arrest you?)
  516. Samar (At my uncle’s home.)
  517. Translator After he done, he pull the hair. He pull the.. nobody see you know. If the downstairs is somebody see. He’s a little bit cover over there. He pull out and then ran out.
  518. FBI agent Where did you go?
  519. Translator (Where did you go?)
  520. Samar (Huh?)
  521. Translator (Where did you go?)
  522. Samar (I was scared to death and I didn’t know where to run. So, I just went to my uncle’s place.)
  523. Translator He didn’t know about the where.. he’s very scared at this time. And then, He doesn’t have the any idea about where can I go? And then, only one way. His uncle. He went to the his uncle.
  524. Salt Lake City detective He went to his uncle’s. The place down there? His uncle’s house?
  525. Translator Yeah. Yeah.
  526. FBI agent What did you do with your clothes that were all bloody? What did he do with his bloody clothes? He must have had blood on it as he’s dragging her around and she’s bleeding and shaking?
  527. Translator (Like I said, she’s bleeding, right? So, there must be blood on your shirt. What did you do with that shirt?)
  528. Samar (Yes, there’s some blood on my shirt. I washed it off with soap at my uncle’s home.)
  529. Translator A little bit bleeding and then, he..he..
  530. FBI agent That shirt?
  531. Translator (That shirt?)
  532. FBI agent That’s the shirt you wore?
  533. Samar (Yes.)
  534. FBI agent Can I take that?
  535. Translator (Take it off. He wants to see it.)
  536. He some soap and then he wash it.
  537. Salt Lake City detective What about the pants?
  538. Translator (What about the pants? These pants?)
  539. Samar (Yes, these pants.)
  540. Translator Yes
  541. Salt Lake City detective Those pants? Okay. What shoes?
  542. Translator (What shoes?)
  543. Salt Lake City detective What shoes were you wearing?
  544. Translator (What shoes were you wearing?)
  545. Samar (I wasn’t wearing any shoes. It was in the house so..)
  546. Translator (You just ran away barefoot?)
  547. Samar (I was wearing white shoes when I ran away.)
  548. Translator (Where are those shoes?)
  549. Samar (They’re at the place where I was arrested.)
  550. Translator The shoe is his uncle home.
  551. FBI agent Okay. Alright.
  552. Salt Lake City detective What colour were they? We just want to make sure that…
  553. Translator (What colour were they?)
  554. Samar (White.)
  555. Translator White.
  556. FBI agent Okay. What kind?
  557. Translator (What kind?)
  558. Salt Lake City detective Brand?
  559. Samar (Just slippers.)
  560. Translator A little bit skinny. Not too thick.
  561. FBI agent Okay.
  562. Translator He didn’t know about the what kind, what trademark.
  563. FBI agent What else did you do other than trying scrap all his clothes?
  564. Translator Him?
  565. FBI agent Yes..yes. Ask him. What else did he do?
  566. Translator (Then, then..what else did you do with the clothes?)
  567. Samar (I didn’t do anything else with the clothes.)
  568. Translator He didn’t do anything.
  569. Salt Lake City detective Did you ever come back to the apartment?
  570. Translator (Did you ever come back to the apartment?)
  571. Samar (No.)
  572. Salt Lake City detective How long after she died did he leave?
  573. Translator (How long after she died did you leave?)
  574. Samar (She was shaking and when she stopped shaking, I was so scared. I was thinking what if her father or one of her relatives had seen her? I ran away as I was afraid that they would hit me.)
  575. Translator He’s run out immediately.
  576. Salt Lake City detective Immediately?
  577. Translator Immediately. Because he’s scared about somebody relationship or her dad fight with him. He’s scared. He went out.
  578. Salt Lake City detective What time was it when you left the house?
  579. Translator (What time was it when you left the house?)
  580. Samar (Around four o’clock.)
  581. Translator (Four p.m?)
  582. Samar (Yes.)
  583. Translator (It wasn’t dark yet.)
  584. Samar (No.)
  585. Translator About 4 o’clock. 4 pm.
  586. FBI agent Okay, 4 pm?
  587. Translator 4 pm.
  588. FBI agent Who was at the house when you left?
  589. Translator (Who was at the house when you left?)
  590. Samar (No one.)
  591. Translator Nobody.
  592. Salt Lake City detective Did you tell anybody about this? You told anybody about this?
  593. Translator (Did you tell anybody about this?)
  594. Samar (No. I didn’t tell anyone.)
  595. Translator No, nobody knows.
  596. FBI agent Okay. Alright. We’ll take a couple of minutes. Stay right here.
  597. Salt Lake City detective We’ll be back. 2 minutes.
  600. 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  601. Confession Tape Part 3 – English Version
  602. FBI agent Okay. We’ll need to go over this again. We’ll need to go over this again.
  603. Translator (They would like you to tell them again in details.)
  604. FBI agent And we need you to be as detailed as possible.
  605. Translator (And we need you to be as detailed as possible.)
  606. FBI agent About what happened.
  607. Translator (About what happened.)
  608. FBI agent We know you feel bad about this.
  609. Translator (There are some people there and they’re calling and asking right now. They just would like to hear from you.)
  610. FBI agent But we need you to be completely honest about what happened. Completely.
  611. Translator (in details.. tell them all the details.)
  612. FBI agent Because your story.. your story does not match with the evidence.
  613. Translator (The story that you have told them has not come to the point that they would like to know. So, they want more details. Please tell them.)
  614. FBI agent There are things you haven’t told us..
  615. Translator What?
  616. FBI agent There are things that you haven’t told us.
  617. Translator (Like I said, was what you said the complete story?)
  618. FBI agent And may be it’s because you’ve forgotten.
  619. Translator (Sometimes, there may be things that you have forgotten.)
  620. FBI agent You didn’t tell us because you didn’t think it was important.
  621. Translator (Sometimes, the things that you don’t say may be important facts. But they have found them.)
  622. FBI agent Or you didn’t tell us because you are embarrassed by what you did.
  623. Translator (And, like I said, you may leave some things unsaid because they’re bigger.)
  624. FBI agent We need to know everything.
  625. Translator (They need to know everything. They have already known. They just asked and there are people searching there who know what’s what. Now, they’re just waiting to hear the details of what happened from you because they want to hear what you say. They want to hear a story from you and what you have been telling them is not the whole story. Is it because you’re afraid or because you want to hide it? Your story isn’t complete yet. They’ve already known. Now, they just want to see if you’re lying or not. They want to know what happened exactly. Tell them everything. Everything.)
  626. FBI agent Okay..
  627. Translator (Okay?)
  628. FBI agent So, we need you to be honest and tell us everything because we’re not gonna be embarrassed or ashamed to hear it. So, you are not doing us any favors by keeping stuff from us.
  629. Translator (Like I said, you don’t need to be shy or scared. They’re not going to do anything to you. Just answer their questions.)
  630. Salt Lake City detective Plus, based on the evidence, we already know what happened.
  631. FBI agent Yes.
  632. Salt Lake City detective Based on the evidence, we already know what happened.
  633. FBI agent And we want you to tell us..
  634. Translator (Like I said, they’ve already know what happened down there. They just want to hear it from you. They’re asking you because they want to see if you’re telling the truth, or if your answer is complete or not. They’ll keep asking you as long as they don’t get the complete story from you. Do you understand? They know.)
  635. FBI agent Everything.
  636. Translator (Tell them everything.)
  637. FBI agent From here on now, no lie.
  638. Translator (Like I said, don’t lie.)
  639. FBI agent Don’t forget anything.
  640. Translator (Don’t forget anything.)
  641. FBI agent You tell us everything that happened?
  642. Translator (You tell them everything that happened.)
  643. Salt Lake City detective Everything.
  644. Translator (Everything.)
  645. FBI agent Do you understand?
  646. Translator (Do you understand?)
  647. FBI agent Okay.
  648. Samar (What happened to her was that she fell off the stairs so I tried to soothe her but she wouldn’t stop and tried to run away. So, I grabbed her with force but she slipped out of my hand and her head bang into the wall, then she fell down the stairs. She was shaking when she got down. When she became motionless, I got panicked. So, I dragged her, left her and ran away.)
  649. Translator The same thing.
  650. Samar (That’s all and it’s the truth.)
  651. FBI agent What did he say?
  652. Translator He say this is she fell down the stair and he is ‘don’t cry..don’t cry’ he talk. And then she went and he pull and then she is hit the wall and..
  653. FBI agent How do you say bullshit in Burmese? How do you say bullshit?
  654. Translator Bullshit.
  655. FBI agent -????.. -????.. you beat that girl. You didn’t try to quiet her down. You beat her. You punched her head into the wall. He slammed her head into the wall. Yeah.
  656. Translator (And you slammed her head into the wall.)
  657. Samar (No, I didn’t do that.)
  658. FBI agent He did this?
  659. Translator No. He didn’t.
  660. Samar (I told you. I grabbed he hand with too hard that she happened to bang into the wall and fell down..- CANNOT BE HEARD CLEARLY.)
  661. Translator She try to run out and he’s follow and pull down like this.
  662. FBI agent Okay. Alright. How did the blood get on the mattress?
  663. Translator (How did the blood get on the mattress?)
  664. Samar (I don’t know. She was completely motionless when I left her.)
  665. Translator If he leaving, she’s quiet.
  666. FBI agent She’s what?
  667. Translator She’s quiet.
  668. FBI agent She’s quiet when he left?
  669. Samar (Her body was.. When I dragged her, her body was shaking then, it stopped moving and I realized that she was dead. So, I dragged her from her hair and put her body at the bottom of the bed downstairs.)
  670. Translator (You said you put her in the bathroom.)
  671. Samar (No, I didn’t drag her to the bathroom.)
  672. Translator (You said you left her by the bathroom door.)
  673. Samar (No. I didn’t make it there. I just left her at the bottom of the bed. I can show them where I left her if they want me to.)
  674. Translator And then, she get the.. she get the
  675. FBI agent Right..right..
  676. Translator She get the shake and then, she’s quiet. She is die. Die or not. He not sure. She is still, you know. She was still.
  677. FBI agent Okay
  678. Translator And then, he pull her at the..the. And then, he pull her at the underneath of the bed. He pull down underneath of the mat.
  679. FBI agent He put her underneath of the mattress?
  680. Translator Mattress. Yeah.
  681. FBI agent Okay.
  682. Translator And then, he went out.
  683. FBI agent you put her on the mattress. That’s not where you start. What did you do then? Tell me about everything you did. Tell me about everything you did.
  684. Translator (No, no.. some points are missing. Tell them exactly. They know the truth.)
  685. FBI agent From the time she was on the.. Listen, Listen. We’re gonna know if you’re lying.
  686. Translator (Like I said,.. listen, they know you’re lying.)
  687. FBI agent Because right now, they’re going to your house right now.
  688. Translator (Because right now in your house,)
  689. FBI agent Us, the cops. The Police.
  690. Translator (There’re cops there and they’re going there.)
  691. FBI agent They’re collecting all the evidence.
  692. Translator (All the important individuals are also there. It will only be worse.)
  693. FBI agent They’re going to be able to tell exactly what happened to that girl and who did it. And they’re gonna be able to show it’s you.
  694. Translator (They’re going to be able to tell exactly what happened to that girl and what you did. They will soon.)
  695. FBI agent They’re going to match her blood to everywhere down the basement that you had her.
  696. Translator (You hurt that girl down there and her blood is all over the place.)
  697. FBI agent They’re going to be able to show everything that you did to her, whether you hit her, kicked her, hit her with the rod.
  698. Translator (And they’ll also show you where you hit her and what you did to her. There are bruises.)
  699. FBI agent And they’re gonna tell every time that you fucked her.
  700. Translator (And they’ll also show you that you fucked her.)
  701. FBI agent They’re gonna be able to show all the stuff.
  702. Translator (They’ll show.. they’ll show you.)
  703. FBI agent because you’re very sloppy.
  704. Translator (You are very harmful.)
  705. FBI agent They’re gonna be able to find your hair up your balls, pubic hair.
  706. Translator ( will you your pubic hair found at her body.)
  707. FBI agent They’re going to be able to find your semen.
  708. Translator (And they’ll be able to show you your semen.)
  709. FBI agent They’re going to be able to show everything that you did to that girl.
  710. Translator (They’re going to be able to show everything that you did to that girl. They’ve got forensics and everything is systematic here in U.S.)
  711. FBI agent We all know things got out of hand.
  712. Translator (They know everything. They’ve just made a call.)
  713. FBI agent yeah.
  714. Translator (And they’ll come and show you everything. They’ll bring the photographs. So, they’ve known and they’re waiting for you to tell the truth.)
  715. FBI agent So, we need to know everything and your story needs to match what we know from the apartment. You can’t.. you can’t lie to us anymore. It’s time to complain and tell the truth.
  716. Salt Lake City detective The Lies will make you look bad.
  717. Translator (Like I said, lying will only make it worse. It will be good for your case if you tell the truth because you’re here and nobody can enter your place. It is sealed. Nobody can enter. Only cops are there. Detectives are taking photos there and the forensic team is also collecting the evidence. Then, those people will be brought here with the photographs and they’ll show your fingerprints and all other stuff. You cannot say sorry then. So, you’d better tell the truth now.
  718. FBI agent So, we know that there’s more.
  719. Samar (I didn’t fuck her. I really didn’t do that. I didn’t lie about that one. It’s true that she died because of me. It’s true that she fell off the stairs.)
  720. Translator (Okay. So, that’s all?)
  721. Samar (That’s all I can say.)
  722. Translator He already told everything. It’s true.
  723. FBI agent No…
  724. Translator And then, he talked to me he didn’t fuck her. This is sure. He didn’t fuck. He didn’t fuck. He was kill. He was murder. But he didn’t fuck.
  725. FBI agent Okay. What did you do with her shoes?
  726. Translator (Shoes.. your shoes)
  727. FBI agent What happened to her shoes?
  728. Translator Her.. Her shoes?
  729. FBI agent Her shoes. Her shoes.
  730. Translator (How about her shoes?)
  731. Samar (They’re near the entrance.)
  732. Translator (House door?)
  733. Samar (Just near the entrance.)
  734. Translator (Upstairs?)
  735. Samar (Yes, upstairs.)
  736. Translator Her shoe is the visiting room
  737. Salt Lake City detective The visiting room. Her shoe is in the visiting room?
  738. Translator Yeah. The one when we come inside.
  739. FBI agent No.. no.. no..
  740. Samar (whose shoes? The girl’s shoes?)
  741. Translator (Yes.)
  742. Samar (Her shoes aren’t there.)
  743. Translator (Where are they?)
  744. Samar (I put them in the shower.)
  745. Translator (Yeah..they were asking about the girl’s shoes.)
  746. Samar (I thought you were talking about my shoes.)
  747. Translator (No.. her shoes.)
  748. Samar (I threw them into the bathroom.)
  749. Translator Her shoe was in the bathroom.
  750. FBI agent He tried to hide her shoes in the bathroom?
  751. Translator (You tried to hid them?)
  752. Samar (Of course.)
  753. Translator Yes.
  754. FBI agent Okay.. They’re upstairs. So, she ends up down the basement according to him.
  755. Translator (So, she was downstairs when she died, right?)
  756. Samar (Yes.)
  757. FBI agent He goes upstairs
  758. Translator (You go upstairs.)
  759. FBI agent He sees her shoes.
  760. Samar (I came upstairs and I saw her shoes. So, I picked them up and ran down the stairs then I thought people would know about it anyway. So, I just threw them into the bathroom and left.
  761. Translator After she dead, he.. he ran away.. he saw the shoes upstairs. And then, wow somebody knows. He took the shoes and then, he throw away in the bathroom.
  762. FBI agent Okay.
  763. Salt Lake City detective Is that when he dragged her into the shower when he went back down? Is that when he dragged her into the shower when he went back down?
  764. FBI agent When he went back down the basement.
  765. Translator This is he tried to went out.
  766. FBI agent Right.
  767. Translator And then,
  768. Salt Lake City detective He saw the shoes.
  769. Translator He saw the shoes..
  770. Salt Lake City detective He ran back down with the shoes. Is that when he dragged her into the shower?
  771. FBI agent When did he put her into the shower?
  772. Translator (When did you put her into the shower?)
  773. Samar (I didn’t put her into the shower.)
  774. FBI agentBullshit.
  775. Salt Lake City detective When did you put her into the shower?
  776. Translator (When did you put her into the shower?)
  777. Samar (I didn’t put her into the shower. I left her outside the shower.)
  778. Salt Lake City detective Did you drag her into the shower or did you throw her into the shower?
  779. Translator (Did you drag her or put her in the shower?)
  780. Samar (I dragged her.)
  781. Translator (So, you dragged her into the shower..)
  782. Samar [Can’t be heard clearly.] (I freaked out. I was too scared and I didn’t know what to do.)
  783. Translator (The girl is in the shower.)
  784. Samar (I don’t know anything about her being in the shower.)
  785. Translator He didn’t know.
  786. FBI agent He didn’t know. He doesn’t know. He doesn’t remember?
  787. Translator He just pull out the near of the mattress, bed.
  788. FBI agent Okay. He pulled her out from the mattress.
  789. Translator Mattress. Underneath of the mattress.
  790. FBI agent Underneath the mattress.
  791. Translator Yeah. He didn’t put into the bathroom. He just throw the shoe, her shoe.
  792. FBI agent Come on.. come on..
  793. Salt Lake City detective How did you get her in the shower? Did you throw her or did you drag her?
  794. Translator (Did you throw her into the shower or did you drag her?)
  795. Samar (I didn’t put her in the shower. I just left her out there.)
  796. Salt Lake City detective Did you throw her?
  797. Translator (Did you throw her?)
  798. Salt Lake City detective Did you throw her?
  799. Samar (No, I just dragged her.)
  800. FBI agent No.. No.. No.. you killed her?
  801. Translator (Did you kill her?)
  802. FBI agent Yes?
  803. Translator (Did you? Did you kill her?)
  804. Samar (Now, I have to say that I killed her. What else can I say?)
  805. Translator Yes
  806. Samar (She dided because of me.)
  807. FBI agent So, why not tell us how you put her in the shower? It’s not gonna be any worse or better. We just need to know how she got in there.
  808. Translator (What they’d like to know is..)
  809. FBI agent You already told us you killed her.
  810. Translator (You said you killed her. So, tell them the truth now because he wants to know how she was put into the shower. Did you drag her or throw her? They want to that.)
  811. FBI agent Was it because of how she looked when she was in there?
  812. Translator (How did she get into the shower? She was dead in there.)
  813. FBI agent Because you had to look at what she just did? She was beautiful, right?
  814. Translator (I told you. You’ve already told them that you killed her. He’s asking why you can’t tell them about this.)
  815. Samar (Now I have to say I did even thought I didn’t.)
  816. Translator (No..)
  817. FBI agent What did he say?
  818. Translator He didn’t do but they talk to me about I put there. No I didn’t put. How to say..
  819. FBI agent How is it.. She doesn’t get up and walk into the shower by herself. She was dead.
  820. Translator (The girl is dead. She can’t get up and walk.)
  821. Salt Lake City detective It was you and her and she was dead. It was you and her. She was dead.
  822. Translator (You hurt her and the girl was her..)
  823. Salt Lake City detective How did she get there?
  824. Translator (The girl is dead. How did she get there? You killed her and she’s dead now. How did she get into the shower? Can she just walk up and go there by herself?
  825. FBI agent How did she end up in the shower?
  826. Samar (I stayed overnight at my uncle’s house after I killed her. And before I spent another night, I was brought here. I don’t know who did that during one night and one day.)
  827. Translator He was kill and he escape to the his uncle home. This is the time is one night and one day. He didn’t know about the somebody else who inside or..
  828. FBI agent So, you’re suggesting
  829. Translator (But this is wrong.)
  830. FBI agent that one of your roommates..
  831. Translator (Are you suggesting that your roommates did that?)
  832. FBI agent that didn’t even know she was in the house.
  833. Translator (No one knew the girl was in the house.)
  834. FBI agent went downstairs at some point
  835. Translator (And like I said, no one knew the girl was there. You’re the only one who knew about it.)
  836. FBI agent knowing that everyone is looking for that girl? Knowing.. One of his roommates.. He’s suggesting that one of his roommates went downstairs knowing that the cops were looking.. everyone was looking for this girl. Sumaru right? Okay? Everyone’s looking for her and you’re suggesting that one of your roommates walks downstairs, sees her lying there dead and decides ‘I’m gonna help Sumar. I’m gonna throw her into the shower.’ Is that what he’s suggesting? Ask him.
  837. Translator (So, you think your roommates put her into the shower?)
  838. FBI agent Was someone else helping him?
  839. Samar (Okay. Don’t suspect anyone else. Please don’t. I’ll say that I put her in the shower even though I didn’t. Okay? I dragged her in the shower.)
  840. Translator (No, you can’t say like that. You have to tell the truth. You cannot confess unless you really did that.) He talked to me but
  841. Samar (I didn’t do that one. I didn’t put her in the shower.)
  842. Translator He talked to me about he didn’t do but everybody thinks he put into the bathroom. Okay, he can talk he was put into the bathroom.
  843. FBI agent So, we can say that he put her into the shower.
  844. Translator but he cannot refuse, you know. He cannot because he talked to me about he didn’t put. But you say him about..
  845. FBI agent Then, who else did it? He killed her. Ask him. Who else did it?
  846. Translator (Like I said. You’ve already told them that you killed her. And the girl was found in the shower. Who would put her in the shower if they didn’t kill her?)
  847. FBI agent (Indistinct conversation) Your fingerprints will be all inside the shower.
  848. Translator (Your handprints were also on the walls in the shower.)
  849. FBI agent They’ll be on her body.
  850. Translator (They’re also on her arm and on her body. You had to give them your fingerprints when you entered the USA, right? They have everything.) [Can’t be heard clearly.]
  851. FBI agent No one else’s fingerprints are gonna be on her.
  852. Translator (There’s nothing that is as precise as fingerprints.)
  853. Samar (Yes, that’s the most important part of a human body.)
  854. Translator (Those fingerprints were found on the bathroom walls and also on her arm and body. They’re just waiting for you talk.)
  855. Salt Lake City detective If you lie about.. if you lie about this, may be you’re lying about the sex too. If you lie about this, may be you’re lying about the sex too.
  856. Translator (If you lie about it, you may be lying about the sex, too.)
  857. Salt Lake City detective We need all the truth.
  858. Translator I need to go to the bathroom.
  859. FBI agent Here.. you hold it. Hold it. Look at it.
  863. 44444444444444444444444444444444444444
  864. Interpreter Accused
  865. He said, “let’s go to the house,”
  867. Tell us what happened
  868. He said, “tell us what happened,” - What happened was she fell down from stairs
  869. - So, I sat by her and soothed her
  870. - Soothed her… soothed her… soothed her
  871. - I can’t. She ran out from my stomach
  872. - I suddenly grabbed her hand.
  873. - I grabbed too hard that she hit the wall and fell down the stairs and she sat down there.
  874. - She sat there … she sat there … she sat there… then she was motionless. Then I dragged her and placed her by the foot of the bed.
  875. - Right after I had placed her, I ran out and found her shoe at the entrance of upstairs.
  876. - I took the shoe and put it in toilet and I held the kid from her arms and put her in toilet.
  878. You put her in bathroom? - Yes
  879. How did you get to your uncle’s house? - Hum?
  880. He asked how you got to your uncle’s house. - To my uncle’s house… To my uncle’s house (Note: cannot hear clearly)
  881. - I left the house and closed the door.
  882. - I have no key to lock.
  883. - I have lost the key.
  884. - So I left without locking.
  885. - I left the house and when I got outside, the bus arrived.
  886. - I took the bus.
  887. - At the end of the route, I got to train station and I took train.
  888. - I got off at the stop of 7 and 2.
  889. - After I got off, I…
  890. Where does your uncle live? - At the far end
  891. Where?
  892. City side? - I don’t know.
  893. - City is on this side.
  894. - What I said is that side.
  895. What bus stop did you go?
  896. What bus stop?
  897. The bus stop in front of your house?
  898. Or bus stop of somewhere else? - The other bus stop from a distance
  899. Not the one in front of your house? - No … no
  900. - Not the stop in front of our house
  901. - I went to the other bus stop
  902. - I waited at this side bus stop (in front of his house) but no bus came so I went to the other stop.
  903. Aww. You mean this side (of the road) and that side?
  904. Bus going this wayward and bus going that wayward
  905. Like that?
  906. No? - I had to take this wayward
  907. - The same
  908. - I had to take the bus of same wayward.
  909. You didn’t go to this stop but to this stop? - I quit waiting at this stop and went to next stop.
  910. Do you know how to take bus? - I know if I take the bus on that route, I will get to the station.
  911. What is that? What bus? - 205
  912. You went to downtown? You took train? - Yes
  913. Where did you go by that train? - I took the train and I got off after 3 stations.
  914. Do you know it’s library? - I don’t know.
  915. You don’t know library
  916. Where did you arrive when you got off after 3 stations? - I took another bus after I had gotten off after 3 stations.
  917. What bus?
  918. Bus number? - Bus number 72
  919. 72? - Yes
  920. That 72 Bus can take you to your uncle? - Yes, it can.
  921. Was there blood on your shirt when you took the bus? - As I have mentioned earlier, there was a small blood stain here only.
  922. - I folded that stained area and…
  923. No blood on pants? - No
  924. Nobody noticed? - Nobody noticed.
  925. You went to your uncle’s house - Yes
  926. Who were home? - At Uncle’s house, my aunt
  927. Your Uncle wasn’t home? - No, he wasn’t.
  928. - My blood uncle is left far away.
  929. - He (blood uncle) is not here.
  930. - Who’s here is step-father.
  931. Step-father? - Yes
  932. So, the one you have been referring to as Uncle is your step-father? - My aunt has divorced with my blood uncle. Then my blood uncle was left.
  933. What you meant was your aunt was your blood aunt? - That aunt is my blood aunt.
  934. Next husband of your aunt - Yes
  935. So, your uncle and your aunt were home. - Yes
  936. Who else was there? - There are two single female young adults.
  937. - And a twins.
  938. - A small kid of this size.
  939. How old are two single female young adults? - One is 20.
  940. - Another is 27.
  941. Single? 2 single? - Yes.
  942. And how many childrend? - There is a twins.
  943. - They are toddlers.
  944. - There are 2.
  945. - And there is another boy.
  946. All those people were home? - Yes
  947. Give me their names - I don’t remember names of the twins
  948. Uncle’s name? - Ma Ral Pe (as heard)
  949. Aunt’s name? - Mi Cho
  950. Mi Cho? - Yes
  951. 20 years old girl’s? - 20 years old girl is Ferrita (as heard)
  952. 27 years old girl’s? - 17 years old girl’s is…
  953. 27? - 17
  954. What’s her name? - Cathita (as heard)
  955. - Another one is… school boy is
  956. A kid? - A kid
  957. - Wine Yi Tar (as heard)
  958. Is he the youngest? - There is a kid called John Nine under that kid.
  959. John Nine? - Yes
  960. This one is a school boy? - He goes to school.
  961. John Nine doesn’t go to school? - He does.
  962. - He goes to school too.
  963. Both are school boys? - Yes.
  964. How about this twins? - Twins can hardly sit let alone to walk.
  965. So, twins are the smallest? (he might have meant to say youngest) - Twins are the smallest.
  966. All those people are at your uncle’s house? - Yes
  967. How did you explain about the blood on your shirt? - They didn’t see.
  968. - None of them saw it.
  969. Where did you wash your shirt? - Upstairs
  970. - Upstairs of their house.
  971. - In the bowl where we wash our face.
  972. - The stain was this small
  973. - Just this area.
  974. - The stain was very small and I washed it secretly.
  975. Nobody asked you why you were there?
  976. Why you came to their house?
  977. Nobody asked you? - As I have mentioned earlier, I took glue for my uncle to fix his bicycle.
  978. - I took the glue.
  979. You brought the glue while you were running? - Yes.
  980. - I put the glue in my pant pockets when he gave me.
  981. - I thought I forgot money for bus fare.
  982. - I thought I didn’t have money.
  983. - Only when I was on bus, I searched my pockets and I found money for bus fare.
  984. Why … for what reason that girl was downstairs? - I have mentioned earlier.
  985. Yes… but you have to answer to him.
  986. Why? Because you like her? What do you think of her? Were you planning to do something to her?
  987. Why did the girl come downstairs? She wouldn’t have come down unless you asked her to because it was not her house. - No, she did.
  988. - She used to come without my asking.
  989. - She and I were like a sister and brother.
  990. - We were friends.
  991. - We played together.
  992. - Everyone around noticed that.
  993. - Everyone in our quarter knew that.
  994. - I and xxx (cannot hear well)
  995. - We were as if brothers.
  996. - She followed me wherever I went.
  997. - If I rode bicycle, she followed me with her bike.
  998. - She and I were very close…
  999. Did the girl like you? - Hum?
  1000. Did the girl fancy you? - That I don’t know.
  1001. - I like her as a brother.
  1002. - I like her only as a brother.
  1003. - However, whatever I got to eat… when I brought some snacks, I shared with her.
  1004. - She gave me her snack… if her house gave her some snack… she took and shared them with me.
  1005. - That’s all.
  1006. The way she liked you … was it like a girlfriend?
  1007. Or as a friend?
  1008. How did she like you? - I liked her as a friend.
  1009. - But… she called me “A Bite Gyi Sar”(as heard)
  1010. A Ba? (old man) - A Bite Gyi Sar
  1011. Do you think she fancied you?
  1012. Did she look like she fancied you? - I don’t know.
  1013. - I didn’t notice.
  1014. You can guess.
  1015. You can guess what the girl was like.
  1016. You know.
  1017. Fancying someone is something.
  1018. Obvious.
  1019. Her facial expressions… and sorts
  1020. Right?
  1021. There are hints.
  1022. What did you think?
  1023. He said you must have thought about it. - I didn’t think otherwise.
  1024. He asked if she asked you like let’s go downstairs and look. - No, she didn’t.
  1025. Then did she go down by herself? - She didn’t go down by herself.
  1026. - I have told you.
  1027. - I grabbed her and hit her against the wall that she fell down the stairs.
  1028. - She fell down to downstairs.
  1029. Why did you grab her? - She dashed off.
  1030. - She dashed off suddenly that…
  1031. No… She was downstairs before she fell down, wasn’t she? - No. She was upstairs.
  1032. - In the middle floor.
  1033. - The floor where the round TV was.
  1034. A kid will not say she will tell her father if she gets small injury or small blood from playing. She said she would tell her father because there must have been a situation with you… together with you. -
  1035. Like I said, if she fell down from upstairs while playing, her blood would be all over the stairs.
  1036. Now, there were blood on wall and on bed and all over the bathroom… there were blood all over the place. -
  1037. Like I said, how did you persuade her to go downstairs?
  1038. Did you say you’d go play downstairs?
  1039. Did you say let’s go take bath downstairs?
  1040. Did you say you have something to show her downstairs?
  1041. How did you persuade her to go downstairs? - Not any of these.
  1042. - I have told you before.
  1043. - I grabbed her and hit her and she fell down.
  1044. - She was on her face on a flight.
  1045. He said she didn’t fall like that/
  1046. He said if she fell down from the stairs, there would have been blood on flights.
  1047. Now there were no blood on this place and blood were only in that room. -
  1048. How did she fall down? -
  1049. Hold on -
  1050. First time, you said she fell down while she was playing near the stairs.
  1051. Next time, you said she fell down while playing in the house.
  1052. Then, how did she fall down? - Xxx (cannot hear clearly)
  1053. - She ran up upstairs.
  1054. - You know.
  1055. - She ran up to Maung Kyaw Zin’s room.
  1056. - As she ran, I suddenly grabbed her but I didn’t catch her shirt and I caught this part of her leg.
  1057. - So, she fell down on her face and hit her mouth with the flight of the stair.
  1058. - I am not sure she hit here or here
  1059. - She had blood on her mouth and she said she will tell her father for making her bleed.
  1060. Why did you grab her? - Huh?
  1061. - The reason of trying to catch her was Maung Kyaw Zin didn’t like someone going upstairs.
  1062. He said “Somebody came up here and messed things up. And there is a kid who came to this house and dialled 911.”
  1063. It was not an accident? You pulled her down? - I didn’t mean to pull her down.
  1064. Did the girl come alone yesterday? - She came alone on that day of the problem.
  1065. Why did she come? - When she came, I was watching TV.
  1066. - Xxx (can’t hear well)
  1067. - She said she would watch TV and came in.
  1068. Did she knock? - No, she didn’t.
  1069. - I didn’t bolt the door.
  1070. - She opened the door by herself and entered.
  1071. - She opened the door and came in and I checked and saw it was her.
  1072. Then what happened?
  1073. What happened after she entered? - She came in.
  1074. - I was sitting and watching TV.
  1075. - She came in and she suddenly pressed a button and changed the channel. She changed to Cartoon Net.
  1076. - I told her “Don’t do like that. The movie is getting good. They are shooting and stuff. The movie is getting good.”
  1077. - I said so and she looked and shouted something I didn’t catch. She said something I didn’t catch and she went into kitchen and opened the fridge.
  1078. - I told her “Don’t open it. Maung Kyaw doesn’t like it. Maung Kyaw scolded me twice. You dialled 911 when you came last time, right?”
  1079. - Then she said she didn’t know or stuff.
  1080. - She said she didn’t know so I couldn’t say anything else. I cannot force her about something she said she didn’t know.
  1081. What did you say after police coming and Maung Kyaw Zin’s dislike? - After I had said so, she said she was going upstairs.
  1082. Carry on - I told her, “Don’t go upstairs. You messed things up last time and I got scolded. This time you go upstairs and I don’t know what mess you will make.”
  1083. Carry on.
  1084. You told her not to go. - I told her not to go.
  1085. - She didn’t listen to me and she ran up that I suddenly got up and tried to grab her.
  1086. - I couldn’t get a hold of her shirt and caught her foot instead.
  1087. - It was sudden and actually I was to catch her only.
  1088. - She was running that her foot tripped and fell on her face.
  1091. 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
  1094. 5555555555555555555555555555555555
  1098. Interpreter - So this was happened upstairs right? Ground floor?
  1099. Police - And then what happened?
  1100. Interpreter - Then what happened? Where did she fall when she slipped?
  1101. Suspect - Still at the door.
  1102. Interpreter - Aw…still at the door, not in the basement?
  1103. Suspect -
  1104. No… not in the basement yet. Still up there. Then she cried and said she would tell her father. I was afraid. I heard her father is a teacher here and they have many relatives. What if they come here suddenly? I wouldn’t understand a word they say. Then she pushed me, so I soothed her, soothed her, then we argued and she ran off.
  1105. Interpreter - Where did you sooth her? Where is that?
  1106. Suspect - In the middle floor
  1107. Interpreter - Middle floor…okay
  1108. Police - And then what happened?
  1109. Interpreter - then, what happened after you soothed her?
  1110. Suspect - I soothed her then she stopped crying but she was still pouting. She ran off suddenly so I thought she was going to tell people so I snapped her. I got her so I grabbed her hand. I grabbed her a bit too hard so she bumped to the wall instead of hitting me and fell to the basement.
  1111. Interpreter - Upstairs wall or downstairs wall?
  1112. Suspect - Middle
  1113. Interpreter - Aw…so there’s blood in the middle?
  1114. Suspect - After hitting the wall, she fell into basement.
  1115. Police - …….... slammed her to the wall, throw her to downstairs. And then what happened?
  1116. Interpreter - Aww… then what happened? After hitting the wall and falling down?
  1117. Suspect - She fell down. Then she was motionless after some shaking up. I grabbed her as soon as she stopped moving and put her at the bottom of the bed. When I went back out, I saw her shoes so I took them and put those in bathroom.
  1118. Police - Why was she all wet? Ask him why she was wet.
  1119. Interpreter - Why was the girl wet?
  1120. Suspect - It’s because when I hold her, her head got spinned and there was some blood of hers on my hand. So I turned on the water to wash it off.
  1121. Police - Okay..ah..what about…there were a towel bar in the bathroom. A tower bar…a bar that was …a hanger…towel hanger. Do you know what I am talking about?
  1122. Interpreter - Was there a hanger?
  1123. Suspect - Huh?
  1124. Police - How the towel bar get bent?
  1125. Interpreter - Aww…there was a bar to hang paper. Why was it bent?
  1126. Suspect - Ummm..i don’t know that.
  1127. Police - He doesn’t know? Okay. Umm...what happened to your bedsheets? Sheets on his bed? There’s no sheets on his bed down the basement. What happened to his sheets?
  1128. Interpreter - What sheets?
  1129. Police - The thing that goes over mattress. Sheet…the thing…what happened to it? Ask him.
  1130. Interpreter - And what happened to bed sheets?
  1131. Suspect - Bed sheets…I use blanket when I sleep. When I get up, I just get out of bed…never fold it.
  1132. Police - Okay. Cause there were no sheets or blanket downstairs. What happened?
  1133. Interpreter - Do you have blankets?
  1134. Suspect - Yes.
  1135. Interpreter - And bed sheets too?
  1136. Suspect - Yes, they are in my room.
  1137. Police - Okay..okay. umm. How did she break her arm? Her arm is broken.
  1138. Interpreter - The girl’s hand was broken. How was that happened?
  1139. Police - You had to see it the way she was in shower.
  1140. Suspect - Ah..i don’t know about that. I am not sure if it was broken from falling down or from hitting the wall when I grabbed her. I don’t know.
  1141. Police - Umm… have you ever thought of doing something like this before?
  1142. Interpreter - Have you ever thought of doing like this…like this event?
  1143. Suspect - No…never
  1144. Police - Okay. You said you didn’t have sex with her.
  1145. Interpreter - You did not rape her, right?
  1146. Police - You guaranteed. You guaranteed that you didn’t have sex with her.
  1147. Interpreter - You guaranteed it.
  1148. Suspect - Yes, I guaranteed that.
  1149. Police - Have you ever thought of having sex with her?
  1150. Interpreter - What about having sex? Have you ever thought of doing it with her?
  1151. Suspect - No, I haven’t.
  1152. Police - Okay. What happened to her underwear? Her panties? What happened to her panties? What happened to SuMarRu? Just ask him.
  1153. Interpreter - What happened to her panties?
  1154. Suspect - I don’t know…I don’t even know if she’s wearing panties or not. She wore a red skirt. Why would I rape her? I have a girlfriend, the one I told you about earlier, Freda, that’s my girlfriend.
  1155. Interpreter - How old is she?
  1156. Suspect - It’s Freda
  1157. Police - So he never thought about it because he has a girlfriend. Does he ever thought about having sex with other young girls before?
  1158. Interpreter - Have you ever had sex with other young girls?
  1159. Suspect - Yeah…I have done it a few times in Bangkok (not clear of the place but it’s a place in Thailand). I haven’t even gone to a club although my friends were asking me to go with them since I got here.
  1160. Interpreter - Then you have had sex in Thailand?
  1161. Suspect - Yeah, in Thailand.
  1162. Police - How old are the girls?
  1163. Interpreter - How old is she?
  1164. Suspect - What?
  1165. Interpreter - The girl you had sex with. How old is she?
  1166. Suspect - The girl from Bangkok? Around 25 years old.
  1167. Interpreter - A prostitute?
  1168. Suspect - Not a prostitute.
  1169. Interpreter - A normal person?
  1170. Suspect - Just a normal person...that’s why we are in a relationship. It happened on mutual consent.
  1171. Police - I asked about young girls.
  1172. Interpreter - What about with young girls? Have you done it with a young girl?
  1173. Suspect - No, I haven’t. How would I? They are young and I am old…they wouldn’t agree to be in a relationship with me. Although I am looking for a partner who is the same age with me, there is no one like that. All I could find is older women.
  1174. Police - Okay. What do your roommate know about what you did?
  1175. What do his roommates know about what he did? Ask him.
  1176. Interpreter - Do you know your priest? Khu Noe?
  1177. Suspect - Who?
  1178. Interpreter - Your Christian Priest.
  1179. Suspect - I don’t know. I may know when I see him but I don’t know his name.
  1180. Police - Did Pho Juu know what he did? Pho Juu. Did he tell? Did SaMa tell Pho Juu about SuMarRu in basement?
  1181. Interpreter - What about Pho Juu? Does he know about this?
  1182. Suspect - No.
  1183. Interpreter - What about your family, your uncle, your aunty, your girlfriend? Do they know?
  1184. Suspect - No one knows.
  1185. Police - No one helped you? No one helped him?
  1186. Interpreter - So no one helped?
  1187. Police - He did all by himself?
  1188. Suspect - No one knows. And I am not telling any of them either.
  1189. Interpreter - Then you did this all by yourself?
  1190. Suspect - Yes, I did this all by myself.
  1191. Police - Do you have any questions for us?
  1192. Interpreter - Do you have anything else to ask them?
  1193. Suspect - There’s nothing else, but I want to know what kind of punishment will I get for this crime.
  1194. Police - That’s not determined by us.
  1195. Interpreter - They can’t say.
  1196. Police - What do you think the punishment should be?
  1197. Interpreter - What do you think? And this is Court’s case. They are here for only investigation. They are Police so they don’t know.
  1198. Police - What should happen to you for killing that girl?
  1199. Suspect - It’s just because I want to know if I am going to get a death sentence for this crime or just going to be in a jail.
  1200. If I am just going to be in jail then I still have a chance to see my mother again and I still have a chance to take care of her
  1201. If I am getting a death sentence, then, I was just going to ask them to let me meet with my mother since I will not have another chance to take care of her.
  1202. Police - That’s impossible. She didn’t see her mother before she died.
  1203. Interpreter - When the girl died, she didn’t get a chance to see her mother.
  1204. Police - You could have stopped to any point time and you gotten help then she’d be alive today.
  1205. Interpreter - You shouldn’t have started any of this.
  1206. Police - You could have stopped to any point time and you gotten help then she’d be alive today.
  1207. Interpreter - You shouldn’t have started any of this. Now you ask to see your mother before you die.
  1208. Police - She never got a chance to see about anybody. The last person she’s ended up to is being with you
  1209. Interpreter - She didn’t get a chance to see with anyone else. It was you who she saw in her last moment.
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